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  2. Hello, I have stutter problem (in VR and ju88) I didn't notice before. I tried to update nvidia drivers, reduce graphics options, change frequency of Pimax 5k+, get back to Pitool 144, same problem. I used frame display and found that I have "spikes" every ~10ms : The strange thing is that those spikes did not occured at start of mission but after some seconds, and I did not notice them on Bf109 (but other did): I hope it may help...
  3. Bomb load is only relevant to big targets such as depots/concentrated factories (overall strategic targets), to tactical targets such as tank column or TAW defenses it actually pays to bring smaller bombs in big quantity. On the Western front where the allied objective is strategic and the axis one is defensive/airfield raids, the P38 bomb load could render high altitude bombing useless since the P38 could do the job on its own taking away the core feeling for the campaign which is its historical authenticity.
  4. We already have two missions for the first two tanks, KV-1 and Tiger. But I don't know if there is/was more planned.
  5. Hey, I scoured the forums for fixes to the vicious stutters I was getting. There is a lot of info out there and I picked from what seemed to be the best/most logical resources. I am a total Neophyte at this stuff so I looked at Nvidia settings, game settings, and even one of the VR threads despite running TrakIR. Jason is, of course the best resource but JonRedcorn, Slap, Thad and Therion (and others) also had input in my tweaks. It's maybe not final yet but I went from heavy stuters and frame freezes every 60-90 seconds to just a few micro stutters per sortie and a very stable 60 fps online. These settings are working really well for me personally in the same two servers I was struggling mightily in just yesterday. Your mileage may vary. I'm running a 1070ti card and the rest of my specs are in my sig. This is a mid-level to mid-high level rig now-a-days. It was mid-high to high when I spec'd it a few years ago. I'm going to post my settings first for the TLDR crowd and then post my process - so far. I have a couple more things to try but so far I'm VERY PLEASED with the result. Surprisingly, Distant Landscape to x4 and Horizon to 150 works better than trying to limit them. Not sure who I picked that one off from, I think it was in the VR thread, but it totally worked for me. I've tried Vsync in two out of the three possible configurations. Nvidia ON only which didn't work for me. BOTH Nvidia and game settings ON which is my current setting and working great. I still have to try game ON and Nvidia OFF. I'll let you know how that goes later.
  6. FYI - with my Index and Reverb (I sent it back, since the Index imo is better), I have also not noticed that something is worse than before the hotfix.
  7. Hello Gambit, after finishing no6 i must say i like it. Compliments that there are almost no stutters with my old (overclocked a little) i7 920 PC, and Radeon r7 360 OC 2GB GPU. I've been trying to ' compose' a mission or two, but constantly have graphic issues when shove comes to push. And yes, sorry, i used autopilot up and down the long haul up and down, drinking coffee .... This as there were no ships, trains or other goodies underway to keep me busy, and yes, i cheated a little with unlimited amno etc at the target zone, quite necessary with all the enemy stuff you threw at me there .... Any plans for Flying Circus?
  8. That is why the idea of implementing AS mod as internal "Plane Loadout' option in both G6 and G14 is better. No new (BoN) nor old (BoBP) customers should feel gouged since the G6 is a Collector Plane anyway, independant, the G14 is in BoBP and G10 (with G10/AS mod) could be featured separately having best of both of them - DB605D engine with AS mod available.
  9. Not in the checklist, but there is the pressure release handle next to the base of the control column in the cockpit. Useful for parking the aircraft for longer durations easing strain on the system. Then IIRC both gear doors open and flaps drop. If you see partially opened gear doors, it would indicate that the aircraft has been stationary for some time and pressure is dropping. This makes the first picture you posted a staged one.
  10. I am not super experienced with graphics rendering and how things work with online play, but I hope what I have here may help. My rig: Windows 10 Intel i5 7500k 3.4 ghz Geforce GTX 1060 3GB running latest drivers (436 I think?). 8 GB Ram 1920x1080 monitor My experience with stuttering post patch: Using the same graphics settings as pre-patch, I encountered stutters (i.e. the frame freezing for a split second or sometimes for longer) when flying over cities and more often when moving my viewpoint with my head tracking. I found this to be almost only on the Rheinland map. It was most severe over large cities like Antwerp. I decided to try different settings and stress test in the QMB. Testing with all Vsync Off, including hardware vsync, I tested 8 vs. 8 in QMB over Antwerp, with 8 P-47s vs. 8 He-111s. Stuttering was not noticeable but obviously got a lot of screen tearing. Testing with Vsync On, new FPS limiter option to 60 (my monitor is 60hz), Fullscreen On, 4k Textures On, I ran the same scenario again. Microstutters still occurred but mostly right at the beginning of the scenario. Afterwards it was much smoother. Once again, stutters were mostly over the major city. They were less frequent and of less duration. Turning down clouds to Medium from High and reducing horizon draw distance to 70 km reduced the stuttering quite a bit even with high numbers of AI. Flying online, I was getting similar stuttering badly on the ground at the airfield, and somewhat randomly in the air, mostly when other players were nearby or over ground targets. It was worse over major cities but the random stutters were more frequent than SP no matter where I was. It was worse when server loads were high. I did some more testing and followed multiple threads and I have reduced my online stutters further. They are not gone but have become less frequent I have posted my solution of sorts in the MIcro Stutters thread in this forum. To paraphrase, Windows 10 updated around the same time as the patch for me and reset my power consumption to be "balanced" intead of high performance. 1. Set computer power regime back to max performance. 2. In NVIDIA control panel, set power to max performance, and set Low Latency mode to Ultra. I thought about making other changes here but did not, I wanted to isolate effects if possible. Vsync was set to Application Controlled. 3. In game, my preset is High. Clouds are set to Medium, Shadows to Medium, mirrors to Complex, , grass to normal, landscape detail to normal, horizong distance to 70km from 100km before patch. I have fullscreen ON, use 4k Textures ON, Vsync ON and FPS limiter set to 60 fps. After doing this, airfield stutters were almost completely gone or unnoticeable. When zooming in on cities or flying low over large cities on the Rheinland map I still get some stutters but much less frequent and shorter duration, and don't interrupt gameplay as much. Stutters are still more common with high numbers of players and over target areas. I also get mini-freezes sometiems when large numbers of AI pop in, both in single and multiplayer, but this happened to me pre patch as well. In QMB, on Rheinland map, things are pretty smooth, with only occasional jitters over major cities. Other maps do not produce stutter at all in SP mode. I hope this information is useful. Edit: All MP testing was done on Combat Box, the lowest ping server I have available to me. It was nearly full during all testing, before and after my changes. Other people flying on comms with me at the same time as me were split on whether they were encountering stuttering.
  11. I copied this post in Jason's one in "technical issue" section.
  12. I always understood the inner gear door came down over time as the pressure released from the system. It should not release right at shutdown. I've never heard of it being part of the shutdown procedure either.
  13. The fonts I had it fixed by now heh! But the shine, I only saw your message now, after I finished 3 versions of it. Do you have a picture of Dallas Doll with a way for me to compare the shine? The only picture I found, the underbelly d-day stripes were different from the other sources. So, I based all the shiny stuff on the other P-51s. Here's the link, until I fix the metallic shine with a picture: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hueu7o5c1y5x6m3/Dallas_Doll_414_495_A_V1-_B_V1-_C_v1.7z/file
  14. Are you sure this is not a mod you've installed? Modes are not supported by the dev team, they are only tolerated in some way.
  15. Was there actually a step in the check list to release the hydraulic pressure from the system? I have seen many pictures from WW2 of parked P-51s with the gear doors in a variety of states from all the way up, partially down and all the way down.
  16. Pics are here: https://www.artstation.com/peterfor Watashino tsumawa nihonjinn desu. ☺️
  17. Brief description: Pilot in cockpit pop up in front of my view (VR atleast) Plane JU-88 A-4. Detailed description, conditions: When i lean my head down to the left to check engine levers and trim settings, 3d pilot pop up and prevent my view. This happens only with JU-88. Noticed this issue after 3.201. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): GTX1080Ti , 436.48 drivers. 3.201 with latest hotfix. HP Reverb VR set with native resolution.
  18. Mate that is a fantastic wallpaper you’ve got there. Where can I grab one of those? Surprised to hear the “ただいま” as she walked through the door, haha. Very familiar!
  19. Because the thing that counts here the most, is how fast is making that 6G. In DDs it is very clearly written that the way cardiovascular system modelling works, is that it takes a few seconds to develop high G resistance. And so ingame high G, long turns are possible if the G factor comes on gradually. That is why it`s relatively hard to blackout in 109s, easy to do it in 190/Tempest/Spitfire. Long lasting turnfights are perfrctly possible imo, just not silly evasive/gun solution maneuvers.
  20. Definitely bigger pixel on 1080p unless you go with a way bigger monitor diagonal to match the PPI. https://www.sven.de/dpi/
  21. Hi guys, with regard to the historical important area of the british rhineland campaign which is one important anchor point of this game as stated here, the map needs some revising: Chapter 5: Battle of the Rhine (February 8 – March 28, 1945) - Operation Veritable (February 8 – March 10, 1945) - Operation Clarion (February 22 – 23, 1945) - Operation Grenade (February 23 – March 10, 1945) - Operation Plunder (March 23 – 28, 1945) If you look at the actual ground operations, you can easily realise that important key areas are lacking on the current rhineland map. I suggest to add those, to have at least the important towns in the game which were essential for the historical battles. Plunder and Varsity: Xanten, Rees and Hamminkeln are left out of the present map. https://www.canadiansoldiers.com/history/battlehonours/northwesteurope/rhine.htm Veritable: Goch, Uedem, Kalkar are left out of the current map https://www.canadiansoldiers.com/history/operations/operationveritable.htm http://ww2talk.com/index.php?forums/nw-europe.49/
  22. You should use single focus lenses with VR equipment. No focal changes are made in the current generation of VR sets.
  23. Alt vis seems to give me worse visibility at close ranges - On one occasion I was bounced by a 109 that I tracked from 20 km up to about 5-6 km away, where they promptly went nearly invisible to my eye, got on my six and killed me. I didn't even look away. Normal vis, my tracking at close range is about the same as before...I would say slightly better but I believe that is a placebo at this point, I haven't tested enough. I am set up at 1920x1080, gamma 0.8, and I just used software to calibrate my monitor, nothing fancy. I have tried going lower on gamma before but on my rig it made the game look ugly and didn't improve spotting for me at all. I know a few people actually use higher gamma for some reason, which is weird but they claim it works for them. One thing though is that on 1080p it might be easier to spot than with 1440 for some reason. Bigger pixels maybe? I am sitting relatively far from my screen too due to how my desk and controllers are set up. At first I was more in favour of alt vis but the more I used it and the more I flew it online I grew to dislike it. The distant white planes were immersion killers, close by spotting was not improved to me, and because of the scaling it was very difficult to tell just how far planes were.
  24. this is actually really useful for all 3 new BP ac but the P38 has the most cramped hardest to read cockpit. it does wonders to hit l (default) and turn instrument lights on. even during the day. try it, youll thank me
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