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  2. Been looking for this info, I know its an old thread but does anyone know if using 10x Flak is possible in the Bos engine? much like PWCG Rof. This way we can use less units overall to simulate more flak over the target areas...
  3. The question is: do you want to fly in realistic environment as a fighter pilot, or you just want every mission to be fully-blown aerial battle? Top scoring soviet ace, I.N.Kozhedub , flew 330 combat missions, engaged in 120 aerial combats and shot down 62 enemy airplanes. Statistics for dumb tells me about average of 1 aerial victory per 5,3 combat missions. Make your own conclusions.
  4. Looks like this guy sometimes prefers not to return home)
  5. To me VR has been THE game changer. I'm still playing with the old Rift and yes, the screen resolution leaves a lot to be desired. But as already pointed out by quite a few people, going back to 2D is a no-go for me, no matter whether there are 4K screens or 10K screens or whatever. IMHO the immersion in VR is just unparalleled.
  6. - "several hits" : i only see 1-2 cannon hits on left wing at 1:29. LaGG being sturdy, those amounts of hit aren't crippling. - Also, the tail section of the 109 in itself isn't that heavy. The collision is roughly at wing root, a sturdy element of the plane. Since you shoot in slow motion I have trouble estimating the speed of collision, but it didn't seem that fast. Additionally, maybe ping issues make it that the visual representation of the collision doesn't exactly represent what actually happened So, based on your track, I myself lean towards "the LaGG is one heck of a sturdy plane". Also an "immortality cheat" seems implausible (especially on Berloga) and, seeing that 1CGS looks very unkindly on ppl who'd use immortality cheat or such, you'd need way more solid evidence to claim such thing. PS: I don't know what you mean with "damage desynchronation". Do you just mean that sometimes ping screws over the damage model?
  7. i would love a heavy night/dayfighter like a ju88 g6 or something like that
  8. LuseKofte


    Quick missions ai got no squadron behavior. Campaign ai does. My impression on qmb vs campaign/career ai is that career ai got more structure and follow their orders. While qmb just go in eternal turns. I am pretty sure ai will feel better once there is a campaign for them. And by that time I am sure improvements are achieved
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  10. Anyone help with this or point us in the direction of the admins please. I have the same problem.
  11. hi i can use my trackir 5 in arma and dcs but when i use it in il2 bos, pitch,roll,x,y,z works but not the yaw . i think the settings should have been more explanatory. for me a swedish guy.
  12. I've suffered several times a feel that you hit a enemy aircraft with a cannon burst, but the enemy stay flying like nothing happens. Fruit of causality, i've capture the track of one of my combats in Berloga server the last august 8th. I amazed when studied the images, how a Lagg-3 can survived in combat, to several cannon hits, in his port wing fuel tank, and after midair crashing with the tail section ripped from another airplane. I've asked to other virtual pilots in FB groups, and they tell me that several of them suffer similar issues, flying Axis or Allies airplanes indistinctly. I've decided reporting here for knowledge of developers, and for asking if it is possible a solution. I´m does´not sure if it is a bug, or a cheat. Thanks for read.
  13. Sadly its not about FPS. I have constant 60 FPS and carrer mode is very slow on scattered density. Its unplayable. Unfortunately i dont have enough money to replace mb,cpu and ram.
  14. It is from SH5. Original ubisoft version, no mods. Wolves of Steel for SH5 and Grey Wolves for SH3 will give you historical flags anyway. Try Grey Wolves, makes SH3 much much better and also graphic does not look like potato http://www.thegreywolves.com/
  15. If you sit close to a large screen to use it as a monitor it looks curved - like a fish eye lens, although obviously not as bad. Your eye line to the corners is much longer than to the centre. On my old flat 65 inch TV this was quite noticeable. My current curved screen looks much flatter. Ideally people should try before they buy: I took my tech savvy friend into the shop with BoX on a laptop, the sales chaps were quite happy to let us connect up to the TV in the shop and see what it looks like. (Awesome - it is better for watching movies too )
  16. The end looks cut off. It definitely looks like Carolina or Caroline.
  17. I've had triples, dual, ultrawide and 2 VR headsets, I still use headtracking and my ultrawide. VR is awesome, there's no doubt, unfortunately only BOX and DCS support headtracking. All the other flight sims I play don't. Plus it's a major hassle and sucks with glasses. The amount of space my triples took up was ridiculous. Was used for racing.
  18. Though on the other hand, I went from triple 27" monitors with headtracking to VR and would never, ever go back.
  19. Tried to find some info on the pilot Capt. Horace Max "Twig" Hartwig of the 392nd fighter Squadron, 367th Fighter Group to see if his background could give more information. But sadly to no avail. Maybe someone else can find something more about him. I do think Carolina is very possible though. However, I did find this image. Not sure if you have it already but might help with the other artwork. BlackHellHound1
  20. 21:9 is so nice it made me quit VR after owning two different headsets and being one of those claiming they could never fly 2d again.
  21. Zooropa_Fly

    [MOD] Icons

    Can confirm these mods still work. Many thanks Ptk, these are exactly what this game needs. Salute !
  22. I just add DServer.exe as a trust application in win defender. Then i run it first time defender ask permission to access Dserver to network - i give it.
  23. Just because these guys made B 17 flying fortress I will give them all the chances in the world. I applied fortheir group and will keep a interest in any progress they do.
  24. Correct me if I'm wrong, but water and oil radiator control assigned to a lever won't work for all planes as there are a few (e.g. the Spit or the Bf-110) where either the water or the oil radiator works in steps only (up/down). So if you want the least number of controls able to operate all possible rads on all planes you need 3 pairs of up/down switches or 2 pairs of switches (for water/outlet and oil) and one lever (for inlet cowl flaps).
  25. I can't get past the idea that a curved screen might/will end up being irritating. Maybe it would be cool for a bit, a novelty, but then if you're watching a movie or reading stuff on the web, you're gonna want the screen to be flat and the curve will be annoying. And I could be entirely wrong, but it is a thought.
  26. Well I have waited out this urge to join a squad for a long while. Truth is flying alone in any cfs is prescription of frustration. After FNBF this Friday I leave for work and will be back after 2 weeks. I will get in touch then
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