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  2. I'm trying to use Tacview and have the settings correct as far as I know: and I try Left-Ctrl + R in game but no acmi files in the Tracks directory. Any thoughts? I'd love to get this going!
  3. Wow, thanks! So if I sum this correctly: Left throttle on warthog = engine 1+3 Right throttle on warthog = engine 2 Select engine 1/3 = z Select engine 2 = x Mixture = lever on warthog to adjust selected engine. Cowl flaps = some joystick button (are these on/off switched or also a lever)? Flaps toggle = f (are these in steps or continuously)? Pitch trim = hat switch on joystick Some more questions: Is there roll trim or yaw trim for this aircraft? What do you mean by "link/unlink flaps"? Is the flaps setting equal to trim? How can I steer to the left/right on ground if left and right engine are linked together? Thanks a lot!!! Appreciated! Jozeff
  4. Hi, I have a few questions about 109´s in Finnish service. 1) Did they use them as Jabo´s? (Or had bomb racks for them in storage at least?) I have found a model kit (1/72 Kora model) which includes schemes of G-6´s with bomb racks for four SC50´s. I have googled it and have found nothing. 2) Did they use BF 109 G-4? I know they used G-2´s and G-6´s (and I think one or two G-8´s, rebuilt for fighter purpose only). I have found a color scheme of Oiva Tuominen´s "G-4" (with big red zero on engine cowling) but I am not sure whether it isn´t a late G-2.
  5. I'm eager to see which device you like the most. Be sure to give some time to the PiMax5k, it can be tricky to set it up so that's it comfortable. Many tips to give, but I think it's better to answer specific concerns, as everybody's hardware and face varies quite a bit.
  6. Warthog user also - I set the outer engines (1 and 3) to left throttle and the central engine to the other. Mixutre is set across the board and i use the Z keys for engine 1 and 3 selection and the X key for engine 2 in case i need to adjust the mixture or inlet cowls independently. I could add another binding to further separate 1 and 3 in this regard but have never found that ive need to. Common engine control is the \ key. Mixture is on the small gret axis of slider of the warthog. The flaps toggle used for other aircraft acts as the link/unlink and the pitch trim/stab thats set on my stick's hat switch, works to lower the/raise the flaps and alter the trim as it should. The central engine's power is useful in keeping the aircraft rolling when turning on the ground and the brakes retard the throttle to the engine on the side the brake is being depressed so there is no need for a third level to adjust the throttle when turning in any case. This has been my standard set up since day 1 for the Ju52 and it doesnt interfere with any other aircraft. On twins Engine 1 is always the left throttle and 2 the right, and on fighters the throttels are linked anyhow. Im not quite such why some others seem to be having so much trouble although ive never flown the 52 using any throttle differentiion between left/right so perhaps that could be it as i dont think selecting a specific engine "switches off" axis throttles (but im not sure).
  7. we have now been relegated to the complaints department 😒🙈🙈😄
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  9. I got a question about cities. Are cities a bombing target, i.e. do they contain objects which one has to destroy?
  10. Glad you found your colution. I also know that in the past people had problems if they were using special characters in the name of their pilot. That dot is likely the cause indeed.
  11. I already have all of them set to 0 in settings. Its still too much. Just see the screenshots below. Notice how the bloom is completely gone in the last image when I move my head just 1 cm away from the sun. That is not how it should work. The effect is grossly over done. This is the one when I look away from the sun by just 1 cm!! The differnce is night and day. Gamma is at the lowest value 0.8 and I have to turn on the cockpit lights to see the gauges.
  12. You must be confusing me with somebody else. My position is that 1.98ata was trialed for a few days in January with testing units before being withdrawn until late March 1945. Our missions are balanced by time period so if we ever make a mission in April 1945 then the mod will be available.
  13. Did you got a basestation? If not, I would highly recommend you to get one from ebay. Also be ready to buy a thicker new face mask shown in link above. What system specs do you have?
  14. Then perhaps look up the innumerous threads dealing with the same subject instead of wasting our time reiterating your doubts over and over again. Including the one in which you have stated you have seen no evidence of C- 3 fuel used with MW50 ever and that the combination did not exist literally two post below of a posting of an allied report of crashed G-10 found with C-3 and MW 50 in its tanks. So there is that.
  15. Hi keeno, on the Moscow map in october 1941 you have the 126th Fighter Air Regiment based in Nikolskoye (end of october, so it might be based more in the west at the beginning of october) on the Stalingrad map, you have the 495th Fighter Air Regiment based in Kumovka (April 1942, but as the map does not change, it should be there in march, too, then on winter map)
  16. After five missions with the Stuka including cold start, I can say it works quite good. Especially with wingbombs we did not reach our altitude of 4100m on short missions (90km). My homebase was only attacked by IL2s once, but we were already airborne. One thing that now came to my mind, I can't remember having seen a single russian fighter in all my missions (about 20 so far) in 6 alpha. Only in my last 110 mission, where i was following some IL2s, my gunner constantly pointed op in the sky with his MG15, but I was not able to see anything. So my guess is, there were russian fighters, but not attacking. Next campaign I'll start now, will be Hs129.
  17. I literally just said Hardly "entrenched" if I'm willing to be swayed with evidence.
  18. i Tanker's, Actually "slater", I had not thought about the firewall. "BP_Lizard", how do we load the mod's ?? I am a little light in computer science !!! CrazyDuck, on which map do you play this mission ??
  19. I would like to know what benchmark mission @Geronimo553 is using and how did he log the outcome of his testings. Even an quick mission in the lonely sky is always generating a flight in a random direction, a benchmark mission should always be the exact the same, otherwise you can not compare. Copy/paste from Gamer Nexus about this: If the tester is performing a manual benchmark, it is critical to the benchmark's reproduction that the same map, location on the map, and game events are experienced in each test pass. By introducing complex combat elements and dynamic events, the tester runs the risk of invalidating results.
  20. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: I suggest to make an animation of meteors, so called shooting stars on a night sky (but not like this one from Chelyabinsk) . Just a random few meteors per hour and sometimes more to simulate metor showers. For example on summer maps (Perseid metor shower on 12 August every year), or on winter maps (Leonids on mid November and Geminids on mid December every year.) Benefits: Immersion. More realisim for astronomy fans like me. Also players could make a virtual wish during flight for example : "oh I wish I would have more fuel to follow that Pe-2"
  21. Thanks so much guys! For your information I have thrustmaster warthog/ throttle and a t16000 joystick and also a CH pro yoke + some pedals. This gives an endless amount of possible bindings and that's what makes it more confusing to me..... So, should I set up the engines separately or stick them to one lever? How do I do that? Thanks again! Great community!! Jozeff
  22. Of course I do. But it does not surprise me that you keep lying that just like you keep lying of everything else. Well nobody really cares what personal fantasy you prefer on an MP server, and nobody needs or wants to convince you of anything, since it is quite clear you are entirely irrational and have a very entrenched mindset, in which Allied should get everything and the Axis nothing.
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    Racing Sims

    You can also try the Steam Controller. It has a gyroscopic sensor that can act as a wheel . Works great for Il2 as the stick
  24. Ok the thread got derailed a bit but thank you for those that responded to me. I went ahead and got it. Now I need to find time to actually spend time with it.
  25. I've never been a car guy, except the time when I was about 10 years old, when I fancied Lambos, Ferraris and Porsches, well, like most kids at that time. Later on, I had little interest in cars. When I was 18, and got my first car, I still wasn't a fan of fast cars. But then my friend showed me this: And since then, I'm a big fan of Japanese sports cars, drifting, time attack and rally. Watched tons of Best Motoring, Hot Version, etc videos. Gran Turismo 5 is my first racing sim that I played heavily with my Logitech Driving Force GT. Several years later, when I got my current PC I spent a crazy amount of money on Thrustmaster's T300rs Wheel, T3PA-Pro Pedals and TH8A Shifter and started playing Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2. The games are awesome, but I was disappointed with my setup. Not the cheapest ones but didn't feel like much of an improvement compared to the good old Driving Force GT. Even with 3-pedals with an H-pattern shifter it still not even close to the real thing. So I sold everything. Maybe crazy Fanatec stuff is somewhat close to the real car feel, but I ain't gonna spend several grand on a rig, when I could buy used NA Miata for that money and take it to a race track. Waay better than any racing sim. I came to a conclusion that a simple FFB wheel with a sequential shifter will be more than enough for racing sims, unlike the flight sims, where the top notch stuff like Baur's or Virpil or VKB really makes a difference. I got Thustmaster T150. The only thing is, I would still need a shifter, since those paddle shifters are no good. And it seems like TH8A is the only option here. So I'll have to buy one again. But the first thing I'm going to do with it is a conversion to a sequential shifter. That should be well enough for the racing games. For more advanced feeling I've got a real car, but that's a different story. I miss GT5 and it's thousands of JDM cars that you won't find in other sims, so I might end up getting a PS3 again along with GT6 dvd, since it's an improved version of GT5. It's kind of 1946 for the flight sims. Not interested in GT Sport, since it doesn't have all those cars from the previous ones. So yeah, first things first I need that shifter again so I could fully enjoy AC, Project Cars2, Dirt1/4/2.0, GT6 and maybe Forza 7. Dang it, that's a lot of stuff. At least, I'll have stuff to do when I occasionally have a break from Great Battles, lol.
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