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  2. My point was that while the novice dorsal and ventral gunners performed really bad, actually worse than a human would do, during the 15 secs when deflection-shooting was not required, the waist gunner sported the skills of a clay pigeon shooting champion in a difficult high-angle deflection situation which didn't last more than for 1 to 2 secs from target acquisition to bullet impact. (It was not that I flew into a stream of bullets; the gunner predicted my speed, vector, and path, and opened fire only when the bullets of his short burst would predictably hit my plane moving fast and perpendicular to the direction of shooting.) I guess the same algorithm is used for all gunners, where bullet spread increases, accuracy decreases with distance, accuracy being also affected by skill level. So far, so good, but at the same time it seems that it doesn't matter much whether the target is moving parallel or perpendicular, so that a high-angle deflection shot seems to have the same hitting probability as a low-angle one from the same distance. Now factor in the increased target profile sizes in closer distances, and we're arrived where a one-second fly-by at 3 o'clock is potentially more dangerous than hanging around at six for 15 secs. I agree with @Bremspropellerthat time-delays and blind-zones should be added, but I think it's not random accuracy which is needed, but an accuracy factor decreasing with distance, skill level, and the increase of deflection angle.
  3. The DXXI, the main reason why i want Finland/Baltic map and expansion. Love that plane.
  4. Why on earth would you want to play 4.14. Really? Do they actually work? I can put a massive dgen folder into bat, but they don't work.
  5. It's in the games main directory, go into the data folder, you'll find the startup.cfg file in there, delete it. Fire up the game and see if it works.
  6. From what alt? What speed was the dive started at? What engine setting? Which dive angle? At what speed did you start pulling out of the dive? 500TAS? 600TAS? 700TAS? How many G's did you pull to get out out of the dive (because it seems your tests was a dive + climb)? Were your planes trimmed correctly over the whole speed envelope throughout the dive? At what speed did you "end the climb"? How many times did you perform the tests? Or was it a one-time-try? I mean, your result does raise my eyebrows, but without the context in which you performed the dives and with all its associated side-effects those would entail, it doesn't tell me actually all that much (I'd like to see the vid, that would clarify some of it, like PapaFly's tests). I would say that your test result as you describe it "Ju-88 climb more and manages to stay as fast as the P-47" has understandably zero value in the eyes of the Devs, the persons who you finally are trying to convince that there is something off. Can you explain exactly what were the conditions of your tests (dive angle, engine settings, ....) and quantify your results ("climb more" : how much more? What was the evolution of velocities?)? I am curious about it and would like to check it for myself.
  7. So basically non existent. That's why I stopped throwing money at the game to try and improve my framerate and basically gave up on VR. Sad truth fellas. Really I wish I never bought the samsung, it's a poor HMD, with horrible comfort and ergonomics. The rift blows it out of the water in that department. It starts hurting my face after minutes of use. I could wear the rift for a very long time before it became uncomfortable. IMO the halo design is garbage. It works for people with basketballs for heads. Last time I checked my head wasn't a sphere. I ordered a VR cover, maybe that will help.
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  9. P47 and spit IX are not a match for K4 and D9. They are just far behind on climb rate and speed unless you want to go over 8000m to fight. With spit at least you can turnfight everything but P47 is really a sitting duck. P51 and Tempest will be the real match for this planes. Even today I think a 109 G10 or G14 AS fitted better on the beguining. K4 is a very powerful plane.
  10. You can get Ivacy VPN lite if you're looking for a free VPN proxy with plenty of IPs. If you like the service then you can go for the paid plan.
  11. There is an app of digital historical maps covering Estonia (and a bit of Russia) available here. For example, this link shows the 1:50 000 map from 1939, then if you zoom in on it, it turns into 1:25 000 map from 1948. If you keep zooming in, it will turn into 1:10 000 scale map, but that map is from the 80's.
  12. Semor76

    Cold starts

    @Murleen Small suggestion: It´s possible to ad a delay between each AI engine start sequence? Let´s say 3-5 seconds? It looks a bit weird if all AI´s fire up their engines at the same time.
  13. There are four things that should affect the CPU single-thread performance (which IL-2 VR performance is heavily correlated as demonstrated in our previous tests): - Clock speed (cycles per second) - Instructions per cycle (IPC). - Caches sizes/latencies - RAM speed (assuming the code to execute is larger than cache size) From Haswell to Coffee-lake architectures (so from 4th to 9th generation) the CPU has a theoretical 32 single precision IPC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instructions_per_cycle so for the same clock speed the only influence is caches sizes/latencies and RAM speed. Here a table of cache sizes and RAM speed: So there could be a gain from 9900K (16MB cache) to the 9700K/8086K/8700K but apparently is very small according to peak overclocked (5.2) SC mark. When I look to the CPUbenchmark page I tend to look to the peak overclocked SC mark. So you will see that for 5.2 GHz, the 9900K or 8086K or 8700K they give basically the same SC mark (only 1% difference, top is 8086K with 159): and with the 8350K, which has less cache and slower RAM, the difference is 5%
  14. I believe you are correct and that scenario would be quite specific for T34 and perhaps not so much for other tanks. I think it might have been possible for M4's as well.
  15. I think you misunderstood my comment: ‘distinctively’ ugly, like the Citroen cars of the ‘60s. Everyone build ugly aircraft, but those from French factories seem to have a specific character.
  16. Sorry, but it´s still all in russian. I checked the ENG.files and I´ve found only cyrilic letters in there. Maybe you uploaded the wrong files? Cheers.
  17. Haza

    ME 262

    Herbie goes Luftwaffe? Turn performance of a 262 as requested: However in "The Me262 Stormbird" it mentions that "the latter addition of full-span leading edge slats assisted in allowing the 262 to hold its speed in tight turns much better than conventional fighters and while not as tight it was more stable at full power which provided much more energy maneuvers". However, I do not think that I will be making any tight turns in this thing during a dogfight as I will be either climbing or diving unless I'm dieing!
  18. Did you use the different color settings for outside and cockpit ? I woonder if someone would use them... I did not find the time to check why your mod was not working with the 12.2. I will do that once my work on DCS will be finished, so hopefully for the end of the week.
  19. I fly in an organized group that runs a weekly multiplayer campaign. Try attacking a flight of 6+ bombers flying together in a tight box. The gunner situation is bad when discussing classic multiplayer scenario of one or two bombers being attacked. When the enemy is flying in a squadron sized force and implementing actual tactics it goes from funny to beyond ridiculous really bloody quick.
  20. Ha? what do u mean? build ugly aircraft is an other french's defect among the many others? good joke!
  21. You cannot be closer than others. There is a limit as far left or right or up you can go until your head touches the glass. this is simply a matter of different zoom and angles. @RedKestrel is correct:
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