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  2. As I said earlier, your just guessing without evidence (no contemporaneous contradictions is also evidence) is just pure conjecture: should'a, would'a, could'a theorizing. The pictures aren't the only evidence, but you don't credit that. That the dead can't be contradicted on hearsay is not just emotional appeal, it's also law. Pictures + first-hand testimony support the incident. The anecdotal evidence, which means other, supporting stories of a similar nature, are also about the substantial construction of the plane itself and the engine. However, I've also heard anecdotal stories that the Russians liked their radials, as did the Germans, for similar robust and protective reasons. I guess we should dismiss those stories, too? Saluté!
  3. as opposed to now when they randomly disappear? at least we didn't have 109's teleporting behind like now. and I wouldn't say "most" the community is pretty split and it think its mostly along of the lines of people who cheesed the old visibility system and those who didn't. i'm not really getting how allowing everyone to see everyone at a distance more easily without hyper tweaked settings isn't fair. seems like a much more level playing field to me. unless that is, it's unfair to you. and again if you honestly see better with the new system and some pepople see better with the old system then why can't both be allowed as a GFX setting?
  4. If you haven't done it already, consider smoothing out the curves of your joystick axis, especially rudder and pitch if you haven't already - make them so you that initially you get less in game movement than your stick moves. I experienced exactly the same thing when I first tried il2 bos years ago in early access. That said, I also feel that the symptoms of the approaching stall are almost non-existent. Since force feedback joysticks have died a death, visual and sound cues are needed to replicate buffet, but I guess it's very hard to simulate the small clues accurately. Flying any aircraft to the edge basically relies upon, 'nibbling the buffet' - which is harder in a SIM than for real - luckily the consequences of not getting it quite right are more tolerable in a sim!
  5. Here you are thanks for replying Missions.rar
  6. The concept is not hard to implement as far as how it's done in the mission builder - and I have things like this before in camapigns with one VERY important technicality: Your timing on the AI flights is too fast and your numbers for the AI flights are too high. There are some complexities involved with deleting flights that complete their mission while others spawned by the same triggers are still in progress but by sending AI flights spawned by different triggers that issue can actually be avoided. Althought it's a bit of a pain to build a mission that way, it would more easily fit into a system with a rotation of AI planes in unique flights going on different types of missions. You're proposing a four ship AI flight for both sides every 15 minutes and you want a 30 minute mission. That means at any one time, you would have 16-24 AI planes in the air if none have been shot down. If you're using previous flight shootdowns instead of just a timer tied to a clock as the trigger you can better limit AI plane spawns. Black September played around EXTENSIVELY with AI planes in the air doing ferry flights, which were all times and extensively tested because I was forcing those planes to actually land at their destination, and I can tell you that anything over 10 AI active at one time starts to become a problem once you start getting the server number up over 30 players or so. Right now the FC Flugpark mission has a 3 ship AI Trench recon for each side that when killed is replaced by another flight at a random position attempting to continue the recon. So that means we've been stable with 6 AI. There is currently (if I recall correctly) a 20 minute pause between AI flights after the previous one is killed. I'm willing to (and already considering) in future maps randomizing the missions the AI is doing further to make them do bombing, arty spotting and such, but the number vs server performance issue is I think going to prevent the kind of large scale implementation you're dreaming of. This was also an issue in ROF, and the only time I saw someone pull it off "successfully" was for a co-op mission hosted by 777 to gather video footage with about 30 active AI planes. I say "successfully" because we had to run it about 6 times over a four or five hour period because it kept crashing, player disconnects, or the server not loading plane skin textures correctly due to the load imposed by the AI planes. IL2 will literally scream in server chat the minute it even thinks it might start at some point in the future to become actually overloaded. It's rather annoying actually the way it does it, and I think that were we to push down that road the spam would drive people away even though the server itself might handle what is going on without a crash. So in short - can this be done exactly as suggested? Not exactly, but certainly to a degree. Do I see the value in it as a way of keeping the server population more engaged when we have lower active player numbers? Yes.
  7. Just 10 Minutes ago: Freeze again - just some seconds after repair-begin. That kills great mission!
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  9. Not a bad idea, especially as the weather change seems to have lead to some Allied victories recently!
  10. Because it's 60 € ^^ ' Because I did not know if the aim was the same in TC. Because I'm afraid of getting tired quickly; the tanks look beautiful but once the discovery of the interiors passed I do not know if I will manage to apreciate the gameplay over time. Thank you for your return. Nevertheless, about the mouse, I made a test without using it (by directing the turret only with the keys of the numeric keypad) and I get the video which is in this topic : https://steamcommunity.com/app/307960/discussions/0/1629665087666364548/
  11. My name is Jason, not John and SLI does work with VR. Just because it doesn't work as you expect it to, doesn't mean it doesn't work. Your issue lies probably with the VR companies and Nvidia, not us. Do you get more frames with SLI and VR than without? If yes, it's working. SLI has always been a strange feature for sims. My advice is just having a really nice single card. Jason
  12. 30 AI planes on a server will probably wreck havoc unless you have a super souped up box. Depends partially on how many humans you have on there as well at the same time.
  13. If you think FaeceBook is the answer, don't ask the question.
  14. Still removing the rustiness and struggling with the new spotting, but having tons of fun with the fantastic RAF Tempy. All recorded in Combat Box server; nice fights and a fun sortie with some team mates. Great server, great patch! Thanks to CB admins, and also devs for bringing to many of us Tempest fanboys, our favourite WW2 bird to life.
  15. The ME is a tool meant for developers. We released it to the public because users asked for it. It's not a joke as you want to put it. We find that incredibly insulting. There are many here who can assist you if you have difficulty. Like anything, it gets easier as you learn how it works. It is indeed much more powerful than the old 1946 ME that was easy to use, but as others have said quite basic. Jason
  16. I was going to mention that some people won't be going near facebook lol.
  17. Sorry to digress from the topic, but how do I access the 360° periscope? What is/are the key command/s to enable it? Thanks.
  18. Come on fellas, lighten up. Having the ctr-f1 view won't hurt anyone or negatively impact those that don't want it. As has been already been said, the old il2 had plenty of servers where it was permissable and plenty where it wasn't. Those that don't understand people wanting it will never change their minds. I personally enjoy both. Those saying that, "the cockpit view is exactly what real pilots would see", don't really know what they're talking about though - there are a myriad of imperceptible reasons why I feel like I can see so much more, in fact more akin to ctr-f1, in a real cockpit than an SIM cockpit that feels kinda restrictive. That last line wasn't a dig at the great cockpits in IL2 btw - it was stating a fact that I don't really 'see' a real cockpit much, unless I'm actually specifically looking at it. Ps. I do realise that sitting in a realistic cockpit is part of the attraction - it's why I fly sims, to experience aircraft I don't get to fly for real - but calling for the restriction of purely optional features when guys like the OP clearly want it is closed minded at the very least.
  19. The Darwin map was one of my favourites from 46, and I made so many missions with p-40’s vs zeros! Great fun!!
  20. Sorry, stopped reading the vision after the word Facebook came up.
  21. Yah I know. But still I like the simplicity. And it could do basically what you wanted to do, and very quickly. Like a ship attack with torpedoes. Slap a plane down, add wing men, select armament, way-points, etc. Slap some ships down. Your good to go. In the GB FMB you have to place four planes, set them as linked entities, link them together, link a mission begin modifier to a command take off modifier, then link it to the lead plane, then set the first way-point, link it to the object, then the next way-point, then set the way-point as the next action on plane took off. Just to get a plane off the ground. I know more functionality is ultimately better. But I for one appreciated the limited simplicity of the old FMB.
  22. I would not personally change my 1080 ti for a 2080 ti. All people writing about it say the gain is marginal in many games. I wait out a card worth changing to. I fly this game and DCS with Rift S. If I had a better more demanding VR I might have done it. Or build a new pc.
  23. Lockheed P-38J-25 Lightning While this is actually the P-38J-25, it is based on the P-38H-1, 42-66683 'Pluto' of the 12th. FS, 18th. FG out of New Guinea in 1943. This is the reason for it's early style insignia. The skin can be downloaded HERE, as ever. Thanks once again to @ICDP for his sterling work on the template!! *
  24. Thanks for the suggestions. My concern are RL physical limitations where even looking horizontally at a 90 deg angle or with much cervical extension is very challenging and painful. Not looking to do anything that could be considered unnatural. I'll try some of your suggestions and see if they can accommodate enough.
  25. Object link the check zone to the aircraft that you want to activate it.
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