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  2. raaaid

    Racing Sims

    does anybody know if in assetto is posible to see peoples names over the cars?
  3. All the profiles I've found of this aircraft, as well as a photograph of another aircraft from this unit, show the T being placed forward of the other letter on either side. (The other photograph I mentioned showed an aircraft with TY painted on its port nose.)
  4. I would be eternally grateful if someone could provide me with simple, clear, step-by-step instructions on how to fix the 5x zoom on my Rift S. At the moment it has extreme overlapping, and I have to close one eye to make any sense of what I'm seeing 🤔
  5. I tried reducing gamma below 0.8 but VR won't start at all after that.. maybe it's on my machine only, but just fyi..
  6. Here you may read up on the 2 two-seaters we can expect next after the SE5a & Alb D5a to come soon: https://il2sturmovik.com/store/flying-circus/ -The Bristol Fighter F.II and - The Halberstadt Cl II each with their engine mods for Bristol Fighter F.III and Halberstadt CL.II 200hp The U2 is for the moment only used as a placeholder for one of those.
  7. Sure, as soon as Red gets the deadliest weapon of all - La5fn paintjobs other than 'standard' - unlocked.
  8. Nice video. I have to say every time I see Yaks dump those flaps in a fight I cry a little inside.
  9. https://youtu.be/IY8YoeYbhJ4
  10. Today
  11. hi all, from what i understand, we will not be getting a ww1 2 seat plane in FC Volume 1, the only option is to use the U2vs, we have very good replacement skins to make them look like ww1 planes, but was wondering how do i give AI plane a ww1 custom skin, so the AI its self uses the ww1 skin, set mission editor. is it even possable ?
  12. That Ctrl+F1 bug is HORRIBLE isn't it? Post in here, I started one ages ago... put yer video in as MORE evidence?
  13. This photograph inspired me to do a little more skinning. I have interpreted the paint scheme as being RAF colours Dark Green over Sky. This skin comes with an alternative version that lacks individual aircraft markings for use as a generic RAAF skin. You can download them here. Thanks to ICDP for the lovely template.
  14. I've had it explained to me, but "Wolololo", at least written out, still sounds like and Australian yelling, "Cry havoc and let loose the kangaroos of war!" But let's see what happens this week.
  15. The feeling of being in the cockpit is worth it. Anything on a screen or tv is a fast switching picture essentially. If you sit in front of a monitor it is 60hz or 144hz, vr is same so same effect on brain, you are tricking it the same. Radiation much smaller because much smaller screen so will it will boil your eyeballs over time...? Not sure, i would say you are getting less radiation from it then your cellphone.
  16. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    I think no brain is safe here. Nor your eye if you spend too much time in front of any type of screen. VR optimization is however a good thing for eye and brain. My time in VR has grown considerable and with it less time flying. In DCS I find myself just in the middle of using it or not. I find it hard to leave VR and walk right into a family situation. Also immersion by switches and cockpit is equal of immersion of VR depending what I fly These improvements might remove some discomphort using VR. And that is good
  17. Please petition the developers to fix at last the flickering bug.
  18. Dedicated Normal had them and I thought Berloga did but I may be remembering wrong.
  19. i dont like tags off is there anyserver with tags on?
  20. I was flying a few missions with the Duck, first in march 1943, no issues with taxing. In an attack mission on road and track facilities the trucks were not on the road, but in the terrain and my squadmates did not attack the trucks, but the anti air defense. @Murleen I was also flying in may 1943 from the airfield Gostagaevskaya, north of Anapa,.When starting to the west, the AI turns left too far and taxis into the camouflage nets in front of the building left of our parking area. The other directions worked like they should.
  21. Should we Wolololo just to be sure it will be interesting?
  22. Sharpe43

    DCS news

    it's a funny thing...but some of the map stuff you see in the f16 video that was released Friday was the syria/ Lebanon map..
  23. Hi, can you please allow at least 4xSC50 bombs for all BF 109's? It would improve the gameplay. Edit: For BF 109 G-2, G-4 and G-6.
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