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  2. Also, I think P-51 manual mode for oil cooler shares the assignment with He-111, while coolant radiator shares the assignment with... something else. This info can be found scattered in recent forum threads, but since I'm not bothered with manual operation in the Mustang (auto regulators seem to be working well enough), I can't be more specific, sorry . Someone more knowledgeable will surely chime in.
  3. Would anyone be interested in creating a couple of 325th FG Mustangs? The first is "Mary Mac" which was Fuselage No.40 flown by Gordon McDaniel. This I think will be very challenging as the tail has the full Checkerboard markings. I have included an image of #40 before the noseart and cockpit text were updated. Also a reference images of the full checkertail pattern.
  4. Fantastic Work!!! Perfect use in PWCG! 👍 Thanx so much!
  5. OK Chimango you win..... your argue till death comes approach carried you through. But can you please just look at the first video and say, "there is nothing to see here, move along". Just pretend the Lagg3 is a german-made nazi aircraft and that the 109's were actually vvs designs. I'll do the same.
  6. There are some functions bindable to keys only, not possible on axis. I think prop pitch is one, water radiator for 110 and spitfire, and trimming. If you have problem with some function and bind, google that directly. PS: I wish to have prop pitch and RPM on same axis, but not possible. Now I have it on keys, one for +pp/-rpm, and another -pp/+rpm. No big deal.
  7. And this is exactly what people are doing to give themselves and edge - increasing contrast by lowering gama & using reshade. Also, I have already shown the difference with dot pitch here: which gives, depending on the monitor (dot pitch) size an advantage to certain users. Then there is 3Dmigoto mod that gives VR users a nice zoom effect... Users will continue to find new solutions to this problem unless devs do something to mitigate it. Unless you can back up this statement with an actual quote, this is nothing more than your own opinion.
  8. Thanks,... I logged on and figured it out when I saw the stuff already there. 👍
  9. I was taking a break from IL2 but was in the mood to play again and previously I had downloaded a file called KeyMappingGuide.pdf from ChiefWH but I no longer can find it. From some quick searches it appears ChiefWH is no longer on this forum. Is the file still around? I found it really useful because it listed exactly which key commands were necessary per aircraft. If it is really gone is there a new alternative I could use? Thanks.
  10. What other choice is there? Monitors and displays are only capable of so much. A color depth of 16.7 million colors and a contrast range of about 1000:1. The size of monitors isn’t likely to change much as there is only so much size you can place on a desktop. There is room for improvement in color space and resolution. Eventually everyone will own HDR screens the same way that 1080p 16:9 flat panels replaced CRTs You act like 1CGS hasn’t seen these other games. Clearly they don’t think those solutions are better or they would have emulated them already.
  11. Merci pour les infos, reste plus que le chapeau
  12. Hello all esteemed skinners, moderators @Bearcatand virtual pilots waiting for their favorite skins. I feel that the skin threads are becoming quite chaotic. It would be nice to have ONE pinned thread for all skin requests for all planes. This would avoid multiple requests in various threads and confirm which skinners are working on which skins. I would hate to work many hours on a skin just to see that another person was also working on it! Then once released skinners would post them in the pinned threads for each model ( like the P-51 not yet pinned) and then skinners can link those to their personal Skin thread afterwards. Make sense? Thanks!
  13. Not at all, my first post first of all i discuss "the evidence", read it, is not too far up. Prior to me jumping in, the thread derailed when Ivy decided to talk about LW 20mm being part of the issue here, and you guys didn´t ask him to stay on topic there 😁 I just replied to that. Also, the OP mentions "the lack of effectiveness of MG" bla bla (point 3 check it). I'm glad we agree this complaint is not consistent. You edited your post to add all this? 😂 "A random sortie"? I can post cases like that by the dozens; or you can check them yourself very easily. Ivy's test is as old as the "russian bias" "stalinium VVS planes" "invinsible Pe2" complaints, so your assumption of me not knowing it is as spot on as this objective whining of yours regarding uber Lagg-3 🤣
  14. Short answer Yes. Ships retain damage inflicted through a deactivate and reactivate cycle.
  15. here's a working link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/86uwsf/gearvr_to_vive_lens_adapters/dwdigxa/ Try the headset without programming first. Maybe you won't need the barrel distortion fix, not a lot of people see it, it's a very subjective matter.
  16. Well, you do keep coming with otherworldly proposals of how things could be, then try to add weight to them by repeatition. Sadly, the WW1 (RoF) community has seen this attitude over and over, usually from people who wanted to eat the cake and still keep it ( "people should stop using Teamspeak because I don't want to start using it", "people should stop flying D.Vas because I can't handle them", "we should start a server catering to my particular set of wants and wants not", "people should marvel at my newest brainchild, people with actual knowledge of the subject please don't post here or I'll be completly justified to get confrontational". So, please don't be surprised and don't be offended if you are taken for another charlatan. Get your server running, and the people will come or not. Keep filling the forums with threads about new ideas you are not implementing, and don't be surprised you are treated as newst of line of attention seekers. What you propose seems like trying to marry several extremes - career mode, PvE cooperative mode, and PvP dogfight. It cannot be said without trying it (with this specific set of players) whether what you propose is golden mean between all three or Frankenstein monster made from mismatched bits that are separated by years of developer and community experience; I think these extremes are separated for a good reason and trying ot marry different experiences, expecting players to follow your vision, will result with them going off the rails and doing whatever they want anyway. There is a ready mission engine by Coconut, used to generate persistent campaigns - front moving from mission to mission, planes being replaced or not, dependent on player actions. It has AI flights as part of that living front, too, and is open source so anyone can use it. IIt run with WW1 planes for couple of months, was excellent experience and is a solid, proved idea. Perhaps it could be used as basis of what you propose?
  17. Pretty sensless to demand anything from person who pays server's hosting. Play or go, if you're diagreed. All rules are bs if he doesn't want to follow them..
  18. Ok Guys.................> 1st VOLUME is ready now Download here.......................> or Here http://skinsmenhirs.forumactif.org/t1200-telechargement-des-packs-pips-s-skins 😉
  19. Pack p-51D - 356th Fighter Group (8th U.S.Air Forces)- European Theatre of Operation November 1944 to May 1945 Template by @IDCP 6 x Historical skins DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r75ebsa9q54bj1z/356thFG-1VOL.7z/file https://www.dropbox.com/s/st2qdzfls6ligus/356thFG-1VOL.7z?dl=0 😉
  20. Try to modify the red marked points on your game settings, because with your hardware specs you expect way too much. Have a look here: Set shadows to Medium, Distant landscape to Normal, Grass quality to Normal and deactivate SSAO. And change the green options like the following: Landscape filter to Blurred and activate Sharpen - this will help you a lot in spotting. Finally, it could also be helpful to set the horizon draw distance to 70 km. Cheers P.S.: And update your NVIDIA drivers - yours are quite old.
  21. Cool, thanks for talking to them. Could be a user error or a bug. Other servers seem to manage the setting pretty good.
  22. The title "Lagg 3 Damage Model" describes exactly what the thread intended to discuss. Please save your time. I know as well as any that a 109 can shoot down 5 planes in a sortie. The point of the thread was to discuss particular elements of a planes damage model that seem to be inconsistent. Post up a thread about issues with the 109 loosing half an elevator and still performing optimistically, and I will also support it. Ive got plenty of hours in the 109 and can discuss what I think are problem points there too. The difference here is that you jumped in and started a tit for tat argument rather than just discussing the evidence. No we can't and those are valid points. Only the server operators can see the difference between MG151/20 and MG17. As that detail is hidden we can only go on averages.
  23. My point is if the devs are going to spend time developing a/c and modules, I'd prefer they follow something akin to history and not waste time designing fantasy games better off on another game which will not be named.
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