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  2. The 3 life per map rule has ruined the game for attack and bomber pilots. I understand why the change was made, but am asking the developers to reconsider a higher life count for Attack/Bomber pilots. Seems to me the #1 issue was jumping into unlimited fighters to take out flak until it was gone, then dogpile a defenseless target with bombers. Some would then vulch easy prey afterwards. My deaths have been due to AAA, as expected flying low over targets defended by Flak. I suggest keeping fighter's the same and increasing attack/bombers to 6 lives per map. Also allow 1 life earned back per day up to the full allocation. Or turn down the effectiveness of the Flak guns and reduce their numbers. Currently it is nearly suicide to roll into a target that is defended by Flak unless you want to level bomb. Level bombing now gets to face hordes of fighters, because most have given up serious attack roles, and the Flak is so effective that even level bombing is a serious risk even when there are no enemy fighters in the area.
  3. Yes, and they apparently don't even know how some of the airfields looked like back in 1944/45 - and this in the middle of the project Bodenplatte! What a great research! I really don't understand...
  4. News from the late Paul al;len's Flight Heritage & Armor Museum here in Washington...a pretty amazing all new full sacle Ju-87.I've heard recently that hey are trying to locate a wartime " Jerico's trumpet " somewhere! I suppose it they can make a full scale Stuka they can make one of the sirens as well?
  5. That Ju87 bloke is a rank amateur. Fancy putting a US coin there instead of a contemporary German one....
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  7. Here is what I refer to, I set up 4x Spads 4x Camels my flight was 8x Fokkers and all the Camels fly in line only one Spad came to attack my 8 wingmen. I left icons on so you can see them top left hand very strange.
  8. The CAMS is slowly taking shape.
  9. Thanks X-Man... Yes, I was shocked when I took a Yak 7B against a 109-4k, at how easy it was to turn inside him. I agree patrick... I was also getting frustrated at the AI constantly going in a circle.. no jinking or avoidance maneuvers, just round and round lol
  10. One welcome feature would be for the AI to lose situational awareness at lower AI levels. That would allow sneak attacks. Keep ace completely aware and then as AI quality goes down increase the odds that the AI simply will not know you are there.
  11. This situation will not be allowed to continue indefinitely and will be sorted out I'm sure. It is obviously frustrating.
  12. I am with you bro! Some members of our community (younger and older alike) don't understand that it takes maturity not to respond with anger/insult/condescension. They don't understand what it means to compromise and pick your battles - which is 100% of the reason why most people are single LOL. Here is what AdamJWest was trying to say in a less rude way: A 1942 Yak 1-b can out maneuver a 1944 Bf 109K-4 because the Yak has a higher power/weight ratio and a lower wingload (surface wing area/mass) compared to the Bf 109K-4, which makes it a turning fighter in this case. The only advantage and way more important that turning radius in my opinion is to capitalize on the strengths of the K-4 which is its speed and armament. This means you dictate the fight - you choose when to engage or disengage because of your greater top speed (...note: you have to know how to keep the speed advantage too). The P-38 is the other classic example of an energy fighter.
  13. My option to try to run the Pimax 5k RX I will have in estimated 2 weeks I refuse the Pimax 8k I have now for the highest performance, is at that moment Intel i9 9900k 5 GHz clock CPU and RTX 2080 TI Titan 1.77 GHZ GPU or September end 2019 i9 10900K 5.20 GHz clock CPU and faster future Nivida GPU May be of close 2.0 GHz ? ‘I can not Move Pimax 8k s fabulous but is and authentic beast the best but right now in Multiplayer,with cuts , Meanwhile I have try the gyro and take out the base stations with the Pimax 8k and is much more better for the performance, compatibility and better track , more realistic more close to cabin that’s like the success of the Samsung Odyssey the gyroscope. My PC : right now, Mother Board: Asus ROG Maximus X Hero , Processor: Intel Core i7 8700K 4.70GHz 6 cores , Overclocket constantly from 4.20Ghz to 4.70Ghz . 1 SSD Samsung970 Pro M.2 NVME 1TB , Memory RAM HyperX Predator DDR4 3200Mhz 32GB(4x8)XMP Corsair Hydro Series H115i PRO- Liquid refrigeration Cooler .  1 Graphic Card nvidia RTX 2080 TI  Fiber Optic High Speed Movistar + +1 GHz per second of upcoming arround 2 ms of Ping transfer about data 40 ms ping in Il2 Multiplayer DED , As a Single Player every thing runs perfectly. Also I have done all these settings:
  14. The Blonde Knight? Sure have.. thanks Patrick, for the info and adult response along with the several others I received, I really appreciate it. much better responses than that juvenile twit.
  15. To be honest I don't know. I suspect that they are tied to AAA AI somehow but I can't be sure. I have no idea if they are tied to fighter or gunner AI but I suspect not. My supposition is based on the current night mission format. Missions are only bombers and AAA. If you don't have nighttime fighter opposition then you don't have to worry about either fighter or gunner nighttime AI. Tying searchlights to AAA is much easier - if spotlit then AAA can open fire, else it cannot. But hey, I could certainly be wrong
  16. I did not observe that bug on single player. The bug is there since last paths not before and my squadmates suffer this as well now, not on previous versions of the game. So something has changed on the game that let this happens so is just not a server conection problem
  17. Polite version: please learn energy tactics. Start by keeping speed up. Use vertical maneuvers (yo-yo is my personal favorite). Always stay above your target. If you are under your target and slow then you have made a mistake. Learn to extend away from the enemy. I like to do full throttle, nose slightly down, then half loop to return with more altitude. Circle climbing to extend vertically is also an option. Per Hartmann: Have you read his book? He distinguishes between head and muscle flyers and definitively puts himself in the former category. He never makes any claims about aerobatic skills or marksmanship. He didn't do fancy maneuvers or fancy shooting. He does claim very good eyesight, very good situational awareness, and very rigorous discipline to NOT be drawn into a bad situation. See the other guy, attack, and hold fire until you are at point blank range. Make a pass and reevaluate. Repeat if the situation is in your favor and withdraw if it is not. That's how he managed to shoot down a whole bunch of airplanes without getting either himself or his wingmen killed.
  18. Hey I./ZG15_Rab3 look at post of Nibbio and make every step of it. Should help.
  19. Looks very interesting. Can´t wait for the first review, because it looks like a good addition to my Ravcore Javelin https://www.ravcore.com/produkty/javelin/
  20. Salutations, Has the 'bug' been observed during any or your single player missions? If not, I suspect it has something to do with the internet server connections. 😐
  21. To put CloD as an example makes me doubt you know its development history. They tried to do too much too quickly with too few people. In the end, after, I think, like 6 years of development they were forced to release an absolutely unfinished and bug infested mess, which made a lot of people very angry and actually rage quit. What you see now in CloD, is the result of putting an additional huge amount of man-years into it. I think the devs now are doing a very good job in not repeating that error. Less features, step by step development. And they are achieving, step by step, a gorgeous looking product where actually most of the features are most of the time working. I do agree it would be nice to have a smarter AI, and I assume the devs would like to have that too. Perhaps you should offer them your experience in AI programming, I have read somewhere they are missing someone for that.
  22. Do the searchlights have any affect to the AI, whether it's fighters or AA? Are you saying that the current searchlights are just for show?
  23. I'm not sure, but I suspect that night fighting fighter to fighter would not be feasible in this sim in its current state. Unless there is special nighttime AI, the AI will see you like it is day. Bombing and attack missions will work. Putting you in the air as a single fighter to intercept bombers would work. Fighter to fighter would seem to be problematic.
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