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  2. Best I can do until there is a template https://mega.nz/#!STIyBSzI!0bP5Jc09yGULJxknM7N0-8qP2wLLpuQXL1BBgwNbJGU
  3. Your quote here struck a cord with me most of all. Little did I know how much my gamer name would come to mean in real life. Without going into much detail I was very abruptly diagnosed with Stage 3 multi myeloma cancer in 2014 with 80% bone infection from head to toe and because of my protein levels skyrocketing due to the cancer, little to no kidney function as well (GFR had dropped to 14 - 40 is failing). Upon further investigation the cancer only accounted for 1% of all cancers and yet caused 2% of all mortalities. The average life expectancy at the time was 5 years post chemo. Talk about ready to die. I felt as though I was tied down to train tracks shackled with chains and no escape. Hopeless. Futile. Within 3 days in the hospital my kidneys miraculously started heading back up on their own without the need for dialysis. Five months later my final bone biopsy saw only 2-3% plasma cell cancer. Fast forward to today and with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester 12 minutes from our new home now (we moved here just for that) they couldn’t detect a cancer cell using their latest technology down to 1/10,000 of 1%. My prognosis for the next 5 years of coming out of remission is now slim to none. Am I “cured”? No, of course not. Overwhelming odds (98% in fact) that at some point I will indeed come back out of remission. I’ll use your line here - “Because as long as you’re alive, there’s a chance of things getting better”. Bingo. You nailed it. Hope. I congratulate you on stepping forward in getting the help you needed, in coming forward and being able to openly discuss this with us and powering forward though the darkest of times when all hope seemed lost. Perhaps with the time we have been gifted new paths will be forged and new discoveries made. To use that old line, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” Keep the faith and thanks for sharing.
  4. This from: Mustang a documentary history by Jeffery Ethell "Official AAF procedure ...called for (85 gal fuselage) internal tank to be burned off first, followed by drop tanks...this was quickly reversed after many a frustrated pilot had ended up jettisoning full drop tanks when bounced by enemy fighters." but it could come in handy: "If he got caught with too much fuel in the fuselage tank,...he would whip into a right hand turn and high speed stall the fighter, snap inverted back to the left and then look back to see if his opponent had been able to follow" as long as you were very careful: "This instability was particularly dangerous in that a pullout at high speed was always accompanied by a stick force reversal which, unless opposed by the pilot, would quickly carry the airplane into an accelerated condition where the wings would fail" ""We had a practice dive bombing mission scheduled...the order went down to the line crews to drain the fuselage tanks to the prescribed level. For some reason it wasn't done to the plane of a good friend...When he tried to pull out of his dive, the plane broke in half.." hence the entirely new P51H was developed
  5. Hi Alonzo, Thanks for your kind feedback. Motion cancellation in the video works with OpenVR-InputEmulator. We have built solutions for Oculus earlier, but these were difficult to maintain due to Oculus software updates (a common problem). To further support motion cancellation our system now provides a UDP API by which software motion cancellation can be built by third parties (so, no tracker required). We have already an implementation for Vive in beta. One of our customers has used the API for the combination Oculus/Unreal. Another customer is currently using the API for a solution for Vive without tracker. If you happen to know other solutions, we are all ears! Best regards, Team Gforcefactory
  6. Wow with flaps this thing turns like a Spit, even better!
  7. Always thought that one looked really cool in the film Great job!
  8. https://techraptor.net/content/microprose-returns-to-publish-warbirds-2020-coming-fall-2019 First Microsoft and now this..... what year is it
  9. Thanks for your help, I reinstalled the game and the problem was resolved
  10. I too noticed a performance hit after the last Steam VR update. That did it for me so now using OpenComposite.
  11. Today
  12. Yeah. Looks great. And it’s being developed to run on the XBone One and the PC so ya can kiss the FM goodbye. Thread needs to be merged.
  13. Maker’s Mark is pretty good but the hell if I’d waste a drop of it on a VR headset.
  14. It can be a little strange seeing different values. Example, when you set '262 flaps to 20 degrees as per the wing reading.. the screen displays a value of '36' or there abouts.
  15. All I know is one time while I was just about to come to a dead stop in my 109 after taxiing to parking a zombie ground crew member continued to walk into my starboard leading edge and promptly face-planted himself beneath my right wing. That was some funny shit.
  16. On 12 December 1942, Hoth's Fourth Panzer Army's LVII Panzer Corps began its north-eastward drive toward German forces trapped in the Stalingrad pocket. The 6th and 23rd Panzer Divisions made large gains, surprising the Red Army and threatening the rear of the Soviet 51st Army. The German drive was due to be spearheaded by the 503rd heavy tank battalion of Tiger I heavy tanks, but the unit did not embark on its transport to the Eastern Front until December 21, 1942 and did not see battle until the very first days of January 1943 along the Manytsch River. or devs simply made mistake (some books say that tigers did take part in that operation to break through and free 6th army or they wanted more tanks variants to make game more interesting. It's not only Stalingrad city but entire operation where in german campaign you fight in some small villages way before you get to city. Also I recommend to play on easy (there is only easy and normal) but game has insane difficulty level, at least for Russian. I played entire Russian campaign (until that damn bug) on normal and it was very hard and cchallenging. Some missions simply frustrating. Where you defend in trenches and win with 99% of forces lost. A bit overdone. Tanks can stand infrot of the trench and shoot at infantry and your tank behind trench has no range to shoot... well typical RTS problem. While on easy it seems that range is much better, so defending is actually fun now. Game is fun, I would say better than blitzkrieg tho still have some flaws. On easy it's actually enjoyable (but a bit too easy). Just wish some dev or 1C people would take a look at fix that broken mission, can't skip it so can't progress in the campaign anymore. Edit: Btw, watch this before playing (turn subtitles on unless you speak russian) game has some stupid idea with secret missions that will only unlock if you did something in previous mission.
  17. Yes .....of course, I did not think again, thanks for the advice kindly Jussi
  18. Yeah, no doubt moderator will move this thread to the model thread as noted above under the Free Subject forum so these works of art can been seen and get the credit they deserve (well, I mean not like they aren’t here but you know). Good stuff.
  19. Just waiting to see if anyone wanted it. Dont like making available if not liked Regards, Aussie. D/L at bottom of first post. Aussie.
  20. Yup. This is what I’m getting also. Funny thing is on the planes with no spinner animation if you go outside view and set levers where they belong, hit the keyboard command to start and watch the animation for a brief second or two - the spinner animation seems to want to work - but only for a brief second or so before going static. First noticed this days ago after latest update but now how many days into the update it was I’m unsure of. Was flying an FW190 D-9 in quick combat and want to the outside view to see what damage was caused out of a recent pass and went into the “things that make you say hmmm” mode when I saw the black spinner with the white swirl not in motion! Whoa. Dis ain’t right! Then like above post began finding it on numerous aircraft, but not all for some bizarre reason as we yet to find out why. The prop animation works fine through all of this, it’s just the stupid spinners that seemed to have gotten some coding whacked - or whatever! The kick in the teeth came when I did a complete uninstall thinking I had files corrupted and upon re-install the problem still persisted! Argh! Like opening a Christmas present on Christmas morning and expecting it to be that 1/32 scale model kit you were eyeballing and dropping hints over for months only to discover it’s a used Amazon shipping box with two sets of Haynes sweat socks in it. ...sigh...
  21. Thst looks awesome !! Nice job !
  22. Wow. Thanks EVERYONE! I’ll just sort it all out and don’t think I’ll go the route as originally planned either. Good stuff to digest! Thanks so much again!
  23. For me they were, and yesterday evening we were online at the same time. Are you sure you didn't see them? Edit: perhaps you hadn't chosen a side. The icons are not shown to neutrals. I'll change that. The convoys are moving, so they won't have icons on the map. Too much hassle to place waypoints and have them toggle icons.
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