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  2. Friday Flyin on the Volunteer Fighter Group {Old Geezers} Server The Friday, weekly, Flying Circus, Flyin. When : Friday, the 24th May 2019 Time : 19:00 to 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time Where : Old Geezers Server Type : 5 Hour long, informal, mass dogfight (drop in & drop out anytime) Flyin. Entrance : Everyone welcome, just fly and have fun. A very big thank you to OG_FC for the use of his, very interesting and enjoyable Server for the Friday Flyin, thanks for all your hard work. Thanks again S! paul
  3. IIRC the test was with 20mm and 37mm HE no MK108 was used. The test you mention does not exist and you are mixing things up.
  4. cool, I'll go try that next time. Thanks!
  5. @=E95=DenLarik I have request please enable TacView recording, this is very useful tool and now with Requiem venture would be useful and benefits many pilots. If because of cheating TacView was disabled in WOL, problem was addressed by developers and even if it is possible somehow it's not normal that we all normal ppl suffer because one is doing bad.
  6. I'm pleased to announce we are launching a new map this Friday at 20:00 UTC. We'll also be featuring the map throughout the evening and weekend so everyone can get a chance to play it and give feedback. This new map was conceptualized by The Nines, with significant input from Sketch, and play testing from Psyrion, Col. Ninny and the rest of Red Flight. The Crimean Offensive Spring, 1944. After a long winter the Germans find themselves increasingly isolated in the Crimea, having been driven back by the Russians the previous Autumn. Keeping a foothold in the region is important because losing Crimea would allow Soviet attacks on Romanian oilfields, weakening the Axis position. The Soviets, aided by the Allies, prepare to cross the Kerch Strait and attack German positions. Mission conditions: 0630 hours, April 10th, 1944 Scattered clouds with light winds from the south Both sides send warships and commence air strikes, while expecting reinforcements and supplies from friendly territory. Fighting is expected to be fierce and objectives range from lightly defended artillery and defensive positions to heavily defended industrial and munitions complexes. As usual with a Combat Box map, late war planes are available, targets are complex and realistic with cinematic effects and lighting, and both sides have a spotting network to alert for enemy planes and guide the action. Victory conditions: Each side must destroy enemy targets while defending friendly targets. The first side to destroy the majority of enemy targets will win. If time runs out, the side that has destroyed the most objectives wins. We know everyone has TAW fever right now (and that's fine, it's an awesome server and campaign!) but we hope folks will also choose to try the new map during our launch event and weekend. See you in the skies!
  7. Some do extremly well in VR - look @ StaB/Tomio_VR*** , He have many 5+ kills per sortie and good k/d overall . This all in Wings of Liberty
  8. Don't. If you're worried about immersion, maybe only put things you'd actually say on voice attack. "Eject eject eject" for eject. "Gear up" and "Gear down" for landing gear. "Supercharger gear 2". These are things you would say aloud as a pilot during flight and I think they are reasonable for voice attack. Other than that, just get all the controls off the keyboard. I've used Voice Attack or button combinations in the past to avoid "not enough buttons" problems.
  9. Erm...close of play Friday mate...promise. Until then, here's how the finished nacelles and wheel wells look.
  10. It crashes when playing online, so maybe you are not missing much, if that's where you spend your time. There's a super clear spot that's not very big, then a bigger zone which is clear. I still need to move my head to look down at the instruments to be able to read the labels, if that can give you an idea. Looking behind me is now possible without turning my swivel chair much. The head and the eyes do most of the work. Note that you can use the side of the lenses to check for the presence of a plane behind you. Identification will likely require you to turn your body or your plane a bit. It's still not owl-vision, but it's rather in line with what you would expect in reality. Overall we could do with better performance, you get clarity gains up to resolution with 3000 lines, and one can't realistically use that yet. I don't think that removing the need for parallel projection would do it by itself, but I think it's worth looking into for the devs. I haven't measured, but I would say turn body 45, head 90 and that does it. 135 degrees. Biggest problem for me is that I don't have light houses, so on most planes the back of the virtual seat and head rest are in the way.
  11. Today
  12. Thanks Kathon! I never clicked on them to see what's up.
  13. 1. Overall, yes it's a big improvement in image quality over the CV1. The lenses are clearer, godrays are less pronounced. Resolution however was a disappointment for me, not much better than the Rift. Note however that resolution is not all, lenses are important too and on that point I think the 5k delivers. 2. Installation went smoothly for me. Just remember to enable parallel projections, smart smoothing. The confusing thing with PiTool is the quality setting, as it combines with the supersampling in SteamVR. Set quality to 1 and then use SteamVR to adjust per game. I advise to use at vertical resolution of at least 2300 lines. I can see improvements in the gauges clarity all the way up to 3000, but there's a cost in FPS. 3. It will likely run with less, IL-2 is surprisingly light on the GPU. But to run at a resolution that takes advantage of the 1440 lines of the screen, I'd say you'd better have a 2080 4. Comfort depends a lot on the shape of your face. I have a big nose with a big bony nose bridge, with an IPD of 64.5mm. My nose bridge does not fit in the headset. To counter that you can use extra padding (I use pairs of velcro strips between the HMD and the cushion to add 5mm), which in turn requires a counterweight at the back of the head. With that comes a certain amount of distortion. An alternative method is to adjust the position of the lenses to leave enough room for the nose bridge, and use PiTool to reduce the IPD in software. Works OK, but the sweet spot of the lenses will not be properly aligned with your eyes. Not actually a big issue as the clarity drop-off is not very big, but if you're a perfectionist it will annoy you. The face pad that comes with the HMD smells horribly. I could not stand the chemical stench, it left a nasty burning sensation in my throat, even after weeks after opening the box. I ordered a custom face pad (originally for the Vive) from VRCover, and I'm happy with it. 5. I'm using the headset that I was using before I had a VR HMD. Great sound, fits over the headstrap. I'm using the sound output from my PC, the one from the headset is known to break easily 6. I haven't tried any of these headsets, so I can't say. I think the wide FOV is a pretty big deal. No need for a 180deg FOV, 140 is IMO enough. The 90-110 of these other headsets won't cut it. Maybe the Index with its advertised 30 extra achievable degrees over the Vive would be enough. Regarding returns, beware, PiMax' lack of responsiveness regarding returns is a big warning sign. Also note you'll need to get hold of lighthouse. Without that you're stuck with 3dof, and not a very good one. There's a lot of drift. I don't recommend it. Don't order lighthouses or the controllers from PiMax, they don't have them yet, and it's unclear when they'll become available. I would advise to wait and see what the Index has to offer, if you can wait. I think the 5k has too many rough edges for me to recommend it. I do not recommend not to get it either. Some owners seem very pleased with it, personally I like what they are doing and I want to support them, but what they have now still needs refining.
  14. It just arrived...now to dismantle old Rift...install new!
  15. So..... Thursday then?..... I jest, of course!! Keep it up and like I say, any help and you know where I am. Rap
  16. Great idea Requiem! What a pity that WOL do not allow to record Tacview..
  17. Thanks for making this, i like this style of turtorial, should help a lot fighter guys coming in to online enviroment, many important points in one not to long video.
  18. Haha Thank you Flesch. I just flew at the same time as him, just now... He did not kill me this time. 😁
  19. Be a shame to paint it looks cool in bare metal
  20. 1.) For me, coming from a CV1 Rift, the SDE is definitely an improvement but not a massive one; the FOV however is a pretty massive improvement over the Rift. 2.) If it's not your first VR headset, you shouldn't have too much trouble with set up. Base stations aren't available from Pimax yet, so without those it's 3dof only. 3.) I have an overclocked 1080ti and performance is acceptable. With anything less than a 1080ti, it might not be worth it. 4.) The stock headstrap is subpar, and was not comfortable for long periods until I put a small counterweight on the back of the headstrap. Now I can use it for hours. Also, the stock face foam is much too thin for most people (some people's eyelashes touch the lenses) and causes distortion so a thicker one is absolutely essential IMO. 5.) I'm using my wife's iPhone earbuds which work great for me. 6.) The only one of those other headsets that sounds tempting to me is the Reverb because of the (possibly) big improvement in resolution. Other than that the huge FOV of the Pimax wins out... in flight sims the increase in situational awareness from the better peripheral vision can't be underestimated. IMO it needs some tweaking to reach it's full potential, but to me it's worth it. I just can't go back to looking through binoculars.
  21. Keep in mind that can be very subjective to the individual also. It is a nice improvement, but not what I would consider a huge improvement. I certainly at least at this point, am not disappointed and glad I got it.
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