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  2. Only the airfield pics are from BoBp. The other pics show current maps.
  3. Not much fun today, the Germans all took airplanes ... come on guys, this is basically a tank server ... grab a tank and fight like a real man ! It's a bit sad to constantly just throw some bombs on a tank, take a tank and take on the challenge
  4. I prefer "Thirties Modern" to "Art Deco". Art Deco actually refers to the styles of the 1920s. The 1930s, specifically the mid to late thirties, ushered in cleaner, less ornate, styling, in everything we made. Buildings, cars, home appliances, etc... Remember, this was the time or streamlined locomotives, and pencil sharpeners and toasters that looked like they came out of wind tunnels.
  5. Thanks for the campaign, please can you tell me the Bodenplatte map is this the final version or will there be a update it seems to not to have many trees or other auto gen on the landscape ?.
  6. Not all at once, just as an excitation. Sorry for my bad English.
  7. This has been a great game but sadly I just don't play it because the multiplayer was lacking compared to the old il-2 days. This for me was due to the render distance and no blackouts and not enough people online. This update is going to fix all these issues and I cannot wait. I will be able to spot targets from range and stalk them or boom and zoom! I will be able to outmanouver by being smoother/smarter. Hi and low yo-yo's come to mind. And with the American aircraft I think there will be A LOT more pilots online. I remember in my il-2 days there were soo many amercan pilots online in my timezone. Now i never see any. There is one more feature missing... the ability to choose aircraft letter marking's which show up on the player lists so that you can identify who you are flying alongside. Good work team love your work.
  8. I'm sure Jason said a couple of collector planes?.... That's like another add on. We won't see that lot for another year!
  9. Yes I know, but like I said I need to separate engine 1 and 2 because sometimes I fly fighter and sometimes bomber. So it is no solution for me. It is much better to have things separated in case you lost one of the engines in multiengine planes.
  10. I had missed that interview! Glad to see that the Lisunov Li-2 is still a possibility! I love the wing spar details and calculations in that report! I might be a bit careful making too many generalisations from it though! Aircraft are often built with more strength then they need and captured German aircraft are older than the S.E.5 they are comparing them to! I'm pretty certain that late war German fighters (especially given their emphasis on diving attacks) were pulling similar gee levels to allied fighters (enough to risk blacking out under some conditions)!
  11. That P-38 cockpit is gorgeous. I'm going to have to get to know that sweet thing. And how about this collector to go with it? Skud
  12. I've lost my prop/engine to a dislodged P47 canopy way too many times. You wouldn't expect acrylic to be tough or heavy enough to do that. I'd love to see prop damage revisited
  13. Not too worried about AI , its a work in progress , plus I have never seen AI do the super human stunts I see in MP. I dont see AI pulling unrealistic high G maneuvers, AI is too easy to shoot down at the moment. So might balance the field a bit.
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  15. Damaged prop blade would cause vibrations that would eventually affect prop shaft and some other parts of the engine, so engine would suffer after a while....
  16. Was totally blown away by the upcoming pilot physiology feature until i realized that it may not be applied to the AI in like degree, if at all.
  17. Make sure the word "ATTACK" appears beside the enemy airfield on the server map.
  18. I'm really enjoying flying on TAW at the moment, so far I've not lost a life, this time round (flying red, high level bombing alone). Where I struggle is to tell which enemy airfields have live targets on them, I've hit enemy airfields before and got no reward. I don't fly that many sorties as mine normally last around an hour, but I'd like to make them count. I apologise in advance for being a bit obtuse by the way, it's genetic.😀
  19. You can bind it to the common mixture axis and it would apply to all engines. I use the same approach for throttle, RPM, radiators...
  20. Hello all! I am impressed by the work doe on the aircraft, present and future as well as pilot physiology... I am a bit less impressed by the airfields...so I prefer to believe there are also a WIP perhaps even more than the A/C...For instance the agricultural field patterns around Volkel is totally wrong, not Dutch looking at all...The hangars are also wrong but I suspect there are simple place holders for now (and maybe the ground textures as well). For people interested here are three hi-res photos of 1944 for three well known BP airfields: Brussels-Grimbergen and -Evere as well as Antwerp-Deurne (LukeFF has these photos since a while). grosfi.ch/TCCfx5c6Wjw You will see the incredible variety of revetments, hangars, blastwalls and various camouflage techniques (from nets to farm or manor bodies over the real hangar...) present at these airfields. It was the same everywhere in Belgium and Holland, Volkel included. I have made a nice reconstitution of Eindhoven 1944 (sorry, no Volkel!) as I suspect this is the second airfield shown in the dev update...As yo can see the variety is large, many revetments (the majority actually) are revetments with blastwalls and sometimes camouflage nets. The extension of the dispersal system in Eindhoven is staggering... Eindhoven here: grosfi.ch/b372Bqu4aHv Amically JVM
  21. Hi, there is a lot of talk about quality issues with Saitek products. Now, I used to be a Thrustmaster enthusiast from the beginning (FCS, WCS, RCS of the 90's) and I programmed a lot of macros for those devices (in DOS, so not very comfy!). Finally, as it became more and more difficult to run these devices under Windows, I changed all my devices and chose Saitek, starting with the Throttle Quadrant, the Saitek Rudder Pedals, Saitek Trim Wheel and finally with the Saitek Rhino Combo (X55 - newer version is X56 now). Well, I have to say, until now I never ever had any trouble with these devices. They offer a lot of possibilities and with the Saitek Profile Software you get even more and complex configuration possibilities, not necessary needed for BOX, but if you own DCS modules then this will help you very much. Cheerio
  22. You're welcome @Startrek66, see my last edit in the post above yours (I was editing it the moment you replied). Test the grass settings first. Cheers.
  23. Great update, looking forward to trying everything in game. As far as collector planes; the B-25 is a safe bet because the Devs have already stated that the current AI version is being built with an eye towards making it player flyable after release. I would love to see a Mosquito and gunship versions of the B-25 and A-20, as well as the C-47, P-61, and B-26. I guess I just want more multi engine aircraft. Oh, and if we're all day dreaming, might as well throw the B-17G into the mix. Now, Jason didn't specifically say the collector planes were WW II aircraft, so I'll throw out hopes we see the Sopwith Pup and a Newport 17 as well. No matter what planes show up, I'm sure my wallet will suffer😉
  24. I had the X 52 pro, it was rather busted when i dug it out of the cupboard but i did fly with it an awful lot, it was ok, bit clunky. i much prefer my t.10000m, it's a far better stick imo, i like the snappyness of it and the strength of the spring, maybe not the best for ww2 sims in that regard but it's still fun. the throttle is sticky, there's no getting around that unless you go online and grab Nyogel 767A and redo the greasing on the rails which i'm told makes it much, much better. i'm still working myself up for this having bought the gel. the rudder pedals, will do for now. i'll upgrade at some point, they suffer from a weak spring and the same rail issues as the throttle, again nyogel is said to improve this along with either another spring or in some cases a stack of elastic bands added to the current spring (i did this and it does help a bit) otherwise for the price you pay, honestly the set is not bad at all, i have seen compatability and config issues with the X56. i've had utterly none of this with the t.16000m FCS pack in either Box or CloD Pete
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