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  2. What is you TAW call sign so we can be the judge the validity of your post. Based on your flight hours (none existent) and your participation on this forum (also none existent)- your opinion is really not worth much. Show us your real persona.
  3. It's possible that my sarcasm detector is malfunctioning, since I can't tell whether or not you're kidding.
  4. That flight was a lot of fun!
  5. Press T and the turret will go straight forward
  6. I found; he solutions guys: simply tick the full screen box in video option.
  7. There was an invisible plane bug in 2015. I documented it on a few tracks in the forums. At the time, the planes remained invisible until they fired their weapons. The devs had people who wanted to assist to make a change in the startup.conf so that when when flying invisibility would be logged. The log and tracks, if available, were submitted to the devs by a number of people including me. After a period of time they did solve the issue. I wonder if this is a new bug or the old one rearing it's ugly head. On April 22, 2015 the devs released v1.011 (link below). They announce the following: LINK:
  8. Salute, All !!! When you fly the Quick Mission one v one and shoot down all the enemies, where do you go to land ? Every field I land on shows "Forced Down" in the flight summary. I know its no big deal, but inquiring minds want to know. AD
  9. If you don't like how the developers are managing Bodenplatte, that's your prerogative...but there's no need to continually cry about it in this thread. You're just ruining the ride for everyone else.
  10. Today
  11. Like a few others I am hating the 3 lives rule. However I have a few suggestions that will make me hate it less; 1, As people have mentioned the 24 hour stand down is to long as it often means you can't play the next day, for example I lost my last life at midnight which is the latest I normally play so the next night I could not play as I wasnt able to until midnight again. Between 12 and 20 hours would be much better. 2, An ability to earn the lives back would be nice, much like transport missions to earn back aircraft. 3, When the stand down period is over, we should get our three lives back. Having only one life and the prospect of another 24 hour stand down if I lose it means I will not even get in a ground attacker or bomber until the map is over. Yet ground attacking is one of my favourite things on taw. Just my two cents.
  12. So I tried to reproduce this and indeed, the Ju88's don't take-off. This is exactly what I have been trying to solve for many hours. It's not so much that the runway is too short, but the last plane in the formation is not able to align with the leader. This is a generic AI bug. I found that if the plane has less weight, it will taxi/turn easier, so I'll try to lower the bomb load.
  13. What is your convergence setting? With the historical correct convergence of 400m this can't be. Or you are guessing the distance wrong, when your rounds all fall short.
  14. I guess I read it a little different, sounds like the image clarity is really good which is what I am most excited about. I have already ordered earbuds to take care of the audio. ASW - I normally run with it off, so will remain to be seen how that works for me with the Rift S. Has not been an issue with the Rift CV1.
  15. If you haven't flown online with or against zelil, he is one of those players that loves to shoot landing and crash-landing or doomed aircraft. He will go from flying on your team to switching sides and shooting you as you try to bail from your burning aircraft on the very next sortie. He's the guy that jumps in right after you shoot a plane to pieces and issues the coup de gras to your already dead enemy and gets rewarded with all the points 🤣 None of which is against the rules, lol.
  16. Is that impact limited to AAA or does it impact fighter AI as well?
  17. Hi! I use joy2key and map the Left-Ctrl, Left-Shift and Left-Alt keys to three buttons in my throttle, then I use those buttons as modifiers to buttons in my joystick (or for the reminder buttons in my throttle). That way, I can map up to seven different functions to a single button in my stick. It could be more combinations, but unfortunately, a three-button modifier doesn't seem to work with joy2Key. So here are the possible combinations for every single button. Normal Button Press Alt + Button Ctrl + Button Shift + Button Alt + Ctrl + Button Alt + Shift + Button Ctrl + Shift + Button This allows lot of flexibilty, for example, I have a rocking switch (up-down) in my throttle, The normal button click controls flaps The Alt + Button combination controls the water radiators. The Ctrl + Button combination controls the oil radiators. The Shift + Button combination controls the mixture With this approach I have no need to use the keyboard, other than for chatting. Good hunting!
  18. Oops, meant to say alb. And the tail's only half-wrong
  19. I can't say for certain on the layouts of German airfields late in the War, that's for sure but I can say in general .they tended to look a little beat up around the edges....😉
  20. I have not. I’ll take a look at it and see if something happened. I’ll let you know what I find. I’m glad you enjoyed it even if the ending was anti-climactic at the moment
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