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  2. Thank you for this beautiful news and a wink to " Notre Dame "
  3. The Albatros D.Va looks incredible. That series of WWI planes have always been my favorites. There is a sleekness in them I don't see in many other airplanes from that era. And that Jeep looks so lifelike. Praying for a drive-able version down the road (no pun intended). Maybe with a mounted .50 in the back please? Shades of The Rat Patrol are floating through my memories.
  4. There was no offical announecment yet (as far as i know), but i have a good feeling. I mean the Pz. III´s interieur should be the same and the T-34 has the exact same chassis. Only the turret is different. So i think they will update them in the Future.
  5. Not sure, I had the game start crashing on me the other night in VR and deleting that file fixed it. Something gets bugged in it or something who knows.
  6. Tomorrow, Friday 19th April, at 19:00 UTC we are doing a public test on a new map! The Legend of Y-29. We invite everyone to join and help us test our new mission. New Years Day, 1945. Hoping to catch the Allies hungover or still drunk from the evening's celebrations, German forces launch the largest coordinated air strike of the war. Operation Bodenplatte is designed to grind the heel of the Luftwaffe into Allied airfields and achieve total control of the air. Advanced Landing Ground "Y-29", home of the 352nd and 366th Fighter Groups, sits directly in the path of the German strike. Lt. Col John Meyer, suspecting a surprise attack on New Years Day, persuades Allied Command to let him field an early patrol before providing escort to bombers headed to Berlin. As the Luftwaffe approach Y-29, a flight of P-47 Thunderbolts are circling overhead, with a dozen P-51 Mustangs on deck ready to take off...
  7. Well, it's better than mine. I only got reruns of wildlife documentaries. Must have wololoed wrong. Loved the city shots of Cologne though. Looks great!
  8. So, will the first T34 and PZIII in the game be modified in the future to the standards of the rest in Tank Crew?
  9. Awesome! P.S.: please make vehicles drivable! 😀
  10. It looks pretty nice! Too bad everything renders at such short distances, we'll have to get real close to see that jeep or that smoke.
  11. Crystal ball is a bit cloudy then buddy. 🤣 Mike.
  12. Albatros DVa and SE5a are coming soon (Facebook announcement).
  13. All looks extremely spiffing chaps. SE5a looks wondrously scrummy. One question please for Mr Confused.com. Is the T34 i have been playing with an old model and not the TC dedicated one ? Mike.
  14. Love the Se5a and Albatros. Two favourites from Rise of Flight. But the most amazing aspect for me in this DD is the damaged buildings in Cologne. Looks amazing. And I do believe that is patterned wallpaper you can see on the interior wall of the wrecked building to the bottom right in the top screenshot....! (I'm serious..)
  15. I think this may have worked ! What do you think was the issue?😵
  16. OFM

    Endlich IV

    Gott, watt ne Vollheit bei Penny....
  17. Today
  18. In Awe. Cologne: A beautiful picture of a tragic scene... As for the SE5a, my old friend, this plane and the Brisfit more than anything else fuels my enthusiasm for FC. I'm really looking forward to seeing how advances in the FM field will effect them, as the two Sopwiths are now far more enjoyable to fly. Re: a drivable jeep; is it too early to say what I want for Christmas? lol
  19. I’ve never seen a server running icons in any flight sim with more than a handful of players on it. Like maybe 6-10 people. That’s not much of a game. The only regularly full servers in this game are Wings of Liberty, TAW and Berloga. All which run without icons. Play however you like but your online options are always greatly restricted in flight sims if you want icons. The problem with asking for custom icons is that there aren’t enough players online on those servers that you can afford to split them up with different choices.
  20. I read as saying that the obsession some people here have with being coordinated in a turn is excessive.
  21. Achtung Tank P. Ground plane and bomber reduced. a little more flak. Think WorM of E-front is also rebuilding.
  22. It would be awesome to see the AI jeeps emerging from gliders in landing zones
  23. I think you made the right choices as colors are concerned. I cannot comment really on the actual pattern, lacking in depth knowledge. HH mentioned above that different light makes a color appear differently. High up, light is far brighter making colors far more vibrant than down in the dark haze. I‘m not sure the sim can adjust scene lightning in such a way, hence there is always room for artistic liberties. I would make colors a tad lighter an intense to compensate for this. It would be a tad more signal red then. Downside is that down low, it might look too bright for the color it actually is. I would always try to find color catalogues of the time to get a first reference. It is a good start if professionals translate a pigment into digital values. These values would be tints used among all planes and should match unless they are painted in a thinner layer.
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