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  2. I begin to realize more and more how good it actually is, but the learning curve is quite high. Like completely learning a new language. Pransgter and IimTM to the rescue: i must compliment Jim and Gambit for their support when you get stuck again. The easy way out: you can always use the PWCG or another easy mission creator.. I did that first but find the FMB very intriguing and it makes IL2 from 1C Games double the fun for me. LoL, i completely understand Gambit being pissed off when i 'complained' about the long flights towards in his Havoc Campaign. Actually he done a great job making this campaign work without stuttering on my old PC. Must have spent quite some time figuring out the grouping system to save PC resources while playing it. Now i got to figure out how to obtain another piece of FMB lingo; how to get the pilots flight map to show routes and these nagging enemies ... And get flights of FC Entente to attack Central fighters. I tell ya'll it will be fun once i get this to work. J
  3. Agreed on all accounts, but you've also disproven your own arguments. Unlocks are silly. If people join a server and they can't fly the plane they want (within reason, limiting their number is fine), they will leave. Also, what do you want to lock for Central? The D.VIIF? Good, now they have nothing worth a damn. And what do you want to lock on Entente? The Camel, SPAD, SE5a and Bristol? Okay, I suppose we're all flying Dolphins, and some argue that even the Dolphin is better than everything but the D.VIIF. I don't trust the AI, though I do think it's possible to force them not to engage and use their gunners only defensively. What I do trust is human greed. If people know the AI two-seaters are there and can add to their kill tally, especially when not escorted, they will go for them. Airstarts (or at least forcing high altitude two-seaters) seems like a necessity for higher engagements. Most recon flights and combat by 1918 would take place well above 10,000ft. At present, the only reason for an Entente flyer to go all the way up there is to look for trouble. No matter what, he's at a disadvantage there against the D.VIIF. Historically it would have been your squadron commander ordering you to defend those two-seaters. Nobody cares about orders in a public game where your side winning is of no consequence, but people do care about kills, and perhaps even about other people not getting kills.
  4. Have any of you chaps done a dive/rev test in the DviiF or a sea-level speed test for the Spad XIII? I may do so myself later. I love the idea of the different quadrants for the XII! I’d be up for learning that. Also very much agree on the central line up right now for balancing. I’m not really flying central right now because the choice is DviiF or DviiF in most instances. The Dviii would definitely open the field up
  5. Getting them to drop bombs on your AF's at a certain time into the mission might be another incentive to shoot them down.
  6. DB605

    DCS news

    Nice landing! Looks like guy on rear seat doesen't trust you very much thought...
  7. @Yankee_One @SAS_Bombsaway Thanks guys, it was fun!
  8. My apologies, yes I see that III/JG54 and JG26 didn't get them till November! Witch From "The Typhoon & Tempest Story" - Chris Thomas & Christopher Shores. page 136, the text is about operations during the very end of April '45 and the last days of the war during May. "33 Squadron became the first and only Tempest unit to carry pair of 500lb bombs in action, but it was too late for this to become standard practice." Witch
  9. The RNZAF's Pilot's Notes for Mustang P51D stipulated that the pilot release the hydraulic pressure; see 70. Stopping the Engine Paragraph (e). Chances are, operational experience led to the procedure being adopted later in the war, which is why it wasn't mentioned in the D-5 Flight Manual. Also note that the flaps were lowered to prevent people standing on them - para (d). Initially, the P-51D relied on hydraulic pressure alone to keep the undercarriage retracted: after some Ds were lost because the undercarriage started to extend during high speed manoeuvres, landing gear uplocks were field fitted to earlier P-51Ds and factory fitted to later block numbers.
  10. Unfortunatly, I don't agree with the OP's premis. The only way A.I two seaters would be effective , in this role, is if NOT shooting them down had consequences. Certain popular aircraft can only be unlocked if these high flying two seaters are destroyed, for example. The other problem is the A.I behavior and limitations. They tend to dogfight, rather than run for home, rear gunners can often be snipers (unless they happen to be in your human piloted plane obviously 😂) and you can't sneak up on them because the rear gunner is just that, rather than an Observer who happens to have a gun to defend the aircraft when needed. Probably, a problem with unlocks is that pilots will simply gravitate to servers that don't do this, which simply defeats the purpose. Another suggestion, that has been mooted elsewhere, are airstarts. I don't think this really solves the problem either as it simple recreates, mostly, what happens lower down, just higher up and with a more separated game area leading to frustration from lack of contacts and some/many of those that lose altitude constantly restarting to reposition rather than taking the lengthy time to re-climb whilst remaining vulnerable. If the reasons WW1 pilots strove for altitude are not obvious to sim pilots, even without the discomfort of altitude, freezing temp's and long flights, then sim pilots will not try and ape them. The advantages of having the upper hand have to be obvious all the way up, from the deck to the very highest heights. I might retract my original disagreement, but only if A.I two seaters behave like drones, that appear, in different places and reoccur on a required basis. They simply fly straight and level, as if doing a photo recon trip, they don't shoot back ( or if they do, in a very limited fashion at point blank players taking the piss). Air starts might be useful, aircraft locks might work, if there was a constant need to attack and defend these "drones" at a particular altitude. The real objective wouldn't really be the drones, ironically enough, they are simply objectives, the real play is obviously human against human, around these objectives.
  11. I think we need to accept that they will make nothing new at least until they've exhausted (most of) the RoF inventory. I'd pay 20 bucks right now for a Siemens-Schuckert and another 20 for a Snipe, but how much of their WWII audience would? I like the E.V/D.VIII, but it wasn't very popular in RoF. It might be in FC, though. The D.XII I can tell you would become an even deadlier version of the D.VIIF at high altitude. That things is stable to the extreme in a game that rewards sniping. I'd also love to see the Nieuport 28, which is dearly missing from the USAS. But, I... I just... I don't want to talk about it.
  12. Hmm, maybe I've counted fighters out too quick. Do you fly with a wingman then? If I'm online (haven't in a long while) I'm unfortunately lone wolfing it as I don't have much time to commit to flying these days 😕
  13. There isn't a server that caters for 'e-sport' flying yet. Closest is Shooting Stars, but even that's very different compared to their RoF servers of old. The bigger picture everyone needs to remember is that we all paid the same $ for the game. Whether you prefer simulating intense dogfights or doing recon's, like ai or not, care for your virtual life or not... it's all a game either way. S!
  14. Some inaccurate info there and he keep on spreading some old myths. For example: "On the P-51 a light off-set of the vertical fin was built into the design which generated an aerodynamic force which helped to balance out the torque. But even here any zero-yaw condition enhancements incorporated into the airframe are only true at one given airspeed and power setting- at a high power setting and low airspeed, as during a steep climb, the torque is greater than the correction. Conversely in a high speed dive aerodynamic forces are greater than the torque. The average Bf 109 pilot enjoyed no such refinement as an off-set tail fin - with its small airframe and control surfaces the Bf 109 pilot had more to do in the cockpit than most." In reality 109 indeed had airfoil shaped rudder since first models... "But, although the taller rudder as well as the Flettners made the 109 a more agile machine, the tall rudders were generally only introduced on the AS engined variants," Tall tails were on most 109 from late G6 on...etc. Anyhow lack of rudder trim was never really big issue on 109's as the flights were not long (due to short range) and as we know, it was pre-trimmed for cruise speeds.
  15. I've noticed that every time I get to forward field there are 1-3 Entente planes loitering below cloud level, asking to be jumped .
  16. Did it really happen?Can you tell who this player was and what was he good at.Im just curious... PS i hate when ppl swear in the game chat.
  17. You get used to spotting and ID in time. I'm 12th overall on Combat Box this month and focus primarily on fighter work.
  18. Only if your Spad 12 pitch and roll can't be assigned to the same stick and must be controlled controlled by sepatrate quadrant levers, or two separate sticks :). The plane sacrificed much of ergonomics to fit that cannon. Out of as-is RoF stable, I want Fokker D.VIII as collector plane, as it would be much beter match for what the Entente has ATM then either D.VIIF (to good) or the rest (not good enough). Fokker D.VII and Hanriot. D.XII (although fun to have as-is), along with D.VII, D.Va and D.IIIa, I'd save for much-needed D.IIIau overhaul.
  19. Hello szelljr How do you get the wheel holes. The gaps do not appear in the template ....? I think it was used from another template P 47 ...?
  20. I would agree with @No56_Hotwing that this is intended behaviour. If the forward field is stressed and under attack, better take off from the rear field, climb and take the vulchers by surprise. You'll know where to find them. Central powers are meant to be more on the defensive, unless it comes to attacking trenches. Also don't forget that you have a parachute.
  21. I think, as someone else has suggested.. 2 'collector' planes that weren't in RoF would be a good sales move.. And I think it was one of the 103 dudes who suggested the next planes 'bolt' on to the current ones in respect to time frame. Smart Good idea.
  22. nirvi

    DCS news

    WIP screen of new clouds in development:
  23. Bring the Nieuports! With this engine, I expect the N17 to be a sweet ride. She's one of the most overlooked rides of ROF. Just love it.
  24. I agree with the CPU-related assessment. I think that would explain the constant stutters at 85 FPS in VR. Should I try rolling back the Windows update? I am downloading DCS at the moment and will load up some complex missions and see if it has similar issues now.
  25. Gentlemen, gentlemen, save the belligerence for when you're flying. Where you see problems, I just see more medals. The White Max: 25 AI kills The Red Max: 25 human kills The Pink Max: 25 human kills who did not yet have a single victory The Brown Max: 25 human kills who afterwards disconnected from the server The Black Max: getting killed 25 times in a row without getting a single air victory
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