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  2. Hy guy's, Since I have my TrackIr (DIY) I am using the X translation (with the TrackIr) instead of the dedicated action in the controls option to get aligned with the reticle. My questions are quite simple: Are you using the TrackIr to get aligned with the reticle ? or the dedicated action ? And why did you choose to do so ? Thanks in advance, Have a good flight ! Bartimeus D'Uruk
  3. Nice video! I'm amazed by your attack at 2:36. You attacked as most Blue players do when attacking a Pe-2 and everybody lectures how not to attack an aircraft with a rear-gunner. Yet you did the exact thing against two Ju-88s that most guys do against one Pe-2 and you were hit a few times, yet I've seen so may 109s either get set on fire, engine seized or usually PK'd, so thank you for high-lighting to me, anyway, the PE-2 gunner issue. In addition, I never realised how far in you could lean into the gun-sights (7:34), as to me that just looked ridiculous, but not your fault! It will be interesting to see what happens when Bodenplatte is finally released as I think that the Tempest will make both the P-51 and P-47 obsolete!! Anyway, cheers for the video and showing the fun to be had on Combat-Box. Regards
  4. @Kathon & crew I need clarification on the statement below: Every time “Lives on map” counter (shown in pilots hangar) <= 0 then pilot has 24 hours time penalty. After this penalty counter is increased by 1 so he may fly again. Thing is that it works a bit different than described. I was killed on Sunday and received 24 hrs ban as my lives counter went below zero after I served my ban I was killed agian 😄 and then my life counter wasnt zero but I was/am still baned Take a look at my profile before map ends.
  5. Yes, this is another thing which I didn´t like in the VIvePro. My back head was constantly touching my upper playseat. Vive, Rift CV1, Reverb, Pimax are quite ok on that. Rift S, and also Index, are not good on that item.
  6. DCS and Las Vegas both have these moments, when you wake up hungover and feel you just crashed in the wrong place..
  7. Yeah, the combination of 8KX, FFR and 80Hz will be perfect for good performance, best visuals and large FOV. With my Pimax5K+ I currently use Pitool quality=1.0 and SteamVR_SS=70%, FOV Normal and 72Hz mode. And balanced settings (the sets of settings like in the benchmark). With this I am able to have 72fps about 90% of the time on a mission. In heavy combat it goes to 50-60 fps but still playable. With a 1080Ti I am still not able to enjoy FFR. 😞
  8. My fellow pilots, If you could do me a huge favor and go show your love again on my REUPLOADED video. I went to go trim it down and managed to delete it. Thank you guys. (Note to self, dont fly for 2 hours after putting your son to bed and having to go to work super earlier) See you in skies! This Monday I'm putting out something a little different. It a short film I made using footage captured from a ground perspective. Watching these clips it really shows how intense those battles were up in the skies. Those pilots from ALL sides, experienced some hellish conditions.
  9. Planky the trails can be lengthened but after playing the track it begins to look like a birds nest. 😀
  10. I came in here to double check but I could tell ASW 2.0 was working. MUCH less tearing...game changer for IL2 + rift users. Happy times! Many thanks to the IL2 team for getting this implemented.
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  12. Dogfight mode uses different kind game functions so it usually isn’t simply a matter of converting coop to dogfight mission mode. It will need a lot of new template groups and special logic for respawning AI, because the mission can run theoretically for ever. yes, coop is one life per mission, and this makes the game mode a little more “serious”. However, if you die and another player flies in a multi-crew plane, then you can join him as a gunner.
  13. Yes. And no matter how high-res new HMDs will be, VR will never be competitive as long as monitor users have that (5-10x ?) zoom slider while VR has that very poor 2x toggle zoom. This is what the 3dmigoto addresses in the 1st place.
  14. I like the lives and I hate it all at once. I hate it because I suck and lost them pretty quick. My ideas: I would like a way of earning lives back in a way that contributes to the ambiance of the server. Bomber missions for example. Nine successful bombing runs for one life.It should be hard. I think my idea would get more bombers in there air making it more fun for fighters. It's a suggestion made due to having to sit out. I'm having a great time in TAW and would rather fly punishment detail over sitting out. Last ask. Can we please somehow get two characters in the future? I'd love to separate bombers and fighters. It's great! Except I'm dead so not playing. I need to get gud again... 109s are fragile.
  15. Just to clear things up, the tests were done on Blenheims, not Wellingtons. Geodetic structure + fabric on "Wellies" wouldn't be bothered all that much by any HE shell exploding inside.
  16. I placed an order with oculus yesterday. Email says ship by 29th.
  17. I will fly Blue The Next TAW , Maybe +6 to 9 ..10 pilots +. Against All Odds ! No complaints .
  18. IMO it simply wouldn’t add enough to the game to justify the time and cost needed to implement it.
  19. I'm not sure if this is possible to do server side. We've been struggling with this in trying to set-up a dead is dead campaign for BOS. I believe it's part of the game code that if the server chooses a death penalty there is no way to allow a limited re-entrance (gunner only). I sure hope the Devs can code something to this effect. It would eliminate the "honor system" that we use in Flanders in Flames (and I really feel that being able to still participate in the tournament as a gunner after kill / capture is part of why we still have 50 or more participants in what is essentially a sim on the downside). Hi Red! Salute!
  20. I think that was mostly luthier. Oleg was already well out the door by then.
  21. So... I changed my name on IL2Sturmovik.com and created a new account on TAW because I could not login to my original account due to not having original password (it says email is used for password recovery, but I could not find this option anywhere) Now this new account is locked because it's on the same side. So even though I don't have the original password, I try to change my name back to my original name on IL2Sturmovik.com, and it's TOO many characters (even though I SOMEHOW created that username originally). So now I have no way to login back to my original TAW account, no way to use my second TAW account, no way to delete any TAW accounts, no way to move my IL2 name back to it's original, etc, etc. etc. What should I be doing differently?
  22. I'm curious... why are the He-111s locked? Am I missing something? I have two as bomber in my line-up and one cargo... but I can't use them. Is this part of the front line progression?
  23. Balance is worst now, 20 vrs 3 blue, is not funny anyway!
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