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  2. IL-2: Great Battles releases in "Battle of" packs that feature the flyable aircraft, map, vehicles, career, etc. that pertain to that battle. It's a complete package. At this point Battle of Bodenplatte is still, as you surmized, in early access and things like the map for Bodenplatte is not yet done. If you buy Bodenplatte today hypothetically you'll be getting the following: Spitfire LF.IXe P-47D-28 Bf109G-14 Bf109K-4 FW190A-8 FW190D-9 Me262 Lapino map Velikiye Luki map Still to come are of course the map for Bodenplatte, the career, Tempest Mark V, P-51D-15, P-38J-25, and B-25D (AI only). If you want to fly over other maps in single player you'll need to buy the corresponding Battle package. I.e. the beautiful Kuban map which is currently the most scenic map in the series is part of the Battle of Kuban release. In multiplayer you can fly on any map from any title provided that is what the server is running. Provided that you have access to one of the planes present.
  3. Apologies to everyone for the missing DL's. I started moving files, sub-sets, and folders around back in July in an effort to consolidate things for my ease of use and it invalidated most of the links, even though GDrive isn't supposed to do that, but it did. I removed all of the links just in case they turned out to be dead just as a precaution until I could figure out where I had moved them. My intention was to fix all of the links, however, given how rarely I visit the IL-2 site these days I simply forgot and it wasn't until I got a PM pointing it out that I remembered. Again, I apologize and will have them fixed ASAP.
  4. If you want to buy maps you'll have to buy expansions. If you want certain planes you'll have to buy expansions containing them unless they are marked as collector planes. Spit mk.vb and p40 are collector planes so you can buy them separatelly.
  5. Alright so I didn't realize buying maps was part of it. Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I just don't want to throw a lot of money into planes I'm never going to fly, but if the maps are part of it, that definitely changes things. I want Spits, P51's, P40's, P47's, P38's, and Tempests, so I guess what I'm asking is what's the best way to go about this?
  6. I am 20 years old, but cant see anything in the circle, I promise you. It's fair
  7. Tomcat-envy is perfectly normal.
  8. Today
  9. Ok thanks for your help guys. You have given me some helpful tips however I think it will be easier to start over again. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ซ Cheers Roodster
  10. September can't get here soon enough, even though this game has already provided countless hours of pleasure! You guys are doing an incredible job! The attention to every detail is amazing; the quality of the designs, maps and all around gameplay is extraordinary. When I was a kid, we thought Pong was pretty high tech, this has certainly taken me into a second childhood. Keep up the outstanding work!
  11. From what I can recall: Throttle Mixture Prop RPM Water Radiator Oil Radiator Turbosupercharger Inlet Cowl Flaps Outlet Cowl Flaps Gunsight Range Gunsight Target Wingspan Wheel Brakes Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Water Radiator and Outlet Cowl Flaps can be combined into one lever, since no plane will have both controls.
  12. Thanks I'll grab some. Yes I have a set of Saitek pedals that still seem to work fine.
  13. My VP mod stopped working all of a sudden. ๐Ÿ˜ข
  14. The info very likely won't be released until they are ready to announce the next Battle Over... If they announce the collector planes early, it will likely pose a huge hint to where they are going next (or not going, as the case may be) - and I don't think they want to do that. Look for a very BIG announcement of them both together (hopefully in the not so distant future).
  15. Good deal. The "stiction" in throttle rails is common, the best replacement grease is Nyogel 767A - $15 a small tube. You have rudder pedals?
  16. Hmmmm.....I went in a tank about 5 hours ago.....was excited there were 9 players still in the server. I was the only German player and in I was in a tank....but there were 9 players on the Russian side....with 8 of them flying planes.....thank you for trying to keep it even sided for other players.... ....not.... Hope you had fun playing with yourselves... I'm going to try to do that.... .....because there is more to this complaint ....that eFront server is a bit rigged to the advantage of Red side... I enjoy tanking in TC and this is the server where most of the tanking has been supported....so I don't like speaking in an unsupportive way....but I have seen the server settings set previously in the following way that is to the advantage of Red players. I know because I from time to time play both sides. On SOME of the e-front missions.... When first entering the server, players are able to click on the map and see how many BLUE players are at each base.....tank and air alike... BUT when you click on RED fields you are unable to see player distribution. Hmmmmm..... Now this is not accidental....it's specific server settings....and not the same for both sides.... supporting the claim that the server is biased to advantage the Red side.... ....the server operator is free to do this and in all fairness perhaps it was to introduce a kind of balance to the almighty Tiger tank when it was introduced thatthe server op felt was necessary....and that is his right....or for whatever other reason he may have ....it's his server and his right.... Now to be fair, I notice there are now settings to delay switching sides...but that only kicks in once you have selected a side...and it tends to allow you a peek on both sides when first entering the server.
  17. Yeah, they're just toying with our emotions.๐Ÿ˜‰
  18. Don't have the gen 1 Reverb right now having returned it, waiting for the gen 2 to arrive. For practical purposes my Rift (and the O+) could read the main dials needed to fly, the Reverb just added some extra clarity to everything else in the cockpit. Spotting is about the same since that's not based on resolution, but I remember I was starting to ID with the normal game zoom without having to use the 5x zoom on Lefuneste's mod, which I absolutely needed to be competitive in MP. Coming from the Rift it was worth the money. Harder call for the O+. Remember their are drawbacks like the LCD panel being more washed out than OLED, and a heavier cable tied to your headset (although I mounted a wooden rod on the back of my seat to hang the cable from so all I feel the is the headset, which is quite light).
  19. I've just noticed this bug while flying the Yak 1b, I accidentally took the rear view mirror as part of my loadout. While flying at approximately 4k meters, I see the sun in my rear view. However, the sun looks like the moon and gives zero glare compared to when physically checking your six. This negates any advantage a Luftwaffe pilot would have had by coming out of the sun. Why use the sun at your back when a simple mirror just eliminates it. I have yet to see how this is with other aircraft that have rear-view mirrors. But this should be fixed.
  20. I was thinking the same thing. Its a much more likely explanation.
  21. Would love to see a Lancaster or Wellington.
  22. Hey, seems good to me. If you feel your system is responsive and smooth with shadows on high, then leave them there. If you want to squeeze a little bit more room (just to be on the safe side when there are more players/objects/etc), try to lower them to medium. I've found that shadows have good impact on fluidity as well as grass. Cheers.
  23. I just hope we get to the Pacific before too long. I'm not getting any younger. *SIGH*
  24. As much as my heart desires her.................I doubt you will see a PBY until we get to the pacific. I have an entire thread on PBY's and gameplay.
  25. Yes please!! Didn't the Russians build a version under license that they used in the Black Sea?
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