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  2. Thanks. I'm almost finished with a updated version of this mission. It will have added media voice files, upgraded German tanks, added aircraft for both sides and special encounters possible for the Tiger. I'm going to make a PzIII-m based version of this mission. It will be slightly modified to challenge the PzIII-m.
  3. Oh, but wouldn't a Spitfire 14 have been glorious!? Not that I'm trying to derail this thread....not that this thread SHOULD be derailed, of course. (Cough!).
  4. Yall planning on adding ground combat as well? Could be interesting to be able to play Shermans or Tigers on the D-Day mission.
  5. Nice work. So much of drawing is SEEING. Size relationships, shape...negative space, character and gesture. You have a nice grasp of these things. I miss drawing in front of the model, it's been years now. I taught a figure drawing workshop for a while, which kept me in shape, but again that was some years ago now. I seem to have lost the DRIVE to create art, and I'm not sure how to get it back or if I ever will More recently I've created 3D illustrations,(using Modo, Cinema 4D, Zbrush and Photoshop) including some warbird renders and figurative stuff, but this last year I've let that drop as well.
  6. What’s wrong with the music? its rather good.
  7. All of them would be using the wrong version of the game at the same time the moment the patch rolls out.
  8. If your install is with steam then you need to run Steam to get the new patches. There is no Launcher in Steam installs.
  9. I'm experiencing this in a "Long Duck Dong" voice...well played sir.
  10. All of them together? I don't think so.
  11. maybe the update took place and the people running the servers need to update to the new version?
  12. My initial thread expressing my discontentment and wish for better allied bombers and a more even schedule release has turned into content that has become more entertaining than the game itself! Go into Wings of Liberty server for instance, on most nights, my squad mates have noticed that there are often more axis pilots to allied pilots at a ratio of 2:1 and sometimes 3:1! Weekends tend to be balanced. Why do you think more pilots are favoring axis planes over allied planes thus far? I challenge you to a duel. You take any allied plane you want and I will choose any axis plane I want. I have flown every axis plane offline, and they are easy to master. Or if you want something more challenging, fly a P-40 and I will fly a. BF-109.😃 I put some of my sorties on youtube whatever the outcome win or lose. Some if my videos include 3 axis planes taking their turn in shooting me down in an PE-2, Man o man the skill it takes to put me down is epic!
  13. Funnily the man behind the DS was an aeronautical engineer. It was a fantastic car, the hydraulic suspensions made it ride like a princess. I have to agree with Heliopause that having a general Western offensive or say a Battle of France and the Low Countries expansion would be better if such a project is to ever see the light of day. Both battles were linked anyway. The map could stretch from the south of the Ardennes region to the north of The Netherlands (say up to Texel ), and include bits of south east England to the West. The map could then be reused for a Battle of Normandy 1944 expansion perhaps. This said, this would be a super long term project because lets face it, the full release of BOBP, FC is probably in late 2019, then after that they will probably tackle the Pacific which is a huge endeavour. Most customers would probably favour a Battle of Normandy 44 over any BOF for several reasons. Then again let's not forget that we have unfinished business in the East for a 1944 scenario. So any chance for a BOF&LW would be a super long term project, considering they could think about doing the Mediterranean front/Sicily/Malta first which could also be a very popular expansion. I mean it is like having a Battle of Finland, I would like to of course, but when could they possibly release that.
  14. I've had some recent problems with my computer. Now I can't install PWCG BOS, RoF. What I get is a message window like this; "This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.7.0 - 2.0.0." I can't seem to find any reference here. Am I the only one this problem? Thanks for any ideas.
  15. No, that's not the problem. The problem is that you don't understand what early access means. In the future wait for the product to be released.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Pretty much what Kestrel79 said, flew the original il2 then fb/pf/46 for years on hyperlobby ( i still remember fondly the 'Greatergreen' server on hl) but i was younger, single and with plenty of time to be involved in a squad. Now i mostly play offline due to how convenient it can be to get flying quickly and stop whenever you want and a lack of time. What i enjoy the most is to have as much historical immersion as possible. Flying in missions with a specific flight plan and objectives in the context of the war effort and ongoing operations on the ground. That also implies missions with more emphasis on the bombers objectives, collective discipline and teamwork to avoid losses. To do that online i must be part of a squad. Free hunt is more about mastering your plane's limits in order to become more competitive in fighter matchups. The emphasis is more on the individual score/performance but it can be very fun indeed, did mostly that in the past. Though if you fly alone, chances are you will be flying against virtual squad(s) on radio comms quite often, so it is not beginner friendly.
  18. Somebody truly has pissed in your cheerios. It must be tiring being so negative and angry all the time. Maybe try meditation. 👍
  19. I have the same thing?????????????? All of the regular server are down???
  20. I'm actually okay with the variable winds, but people keep shooting at me. What can be done about that?
  21. Darmstadt´s finest freestyle street and tatto art. Since 1994
  22. No... not fully. I acknowledged risks but still I hadn't expected such cluster-****. I have no claims but will not hesitate stating experiences. The next (IF) time the company will have to deliver it FIRST. And you don't help anyone, not even the company, with your cultists like behavior.
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