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  2. Yep, because the distance that the brightness of the palette changes is variable dependent on zoom, it's possible that a contact will only be spottable at some levels of zoom. If you pause the game or track, and zoom in and out, you'll see that the contact switches between bright and dark, and when the contrast is low it looks like it disappeared.
  3. Eldur

    Endlich IV

    Sehen die beiden garantiert nicht anders
  4. - Well what about dwoptanks then?? - Oh yes, that's a good one!
  5. More on Essen-Muehlheim here. You even can see the bomb craters on the airfield: https://luftbilder.geoportal.ruhr/
  6. Yeah world of warships. I never thought I would play it, but gave it a go in an idle moment. I only do the co-op vas AI mode and would not throw real money at it. However as a ship viewer it is rather nice. I tried war thunder again shortly afterwards, but still find I have a visceral dislike of it and uninstalled within a matter of minutes.
  7. Hi Radek. I used very dark grey artist oils for the wash, but thinned it down until only barely noticeable on a white surface. It does take a while to dry, but this is often a good thing as I get to tweak it a bit the next day. A lot of people use a clear coat to seal it before it fully dries to continue working. I find that is very helpful, particularly when multiple colours are being used. That way the previous washes don't melt into one another.
  8. Put me down for flushing out the Eastern Front with earlier or later scenarios. I honestly will be happy no matter where they go next but the Soviet front has become my favourite.
  9. Indeed...deflection shots with the rockets can be tricky
  10. Brief description: In game version 3.201 Radio communications from ground and other aircraft not loud enough in comparison to engine sounds to hear in P-38 J25 Detailed description, conditions: Whenever RPM is over 1000-1500, engines drown out sound of radio to the point that you cannot hear the voices of the ground controller or other pilots. In ground controlled missions, it is important to hear directions from spotter and that is not possible. One has to rely on the text message to understand directions. With headphones on, voices should be louder in comparison to engine sounds. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): n/a Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10, AsusP877-V MB with onboard Realtek 892 audio. Corsair HS 70SE wireless headphones, all drivers updated, additional hardware specs below
  11. A Spitfire of No. 610 SQN shoots down a Bf-109 of 5./JG 52 near Lympne, August 14th 1940.
  12. Yes I have found the file I am looking for its nwhitesmoke8su changing this made it horrible white spikes like snow,which looks awful, it’s more off a brown dirt puff that’s implemented in the game. i think the bullet hit spikes on the ground can be improved a lot ( they just do not look right plus the fact they only last for one burst, then they stop showing up) I will look online see if I can find a dds file somewhere that makes bullet hit spikes look better. i would like to change making the bullets hits last longer, but I do not like messing with that aspect off the game effects
  13. I'm getting the same issue. Even after deleting the updates folder. This is the first time I've had an issue with IL-2. Surprised not to see some official announcement about it. I've got the day off work and want to fly damn it!
  14. Did you check that the instal process did not 'untick' the option to show the photo (i.e. the third tab after the loadout & skin tabs)?
  15. Please STOP political discussion here!
  16. Name the time and server! (I am out of practise I shall probably lose).
  17. On the Bodenplatte map (my own mission), the crews of the Bombers were missing and pilots were not showing in their parachutes. Also, when landing, the Aircraft tends to go underground, resulting an a pilot kill. Even my wingman (Human pilot) wasn't showing a pilot in the Aircraft
  18. Regarding point 2, High Speed stalls just cannot happen because they have modelled the wings coming off before that happens 🙂
  19. Today
  20. Invasion of Poland starts at 11:26, the genocide of the Jews and enslavement of the Poles is covered at 12:04.
  21. Same issue here in Australia. FAILED TO UPDATE!!!😬😡. Tried 5 or 6 times and nothing happening... However using the "Restarter" command as above and the game works. But shouldn't have to do this though.
  22. Just this question.In the physiology module, Are the allies wearing Anti G-Uniforms a they do not affect as much the G´s Physiology mean while as the axis that may be are not wearing? . As we did in the DM models before we must during the next years how affects in every plane the physiology at every pilot comparing one plane to another , if really same G-s has the same affection to all pilots in all different planes as the same . In future Korea escenarios or Vietnam would be great to see the pilot in the cabin cockpit as how the supposed G-Uniforms are working if it could be possible at least as an option, so you could see how the g-uniform inflation in your stomach and your legs mean while you are losing the control and at the same time how works the automatic G limiters of the plane . USA Pilot Germany Pilot
  23. I got into R.O.F with a demo from I think a magazine and bought everything for it after that, just a thought. Never played it much but glad I bought into it all the same, maybe it all helped bring us to where we are now. If memory serves it was originally on Steam when released, something I never took to, by the time I got the R.O.F. demo the set up was as is now, everything from the company, they had dumped the need for Steam for it. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  24. That is one of the problems this system has, moreover sometimes you cant see a contact in any zoom level except max zoom in. One of the good things the alternate option has is the fact that you can see the contact with min zoom. Also why the cant use lower gamma on those dots, now everyone lowers gamma such a perfect system we have.
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