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  2. Hey looked at your site today and noticed you are 1 man per tank, with the current Tank MP Gunner option did you consider 2 Players per tank? 1 Commander/Driver, 1 Gunner? My only thinking is after single player tank ops it would definitely be easier to drive and more overall situational awareness (with commander view) as opposed to single gunner. I find single gunner quite easy to become focused on the target and lose that overall SA.
  3. I think someone is a little bitter... That is ok though, understandable. I don't let company decisions influence my impression of a headset I am actually using. And yes I may well get a Reverb or Index, remains to be seen - whenever they do eventually become available. If one of them is better for flight sims with still good performance, I will use it and then still use the Rift S for my Oculus Touch games. I go by personal reports from regular folks using the device rather than a bunch of technical specs, but that is just me. I was very critical of the Rift S and at first was not going to get one, so if I did not think it was all that good I would certainly state so. Me owning it would not play into that.
  4. Hahaha, It´s a human behaviour to self-justify and reassure the decisions we take in life. In a couple of months, when you will upgrade to Index or Reverb (or Pimax who knows) you will also heartily recommend your buy. In fact you said in other post you will consider Index and Reverb. When I had my Rift, I bought the VivePro, and criticize the small bump in details and horrible sweet spot. When I had my Rift, I was backer for Pimax5K and I also criticize the small bump in details due to pixels spread along a huge FOV. I prefer to avoid personal preferences and just put the facts like they are (with through the lenses pictures and specs), rather than subjective impressions, so people can take their own decisions. But if you are my personal preference, it is easy, don´t buy the Rift-S at any cost to punish the Facebook stakeholders (not Oculus team) for not giving the right weight to the VR enthusiast or Space/Race/Flight sims. Yes, we are a niche, but with a clear voice. There is not reason to contribute to the Evil Empire!!
  5. but, that still just gives you one formation. If after the formation gets killed, or a linked convoy gets destroyed, you can not have it respawn.
  6. Surely Canadian nose art would simply be the word 'Sorry!' Anyone wants to make a 'sorry' spit skin? I'd wear it with pride!
  7. I heartily recommend the Rift S! Money was no problem, and used a Rift CV1 for 2.5 years. Loving my Rift S. ( plus you can get one today).
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  9. Another update: It seems now I have finally found the issue and resolved it! So I had a look in my motherboard manual, and checked out the USB 3 ports I have on it. I had both ASMedia 3.1 Gen 2 Type A ports, and Intel USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. The Rift USB I had plugged in the ASMedia port. So I swapped it out with the mouse I had plugged into the Intel port, put he headset USB into the Intel USB 3.1 port. Everything appears perfect now! I have taken the headset off over a dozed times, closing Oculus Home each time, and put it back on and it has come back on every time, Looking very promising so far! Course I thought I had it once before and did not, so time will tell - but I have very optimistic this time.
  10. Muss auch mal wieder nen Freitag oder Samstag Zeit finden um mit euch ein paar Flugstunden zu absolvieren.
  11. Bravo! Enjoyed watching both DFD's, very interesting. : - ) Salute! Planky.
  12. Ich wollt auch mal wieder was schreiben!
  13. Cry Havoc and let loose the Loons, eh?
  14. 102nd-YU-Devill


    SEOW is the best online campaign system ever designed for flight sims. Shades did a once-in-a-generation feat! I really hope IL2 BoS will get a SEOW campaign framework, it would make this game last for a very long time.
  15. I had the same thing happening, when i started a FW 190 campaign in march (I think) 1942 on the Kuban map. Additionally, on the Kuban airfield Timashevskaya (or something like that) the Fw 190s speed up for taxing, that they constantly are sliding over the grass. One was standing crosswise and was rammed by the next one. I never saw the 190s taxi in that way, usually they taxi quite slow, like all other aircrafts, too.
  16. Don, I really know that for sure. With the Index you will be pleased with the extra FOV and the great audio. With the PIMAX5K+ you will be pleased with large FOV and resolution and image clarity. With the Reverb you will be pleased with the extra bump in resolution. But with any of the three above you will be unpleased in terms of performace. Given the fact that you run a 9900K at 5.1GHz with a 2080Ti. The total number of pixels to be rendered is determined just by your GPU. This is given for every GPU. Your GPU handles well 12 million of pixels at 90Hz. Now with every device you need to play with SS and Display freq (in case of Pimax and Index) to have an equivalent load. I made a table for you:
  17. Many of us are just looking to upgrade our Rift/Vive/etc or just acquire our first VR device for IL-2. I just wanted to compile the specs of each device in a table and highlight in green the good things of each device over the others. For sure there are more options in the market, but just wanted to put the top four contenders with LCD panels. If you are new to VR and you have a low-VR-budget or low-end PC spec (below GTX 1070), then go to the Rift-S for 399$, or perhaps the Index with 449$ + 149$ (basestation) If you already have a Rift/Vive and mid-VR-budget, then go for the Index. You will really enjoy the extra FOV, the mechanical IPD adjust (also tilt adjust) and the best audio. If money is not a problem for you, then buy the Index & Pimax5K and Reverb, test them and then keep just one. VR is very personal! Note: I didn´t consider other factors (controllers, game catalogue, etc), just IL-2 VR. Note-2: For Index and Pimax5K+ you will need just 1 basestation (v1.0 or v2.0) for seated experience. The table in the "new devices" tab here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gJmnz_nVxI6_dG_UYNCCpZVK2-f8NBy-y1gia77Hu_k/
  18. Tracking looks fine for the reverb. WMR is perfectly adequate from what I have seen for flight sims / driving games. Full scale room is where wmr can fall down but even then the reverb looks good!
  19. “Cry havoc and let the maple syrup slowly flow!” "Eh, cry havoc and let loose the moose of war, dontcha know!"
  20. The map itself doesn't have to necessarily add these so long as mission makers and the career show it. If you play Ten Days of Autumn as an example you'll notice that the two airbases you fly from are bombed out and have craters everywhere.
  21. Do you think Bobp airfields will be pristine or show signs of having been attacked ? Looking at aerial recon photos from the period it appears that many of the airfields in the Bobp area showed evidence of having been attacked or bombed, sometimes extensively, damage is, depending on it’s affect on operations, sometimes then repaired, if still obvious.
  22. I like that one very much! Two questions: 1. Can I use that quote on a skin ? 2. Can you come up with a quote just as funny and Canada-related, so I can use it on the A-20-Racing-Team-Canada-skin? Cheers!
  23. Just like to give my thoughts, on track repair if it where to be introduced into the sim,it seems to me reading the posts, that one of the biggest issues is deciding the time frame, in which the repair should be carried out, surely when dealing with limited vehicle quantities. if the repair time was equal, to the time taken to re-spawn from original spawning point, and drive back to the place of original immobilisation this would be fair as no time advantage would be gained, you would of course be saving one of your vehicles but, you would also be at greater risk of being destroyed during the down time
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