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    Thought I might give the Cold Start version a try now. I assume I will always need to be the flight lead for this to work properly?
  3. no, there was one prototype build, Werknummer 111899, it was testflown and the did some shooting tests, that prototype was given to JG44 for field trials and failed during the first test under field conditions. There was never operational use to any significant degree.
  4. Actually, no photo, just took it from shots of a model proposed by SAS_Bombsaway Looking at Tarawa in more details , it seems only C company was there during fight. (and this model is from D(estroyer) company. But it's a nice skin 🙂
  5. Oh Im well aware of the corruption and bribery of the Nazis. To be honest Id never even heard about the Soviet monetary prizes and this was interesting. Its not a judgement at all to clear that with anyone - Im just interested if the Germans had a system -I can link the Golodnkov interview (I got it here) I also genuimely was curious about why the game drops bombers 500 rubles. Since they dropped it in game Im sure there must be some reasoning? Thanks for the answers
  6. Great stuff Thad, harder than last time with more Soviet defence. Drove myself off the bridge, what an idiot. 🤣 🤣 Really good buddy and loads of fun. Mike.
  7. Looks awesome! Any photos of the real thing?
  8. "If I install this (or any other programming software for the throttle), do I have to uninstall CH Manager first? " No. You can even use both together (but not on the same device - at least for the moment). CH manager is not mandatory to use your CH-throttle (but then you only have dx-buttons). What do you mean by profile ? Is that a CH map ?
  9. I can confirm campaign will not fully load. Will not progress pass briefing page. Click on 'Start' and I get same message as above. I recently updated IL2 and Nvidia driver 430.39. Edit to add: Earlier today I completed a couple missions in Sea Dragons campaign without problem.
  10. I would say that these would be great to have naturally, but i believe that a 1944 scenario on the eastern front would sell better for the company. I wouldn't mind having a Khalkin scenario once the 41-45 war between the 3rd Reich and USSR is fully covered. For me on the eastern front, the most urgent would be a Bagration 1944 campaign ( since we already have Kursk through the Tank Crew expansion) then once this is covered many options are open really. For instance imagine a map that covers part of the Baltic countries, Leningrad and the Finnish east borders, that would allow for a Soviet-Finnish winter war, battle of Leningrad and Kurland. That would be the most promising after that IMO as a Battle of Berlin would need the whole city modelled. Like you said, Khalkin Gol could be an interesting project too but i believe that if the Devs get into the Pacific theater, the Eastern front will have to wait for many years. Not that i am against the Pacific, it would be amazing, but there is so much work there to be done with aircraft carriers, planesets, maps,objects etc.. I mean we still currently do not have essential planes for late war scenarios like the B-17 or B-24s for instance because it must be a lot of work with all the 3d interiors and a complex 4 engines implementation, so imagine a full theater of war. Also, that is just my opinion but i believe that commercially speaking, once they decide to move back from the Pacific to Europe again, what would sell the most is either a Mediterranean or Normandy 44 expansion. That is why for me a Battle of France/Benelux is really far fetched... even though it would love to have it.
  11. Beyond the bomber intercept role, I think it will do well at very strict "boom and zoom" tactics. It should give new meaning to the old adage, "One pass and haul ass". Personally I see it as a good high speed interdiction attack aircraft. Come in at full chat, drop your bombs and run away screaming like a little school girl.
  12. @ITAF_Ranithat is the idea of the D Day map on the Combat Box server albeit with a 1944 planeset. Ahh, I see you posted there too.
  13. As I wrote above I don’t need to spread it out because I am mapping the dofs not the actuators. You need to spread it out because you don’t need 6-dof math. I agree the labeling is confusing but the matrix I presented above is right. For a 6-dof - DOF1 - 6 are the cue slots where the Axis1 - 6 considered as entire DOFs for all actuators. It’s different indeed
  14. It is a fine balance to separate these aircraft. I exchanged a few e-mails with Alex Revell and he told me that 'bullet dispersion' is bullocks to him. And reading High in The Empty Blue there is the passage when McCudden takes Irwin's SE5a for a flight and comes back with no kills after shooting some two-seaters. He took it to the firing range and the guns were hopelessly misaligned (I think Irwin lost a rank for that IIRC). From what people say, they could be very precise with the guns in stable platforms like the SE5a. What might give us the idea that we need 'bullet dispersion' is that in-game we fly planes on a rail, literally, while in real life there was micro turbulences, wind, turbulence and the jitters of combat maneuvers. So he told me that not only for that, it would be impossible to dogfight with the Lewis gun at a 45º degrees. In fact we have the loading position wrong at the same 45º degrees angle, when in fact it was more like 75/80º degrees (correct me if I’m wrong); more or less the same angle that they generally fired upwards when the Lewis was pulled down. Meanwhile in-game some players pull the Lewis gun down in turnfights, and it stands still on the rail / hinge like a rock, and as if the arm of the pilot was made of steel (basically a remote controlled gun platform), and they 'pivot' the plane in a perfectly drawn curve and fires the gun as if it was a laser from Star Wars. It is not what happened. HITEB has several accounts of the Lewis pulled down and they all mention simple maneuvers like firing upwards while flying in a straight line of sorts, sometimes in a zoom up maneuver (after being bounced), but I never saw any accounts of them pulling it down to turnfight and shoot across the circle (and the accounts are generally very detailed - original dogfight reports that Alex Revell researched). I also read Bishops memoirs, books about Albert Ball and many others with no mention of pulling it down to turnfight and fire across the circle. So on this matter specifically, I imagine we should have not the option to pull the Lewis down to 45º degrees angle on the scouts (I don't know about the Dolphin), just the 75/80º degrees to reload and shoot upwards (the angle they most used generally). Ideally the gun should block when in heavy turns to prevent people from hacking it. Regarding the current speed of the Camel and Dr1 in ROF (post-nerfing), I don’t consider it realistic either. If takes you forever to catch a Page or a Gotha (at first I found it to be so odd). Then I consider the nerfings to be very detrimental to the game (look what happened to the Pfalz – now we have two nerfed planes on the German side in FC it seems). The Camel got too fast in FC because it was too fast in ROF, but the nerfed Camel is a shame when we consider a good amount of fuel and full ammo. On this regard I found HITEB also interesting, in the fact that I saw several accounts of them seeing squadrons of Fokker Dr.1s (sounded like a relevant plane in the area for that time frame), and I don’t think they liked them either. They seldom engaged it. The impression is that they avoided it unless they had to engage. It might be the reminiscence of Voss’ fight, but they warned novices about not engaging Dr1s at the same level. So I imagine it is a fine balance in between reality and simulation.
  15. Its a seperate aircraft from premuim. Great other buys is yak1b..bf109g6..ju52..u2
  16. Regarding balance: If 1C sticks to available documentation, there's gonna be some dissapointment. Yes, the Me-262 is really fast (though not as fast as many seem to think). That speed comes at prize. Me-262 doesn't turn or roll. The acceleration is terrible, and the higher you go the worse it becomes. Since the acceleration is terrible, any kind of turn needs to be very slow and methodical, otherwise you'll get caught up to and killed. The manouverability is god awful, and the lack of roll rate is potentially the biggest hindrance since it makes gunnery near damn impossible if you're aiming for anything more nimble than a B-17. So essentially, what you're left with is a relatively good bomber killer, but a surprisingly dissapointing fighter. I'm rather certain that in MP enviroments the 262 will become nothing more than a nuissance, unless used as a hard to intercept bomber, where it might fare rather well.
  17. Looking forward to it... In Dee Nine... And another... You will be busy... SCG down... As is Hummels for the Ausf.M... Hear that... You got it Klaus... ================= Pots Right...
  18. I'm not familiar with 6dof set-up but I thought you would have to spread out your settings more instead of having everything under DOF1 like that. Maybe @value1 can chime in.
  19. Feierabend und Wochenend Bump
  20. Today
  21. The campaing do not work anymore. Only this message shows on the screen an the game suspended. can someone help?
  22. I would like to participate but it's a little bit soon. Anyway, nice to see FNBF back All of the best to event!
  23. That did see operational use once, but the cannon jammed.
  24. Thanks for the link. If I install this (or any other programming software for the throttle), do I have to uninstall CH Manager first? I found how to load a profile, but when I bring up the profile, the mode buttons become unusable (grayed out). Still having the same lockup problem as before, and the profile won't work in the game.
  25. In your case it will be completely different because using 6-dof kinematic plugins, designed for 6dof platforms only, we are mapping entire dofs and not the single actuators in the axis assignments. Nevertheless you can see what’s the logic behind it and try to maybe find a way to apply it for your 2dof. So this is my 6-dof axis assignments, assuming the sway and surge are inverted. To check if my assumption is correct, we will have to wait for the response from the developers. @Jason_Williams @value1 From what I know, the standard axis order in simtools is roll-pitch-heave-yaw-sway-surge. As you can see, I am making an exception using roll-pitch-heave-yaw-SURGE-SWAY
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