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  2. I would really like to get the PUGY skin if someone is willing to make it for me. I was stationed at McGuire AFB my entire career and drove past that plane everyday sitting on a pedestal in a circle at the main gate.
  3. Many, many people have been asking for the Mosquito... Where's the love for my Beau, the Beaufighter?
  4. I just made the purchase and hopped into a Pfalz D.IIIa up against a Sopwith Dolphin to give it a try. Using VR this is impressive. Well done Devs! Looks like a return for me to a favourite sim flying era.
  5. Brief description: Genk city (near Ash airfield) warehouse and ramps are floating in the air Detailed description, conditions: The warehouses and ramps are in the air. They are not sticked to the ground Additional assets: screenshots x2
  6. Just to be clear, some individuals wan`t to make this something else than it is. This is why I favor alternate: If individual can`t get what I mean from those pictures, it`s his problem. But please don`t make the issue something it`s not. Nothing else, thanks!
  7. lol That is high praise indeed, thank you! Still busy trying to salvage 3D after the last patch. All the ground objects are floating. Don't think I can fix it this time. I did do a K4 and very slowly progressing with an A5 during testing possible fixes.
  8. Where exactly did you hear this? Ya can't just go making things up! I've seen hundreds of photos of Mustangs. I decided to go through my library. Photos from all of the Osprey series books, photos from the Ethell color series books, Mustang at War, Patton's Eyes in the Sky.....too many to list. Not ONE single photo shows a Mustang with that anti-slip strip. They didn't have it. And of course that photo is post war. It has the Air Force style stars and bars on it and the lettering says that it's the Virginia National Guard. As a matter of fact, that community that they are flying over looks very modern, with all of thoes swimming pools. I'd say that's not even really a military Mustang. Probably a restoration. Yeah, I thought so. Here it is. The Collings Foundation Mustang. You need to learn how to research better than that.
  9. That and Japan flag mi in QMB. Now in ME there is an Italy too, i suspect 3rd party studios could work on Italy expansion if TC or FC don't get sequel.
  10. LizLemon

    The Sun

    Yes it is possible. I'm not sure if the sun is really incorrect in size though. I'll have to do some math.
  11. I don't think he is modifying planename.txt in /planes. Those files are protected and any alteration wont work. He is probably changing the plane AI files.
  12. In fact of those servers that publish their stats Combat Box is the first ever IL-2 server to break 3,000 unique players in a month - and it only took 15 days 😁
  13. No, I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say....... From the pilot interviews I've see, they have said there was a signal from the "whistle" that the aircraft was ready to depart or "spin" etc. Even upon landing the pilots said the "whistle" would increase much more. As it is now, there isn't much warning that you get before the P-51 stalls, that came in the form of a buffet and an increase in the tone and volume of the whistling sound. This is historically correct. From the outside you can hear it ok, but in the cockpit is were it really helps. I'm surprised that there is no buffet or pre stall warning modeled that the actual aircraft had. Most aircraft and most sims have a slight shake or buffet before departing into a stall of spin, with IL2 it seems to come without much warning and I personally find it difficult to fly at the edge of the aircraft's envelope.
  14. Does anyone know if the 1943 Kursk variant of the Ferdinand/ Elephant have a telescopic or periscopic gunsight? On the images of Ferdinands I’ve seen none of them seem to have a gunsight directly next to the gun like on the Panzers III IV and VI but nor I can see any periscope on the top like on the Stug or Panzerjäger IV either. Does anyone have an idea what kind of sight, when it comes into the game, the Ferdinand will have?
  15. Nice skin. Nice action video, don't think they saw you coming!
  16. This is the big problem with complex software, not knowing if something going squiffy is user error or a bug.
  17. Additionaly, the Quest runs at 72 Hz. Sounds to me like a sweet spot to me for IL2. Not as good as 90 but more achievable, and much better than the awful 45 Hz and the constant vibration/duplication of moving objects that we have to deal with today.
  18. For everyone interested in WW1, look at the list of countries to come.
  19. I updated my AMD drivers yesterday. I was on 19.5.1 and updated to 19.10.1. I've been trying to fix the blurriness and ghosting in VR, but now I've introduced the stutters.
  20. As for me colours are too "tropical" in FC. Very high saturation I fly with -100 Vibrance via ReShade, try it, it seems like more realistic for me.
  21. i tried placing one begin and timer for each object with different timing , for example in my case its 3 planes on the runway , in one case 2 planes took off and one disappeared , in the second attempt 2 disappeared on the runway before take off . If i dont bother about delay timing just one begin and timer is enough for a large number of objects activation .
  22. Please, Jason, just give the man his refund.
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