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  2. Loader-commander? That's was impossible. Never heard/read about that.
  3. But with the T-34-85 intercom was standard (and I have heard some say: vastly improved over earlier tanks), so it wouldn't have been as necessary. Also, look at the loader in the first picture in what was probably his normal work position: Are we really to believe, that he was supposed to command the tank from that position?
  4. Exactly. That's what every soviet veteran-tanker tells. But in T-34-85 that already was impossible, commander was a separate place like in german tanks T-34-76 T-34-85
  5. Finally, some positive and exciting news. It really, really, sucked that this was an ATAG-only feature for literally forever. Good job TFS!
  6. One question: Lately I've seen a lot of references to the "commander/loader" being the overworked position in the T-34, both here and in online sources. However, I have always been under the impression, that it was the gunner, not the loader, who had to double as commander? It certainly would make the most sense, since both of them would have roughly the same optics, and the loader would spend a fair deal of his time during combat down on the floor of the tank digging out fresh shells. Also I've read, that due to the low quality (and early on outright absense) of the intercom system, the commander would give instructions to the driver by tapping his shoulders with his feet, which you can only really do from the gunner's position, and when intercom was present, the loader was usually disconnected from this for ergonomic reasons and would receive instructions from the gunner via hand signals (closed fist for AP, fingers spread out for HE) - seems strange to have the commander not being on the intercom. On the very late T-34-76s with a cupola, the cupola is also placed above the gunner's seat, not the loader's. Are we absolutely sure, that it was the loader who functioned as commander?
  7. Oh that would make a great collector plane. I´d buy it on the spot.
  8. Thanks for the skin Flowbee, my favorite for the 262. Reminds me of the colour scheme found on the twin cockpit 262 in the South African museum. Would it be possible for you to do a version of this skin with black under surfaces like the South African museum example below?
  9. Hello Hexpod, Congratulations with your system. Looks great! The UDP-API can provide the platform positions at 200Hz. This information can be used by the VR headset driver to cancel out this position. There is no mismatch due to platform inertia, because we can read out the exact positions of the platform; no magic here ;). Best regards, Team Gforcefactory
  10. Sounds great. I´m looking for some more Stormbird skins of KG51 or Kommando Schenk. Using the 262 as a Blitzbomber really is fun.
  11. Besides the 190 A3 Career with JG51 in BoS, there is no fighter career for 190s. Only option you have is: a) Use PWCG and start a career with that. Highly recommended! b) Mod an existing 109 career into a 190 career. I did that for II/JG52 in BoK with the help of crigby46 and generated a 190 A5 career for BoK. Download link below: Extract it to your MOD Folder and use JSGME to activate it. or here: https://mega.nz/#!oWwhUCYA!yHn-FT61TQ44iB4TwP0eY4seWj7oqjRf92uEmcI2jBI A5 Over Kuban.zip
  12. It would be nice if they could add the free velikiye luki map to the career mode. It would make for an awesome JG51 Fw-190 campaign. Now the Fw-190 options are indeed super limited. I can't fly a Fw-190 over Stalingrad *error*.... 😆 Grt M
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  15. Yes. As for flying the aircraft, you look at IAS. However, structural issues as wing flutter are dependent on TAS. @J5_Hellbender, I think I said just that: quoting him „... if there were no friction...“ I then said there really isn‘t much. That‘s all. But be it. In the real world, instruments are usually not that precise on average for subtleties like that to matter much. I don‘t have TacView, but I guess you could use that to find out if the devs made the Anemometer differ slightly from TAS. I wouldn‘t have bothered doing that. We also have compasses that point exactly north, so why the fuss? (An idea for sabotage: make the pistols magnetic. Fun when they are bringing along those in the cockpit.) But thank God times are over where AC designers would mount relevant instruments that far out of the cockpit.
  16. I really don't know why he persists. If he doesn't find himself wounded or on fire, he invariably runs out of fuel. Poor chap.
  17. I always associated Microprose with immersive singleplayer titles, not online crowd shooters. It will be interesting to see how this one fares in the current market and if it can find a viable place for itself.
  18. Adjusted the calculation of frontline movement a bit. The frontline should now move at least double the distance than before.
  19. Ok, but Jason simply stated that "a Mossie would be sweet and totally doable too" and not that "the Mosquito is quite possible [to happen]". I might be splitting hairs, but the latter comment is somewhat ambiguous and misleading. All of the mentioned types have some merit and could be included down the road if there's a fitting scenario, but the Mitchell Mk. II and the Ar 234 B-2 are the only real options for BoBP as only they would be usable in the game's main feature, the campaign. Nothing I necessarily need, but the disregarded P-61 "Black Widow" would fit the BoBP map and timeframe. Its main adversaries, the Nachtschlachtgruppen, are going to be part of the ingame campaign and this might be the only feasible option for a Western Front night fighter campaign in BoX. Moreover, the P-61 itself was frequently used for (nocturnal) ground attack missions - it's like a Mosquito NF and FB combination fitting the scenario.
  20. I'm lead to beleive, from his other frequent comments, that he is on fire.
  21. I dont know if it works with the latest version, but Veteranen had some nice Scripted Campaigns, both for the 109G2 and FW190: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13912-veteranenmissions/ Heres the direct link for the FW campaign (its played on the Velikie Luke map): http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&file=details&id=15
  22. I use this: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/31215-pimax-8k-5k-vr-headsets-coming-to-kickstarter-this-month/?do=findComment&comment=719474 It also helps to fix the Pimax better to my face.
  23. Seaw0lf, very helpful listing of planes side by side. The Camel was conspicuously absent from the list however. If this was by accident, perhaps you would consider adding it to your list for the sake of documenting the complete list?
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