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  2. ....but will other players be able to see the same custom skins you assign in editor if they have not downloaded the same custom skins....?
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  4. If you've not flown WWI aircraft before, you will find the Dr.1 very difficult. It is unstable in pitch and yaw, and the short-coupled rotary engine adds a lot of gyroscopic weirdness as soon as you try to turn. I'd fly something easier first. Try the Pfalz D.IIIa or the Spad XIII, and leave the Dr.1 (and the Camel) until you've mastered the easier aircraft. And yes, you will find yourself using a lot of rudder in turns. The ailerons in WWI kites all create a lot of adverse yaw, so you have to lead with rudder.
  5. if ......and if they weren’t then runway denial could become a mission objective in multiplayer !!!!! The question would be, if enemy aircraft piled up on the runway, or taxiways, because of an opponents well paced bomb crater, would the crater maker be awarded a kill ?
  6. Speaking of motion simulators...
  7. Is there some trick? In a turn fight I’m bobbing all over the place and having a hard time keeping my crosshairs on him horizontally too, always too fast or too slow, ahead or behind. I’ve tried using the rudder a lot more than ailerons+elevators and that sort of helps. Any advice? edit: I’ve been using a DR1. First time flying WWI birds
  8. Wish you a speedy recovery! Till next week.
  9. So place more than one formation and activate the second/third etc after the first gets destroyed. There’s always a way.
  10. Same lighthouse as the Vive and Vive Pro. The Valve Index will use this device as well. https://www.ebay.com/p/HTC-99hafs002-00-Vive-Base-Stations-99HAFS00200/572851198?_trksid=p2047675.l2644
  11. Same here, looking for other vr pilots to fly with. Ever since I got my Rift for Christmas I only fly vr. The resolution may not be there, but that is totally offset by the immersion factor.
  12. Try deleting your startup.cfg in "iL-2 sturmovik/data" then let steam check the integrity of the files to replace it. *keep a copy of the file just in case* I had this problem when graphic settings conflicted with what the game wants or because the resolution was incorrect. Your graphics settings can be edited in the startup cfg in the "[KEY = graphics]" section as well. If you guys are using reshade, crashing could also occur. But usually it is after starting a mission and not having x4 anti-aliasing selected. We need some more details. Did you guys change settings and this happened?? New hardware, controls, software?
  13. Go to your dogfight folder and remove the TAW mission files. Then, reconnect to the server and you'll download a fresh copy of the server files; fixing your problem.
  14. Hi when i join the server, i have a black screen, and other servers works normaly, but not TAW .. i'm in VR
  15. I have multifocal contact lenses and they are just amazing. They correct presbyopia, not with bifocal lenses but some way of making everything in focus. Incredible. Obviously a huge benefit for anything that involves a PC screen. The brand is AcuVue Moist. Stupid name but great lenses. They’re daily disposable which means if you want to just demo some for free it’s no problem.
  16. It’s great having a quick action Expert server. Wouldn’t it be possible for Berloga to add a bit more variety? different maps? maybe different spawn points? Why not make things a little more interesting?
  17. Didn't bug me until you pointed it out. That said I'm much more concerned with accurate tire physics, sidewall flex, slip angles etc than something like this. That said yeah I'd wish it wasn't there as well. ACC full release a few days away, which means the rest of the cars (including the Porsche which is really what I'm waiting for) as well as Spa, Silverstone and the rest of the tracks. Been having fun with the Nissan at Monza, Hungaroring and Zolder. Just ripped a mid 1:47 at Monza in the Nissan, which I was surprised to learn is a respectable time, especially in the Nissan. Again I love the classic cars and tracks the most, but in the end I want the latest and greatest physics graphics, and immersion, and ACC delivers. I'm hoping for my beloved American tracks to be added later, Laguna Seca, Limerock, Watkins Glen etc. along with some older GT cars.
  18. Pimax haven't released their own branded base stations yet. (They are saying sometime this summer) Vive base stations work the same. You can get them new or used on Amazon, ebay, etc.
  19. thank you all , for flying tonight sorry i forgot to update the event this week, and not showing up , had surgury on 24th, so have been preocupied, and recovering, over slept and missed the event. Thanks again S! paul Flying Circus Furball When : Sunday, the 02nd June 2019 Time : 19:00 to 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time Where : Jasta 5 Flying Circus Dogfight Server Type : 5 Hour long, informal, mass dogfight (drop in & drop out anytime) Furball. Entrance : Everyone welcome, just fly and have fun. Again a very big thanks to All the members of Jasta 5 for allowing us hold the FCF event on their server, this Sunday and thanks for a great server. This event will be held every Sunday from 19:00 to 00:00 GMT. Thanks All S! paul
  20. Yes, but more for Post Scriptum at this point based on the ease of operating a tank in TC with the one player aspect. For now, with our numbers we'd rather have a couple of platoons coordinating movement than just 4 to 5 tanks with the 2 player a tank option. Additional tanks also give you more eyes from different angles and terrain coverage so it's a trade off.
  21. LQ-T of the fictional 629 squadron, flying the Spitfire Mk.IXe; https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZD0BB2xXC30A9Nk-TYmQquFd6QBY520x Sorry!
  22. Unable to identify a Pimax base station available thru Amazon..Is there an official title for same or is it the HR Vive one I've found/
  23. I like using the he111 yeah the climb rate it slow but it’s stable, I find easy to fly I also like that it’s slower as it gives you longer to get your slight up and bang on target. Plus the view from the front is second to none.
  24. Can you tell me where in key mappings to find “Reset HMD”? I cannot find it. I see a default VR view in Pilot Head Controls. But that's all.
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