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  2. Some highlights from 495 -1 (ESK 1) sortie. I find this server to be good fun, had a few flights here now, it's immersive and the admins put a lot of effort into the missions for our enjoyment. If you can find the time to fly regularly on a Sunday between about 18:30 to 21:30 UK time then its worth a try. note that sorties for squadrons have pre designated start times. So although the mission window might be 3 hours in duration your squadron may not take off until 20:30 If interested drop a forum post over at https://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/ or chat to people on their discord https://discord.gg/xeUXFR
  3. Hey Sparky! Wow, it's been a really long time. The Pigs are still somewhat together, but most no longer fly online. It's amazing we posted, as we were talking on our forum about the old BlueByte forum, and Hyperlobby, etc... Good to see you again.
  4. I've had plenty of time to think about it over the last year. If the factual 44-45 environment is only to be seen in on rare handmade missions, I don't think it is the sort of product I am looking for. And QMB too. If a user wants a prewar 1939 mission for some reason, let them spend weeks creating and testing it. I don't think it should be the other way around.
  5. How about 24Gb DDR6? Nvidia's Titan RTX. But you are going to need deep pockets. $2,500 US. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/titan/titan-rtx/
  6. I did say it should be part of the career mode too.
  7. I thought the Pimax lenses were the best out of all, because of a Sweetspot that was as large as the Rift CV1's entire lenses. The Reverb lenses are what I am worrying about. The Index' lenses, I haven't found information to yet, very interesting. I think lens quality is often underestimated, it's very important. Regarding ASW tech, Windows Mixed Reality have the same ASW as Oculus, as far as I know. You can activate it via Steam\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\resources\settings\default.vrsettings open with notepad/atom and put in line "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto", I am using it...
  8. I was going to raise a thread about this. Often my best tactic is to fly back to my home airfield pursued by the entire enemy flight and leave my AI colleagues to attack the target in peace. My AI colleagues won't help me even if I lead enemy aircraft past their noses, and there is no 'help' radio message available unless you are the wing leader. Furthermore the enemy AI KNOW that I will get no help and happily present their sixes to my wingmen. Occasionally it is possible to get help from friendly patrols, though there is no CAP at your own airfield and nobody scrambles to deal with these enemy aircraft chasing me back and forth at low level.
  9. Under Pilot Head Control: Default VR view (reset VR View) VR Camera Zoom (press and hold for zoom).
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  11. Does "head shake" option do anything in VR?
  12. It is a good summary but slightly theoretical given current status quo. I pre-ordered Index and also bought Rift S, both on release. I am happy with Rift S because I can use it now and it is a tangible improvement compared to CV1. Not like Index which is is not coming out until end of June and HP Reverb which is currently awol. I do have big hopes for Index and will then maybe sell my Rift S. I am skeptical re HP Reverb: I have OCed CPU (i7 7700k 5 GHz) / GPU (1080Ti) and still struggle with performance already with Rift S. Judging by various threads here even 2080Ti might not cut it currently in IL-2 so I wonder what hardware you would need to actually benefit from the higher pixels?
  13. News to me. That makes the quest a proper contender and it deserves a spot on the list.
  14. Ich kann dich beruhigen, du bist blind 😄 Es gibt ne Einstellung wo man die Winkelspiegel des Kommandanten drehen kann. (ich hab nur leider gerade das Spiel nicht an) Ich muss später nochmal schauen, dann kann ich es dir genauer sagen. lg Rico
  15. Hey guys just bought the game on Steam but I'm failing the first hurdle, logging in. Launched from the Steam client, it asked me if I had an IL2 account. I say yes then put in my email and password from this site, but every time it says invalid email or password. Tried resetting my password already to confirm it's correct. Any ideas? I'm happy to refund it on Steam and buy it here if that'll make the process smoother.
  16. The trend towards a fixed ipd makes both the riftS and reverb a no go for those of us above the optimal 68mm range. Choice gets substantially narrower. For me and "imho", I long to get rid of that ecosystem. Only want a new Hmd much like I would expect only a monitor If i were to buy a new one - rather than the mandatory walled garden of what I consider 99% indie games I get in my face everytime I want to play a steam game. Which is all I use the otherwise brilliant Rift for. As for oculus Asw, you have a point there. Not sure how far behind steam is today.
  17. OK, ich oute mich jetzt, ich hab mir Tank Crew auch zugelegt. Ich bin von der Manövrierfähigkeit des Sherman doch ziemlich enttäuscht, für mich ist der ne lahme Krücke. Aber vor allem, hab ich da was übersehen? Ist der Winkelspiegel in der Kommandantenluke wirklich nicht nutzbar? Der war ja wohl drehbar, deswegen die runde Einfassung. Momentan ist der Kommandant unter Luke blind. Oder hab ich da was übersehen?
  18. Every week at least get one write up on the these forums. for new flyers this is noticeable from word go on single player. eg wings flying off, daft AI gunners, flying in defense circles,lack off AI damage profile etc etc etc. this is a COMBAT flight simulator so these things are paramount to the whole aspect of the game. looks like in the complaints bin we go !!!
  19. Agh, I really want to get TacView working. I noticed that there's a "Recording" folder option, so I've set the location for that but still no joy.
  20. I think approximate pixels-per-degree (and subpixels per degree, since RGB vs Pentile) and lens technology should somehow be included in this. For example the Oculus lenses are very good, Pimax and Reverb are so-so, and Index will have 2-element lenses that might be a lot better than even the Oculus tech. Might also want to add software ecosystem. Again Oculus’ ASW tech is a leader here.
  21. Give me a break you've been an oculus fanboy since day one. Can't roll my eyes hard enough.
  22. I'm guessing then as a mainly SP type, you will just wait for the Black6 missions?! However, I'm hopeful that perhaps within that 1% you talk about, we may have some MP map builders who will be able to deliver something that is really good for the players who enjoy MP! Currently, I'm enjoying Combat Box, so I'm sure Alonso and his team will be able to create some great landscapes, otherwise we might as well just use DCS type landscapes! I find that if the landscape and damage models etc are done correctly it adds to the immersion, although I guess with GPS and icons on, perhaps some players may miss out on the great work that has gone into making the maps etc. Anyway, only time will tell. Regards
  23. Since there is the software out to run the Quest using 5GHz WiFi without lag or signal issues connected to your PC now, there's no reason left for the Rift S anymore atm. Quest is wireless and plays your PC titles, connected to the PC. All you need is a separate 5GHz Router in the same room. Regarding the headset debate, I am still wondering. The Reverb is interesting, but I'm worried about chromatic aberration and blur when leaving the lenses' sweetspots. And it's unclear if they can compete with the giant sweetspots of the Pimax 5k+. It's essential to check your own six...
  24. Hello. I have a cold and don't feel up to hard out dog fighting combat... so I cranked up picasim with my new RC USB controller. ( Hobbyking unit, cost me $20, worth it, 6 ch ) Took the "Le Fish" to the large hill and flew it into 6ms wind. Blinking heck. My RC skills have actually improved and can fly across the wind doing stunts. Using the Flaperons is mad. Will take a while to get used to them. Yey... uff.. head hurts, back to bed... Picasim is way cool. S! P.
  25. Hi Tanker's and more particularly to BP_Lizard.🥉 Wonderful, thanks to BP_Lizard, I unchecked the box "Allowed mods" and I finally have access to all the servers. 🤩
  26. I've loosing faith too.... So sad.
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