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  2. If they added this feature it would obviously be regulated server side. With the few players that are typically online it would probably be hard to find a server allowing it. Especially now that icons are hidden by your own plane. Turning off your cockpit would be considered a cheat by most. And playing invisible cockpit mode is too arcade style for this sim. I don’t think there would be too many other players into it. That type of player is over on War Thunder. I get the issue of wanting to switch it off for the hardcore cockpit builder. Unfortunately it conflicts with gameyness.
  3. Everyone else is. Guaranteed. That’s why 1CGS made it that way. Anything else would really upset a very large number of players. No online game has a setting like that player-controlled. Graphics sure, but not basic difficulty settings. If you’re so sure about it, start a poll and find out.
  4. Let me add to my point. I probably died in this sim in all possibly historical ways pilots died during WW2. If I had been a pilot in ww 2 I am pretty sure I would been able to manipulate my ways through flight school as below average to average. At best get a couple of shared kills , but died violently pretty soon and become one of histories grim statistics. It is not the dying I mind, it is the arcadish spotting system that leaves no escape to a bomberpilot I do mind
  5. Thanks for getting back so quickly about this, Matthias, and again sorry for doing this out in the open, I was really just brainstorming. What I meant to say was exactly one AI flight taking off every 15 minutes on alternating sides (not one AI flight on both sides), with each AI flight lasting 30 minutes. To clarify: Mission starts at 0:00 Entente Flight A: takes off at 0:15, lands at 0:45 Central Flight X: takes off at 0:30, lands at 1:00 Entente Flight B: takes off at 0:45, lands at 1:15 Central Flight Y: takes off at 1:00, lands at 1:30 Mission ends at 1:30 I have no idea about the complexity of mission timers and taking off/landing/despawning AI planes, so a different approach may be needed if this is too complex. Which is actually what you already mentioned: I had no idea this was happening (probably thanks to the visibility), but his may very well be good enough for what we're trying to achieve, which is to center dogfights around these two-seaters. The number of planes in a formation I can't really judge, but I'll certainly take 3 over none. Just a few more questions, regarding AI flights in general: Are these AI flights departing from an airfield or do they spawn in as a formation with an airstart? The point being: it would be nice if a human two-seater of the same type could join the formation by having some advance warning. Scouts should normally have a bit less trouble catching up. Could you have a message displayed to people on the same side as the AI flight when they take off/airstart, to signal their location? I know we're not supposed to have radio or anything fancy like that, but it could be a number of green flares being shot up from the airfield/planes themselves and a message displayed along the lines of: Green flares are fired from Cappy (1106), a Halberstadt flight is about to take off! or Green flares are fired from Bristols flying over Saint Gratien (1103) at 10,000ft! Likewise, could you have a message displayed to people on both sides as the AI flight crosses into No Man's Land? As an example: Yellow flares are fired from the trenches, a flight of Halberstadts is coming over low! and Red flares are fired from the trenches, a flight of Bristols is crossing over high! The AI doesn't really have to do anything if that is too complex, though it would look really fancy if AI Halberstadts could (fake) attack a trench with machineguns (that's me dreaming). We can pretend that the Bristols are doing a high altitude recon and the Halberstadts a low altitude recon. I do wonder what the survivability is of low Halberstadts if AAA is in the vicinity, but that's another story. So if the two-seaters don't get shot down, they fly around till the end of the mission, I take it? And if they do get shot down, can you leave a little bit of time between destruction and respawn? Maybe even limit the number of times they respawn to limit abuse?
  6. im not so sure about that.
  7. If you’re implying that the Visibility setting shouldn’t be server side, that’s never going to happen. I’m sure the overwhelming majority of players want these visibility options to be server side. You’ll have to make a track of it and post it to the correct forum section.
  8. yeah, but usually you get "outdated hit data for that". I don't think this is the case. I think broken spotting, even more than before is to blame and not in the way of it being to easy
  9. If that happens it may or may not have anything to do with the new visibility system. People complained about “disappearing” aircraft before 3.201 And in multiplayer there can be connection issues that cause “teleporting”. It’s only fair if everyone is playing with the same settings. That’s how it is already. Whichever Visibility mode is being used is set by the server. It’s not realistic to see other aircraft at those distances but as far as gameplay is concerned it’s fair.
  10. invisible 109's that appear out of nowhere seem to be able to wreck lagg's pretty easily. I don't know what game you're playing besides, it's probably netcode
  11. .... and place. But it would feel similar indeed! Funny to think how almost all the elements are there already.
  12. It's interesting to see all these opininons on what we're missing. Personally I'm stoked about the physeological tolerances being lowered. MUCH more like real life - you really feel it pulling a 60 degree bank 360 turn and doing more than two in a row can really start to mess with your head. What I most want next: - Icing conditions due to visible moisture and impact on airframes including both the skin and aircraft systems such as the carbeurator.
  13. I do still get them, but now they’re an occasional annoyance. Sorry it didn’t work for you.
  14. I was unaware we currently had "cattle strafing" support. *Makes note* I wasn't ready to check that off till C1 delivered the horse and cow models for artillery battery teams and milk wagons.
  15. Kept seeing what I thought was a low flying plane. Dove and kept losing track until eventually I figured it out...
  16. And well-deserved it is, too. 18 Victories on Camels and 15 on Fokker Triplanes. Here's to the Rotary Devil of FC.
  17. Updated list with second Pour le Merite awarded to SeaW0lf!
  18. Wonderful! What a tragedy ... guy survives the war and is killed testing jets.
  19. FINALLY! P-38 skins!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Today
  21. As I said earlier, your just guessing without evidence (no contemporaneous contradictions is also evidence) is just pure conjecture: should'a, would'a, could'a theorizing. The pictures aren't the only evidence, but you don't credit that. That the dead can't be contradicted on hearsay is not just emotional appeal, it's also law. Pictures + first-hand testimony support the incident. The anecdotal evidence, which means other, supporting stories of a similar nature, are also about the substantial construction of the plane itself and the engine. However, I've also heard anecdotal stories that the Russians liked their radials, as did the Germans, for similar robust and protective reasons. I guess we should dismiss those stories, too? Saluté!
  22. as opposed to now when they randomly disappear? at least we didn't have 109's teleporting behind like now. and I wouldn't say "most" the community is pretty split and it think its mostly along of the lines of people who cheesed the old visibility system and those who didn't. i'm not really getting how allowing everyone to see everyone at a distance more easily without hyper tweaked settings isn't fair. seems like a much more level playing field to me. unless that is, it's unfair to you. and again if you honestly see better with the new system and some pepople see better with the old system then why can't both be allowed as a GFX setting?
  23. If you haven't done it already, consider smoothing out the curves of your joystick axis, especially rudder and pitch if you haven't already - make them so you that initially you get less in game movement than your stick moves. I experienced exactly the same thing when I first tried il2 bos years ago in early access. That said, I also feel that the symptoms of the approaching stall are almost non-existent. Since force feedback joysticks have died a death, visual and sound cues are needed to replicate buffet, but I guess it's very hard to simulate the small clues accurately. Flying any aircraft to the edge basically relies upon, 'nibbling the buffet' - which is harder in a SIM than for real - luckily the consequences of not getting it quite right are more tolerable in a sim!
  24. Here you are thanks for replying Missions.rar
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