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  2. Be a shame to paint it looks cool in bare metal
  3. 1.) For me, coming from a CV1 Rift, the SDE is definitely an improvement but not a massive one; the FOV however is a pretty massive improvement over the Rift. 2.) If it's not your first VR headset, you shouldn't have too much trouble with set up. Base stations aren't available from Pimax yet, so without those it's 3dof only. 3.) I have an overclocked 1080ti and performance is acceptable. With anything less than a 1080ti, it might not be worth it. 4.) The stock headstrap is subpar, and was not comfortable for long periods until I put a small counterweight on the back of the headstrap. Now I can use it for hours. Also, the stock face foam is much too thin for most people (some people's eyelashes touch the lenses) and causes distortion so a thicker one is absolutely essential IMO. 5.) I'm using my wife's iPhone earbuds which work great for me. 6.) The only one of those other headsets that sounds tempting to me is the Reverb because of the (possibly) big improvement in resolution. Other than that the huge FOV of the Pimax wins out... in flight sims the increase in situational awareness from the better peripheral vision can't be underestimated. IMO it needs some tweaking to reach it's full potential, but to me it's worth it. I just can't go back to looking through binoculars.
  4. Keep in mind that can be very subjective to the individual also. It is a nice improvement, but not what I would consider a huge improvement. I certainly at least at this point, am not disappointed and glad I got it.
  5. Same story, same person... I feel like I am loosing motivation to play for the red side and even at all. Now it's gonna be again a stupid sport contest: how many AAAs someone can kill in one sortie. I am sure some people soon will follow xJammer and bomb unprotected AFs. Damn it... first 2 maps were so good in terms of longevity. I am afraid, its' over now. Feel sorry and at the same time mad at TAW devs that they are not able to fix this ridiculous exploit after it's been described very accurately and long time ago.
  6. I'm getting on fine with the JU88 now, just changed a few key bindings away from the joystick, to allow brake control without hands on the stick, seems to have worked. Yippee.
  7. I did not have this problem. In which context were you ? What are your settings ? Did you manage easilly to setup convergence and other settings ?
  8. Bit disappointed, I was expecting more than just "a nice little improvement" over the CV1, based on other reviews. I may hold on a bit more with the old CV1...
  9. Ok flew a PWCG Cold Start Campaign mission. I just left my Oculus Tray Tool settings and graphics as they were, 1.6 SS, ASW off, and Graphics on Ultra. Performance was good, I would say on par with what I was getting with the CV1. Of course rather than getting 85-90 fps where I would in the CV1, I was getting 75-80 fps due to lower refresh rate in the Rift S. Performance was very smooth. In heavy battle it would drop down to like 60 fps or so, but still smooth. Some observations after this flight: Need to adjust a little to make sure you are in sweet spot. Also use the Depth Adjustment Button on the headset to get the lens close as can after tightening the headset up on the head. Clarity - Nice improvement over Rift CV1. I was behind a 109 in my Spit , laid into him with my cannons and set the 109 on fire. Watching that pilot bail out was quite a treat with the better clarity. I think he flipped me off LOL. Understand the clarity is not leaps above CV1, but a nice little improvement. I can read the instruments in the Spit quite well. Comfort - Seems pretty good, will know better after some extended play sessions. Need to adjust it carefully after putting on head to get in the sweet spot - once adjusted and tightened, it will stay put. Nose gap - virtually none, not so easy to peek at keyboard. Have not tried the Pass Through feature yet to see how that might do for keyboard input with headset on. If not doing so yet, you will want to have all your needed inputs on your HOTAS setup for ease of use. FOV - seems same to me as CV1, maybe a little more in the vertical but horizontal seems the same. Tracking - I had no issue whatsoever with tracking so far with the Rift S, seems very solid. Will see how it does with some of my Oculus Touch games. Audio - I understand the audio strap is pretty bad - so I had already ordered Klipsch Earbuds to use with the Rift S, and just started using them immediately. Positional audio is awesome, sound is quite good. In my CV1, the audio was ok but even at 100% it was still a little quiet for my taste. Not this setup with the earbuds, 100% blasts my ears big time so had to crank it down some. SDE - There is still some there, but certainly less than CV1. To tell the truth I got to where I hardly noticed in CV1, so I am sure not going to notice much in the Rift S. Black Levels - checked out Star Trek Bridge Crew briefly , looked better than I had expected considering the LCD display. God Rays - none that I have noticed, however I never noticed them too much in the CV1 either. Installation was a snap - unplugged the CV1, plugged Rift S in, did a firmware update through Oculus Home, and off I went. So far I am pleased with my purchase. Edit: Oh and the Map and the Briefings, so much easier to read!
  10. im already impressed with the S's screen without SS, ill try it with it on later My only gripe is that it doesnt feel as posh as my OG rift.
  11. Today
  12. The AI of the AA is so easy to abuse that it takes little effort to destroy a lot of emplacements if you know how.
  13. This. If you're a good shot (like he is) and you husband your ammo, it's not an issue. If you expend 30 rounds from each gun on each AA gun, you have enough to kill 11 AA guns with 20 rounds left over.
  14. I would consider a thicker face pad such as this https://www.amazon.com/KIWI-design-Cover-Cushion-Replacement/dp/B06XTBZBFN/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_8_sspa?keywords=kiwi+cover+for+vive&qid=1558459752&s=gateway&sr=8-8-fkmrnull-spons&psc=1 to be essential for the Pimax 5k+. The stock face foam is just too thin for most people. That, and a GTX1080 or better.
  15. After flying ten missions with the Bf110 in october 1941 and four missions with the Bf109 E7 in april 1942, I can say there is a lot going on. I was flying the 109 missions accidentially with high ground density and it was definitely too much for my PC, but this does not mean a lot, as it is too slow for this game anyway. I absolutely like the cold start from parking position and I like seeing, while taxing to the runway IL2s attack AAA positions and trucks in the surrounding. Maybe it is a bit too often, like half of the missions, I'd say. Very nice to hear very often from other squads, that attack ground targets, so you know you are not attacking alone, and not to forget, ground attack aircrafts and bombers really attack their targets and don't just circle over them. Another nice feature is the RTB of my escort, when my flight is landing, and not circling endlessly. I didn't have an escort mission with the 110 so far, so I can't say yet, how it works now. Two things would be, in my eyes, an additional improvement, counting ground targets on airfields, currently the AI only attacks the radio beacon and sometimes, but very rarely, the AA MGs. But the main reason for attacking an airfield is destroying planes. So it would be good, if parked planes were counting targets. Second, on the way to the target in ground attack missions, my flight should stay on its way as long as it is not attacked itself, and not attack enemy aircrafts, passing in a few kilometers distance. They are not our duty. We have an escort for this. But apart from that, I really like this new version. For me it works perfectly( but I have to admit, I did not try to fly a campaign from the last PWCG version, but started two new ones. So I don't know, if this causes any trouble) The only things, that do not work so far, are the Journal and the Squadron Log, but it is alpha.
  16. I can generate and fly missions, but I still have been unsuccessful in completing the AAR.
  17. Just ordered the Pimax%K plus from Amazon during a "Flash Sale" && got a real price break.It is scheduled to arrive about the 29th.Any tips to get the best out of it? I will be comparing it to the Oculus Rift S which is arriving about the same time...One of them will replace my current Ocuus rift ...one of them will be going back , but I want to give both a air shake....
  18. How you did to destroy so many AAA, with any damages? the AAA in simulator is very accurate and you destroyed 11of them without any damages for your plane! do you use any more help? a second mate maybe?
  19. Yup same with mine, funny you get a higher res but the overall picture looks crappy with all the aliasing swimming across the screen.
  20. Just use your radio homing beacon for directions. grt M
  21. Gotta crank up that super sampling. I notice this in my odyssey + as well. That's why I say the o+ needs at least 150% SS to start really looking good.
  22. Goddammit, you beat me to it!
  23. I guess Axis has to use those superior planes to guard their fields....
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