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  2. I think Bos knows the success because it is a simulator that is very oriented arcade. I know many players who have dropped Clodo because it's too difficult for them.
  3. Another must-have Pat. Please could you slip in a download link if you're ready.
  4. Many thanks for your comment. The name of Ernest Sprouse is on the skin !! You are very lucky to had this great fortune to speak with him!!!! Salute!!😉
  5. Again we need to know what level the AI gunners in question are set to? Cheers, Dakpilot
  6. It was really intense again, both sides put up a really hard fight. There will be more events like this in the future! Thanks for joining!
  7. This was a 110 but I believe it about the HS129. I like that ugly plane too. Nice view of the ground rushing up at you. At least its easy to stay on speed - just max it out and its always at 300 km/h (smh) This case with the plane exploding I think was because I hosed him so much. The Yak was out of cannon and I knew they were 7.62s so instead of few round bursts I was doing noticeably longer bursts.. I probably ended up putting a LOT of bullets into the 110 and they must have just hit some magic spot. Id never seen it in any stream. Planes fold in, wings rip off, flaming engines all that yeah. Blowing apart like a bombs on board? That was new. I cursed at first but the Yak didnt seem any worse off
  8. I have added "Spitfire Mk VB:" "spitfiremkvb" and "P-40E-1:" "p40e1" to fighters_allied both in Moscow and Stalingrad lists, and after that I can't launch the app, I have to return to the original config.ini.
  9. Not as silly as you think!
  10. Ace of Spad, volume 19 One 4k skin of Spad XIII flown by Lieutenant René Fonck, Spa 103, 75 sure wins, 32 probable wins. One skin of Spa 81's Spad XIII fictive #XV. DOWNLOAD
  11. Ace of Spad, volume 19 One 4k skin of Spad XIII flown by Lieutenant René Fonck, Spa 103, 75 sure wins, 32 probable wins. One skin of Spa 81's Spad XIII fictive #XV. DOWNLOAD
  12. I honestly don't think early access would be successful. A lot of people have lost faith and trust in Clod..... so their money will stay in their pockets until TF5 proves to be worth the money. If it comes out as bad as Blitz did, I think it will prove to be the demise of Clod.
  13. Murleen

    Cold starts

    Sorry, missed out an important detail - set "Always Air Start" to 2
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  15. Semor76

    Cold starts

    Thanks Murleen, but when I set Always air starts to on, I start in the air and not cold & dark on the ground.
  16. I guess those negative comments in thread titles or topics come from a situational frustration and the forum is the valve for it. Doesnt matter if the problem sits in front of the monitor or it is maybe a game bug. However you got an EA game for less price than the future Release Candidate. Early Access purpose is to support the developer,provide constructive bug reporting and being a tester. The team prooves themselves as pro developers and great project management throughout the past years. Calling a wip development rediculus is just unfair and doesnt proove of having an eye for the whole imo. Instead of being constructive, some seem to need just a valve or just like to slam on already mentioned bugs, which is almost trolling. Try to take the PoV from devs side before posting in harsh vocabularies and compare it to your situation at work maybe. I really love what the team around Han and Jason just created the past years.We are all playing a niche game with just a small budget for the development.If i am bothered by a bug, i got enough faith it will be worn out, depending on its priority,it maybe takes a few updates - so what. Happy Eastern😃
  17. Still being actively developed by the BMS team - 4.34 was released 2 days ago. For the F-16 there's nothing else out there as close. It's pretty incredible what they've managed to do with the engine and I've found it a very bug free experience. The terrain when down low obviously doesn't look great and I found the whole controller setup a bit finicky but if you can overlook some of the understandably creaky bits there's so much good stuff. It's really probably something that only a non-commercial group could put together and focus in on for so long.
  18. I create missions for my group with your remarkable editor: simplicity, activity in flight, etc ......................... thanks again 😊. Is it possible to have the JU 52 in flight?
  19. While the map is WIP can I please flag up that this reservoir didn't exist until the 50s. It was already in one of your devblog screenshots. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olef_Dam
  20. First, i doubt in 2014 it was more than just modders doing something for fun, so i don't see why should we connect old modding TF with TF developers. BoX devs have it as full time job with founding from 1C. Truth is, early access sucks, it was something good back then but now smaller games have no chance in early access. People will play unfinished product, wont like it, leave bad review and forget. If it's multiplayer game then even worse, many people wont risk their $ on early access, servers wont be filled by people, then these who dont like bugs and small content will leave and even less people will play. You willl get reviews that no one plays multi anymore and even after early access game will have really bad start. Stuff like this aleady happend. Now only big companies can allow early access, it's quite a risk for small studio. You can even notice that on steam, a lot of early access games is 90% finished, it's more like beta access now. I think early access would do clod more harm than good. Also don't see how 1944/45 west europe expansion would have anything to do with Tobruk 1941/42. There is no choice between the same games, it will be diffrent so i dont really see any competition. One will be in africa, other in europe. And you can already see really bad complains about AI, if people will get BoBP and see me262 turn fighting at low speed... them box will be the one in trouble. And another thing is, most people don't care about multi, read somewhere that 90% (or something like that) people plays single player in box, pretty sure clod is the same. For now there are just 2 campaigns and the german one is completly broken. People don't play because there is nothing to play. Once they add career, i am sure bunch of people will come back. At least that's what i am waiting for.
  21. @ Altitude, @ Cruise power. Whizz around at high power at low altitude and you'll burn through your gas rather quickly. Especially on a straight jet/ turbojet. That's a basic constraint on any jet-powered aircraft, including turboprops. A flameout ("Flammabriss") isn't all that simple. You might have excessive gas spraying around on hot engine parts with less than optimal cooling. Depending on the situation, you might have an EGT-spike and a tailpipe fire. What does the manual specify as "tight turn"? It probably has a slightly better sustained turn than most prop-fighters at combat speed, but once all the energy is gone (like after going for instantaneous g for too long), you'll be in trouble getting your speed back. That is unless you trade altitude. Bottom line is: Don't get too slow and you'll be fine. It's just another airplane.
  22. The NACA report says you could pull the elevator fully back and maintain control with rudder and ailerons even when stalled.
  23. It's an interesting idea.. Still I don't get why people seem likely to think a BoF would not be good commercially wise. It just doesn't make sense to me, for the reasons I explained earlier in this thread. I just don't get that.
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