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  2. To clarify the situation. Now this draft statistics has a low priority for me. I support compatibility with new versions of the game and sometimes when I have free time I change something in the functionality. There are no built-in penalties for this. We prefer to use the bonuses of those who play correctly. At the end of the file stats_whore.py you can find the bonus feature. As an option, you can change the multiplication of points there for returning to the airfield from 25% to 50% or 100%.
  3. I like the sound of a server that discourages suicidal play. What is ('will be'?) the name of the server?
  4. *strokes beard thoughfully*
  5. Curious to know what flak and gunnery settings are on this server for the respective sides? On blue side if you drag someone over your base at low level the German AAA just sits there. This is why I think it's so easy for a single Spitfire to come in at low level and clear out an entire German airfield or artillery position. See it constantly on this server. Get anywhere near a Russian AF at any altitude and the fury of a thousand aim bots open up on you and will track you all the way back to your own air base on most maps. Just love getting shot at by Russian AAA over my own airfield. The 61K AAA gun is a total clown gun, especially set at ace level. In real life the gun was hand cranked for elevation and traverse and the barrel overheated regularly - often worn out after 100 rounds. I absolutely despise that gun. Same with aircraft gunners? That impression is probably skewed a little though because of the absurd behavior of the Pe-3 aim bot gunners.
  6. Never heard anything about it. What API and for what specific purpose?
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  8. *** No Fixed Server just a time to meet up fly where you want others will probably join, ill be on about 30min late *** The Friday, weekly, Flying Circus, Flyin. When : Friday, the 19th April 2019 Time : 19:00 to 03:00 Greenwich Mean Time 20:00 to 04:00 Central European Time 15:00 to 22:00 Central Time US / Canadian Second Round Start Time Time : 00:00 to 03:00 Greenwich Mean Time 01:00 to 04:00 Central European Time 19:00 to 22:00 Central Time US / Canadian Where : Where ever you want Type : 7 Hour long, informal, mass dogfight (drop in & drop out anytime) Furball. Entrance : Everyone welcome, just fly and have fun. thanks again S! paul
  9. Guys, I think he is specifically asking about USAAF Fighter Groups. I don't have a "favourite Fighter Group", but the 49th Fighter Group (Fifth Air Force) would be a contender if I had to have one. "Kill counts" and "Aces" are of limited interest to me, so R. Bong isn't a factor. Instead, I care about the overall campaign(s) a unit was involved in and thus basically all 5th, 10th, 13th, and 14th Air Force units would be eligible. Honourable mention: 27th Fighter Bomber Group.
  10. The problem with these wartime test is not so obvious but very critical to identify. The RAF test pilot flying the Fw 190A-3 didn't take the Kurt Tank's training course on how to properly fly the Focke Wulf. Thus they would not know specific nuances on how to get the best performance out of the Fw 190. As a real world example, while attending a 1-day class at AMG Driving School at KOTA last year, I was told to get the best launch from stand still in any Mercedes Benz AMG , you need to be in "2nd Gear"! As the RAF didn't have many enemy aircraft to test at RAE Farnborough facility. Thus I am quite sure the test pilots were not pushing the aircraft to its limits as their stable of captured German aircraft are not easily replaceable. So I would take the performance of the Fw 190A-3 and add 25% to it.
  11. Not really sure what subforum would be the best but i guess it's technical issue. Can we get rest of DLCs on steam? Like Havoc Over The Kuban or Ten Days of Autumn and probaly future campaigns. I remember it was something said about it being dlc that require other dlc. But there are many games on steam that have dlc for dlc. DCS for example. All you need is just put info box that would inform people about dlc requirements. Kind of like this:
  12. As the heading states ,any news in regard to the producers installing an API to increase the immersion, it really will change the whole dynamic with VR😜
  13. All of the German fighters currently modeled in Flying Circus have the option to fit a reflector sight. They did see limited operational usage during the war.
  14. There is a Discord server linked on the fist page.
  15. This might be indeed a bug occasionally popping up here and there. There was one famous around Anapa airfield when you attempted to land from the sea side - you suddenly hit an invisible object on the coastline right before the landing field.
  16. A recent SteamVR update seems to render this console command void but - worldscale seems to be accurate now. I tested various values in console with an exit and then restart of SteamVR then Il2 and all values led to the same worldscale sizing. Happy now - consistency and accuracy is important and why I wanted to get into VR in the first place - to have 1 to 1 scaling visually as well as being far sighted - VR is easier on my eyes than a monitor. 👍
  17. I definitely will. is there a discord or team speak Chanel I can join?
  18. Thank you. Is this modified or.. Because it looks like the pic is photoshopped to put a sight in front of thw guns Or is this a screen from FC? Now looking harder it seems less photoshopped. What plane is that?
  19. Oooh very interesting I want to look them up now. I actually thought you were referencing a Russian unit. That WAS a great match up. Theres a guy called Fishyyy on youtube that has some good Il2 46 vids. Especially the multiplayer ones where they hunt bomber swarms ( one where theyre flying German jets against Soviet Tu4s IIRC) Hope youre well btw Gaming sometimes can lead to interesting historical discoveries. Its interesting to me to note the Russians seemed to compose squadrons by type but also mixed but only planes from the same maker. E.g. Lavochkin only squads in the Kuban, squadrons that seem to only fly lend lease, etc. I guess its really not different than other countries but its still interesting to see as it seems many squadrons flew Laggs, La5s, FNs, then La7s etc. Or Yaks yak1, 1b, yak 9 etc.
  20. After a couple of red herrings and a decent night's sleep, I think I've now figured out at least one more reason why Tacview can report excessive AoA angles. As JtD suggested earlier, Tacview interpolates flight path from positional coordinates (it doesn't have anything else to go on). But rather then using the last two, as JtD suggested, it is using more (possibly to smooth out the data), and accordingly the estimated direction of flight lags quite a bit behind the aircraft orientation data, which doesn't require interpolation and is immediate. Inspecting the data raw data and how Tacview interprets it suggests to me that the lag is somewhere around half a second. Which doesn't sound much, until you consider that a fighter aircraft pulling hard may easily achieve a turn rate of 20 degrees a second or more. A half-second directional data lag alone could thus result in a ten degree overestimate of AoA at that turn rate. As evidence for this, take a look at these Tacview graphs, from a recording of a Bf-109 F4 pulling up steeply into a climb (and subsequent loop) from a dive. In the first graph the upper (red) line indicates altitude above sea level, and the lower (blue) shows vertical speed. The second shows AoA (blue) and pitch angle (red). There are two things to note here. Firstly, the altitude and vertical speed values cannot possibly both be correct at some points. The aircraft is shown as reaching its lowest point about half a second before the vertical speed is shown as zero. Secondly, at the point where the aircraft is at its lowest (11:00:30 on the time scale) the AoA (blue, read from the left scale) is shown as about 17°, while the pitch angle (red, read on the right scale) is shown as around 7°. Inspection of the raw data confirms this. Take a look at this short excerpt: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #12 173ff,T=5.1856489|4.8872364|1158.88|0.3|-10.4|,AGL=1158.88 #12.2 173ff,T=5.1853949|4.8874448|1151.36|0.5|-7.6|321.3,AGL=1151.36 #12.4 173ff,T=5.1851388|4.8876553|1145.03|0.6|-4.2|321.4,AGL=1145.03 #12.6 173ff,T=5.1848813|4.8878677|1140.09|0.8|-0.3|321.6,AGL=1140.09 #12.8 173ff,T=5.184623|4.8880813|1136.79|1.1|4.1|321.8,AGL=1136.79 #13 173ff,T=5.1843655|4.8882955|1135.35|1.4|8.5|322,AGL=1135.35 #13.2 173ff,T=5.18411|4.888509|1135.92|1.8|12.7|322.2,AGL=1135.92 #13.4 173ff,T=5.1838582|4.8887207|1138.53|2|16.8|322.5,AGL=1138.53 #13.6 173ff,T=5.1836115|4.8889296|1143.16|0.9|20.8|322.7,AGL=1143.16 #13.8 173ff,T=5.1833709|4.8891342|1149.75|-0.9|24.7|322.6,AGL=1149.74 #14 173ff,T=5.183137|4.8893332|1158.19|-2.2|28.9|322.2,AGL=1158.19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The aircraft is at its lowest (1135.35m ASL) at data point #13. At that point, the pitch angle is shown as +8.5°. The pitch angle rate of change (i.e. the rate of turn, since we are turning vertically) is about 20 degrees a second, and the data points are 0.2 seconds apart, meaning that the pitch at the actual lowest point may potentially be off by a couple of degrees from the 8.5 degrees shown, but this cannot account for the supposed 17° AoA that Tacview indicates. The AoA value shown (on the graph, and on the aircraft label at the same time) simply cannot be correct, based on the raw data. It overestimates by about 10 degrees in the example I give, due to the lag in directional data interpolation. If anyone wants to confirm this, I can provide the track recording, though it might be better to repeat the test and verify it with independent data. It would be nice to check the values for horizontal turns too, but I've not yet figured out a way to do this accurately, since one needs then to account for the bank angle when calculating the true angle of attack. Working with data from turns in the vertical axis reduces the problem from three dimensions to two.
  21. I've just been gifted the Kuban map and as such have been casually "sight-seeing" but I can't claim to be familiar with any of the locations to state where this happened. I was following a train through the middle of no-where heading to the coast when it suddenly disappeared and a whole series of explosions went off around me. When I paused the game to start looking around me the loco and individual wagons were widely dispersed over what must have been an area close to 1km wide and were randomly accelerating across empty ground well away from any tracks until they crashed into buildings, destroying both themselves and several of the buildings. There was no sign of anything attacking the train, and no weapons I know that would do this even if this was an "attack". I presume this must be some sort of bug? HH
  22. In the interests of realism, I suggest that the OP purchases a large fan, and a bucket of offal from a butcher's shop. With a little ingenuity, I'm sure he can arrange to have entrails blown directly into his face at appropriate moments.
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