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  2. Yeah, I was really surprised it worked. Not even deleting the headset from remembered devices. The major problem of WMR is the Windows part. I can't afford paying a lot of money for a premium headset like Reverb and being at the mercy of Microsoft crooks, hoping that the next pile of crap they dump on your system won't mess up your VR experience. No, thanks.
  3. You met people like that? but I thought you said that flying with random people "Did. Not. Work." Anyway, it is not a solution for everyone in the game simply because it is not integrated with the game; In your opinion the problem is solved, in the opinion of others it has not been.
  4. I guess we heathens are just incapable of living up to your standards! /s Perhaps you'd do best to find somewhere else to go.
  5. I think another valuable point is the question of whether this specific plane can be one of the unique selling points of the game. By example the Me 262, the P-38, the P-47 and the Tempest are at present such unique selling points. The Spitfire XIV, if they decide to release it, or an Arado 234, will also become unique selling points for the game and thus can work as very potent attractors for new users.
  6. Start/Cortana box, type: gpedit.msc Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Store Set Enable for all Disable options. After all, who need Microsoft Store running all time? https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/a8405957-5025-427e-9405-331b1a8dde21/uninstall-or-disable-the-microsoft-store?forum=win10itprogeneral
  7. Hmmm...I’ve never had trouble - 2 seconds is my long standing habit. What problem have you seen Habu?
  8. My advice about the second timer after a spawn is to set it to 5s. Under, you can have some trouble.
  9. Nice colletion big 10. Have not s een a big F14 in a while.
  10. Alonzo, i think you should wait the fix. I tried with plane too (when i ran my test), but it works fine. If you find other units, report them for check.
  11. i'm glad you got it sorted out, but that's exactly the reason I ran away from WMR as soon as I tried. You got off easy by re-installing just the apps, however there'll be a moment in your life when you'll need to reinstall the whole latest semi-annual update, or the whole OS to get it working again.
  12. ‘There is a BoX Teamspeak server for that. That’s how I met people to fly with. Problem solved.
  13. As if takes that much time adding such a view. Why not support new ideas a let those that actually have to manage their resources and time decide if it worth or not the effort. If all of the ideas that someone deems unnecessary were denied this game might have not come the long way it has.
  14. SCG_Fenris_Wolf. Thank you very much for your reply!!! I'll keep an eye out for an update if fixes will be made. This really has me hopeful so thanks to you and all who make it possible!! Clyde =BES=Savage-6 - Thank you for the tips! Makes good sense to me! Back in the day when I flew with the GR142 Squad, I dont recall having difficulty in identifying friend from foe, but that was quite a few years ago and definately not in VR. Few things bother me more (in gaming at least) is opening fire on a plane then seeing the warning "Clyde has fired on a friendly!" After that happened, I've tried to get much closer but am usually shredded before I can ID friend or foe lol. I think too that alot has changed in the newer VR enabled program, because inthe past everything was easier, have a landing gear shot off, no problem we could land on the good wheel and float it all the way until lift gave out on that wing and it came down. Now, everything in VR was much more challenging including landings, and especially take off's with planes that want to spin like a top, even after locking the tail wheel. But I feel it's more realistic! Thanks again for your reply and advice =BES=Savage-6!!!
  15. just put it in the suggestions section, or you'll get nothing but pain and suffering from all of the responses here.. 😄
  16. Hi Leute ! Habe Schwierigkeiten IL2 Box in höchster Auflösung zu spielen . Hier mal die Daten von meinem PC : Terra PC Gamer 7500 BTO High End Gamer CPU i Core i7-9700K 3,6 GHz 4 x RAM DDR4 16GB PC 2666 ( 64GB) GIGA VGA AMD 16GB Radeon VII Win 10 Home Monitor AOC U2879VF 28 Zoll ( max. 3840 x 2160 Auflösung) In der Auflösung 1920 x 1200 kann ich problemlos spielen . Bekomme hohe FPS . Spiel lädt schnell hoch . Nach längerer Spielzeit , z.B. im Karriere-Modus , kommt es nach ca. 45 - 60 min. zum einfrieren des Bildes , manchmal wird der Bildschirm sogar schwarz und das Spiel stürzt ab . Beim hochladen des Spiels höre ich seit einiger Zeit einen komischen Piepton . Ab der Auflösung 2560 x 1440 bekomme ich den Ladebildschirm nur per " alt - Umschalttaste , habe dann aber kein Vollbild mehr . Habe schon viele Spiele.- u. Grafikkarteneinstellungen ausprobiert und lande immer wieder bei der Einstellung 1920 x 1200 . Kann es doch eigentlich nicht sein , bei diesem Rechner . Hat jemand die gleiche Grafikkarte oder eine ähnliche und kann mir einen Ratschlag geben ? Gruß balou
  17. FYI "Air combat at 20 feet : Selected Missions From A Strafer Pilots Diary" describes how they either didn't use or removed the turrets well before the switch to strafing tactics. The book describes how and why they moved from level bombing to strafing, one of the first groups that did that (38th BG, 405th sq, flying B-25C). One of the best, well documented and most thrilling books people interested in B-25s can read. Relevance of this book is on the subject of my question - (un)effectiveness of the belly turret. Additionally, USAAF removed belly turrets - current B-25 in-game is correctly representing only the RAF variant. Do you need help distinguishing a difference between an assumption and a question? Or is question mark not enough?
  18. My Dr.I is my test bed where I ultimately plan to use this device to record flight parameters: Levil BOM I've wanted to do this since Rise of Flight came out over 10 years ago! Finally, I am on the brink of accomplishing this. I have to be successful on my own before I can ask someone (perhaps PJ) to allow me to study their aircraft using the same methods. I am in the home stretch of fabrication for the Dr.I prior to flight I have ambitions to fly it before the end of October, but sometimes life has other plans. I am going to Rhinebeck Aerodrome this weekend to learn from their expertise and hopefully build some good relationships that would afford me the opportunity to use the BOM on their aircraft in the future.
  19. The why not is Devs taking time that should be spent on stuff that isn't so arcade like. There is still a lot they are working on. I hop they stay on their plan and not chase after stuff such as this.
  20. My findings. For reference here are my graphics settings in the spoiler tags. Machine specs are in my sig. Supersampling is set to 200% in the SteamVR tool. I run VR, a HTC Vive. Offline - Map - Moscow Autumn 1941, 109G14, default load-out, northwestern single plane spawn. QMB, single plane only - clouds vs no clouds is a significant FPS difference. QMB, single plane only - clouds set to high results in FPS much lower than on previous releases. There is no stuttering in QMB with only my plane in the sky when viewing from the cockpit. Just reduced FPS due to clouds. Clouds high/cloudy = 12.5ms med/cloudy 9.5ms med/clear 7.0ms high/clear 7.0ms 7ms = 142 fps. 9.5ms = 105fps 12.5ms = 80fps. Multiplayer - Amount of stutters significantly increases with increased player counts. When the map first loads, if you get in early with a low player count there is still some stuttering, but it is reduced. As an example - Berloga was running no clouds yet there was still significant FPS impact and stuttering. Looking again at frametimes in Berloga MP server - Clouds set to high but the map weather is clear, I am seeing the majority of frame times at 7.0ms which matches QMB, but there is significant spikes well over the 11.1ms/90fps limit which is the stuttering visible in the display. As I flew around, it was not consistent, on rare occasions, I could look at a relatively close furball and frametimes stayed at ~7.0ms. Looking back at a contact further away and the stuttering starts, but the stutters were typically always occurring. The hotfixes were in relatively quick succession, but I don't think they were the cause. I recall seeing performance impact right from the main release of the new planes.
  21. It would require a foundation to study those planes and test them with context and methodology. Javier Arango seems to contradict Kermit, since the former gave low numbers for the Camel. Memorial Flight Association gives the Dr1 180kmh, from data from the Service Technique de l'Aéronautique (STAé) at Villacoublay aerodrome, the same association that helped 777 Studios with a lot of technical data. Mikael Carlson now provides 86kts for the Dr1 at cruise speed (95kts for the DVII / DIIIaü, 200hp). McCook Field test (1921) gives 185km/h for the D8. From accounts, Thomas Crean says that Voss left behind his two wingmen flying Pfalzes DIII on that last day to the point that they were not even sure if it was Voss they saw engaging the 60th Squadron on the horizon. So he opened some good 5/10km on them, and I don't think climbrate alone can do that (disregarding wear and tear). Which goes back to the relative performance being the best route so far in my opinion.
  22. Nice. Why would it matter to you if it does, since it could easily be restricted online in the same way as external views and sticking your VR head outside the cockpit? Not everybody plays online you know, and it's nice for those of us who don't to be able to tailor the game to our own preferences. We're not hurting anybody else so why not?
  23. Seen from the observers seat of a BE2, they probably begged to differ. In 1916 and early 1917, it certainly was a good proposition. But after that... I agree. But it has its looks.
  24. Salutations Patrick, Please don't get discouraged with any player complaints and programming challenges. You are creating a great program that supports our flight sim. Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your continued efforts in perfecting your campaign generator.
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