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  2. Not having much luck this morning, after selecting mission clicking on briefing map it seems to hang there, does not pull up briefing map to where I can continue. This is with a new campaign created in PWCG 6.
  3. I agree, but what is noce is knowing who the pilot of a plane is when you are very close to a friendly plane. It makes teamwork much better in multiplayer.
  4. We've noticed that as well, but that's the human aspect of a part of the pilot population. They all do that. Seen MiGs do it as well so it's fine, as Ivy just said. If you got an idea on how to reach the random LW pilot with that... I doubt they are reading it here. This is the human problem and global... ...and this is the technical problem. Maybe Kathon can really do that, and unify flak units in the future. I wonder how that would affect balance. I am not too worried about immersion, as the only thing it would change is flak-38 to 62-K in the endless rows of damage reports, if there even was any damage to begin with. P.S. Defending airfields is a no-brainer. Large number of random players in general on the German side may be the reason, or may be not. Speculative. I've seen squads cooperating for that since map#1 on the blue side too.
  5. First of all, this whole myth that axis pilots are some sort of different human beings is just plain stupid. They are not. You find fools and "special" players on both sides. I know that this is truly a novel concept for many people around here, especially those who 90% of the time fly a certain side on TAW. Last campaign nobody on red side defended the airfields either even when i warned them in advance. In the end, a single enemy is not a big problem, especially when you are on blue side. However as long as there is no reasonable way/chance to predict large scale raids on Airfields/depots which we will probably see in this campaign sooner or later again, i think the gamemode is flawed.
  6. I agree , but I would replace the word GAME with the term combat flight simulator , because if IL 2 isn't a combat flight simulator , then this term is useless .
  7. Different planes, different bombs, different speeds, different ammo, different AA. What are the questions? It is ok
  8. Ok, on id'ing I would tend to agree, but with the zoom mod it is really the same level as with the screen. Id'ing is also only partly based on what you actually see. It is always a combination of other factors such as location, altitude, direction, current maneuvers etc. So a con on deck in a tight turn would probably is going to be red plane vs. a zooming out con at high speed which is probably a blue one...
  9. That is very interesting. Never heard of anything like that. about up and down: i don‘t think you‘ll use it as often as forward/backwards. Once you find the „sweetspot“ where you get your optimal view outside and on crucial instruments, you‘ll not touch it anymore (if you use TIR5 of course). Without TIR5 i can imagine it to be quite useful however, as sometimes you wanna really peek over that nose to see something there. Or get a different angle to check your close and far 5/7 positions.
  10. I would like to have more small features added to the career mode and the escape from the enemy teritory is one of them. I always wanted to have personal plane in ROF. There were pilots who had for example Fokker dr1 late in the war. I want it too. I want to fly albatros and not to be forced to fly dr1. (Of course when i have higher rank or im an ace)
  11. Lookin over thisthreads give me apetite to experiement. Curently i have my head position in the cockpit on marcos allocated to my warthog's china hat. So if i press it forward, my head moves forwardin the cockpit for as long as i hold it and then it "sets" that as my current default once i release the button. Same in reverse. I might look at expanding this to the up and down as well although i already have 5 and 7 oclcock sanp views assigned to the hat on my stick. Some great suggestions and resoning here. Thanks
  12. Today
  13. Maybe this link to 33 Dutch airfields during WWII is useful. Including aerial photos and maps. https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/vliegvelden-tijdens-de-tweede-wereldoorlog/vliegveldenoverzicht?trefwoord=&jaar-van=1940&jaar-tot=1945 Some photos do have the option to download them in higher resolution. For instance this one of Fliegerhost Venlo. With 2 Bf-110 planes at the lower part of the image.
  14. Sorry Pat, got tied up yesterday testing my new Rift S in various applications. Should be able get some time with it today and hopefully rest of week.
  15. For now I am just leaving Oculus Home running and minimized during the day, long as I don't close it and then open it again in same session it is fine. I am still more than thrilled with my Rift S. Maybe a future Oculus software update will take care of it. I will be sending feedback on this to Oculus.
  16. In my experience spotting is not harder in VR, especially not against the sky as background. This depends on the SS value as higher SS hurts spotting ability. It's the identification that is very hard with the default VR implementation.
  17. Hi and thanks for helping. The game does not recognize movement properly but the windows sofware does. How can delete and remove any previous log or setup the game might have to my joystick and have a fresh start?
  18. I really hope you are not starting it now with the S. So far I've had one replacement CV1 and two replacement cables. All of these caused black screens to some extent.
  19. Hi gents, We've set up a 1v1 dogfighting competition ladder for IL2 for those who would like to participate. All you need is an account on SA-SIM.COM (if you don't have one, you can request one on our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/tzppdWQ Once you have an account you can simply join this ladder by clicking on "Join" button - IL2 ladder is available here: https://sa-sim.com/tournament/il2-1v1-unrestricted/ If any questions or suggestions, you can post here or on our Discord. Cheers.
  20. In essence I am asking for the ability to configure the icons any way the individual server host/mission builder would like. Options are a good thing, and open doors to a larger player base, unhindered by the hegemony of the super hard core players that currently are driving the direction of the sim. Not a slam at anyone either. You like full difficulty, fine, no problem. You like every aid and all settings as easy as possible, OK by me, you want something in the middle? Great. Making more players happy should be the goal, rather than saying "it's my way or the highway, n00bs".
  21. It works for others and me, and there is no reason that it will not work for you. Mod behaviour is not linked to HMD... Did you have the key changing setting not working for all zoom factor or only for the 10x ? Did you use Left ALT / SHIFT / CTRL and not Right ?
  22. I finally got the stick throttle working on the Fokker. I think it may be the only one in the United States configured this way right now. Here's a short video showing its operation:
  23. The advantage of having a higher up default head position is mainly for looking around you. Especially for your 5 to 7 o‘clock. Also you can see your nose better, making shooting easier in turns and keeping track of a plane when pursuing him. the drawback is that to aim down sight you will need to move your head slightly to get a full sight picture. However it is easy to get used to that (with the right TIR5 setting it‘s absolutely no issue). The other drawback it that you cannot see the low positioned instruments when looking straight ahead. You will have to look down a bit. But the most important instruments are up top anyway, so no big drawback at all. experiment a bit with head position high/low and also further front/ further back. Find a spot where you can look around those window bars (especially in the G2 / G4 / G6 as they have 2 vertical bars on the side). Early models and late models are not so painful regarding window bars imo.
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