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  2. Thanks I'll give it a try out of curiosity to see if the sun/reflections makes a difference but unless there is some strange reason the sim retains some memory of these being used in previous missions but not other graphics settings it seems unlikely to be the cause. Principally these have been direct like for like comparisons the only thing I was changing when first noticing this problem was the time of day (which may affect the reflections by changing the position of the sun), but even that I stopped changing when testing to try identify the cause of this FPS problem. So if it is any kind of in game setting that did slow things down I'd have thought those same settings should have also slowed down the frame rate the first time I loaded each mission as this problem occurs with multiple re-loads even when I don't change any settings. Cheers HH
  3. Hi. For the past two days I've been experimenting with settings to get close to 90 FPS stable in VR. I have no problem reaching that on the ground or when flying while there's no activity. But battles with 10 planes or so pull my FPS down to the 40s and 50s, causing stutter and making combat a nauseating experience. My setup: - Core i7 8700 (not K) - GTX 1070 - 16 gigs 3000 MHz RAM - Oculus Rift - Windows 10 64 bit I took measurements of CPU and GPU usage during a mission with probably about 12 planes in combat. In the attached graphs the gameplay starts at around a quarter of the way in (as seen in the GPU graph). In that stage (takeoff, flying to waypoint) FPS was a stable 90. The last half of the run is during combat where FPS dipped a lot. As you can see, GPU usage (2nd from top) is quite high all the way, but CPU usage (3rd from bottom) is surprisingly low: I've tried many different settings based on tips on this forum. These results were recorded with Oculus supersampling at 1.2 and ASW off. I have the latest Oculus drivers (beta drivers). In game, I used the Low graphics setting, with 1024x768 resolution, 4x AA and 70 km view distance with HBAO off. NVIDIA power management is at max for the game. Overall I've fiddled with the graphics settings a lot but keep running into poor FPS in combat. How should I interpret the usage graphs? Am I being limited by my GPU in combat situations? I thought that this game was above all demanding on the CPU. I know my temperatures are not ideal, but I don't think they're high enough to cause throttling. Thanks in advance for any help! Flying in VR is wonderful but trying to get it to work well is not.
  4. I'm betting it's a pretzel sort of thing, not a looping.
  5. . The only thing I ever noticed that I could never reach more than 60fps (max) while in normal cases it was max 90fps in VR. Even settings from auto to 90 in Win10 did not bring any change. After a while this decrease in FPS was gone, I still suspect an Steam secret update being responsible for that, other wise nothing was changed. One thing I also noticed that the sun in my VR glasses, does have impact on the frame-times, so maybe the lighting by the sun also needs lots to calculate, for shining, reflection and shadows. Could you try it only now shadows and mirrors complete off and see if the FPS now drop much lesser. ,
  6. Hi! Have a bit of a problem:My three years old son pressed some command and now the cockpit view looks like in the attachment picture. I tried everything to restore it at a proper height but it seems I miss something. Any help please?
  7. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    Well yes, stories f my life. AI is a huge pain in the ass in all simulators. But they are particular a nuisance flying choppers. In the last finished campaign I too often flew wing man and had to follow in order to complete missions. They got better performance than human flown MI 8 and mission makers make up for it by adding more load in them. But for every way point they slow dramatically down and make a hard turn, then say they will do that afterwards. AI behave "OK" if they are wingmen, except for not too often occasions they stuck in a never ending loop during landing. The missions are in my opinion only based on players success and if you empty your ammo in belief that you are finished You might have to fly a mission over again, this is one of the reasons I am very proud of myself. I preserved my ammo in all military missions. What I like about the MI 8, is the fact that the campaigns are based on how well you navigate and land at different altitudes. You do not often carry weapons
  8. At full power, with 170mph entry speed: about 90mph at the top.
  9. Cliffs Of Dover being a prime example. It was so buggy when released that despite being improved 500% and becoming a very good sim you will still see people posting negative comments saying that they never tried it again after trying the first release or never tried it at all because a friend hated that first release.
  10. Happy Easter, everyone - and a preemptive happy Easter for those who celebrate Orthodox Easter!
  11. Well, you don’t need to just depend on hope. The Tobruk update for CloD will include the D.520 and some more exciting stuff 😄 And yeah, I’m also hoping for a Pacific addition for GBS. IIRC the devs were going to do Midway, but couldn’t find enough data on the Japanese planes. Hopefully our resident IJN experts can help with that.
  12. To do a proper looping from that starting speed you'll need to have about 120 mph going over the top. Good luck.
  13. Yes, I does my dear friend - I had a lot of difficulties in spotting the enemy at a reasonable distance. When I spot them, it was already too late. With these settings, I now can spot them (and identify them!) much easier, which helps me to chose my position in the combat zone and how to react depending on the enemy's plane (know what he can do or not and what I can do resp. not). This increased my success considerably, although I'm still not an ace and sometimes I still suck. This is the exact explanation why these settings help spotting enemies. Try it and you will see. And while we're at it, try to lower the gamma of the game below 0.8, which is the lowest setting possible in the graphic settings. Open the startup.cfg file, which you can find in your game directory and set it to 0.7 or even 0.6. I set mine to 0.6 and it works great. And don't worry - your game still looks amazing, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Cheerio P.S.: Remember, although modifying your gamma manually in your startup.cfg file works fine, as soon as you modify something else in your graphic settings of the game, the gamma value will be reset to the game's lowest value 0.8.
  14. I did it... so yes it can. We are talking about in game Spit right? Yes the problem may come from the trim... I can’t tell. At the end, whatever the reason of the problem, the result is the game: loss of elevator efficiency. Sorry to say you’re not doing that loop correctly... I should make a video when I will have time.
  15. I have a problem. I have the Saitek X45 throttle. I just moved to a new place and due to lack of space to pack it I threw away the X45 joystick that was broken anyway, but which served as a link between the throttle and the pc. I got an adapter from game port to USB to connect the throttle to the pc but now it doesn't recognize the existence of the throttle... Reading up online I found that the throttle doesn't contain the chip that lets the pc know it's connected. This is the chip board I would need. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php ... cts_id=180 Any ideas? Software that might help? Not really keen on buying a few chips, recommendations for low price stand-alone throttles? If anyone in Europe has got a throttle lying about, please contact me.
  16. The La-5FN is a very good aircraft but it really depends on whether your able to change your combat style as it is not T&B. It is best flown like a Fw190 ie fast, rolling, hit hard and get out to rinse & repeat but no sustained turns. You say you are comfortable with a Lagg and obviously the La-5FN is a Lagg with a very powerful engine and bubble canopy. The Spit V is a different animal entirely. It is probably the best T&B in the game (apart from the SPit IX) and although the guns are mounted on the wings and have limited ammo they hit extremely hard at or around convergence so a single second burst is often all you need to take off an enemys wing. The downside is that it is slow so if your enemy has E and does not stay to turn with you then you wont get a chance to use your strengths. Luckily most people don't have the will power to avoid staying in the turn just too long to get that shot and then they are playing your game 🙂 I would say that with experts at the controls the LA5-FN is probably better than the Spit V in this theatre but personally I am crap with the 190 style of fighting so do better in the Spit.
  17. Today
  18. You fly in formation with a bomber and drop on his cue. Been there, done that. I actually hit something.
  19. I'm not going to derail this thread but will mention another I've just started elsewhere about an odd issue I've found that has been almost halving FPS. Solving that would be effectively doubling FPS... I will however add that on my old PC (i5-3570k 16GB DDR3, gtx970) , much like the OP the difference between blurred and sharp landscape settings is close to double the FPS. HH
  20. a) The Spitfire cannot fly a looping from a starting speed that slow, it's physically impossible. b) There's no way of telling if it stalls out on top or not, because coordinated flight is not possible. Which is the logical consequence from starting a looping at a too low speed. c) The wrong trim of the aircraft still is THE problem with it, and not elevator authority, no matter how you interpret the uncoordinated flight after a slow speed high power pull up. To sum it up, all that this manoeuvre would be good for are unqualified statements. I've checked this already and it's not true. I suppose you're taking the Bf109 as a reference, but the Bf109 is not comparable to a Spitfire for landing gear geometry and weight distribution alone.
  21. Now I have a bit more time to answer: For the stall: I’m not talking about classic idle stall on upright level flight path. It’s normal that once you reach a precise AoA, wings stall. The weird thing about the FM is that you can’t reach that AoA under certain conditions (top of a loop, for example). For the rudder, I understand you prefer not to explain/talk about something if you don’t have informations. But as I said, you can easily: - Notice that you can make turns when taxiing only with the propeller blast. And that you need half of the rudder (or less) to hold your line during take off. - Find pilots notes, manuals, etc, that state you need full right rudder at take off. - Propeller blast is insufficient to turn when taxiing, it’s a fact. - Notice all other aircrafts need full rudder for take off.
  22. De nada Alx_IL2... es muy buen libro para entender la batalla aunque en muchos puntos le sale el patriotismo ruso y se ve que está escrito en origen para lectores rusos ya que abunda en "nuestras tropas", "nuestros generales", etc... Pero para entender el dispositivo de defensa ruso, los movimientos, decisiones etc... me parece imprescindible... Yo lo he terminado y he quedado muy contento para el precio que tiene y la cantidad de información que aporta... Si te gusta Tank Crew, lo necesitas... ¡Corred, insensatos! https://www.amazon.es/Demolishing-Myth-Prokhorovka-Operational-Narrative/dp/1912174359/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=demolishing+the+myth&qid=1555923644&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  23. Im interested to see if forward frame and that tick glass will have 190s refraction treatment, or law of light refraction will not work on it same like on rest of airplanes i game, pictures they show us didnt still show that part of cockpit.
  24. Happy Easter to the all team!
  25. I'm certain I've done something wrong... I'm trying to lock out the AP 23mm rounds on the IL-2 1941. However, things aren't working as intended. See video:
  26. That's just for life-preservation. If you exced that time, you'll need a hot-section inspection. That is normal with jets - even today. The chances of trashing the engine will increase after that time-frame, but the engine won't fail right away. If will just start eating up itself slowly with a failure somewhere down the road. Basicly the same story as with a high-powered piston engine - it's a matter of parameters, not a matter of time. With a low TBO to start with, exceeding those 15mins at CRT, you might trash the engine altogether and it's gonna be pulled and salvaged for parts.
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