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  2. Thanks for asking the question, I had the same issue, it appears to be downloading now.
  3. There were some PBYs used for air/sea rescue in the ETO so it wouldn't be a complete stretch of the imagination.
  4. If you mean the change in the actual angle of the airscrew. It is animated. But on the spit, as many others you Select a RPM setting, and a governor tries to mantain that RPM, you do not select prop pitch directly. In the 109s and some other aircraft you can directly change prop pitch (on manual mode) and see the airscrew angle change slowly. Also on any plane that has prop feathering option, like the 110s, a20 and I think hs129.
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  6. Is everybody else running in windowed mode at full screen getting a windows 10 bar, mouse pointer, border, etc on their game too?
  7. So specifically the option of leaning into the gunsight using headtracking instead of using a button is probably never happening? How about stuff like adjusting FOV using an axis, or stuff like prop pitch being incorrectly reversed for the 109? Any ui changes planned for 5.0? Thanks!
  8. I think/hope this is a joke rather than a serious suggestion. There must be tens of thousands of invisible trees in the various maps. A task for a purpose built detection tool...
  9. BTW - Since you are focused in Bf 109, I remember an detail: For BF 109 (110, Ju88) you need assign keys/buttons for increase/decrease propeller pitch inverted (relative to British and Italian planes): In Controls > Aircraft > Keys Increase Prop Pitch >>>> Will decrease in Bf 109/110, Ju 88 and increase in British and Italian planes.Decrease Prop Pitch>>>> Will increase in Bf 109/110, Ju 88 and increase in British and Italian planes. But you can save/load commands profile per plane case want fly with more than one type. If you plan fly in British planes too use SAVE AS button and save the above inverted settings as German planes. And you can change between this profiles including in flight - case forget to change before hit FLY, by press ESC and go to Controls options and use LOAD button.
  10. That's fine...historical accuracy says Mosquitoes Bs, PRs, FBs, and NFs routinely operated (as in daily) within the confines of the airspace over the map. Oh, you meant your historical accuracy is limited to airplanes based within the landmass of the map? Okay, so basically you prefer a logistics simulation that lacks the historical accuracy of the period's air combat. That's where we differ. You don't want to fly the Mosquito? Don't buy it, (see I saved you $24) and I will put you at the top of the list of guys not interested in receiving one as a gift. Nobody is suggesting including PBYs and TBD Devastators, but your hyperbole is noted. One man's historical accuracy is another person's WarThunder...who knew? Well @Gambit21 has a very cool, "infinitely re-playable" U-2 mission that he wrote. It is a great deal of fun...if you're into nights getting shelled whilst taxiing for takeoff...or bombed by an Fw-190 on takeoff...hunting trains...or chasing convoys...or bombing train stations...or troop bivouacs...or Ju-52s parked on an airfield...or getting lit up by AA at 100 meters height...or finding your airfield overrun when you return.
  11. Sorry, it is not cost effective or even possibly for us to change our systems to match those of the GREAT BATTLES series. These games are based on two different Codes... and each have different capabilities.... so the options the player can select do not match.
  12. Game is downloaded from Steam... so yes, you can start/stop Steam any time you want... and it will pick up the download where you had left it.
  13. How do you reset the password in TAW for your registration?
  14. To be fair the things that both games have in common is being based on WWII planes, the brand "IL-2 Sturmovik" and the distributor (1C). I don't believe in changes in the view system inside cockpit in CloD, this will required extensive code changes and possible create "collateral effects".
  15. It's cIear that the rpm limitation has to be respected. I am still a bit surprised at how quickly 3k rpm @2-4 lb. boost will kill the IXe engine, but could be accurate. Though not of any great moment, I had imagined that airscrew pitch changes for the IXe might be animated, but not that I can detect.
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  17. Bump, and new web site at, https://twcpilots.com/
  18. Tacview is a great tool for training, learning etc... And I use it all the time in other jet sims, study BFM, ACM etc One drawback to IL2 is in order to start it vs automatically recording the acmi file, you have to enter keys. According to Tacview it has to do with IL2. Please enable a setting to allow auto starting of Tacview - would be a great feature to an already great game Thanks for your time and hope you consider
  19. Ah, so the map & remaining planes are due in September, but the full release (including Careers) is planned for November? That's not too long to wait. Just hoping that the Careers won't be delayed into 2020.
  20. Patrick - PWCG is your baby, right? I've heard great things about it. Yes, I'm avoiding flying 190s directly over Stalingrad since that never happened historically. Nice to have the option, but I'm enjoying learning and experiencing the history along the way, so for my own personal taste I'll probably focus on Kuban. I'm surprised the only option for 190 in Kuban is as ground attack. I would have thought the Germans would need the 190s help in battling for air superiority, but I guess the various 109 models were still sufficiently effective they could rely on them? Or is it more that the Germans had lost air superiority and now required "strike fighters" (to use a more modern term) that could basically rely on speed to strike the target unescorted? Too bad, as I was looking forward to learning how the 190 handled as an air-to-air weapon. I know it's a legend, but I've never flown the Anton in a sim before.
  21. i need to practice before the P-51 template is relased i have this in mind
  22. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments and input. I've tried hard to make the maps navigable on Combat Box, and I think most of them are pretty reasonable with good landmarks. The Kuban map in particular has lots of lakes and the ocean which helps, and on the other maps I have tried to choose locations that can help you out. For example on Battle for Kalinin -- located on the Moscow map which is notoriously difficult to navigate -- it uses on a section of the map with bold natural features which can help. I'd say the winter maps are the most difficult to navigate, but it does come with practice. At the moment we have no plans to enable GPS. Mid-war scenarios are an interesting thought. We envisaged Combat Box as "the Bodenplatte server" where people could always guarantee late war matchups. With the slower release of Allied planes every map has turned into Spit IX vs Dora/K4 (sometimes A8/G14) and that matchup has gotten a bit stagnant. But with the P51, P38 and Tempest already in beta, we could have a bunch of new and interesting matchups very soon. That doesn't completely answer the "how about midwar?" question. Basically I personally am not sure, and there's a significant effort involved in creating a new map that's up to Combat Box standards. I'd say a new map is probably 30+ hours of editing work, and that's reusing assets from previous maps and remixing them in new ways, with additional hours for new mechanics such as the jet fuel train on Stalingrad Scramble. Of course we could rejig an existing map and make it a midwar matchup, that's fairly easy. This is great input and I'll take it back to the team at Red Flight and get their thoughts too. While I'm writing, I'll mention that we have added AI planes to Combat Box as an experiment, while the double whammy of summer holidays and TAW have reduced player numbers. Each map has 5 different patrol patterns and 4 different attack scenarios for each coalition, with AI responding to threats or carrying out their bombing missions. Feedback so far has been generally positive, with the AI adding some life to the maps, but we're keen to get further feedback. One significant negative is the amount of radio chatter spam from the AI. I'm working to reduce that but unfortunately any time an AI takes off or lands or is told to attack something, there's going to be radio chatter. Please let us know here or on the Discord what you think of the AI.
  23. It does yeah but it's great practice if you want to learn how to do it. Long and tedious but it's the only way to learn how to do it. Of course you CAN use someone else's, as suggested. There's certainly no shame in that at all!.
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