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  2. I could also help with Tank Crew testing. I have holidays the next few weeks so I'd have plenty of available time. I also have a YouTube channel in case those videos can also be published on another channel than the one from 777 Studios.
  3. Also you can turn on instrument panel in realisam settings, and youll be informed in techchat when time limit expired and its recharged, so you can track better why engine brakes on airplanes with timers, on experet realisam this stil dont work for some od reason.
  4. Would still love a "Flying Tigers campaign" as an intro to the Pacific. Great chance to delve into Japanese plains.
  5. I see. I certainly respect the challenge, inheriting something great but with lots of broken parts, and needing to generate enough interest/revenue from players to get them past the steep-ish "why doesn't this work/why is this like this" curve, in order to be able to actually fix those problems. Fighting over the desert will definitely encourage me to stick with it
  6. Ohh good im glad they sorting it. and glad it wont force GF Experience that thing is .. Terrible. Tho i dont see how i could get better fps. But smoother is always gooder.
  7. The driver set-up is being corrected and should be available soon. The one that had been available was installing GeForce Experience even if you told it not to.
  8. I would be interested in assisting in the testing of the Command Feature and AI improvements to TC. By way of background, I have tested software changes associated with health system enterprise resource systems prior to production implementation. I am also retired so that I will have ample time to devote to this effort. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
  9. Hello Jason, I would like to attend, I am bilingual German and French English 60% I am very involved with the mission editor, my strength lies in finding small mistakes like a beagle and to find a solution like a fox. I am a bit shy but very reliable. If you have a job in FC or TC, I like to be there.
  10. Idk, those two sound more like "core" planes than collector planes to me. If they were to announce a Pacific installment i would expect those to come as part of the core 8 rather than the premium 2. However i would not be upset if you are right!
  11. Just received the HP Reverb Vr set one hour ago, MP flyer mainly.
  12. I'd say at times it can be considerably different, and taking into account the fact that Brazil is a country with a population vastly greater than Portugal, and with a larger playerbase, I'd say it be more beneficial to translate it to PT-BR, which is what I speak.
  13. You can almost here them talking. "It sure as bloody 'ell isn't a Mossie, now is it govna?"
  14. They perform fantastic. i am playing on a 34" curved alienware, totally worth every cent. Now you do need a lot of horsepower to run the game properly on a 3000+ resolution with 100Hz, BUT since you are already shopping for a monitor i suppose your rig is up to the task. I highly recommend it, with TrackIR.
  15. If the MP maps were about 75% bigger it'd be a genuine need..maybe some day
  16. I can do the German translation so Therion doesn't have to do double the work.
  17. Only fly using VR and online, have the Valve Index, can do all of the above, fly with 56raf squad. cheers Bart
  18. Hi, I'm able to help out in all 4 areas. I use VR (Index), already have Tank Crew and FC and am very interested in the Marshal concept. Cheers Witch
  19. I have been using Rift S for 1 month with my 1080Ti. I use SS 1.1 and Il-2 with 4AA for compromise between performance and nice graphics but especially mid range distance landscape is not very clear and looks jagged so I am not very satisfied with it. Peformance itself also is not very shiny: render timing shows GPU over 11 ms frequently (that is why I use ASW), but my CPU (i7-77000K@4,8 GHz) is under 11 ms most of the time. I have read various threads here about Rift S performance but still not sure what is better: buy 2080Ti or not to buy? I can afford 2080Ti now but I'm not sure if it pays off for the money. 2080Ti is here for quite a time now, so may be waiting for the new generation 3xxx would be more wise? What do you think guys? Note: as for the headset I plan to wait till the introduction of the new generation with foveated rendering (hopefuly within 1-2 years)... It seems that even the best PC HW do not allow some spectacular graphic/performance with this sim now even on the lower resolution headsets like Rift S....
  20. Hi Max, steamVR wird doch ständig upgedatet. Wenn Du die Option " automatisch updaten " nicht deaktiviert hast läuft die neue Brille problemlos. .. auch deine alte Basisstation kannst Du benutzen..
  21. There is this Far right column = Minimum Height for the bombs to be dropped from.
  22. just realized i haven't posted a Me 410 today. So here it is:
  23. Testing FC would be interesting. Been flying WW1 stuff on the PC since Red Baron by Dynamix, joined the ROF ranks in the old neoqb days and have all planes there... I fly VR exclusively as well and can test that, but I am still on an old Vive with an RTX2080. I really need an Index for increased resolution but my wife does not agree I work as an IT-manager since many years and worked as a developer before that so testing software is something have done a lot...
  24. I am getting a 404 not found error when trying to download this set of drivers from Nvidia.com.
  25. Hi Jason I'm retired so have plenty of time, and I'm passionate about Flying Circus, it would be an honour to help. Daedallus
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