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  2. I would love to see novice AI being easier to lure into a maneuver that forces them into some blackouts and maybe even crashing, while Ace pilots will avoid such maneuvers and play more wisely. Im not a huge fan of how it's implemented in "other" sims at the moment.
  3. Yes, because the other games are only DLCs in Steam. The way I understand the answer of the support, they will stay as 'website version'
  4. OFM

    Endlich IV

    Hat doch Stil..... Der hier hat mich an Sean Connery erinnert, ist ja auch Schotte. Und, ähm naja...
  5. BTW: I activated "Super Smoothing" and it worked in whatever way it is supposed to work & has seemed to do away with the small but incessant 'jitters" I had previously. No loss in FPS either ( about 48 on simple game play..).I think Pimax5K is about as perfect as I could ever hope for now ...until next Pitool upgrade that is!
  6. What I was getting at is that the speed and/or intesity of the perphery effects, as it progresses across your field of vision, could serve the same purpose as a status bar strategically placed horizontally toward the bottom of the screen (or perhaps vertically to one side?). But, hey, until we see the implementation in action, who knows, eh?
  7. I'm with you on the pre-orders but on one condition - that the Tempest is not an anemic early-'44 shadow of itself. If it is, I am folding my contributions to the sim.
  8. My perspective / suggestion is that it will not: it will merely cause frustration to participants that feel (having limited knowledge of what was occurring in the other cockpit) that the system is 'against them' (like lag is always 'against you'). Given no-one actually feels any strain, the most practiced will likely find ways around it. Harsher regime for black-out / grey-out I totally understand, but since it is impossible to simulate the physiological elements of maneuvering then I doubt that a very complicated system is the best use of team resources. When you pull 'g' you know that you are pulling 'g' and balance accordingly. In a chair, you lack the myriad sensory feedback and so I worry that this will simply feel clunky. Only my opinion, but I would rather effort were focused on other aspects.
  9. To this point, it's easy to change the number of pilots assigned to each flight. On the "pilot selection" screen where you can change the loadout and planes for each pilot, you can click on the AI pilot's names on the bottom to add them to the flight, and click their names on the top to remove them from the flight.
  10. Don't forget if they keep the same model, they need 4+1 per side for each Battle Of... release +1 Ya, Mossie they would hold for Italy (if they go there)... If they keep the same model, they'll need 4+1 per side for each Battle Of ... release - and I think a number of people aren't taking this into account. I think the most likely scenario are Russian or perhaps even a Romanian aircraft. As Brave Sir Robin has been saying, German aircraft very unlikely (if 1C going to stay in European theater for a bit), many of the marquise British or American aircraft would be saved/needed for full releases - but if European theater is left for Pacific (not sure that is happening yet), then the door is wide open...time will tell.
  11. Is kill crediting to another user in co-op not working? Allo and I are flying co-op campaigns and he never gets credited for kills. Also is there any way to adjust the size of your flights? We frequently go up in a tiny flight of either just us 2 or one extra wingman. I see the adjustments for the amount of planes and flights that spawn but they seem to do nothing in effecting our flight strength. There is so much stuff to adjust and use in this software yet trying to figure out how to use it is quite the task. Is there anywhere I can find info about it? I don't want to have to bug you for every question. I am sure a ton of stuff has been posted and said in this section but actually finding the information is basically a full time job. Thanks for the hard work you've put into this awesome piece of kit.
  12. Hallo zusammen, Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Flug-Kameraden, mit dem ich gemeinsam fliegen kann. Zu meiner Person, ich bin 29 Jahre alt, komme aus der Schweiz und bin in IL2 noch ein Anfänger. Ich kann zwar diverse Maschinen anständig Starten und Landen, jedoch habe bei Luftkämpfe erhebliche Mühe die Übersicht zu behalten und zwischen Freund und Feind zu unterscheiden In Multiplayer-Gefechten konnte ich darum noch keinen Luftsieg erzielen Gruss aus der Schweiz
  13. Great to hear the dog back to it's customary enthusiastic self, I might add. Does the dog eat worms? I could make a friend there if so...
  14. Thanks Temuri. So context is all - that makes sense then. OK, I'll give a try sometime
  15. +13 lbs boost / 4000 rpm was on 130 octane. The gyro gunsight was never fitted to the Mk.V. Pilots ddn't mind, as as vision from the cockpit was much better with screen projection.
  16. Actually, Pe-2 was designed as a high altitude, escort twin engined fighter (VI-100), similar to Bf 110. However, lack of dive bombers at the dawn of WW2 in VVS prompted a hasty modification into dive bomber with minimal changes.
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  18. Napier Power Heritage Trust If anyone wants Tempest engine information then the contact below for the Napier Power Heritage Trust might be a good one: http://www.npht.org/contact/4577703113 Happy landings, Talisman
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