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  2. Let's hope they are going to tweak out the numbers on all this and make these new implementations more realistic. Having said that....I like the direction they are going with these new features.
  3. Ok, this server isn't intended to be running 24/7 and is currently in an open testing stage, but it will be running frequently. At the moment, it's running copies of the the pre 3.10 update missions from the DED Normal server, plus an edited version of their Kuban mission with mixed plane sets at both airstarts. That edited Kuban is currently the only mission with the me262 available for now, and is somewhere in the middle of the rotation. The rest are running in alphabetical order. All missing descriptions (something I've tried to get working, with no luck. Presumably, due to them being created in a Russian language version of the editor, and updated in an English language version). Eventually, it should have it's own missions (I'm not a mission builder myself, but I know people who are working on some) rather than shameless copies, or perhaps a combination. Whilst it's intended mostly as fun and partly to fill the void during the turbulent nature of the DED Normal server atm, there is a working stats page running for those who like to see how they're doing. ohmydogfight.co.uk:8080 Be aware though, that this is running on a local machine of mine, so the stats page will only be available when the server itself is. Any issues, let me know, or post here. I'd particularly like to know how the AI planes are behaving in the Moscow mission, as they were warping a little on my end, and that was from an internal connection, but I didn't see any performance issues on the server itself. Edit: Also, there will be some inconsistencies in the stats to begin with while I keep tweaking the custom scoring system. I might settle on the DED normal values (which aren't the defaults on Vaal's system), but the values on here have changed a few times.
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  5. Wow, beautiful skin! Where's the link?
  6. How do you find spotting ground targets and distant planes, better or much better?
  7. I found the Rift S a nice improvement over my CV1, and with the lower refresh rate of 80 Hz I am getting very similar in performance as I was getting with the CV1. I did not need to reduce any graphics settings for the Rift S. I did reduce SS from 1.6 to 1.4, image looks great to me.
  8. I have been very pleased with the graphics at 2xAA so have not really tried the 4x. I will give it a go tomorrow and see how it does.
  9. Well, not really someone who is good at recognizing fonts, maybe because of my bad handwriting. But yeah I think I took one of the German Luftwaffe fonts I had around. I rather tried to read the red triangle for two hours until o found out it reads Ejection Seat and Danger in 3 Languages and decided to not use it. But if you ever find a font that is it, or close to it I would gladly take it.
  10. The only down side to MP that I've run into so far is (and I feel bad bringing this up about someone), there's this one poor dude that always flies on the same servers as me that always seems to be injured, kind of a bummer hearing about it but at least he doesn't go into details. I don't know what side he flies for or how he keeps getting hurt, he might be banging his elbow on his desk during hectic furballs (hate when that happens!) or maybe he has carpal tunnel from the new startup key presses, but man you gotta really admire his persistence in sticking with the game. Get well soon, anonymouse dude, S!
  11. Yup. If the overworkedness of the commander/loader has to be modeled by giving the T-34 a slow reload time, fair enough. But, the way I see it, when I pilot a tank as a single player, I'm all of the stations and should be able to jump between them instantly. Why does it have to be the gunner who opens the hatch? Sure, the new visor is nice, but I regard the crippling of the station jumping as unjustified. Now that I've played around more with jumping between the 2 sight-types... the exagerrated mouse sensitivity when using the periscope sight is really what turns the new tank into a death trap. No 'realism' argument works for this UI failure. The new gear limiter functionality is nice, and recovers some steerability, but involves being noisy. The old ability to steer at a medium speed, say in a forest, at low rpm, i.e. stealthily, is certainly gone. What I forgot to mention in my original post is how the engines are now even more prone to breaking, when bumping into invisible trees at low speed. Basically glass engines. Since ages I've been harping on about how they should fix the invisible trees, and instead we get even more easily broken engines. A feature I brought up months ago, having 'soft' collisions with objects such as trees, would also help making the interaction with organic objects like trees, more realistic, more, let's say, tank like. OTOH, a feature some new players have only very recently been asking for, in-mission repairs (no doubt originating from other tank games), has been implemented, and isn't remotely realistic. The in-sim time is meant to be real time, not accellerated time like in some strategy games. Thus, a 1 or 2 minute track repair, or 5 minute engine repair, is a joke. The irony is that we break our unrealistic glass engines when we bump into unrealistic invisible trees, and then we are thankful for an unrealistic 5 minute engine repair.
  12. See the "Player Enters Plane and Is Kicked Out or Plane Is Destroyed or Goes Underground", on pg. 186 of the editor manual.
  13. Also: 3rd pursuit group is halfway done already.....
  14. Setting the right IPD is a must for me. It is a pitty that some new HMDs do not have that slider. If somebody has "close" to average ipd, he "should be able" to use it, but for how long? For sure not in 1-2hrs sessions few times weekly, as we play IL-2.
  15. Thanks for reply. IIRC my IPD is quite similar to yours so I got that covered. And performance wise, I'm quite pleased with CV1 performance, I get quite steadily 90fps using lefu's mod, running a 8700K at 5.1Ghz. The one thing buggering me is, should I wait for the rumored super cards from Nvidia, they are supposed to be cheaper than 2080TI. But this itch for a new set is killing me, You know how it is 😄
  16. It's amazing what really good radio chatter can do for a game. I hope that the ones in BoX get the attention they deserve.
  17. Looking amazing - a true labor of love.
  18. 1080ti is plenty for the Rift S. Because of the refresh rate reduction from 90 to 80, if you're happy with the performance of your 1080ti with the CV1, you'll be happy with the Rift S. I am using an RTX 2080 (~same as 1080ti) with the Rift S and it looks and performs great. I sold my full Rift CV1 kit to offset the cost of the upgrade. BUT. If you have IPD outside of the 'core' range for Rift S, you might have problems. At least one of my squad mates is returning the Rift S because their IPD is < 60 and it just doesn't work for them comfortably. My IPD is 64.5 so pretty close to average, and it works great for me.
  19. Jason said that in an interview on Stormbirds blog iirc.
  20. IIRC IAS "scales" with air density; as the air gets thinner the TAS figures for stall speed, best climb speed, cruising speed etc change (you need to go faster through thinner air to produce the same lift), but remain constant for IAS. It's not that important in WW1, but for instrument flying pilot would have to re-calculate the speeds dependent on altitude (which, too, is given as relative, not absolute) and weather. I think of IAS as measure of speed-dependent force with which airframe and surrounding air interact with each other - you need the same force on your wings to not stall, or to climb at certain vertical speed, or to reach never-exceed speed force, but at different altitudes this required force is met at different TAS. OTOH, TAS should be very useful for things like dead reconing navigation (giving the pilot absolute indication of distance travelled, discarding the wind...).
  21. What sort of changes? After what happened in RoF, I’m reasonably certain that they’re not making any more changes.
  22. Missing BOK to get all my planes 😄 Would be awesome to have it ! Im waiting for steam sale tho !
  23. I'm not saying we should stop citing sources and asking for changes. I just find it to be odd that they need to redo their tests for us to base our data. What I'm saying is that we already know their performances, the performance in-game, where it really matters. Because then what? The in-house numbers could differ from the in-game numbers and if they kind of come close to the norm they can call it a day? I think we should base our opinions on in-game data. Hence why I said it is easy. Just take them for a ride and take note of the numbers. Otherwise we are comparing two universes, and if you combine real data with either one of them, you could be kind of right in some situations without making any changes. Hence why I took all of the aircraft for a spin. It seems in accordance with what they said, that we are back to pre 1034 patch (except for the Dr.1). If people disagree, I think the right thing to do is to open threads asking for changes.
  24. Or user sided, you can choose what to use.
  25. Well, do you guys have any idea how I could check the bottleneck stuff? Because the same program I’m using to check all the information about gpu also gives me all the info about cpu and it is never busier than 45-55%.
  26. I want to get rid of my Rift CV1 and it seems people speak quite highly of the Rift S. I wonder if i should just sit on my money for a while or just go for it and order one right away. I don't like the idea of being forced to order a 2080TI too, the price is just outrageous. I have 1080TI now and it'll have to do for now. Any thoughts?
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