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  2. Amazing. You are an artist. Thank you.
  3. if we want to go 50mm on planes i'd prefer the Me 410B-2/U4 atleast it saw operational use
  4. or you could just hover your mouse over the skin in the skins folder - 5Mb is 2048x2048, 16Mb is 4096x4096 without minimaps and 21Mb is a 4096x4096 with minimaps. Remember that the skins are only half of the effect though - the normal map also plays a part (as does the alpha) and a lower res normal map or poor alpha can introduce a lot of unpleasant "pixelly" effects to a nice 4K paint job when the wings glint in the sun.
  5. Is it all implemented? I don’t think they fully updated the map yet because there are missing a lot of destructible objects.
  6. Hi Bubi, could you please set the start time for the mission Stalingrad 1943 Winter dawn 1 - 1.5 ours later? This map is at the beginning so dark, that it is impossible to play for me. I don`t want to play with my gamma settings only for one map, as on all other maps its fine. Also could you make some turbulence in the maps, also on high alt? regards Little_D
  7. Can you post a screen shot of your simtools axis settings so I can see how they compare to mine. Thanks for the info F
  8. I spent a bit of time with both the SPAD and Dolphin over the weekend in multiplayer. I am truly hopeless with the SPAD as soon as I attempt anything beyond pure diving hit and run attacks. It really is an engine with wings and balloon guns attached to it. Respect for those who make this their main ride and enjoy it, I can’t stand the bloody thing. The Dolphin remains one of my favourite rides. She’s maneuverable enough against a D.VII and plenty fast, though really not enough to outfight or outrun trouble. I find that engaging a Pfalz is generally a very dangerous affair. It can easily build up energy while the Dolphin is busy spending all its energy to maintain separation. Lose your altitude and/or patience and you will soon after lose your head. I’m hoping the SE5a will end up somewhere in between the SPAD and Dolphin as the best all-round inline scout. The Albatros is almost certain to become a slightly faster and even more maneuverable (but more fragile) Pfalz. If it can send the Camel packing at sea level with sharp rolling scissors and other aerobatic tricks, we might have a semblance of “fair combat”. If nothing else, it will keep the Camel on its (camel)toes. 😁 The poor Dolphin will no doubt suffer for it. That’s okay Flipper, I still love you — at least till we get your bigger meaner brother Biff, then you’re dead to me.
  9. Intense Battle Over Kyivskoe Bonus: Smooth as Butter
  10. What's funny to me is that I've been playing a lot of 1946, and when fighting the AI there I am begging to get back online in box. The AI in that game is beyond human capabilities. Shooting at slowing, flopping 190 pilots in a spit 9 is much easier than trying to kill a 109 that doesn't ever bleed energy and runs at full power 24/7.
  11. unreasonable's suggestion is a good one - however I think F2 is the best starting point because it has the weakest engine and needs most discipline to be successfull. If you know what your doing in the F2, you can fly any 109.
  12. Hi, Sent him a PM to find out because I really dont know... Haash P.S. Moved it here until he answers and then will be moved again if needed.
  13. That's great but some of us prefer not looking at the vr world through an 80 year olds cataract filled eyes.
  14. Yes, it sounds like a must-have. I recently bought all of the available 'battles', all of them premium editions, (except for BoBP which was 'Early access'), so I thought I would be getting all of the collector aircraft, included in the purchases. The La-5FN is not on my list though. There may be other collector aircraft also that I don't have, but this is the only one so far that I've noticed I'm missing. So, before I go to the store to buy it, I'm hoping someone can tell me whether or not it should have come with one of my premium purchases? If not, are there also other collector planes which are only available if bought separately?
  15. Maybe he thinks this forum is dedicated solely to the sturmovik ability in coh.
  16. kestrel79

    DCS news

    Found them! Looks like there's missions for the SU-27 only in the Training Missions part of DCS. I guess that's better than nothing. All the other FC3 planes have a few single missions like stated above that are free flights that seemed to do the trick... As someone who has never quite had the PC gaming horsepower to run DCS on very high settings at 60fps I had a blast taking off from a Russian carrier in an Su-33 last night full afterburner and flying all over the Persian Gulf map wow. Very pretty. Now to set up alllll these key binds...
  17. Today
  18. You could use the G-2 if you are practicing at first, because power settings over combat power are not allowed. So you have 30 minutes at combat power and do not have to worry about the 5 minute or one minute timers for high power settings in the other types. It is easy to blow up your engine if you are not very careful. Not having to worry about this means you can concentrate on flying the aircraft. The 109 G-2 can do everything you want in a 109 on combat power. Once you have the basics of flying the 109 down, you can fly the others with the extra power setting which is useful in emergencies. Do not worry about using manual radiator or prop pitch settings: you really do not need them. What is important is getting the feel for the elevator trim. One other point: you do not need to have flaps partially down to take off on a normal length airfield, and landing is easier with about 50% flap than with full flap. 109s slow down at the landing very well - unlike Spitfires for example - as they have a high landing AoA. So experiment with how much flap you need.
  19. Mongolian folk metal is surprisingly cool:
  20. Falcon, Finally I could get around to take a look at mission 4, changed couple of things. Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vn940fjfct6420q/Fritz_Life_%284%29.rar/file Simply replace the older one. Haash
  21. To be quite honest, beyond the E7 (which is also the most fun of the bunch), there is really not a whole lot of difference between the 109s. Over time they become progressively more powerful, heavily armed, faster and slightly less agile, but their overall characteristics and strengths and weaknesses vs. their counterparts remain largely unchanged. The Bf 109 throughout is fast, a great climber, reasonably well armed with good agility and very forgiving to piloting mistakes. Sure there are variations in engine limitations, but they are easy to memorize and if you play with technochat you don't even need to do that. Just remember the time limits for the three engine modes: Emergency = 1 minute or thereabouts (which means don't use for anything other than short bursts of acceleration when in a pickle), combat mode = 30 minutes (use this in combat) and normal mode = unlimited time (use when cruising) - The K4 is slightly different with more usable time in emergency mode, but otherwise the same. Other than that the engine, cooling system etc takes care of itself - on the E7 you also have to manage the radiators, which fortunately are quite effective. When choosing which 109 to start out with, you really should consider, which opposing planes you will be fighting in that time period rather than the abilities of any particular version of the 109.
  22. Albeit the 190 is much more of a dream in handling. Doesn’t do as much in terms of turn and climb, but you don’t have to wrassle it to make it do the things it will do. Finger-tip flying.
  23. Well good news is that the rpm and mixture is all automated on the 109. no matter what model, you just adjust throttle. Also water rad is automatic (can be switched to manual, same as prop pitch) but you won‘t really need to go manual mode (only in very specific cases). Personally i started with the F4. It‘s a good performance aircraft and more forgiving than other 109s. Can get you out alive even after making a mistake. Get used to using the stabilizer, it can make BnZ alot simpler as 109s lock up around 600kph in a dive. With nose up stabilizer setting, you can then still pull up
  24. ok good luck ! hope you are able to jump into the spit v really soon
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