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  2. I have just finished adjusting the mod for my new HP Reverb. I'm still playing with gamma etc to deal with the less bright colors my Odyssey+ provided. These settings were made without glasses. I'm seeing images better with the Reverb than I was with Odyssey+ and prescription lenses user_keymapping_zoom.zip
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  4. I've read in several training manuals and training videos that the turbo lever in the P47 should never be placed forward of the throttle. Doing so causes a build up of air pressure and may cause damage to the aircraft (or something to that effect). I've noticed that there is no penalty to just leaving the turbo lever in the forward position and doing what you please with the throttle in-game. So I was wondering if this is just something the devs haven't gotten around to modeling, or if I'm just mistaken on the proper procedure with the turbo.
  5. Agreed, but monitors have been around a long time and the hardware to run them is more affordable. I reckon that by the time a VR headset matches 4k resolution at acceptable fps with high graphical fidelity, that this is when I will have macular degeneration and not be able to enjoy it. For now, I tried VR and I could never go back to a monitor (LG ultrawide) for a flight sim. Each to their own. von Tom
  6. The new machines. Skin links below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqbpkra6da4g8sd/AlbatrosD5_vA factory Mve %26 Grn.dds?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0xgyubclg0v544/AlbatrosD5_vA factory.dds?dl=0
  7. it rained parachutes on us about 5 minutes after you had to go. Must have been one helluva fight above us somewhere
  8. @Bilbo_Baggins I am not sure about this data, but assuming it is accurate, it is revealing: https://www.quora.com/WW2-Flak-guns-vs-Fighters-which-hurt-the-USAAF-and-RAF-bombers-more My point is, flak in ww2 was a notoriously dangerous factor, so why the fuss about it being nasty in the game?
  9. @DD_Arthur I owe you one. Name it and you get it many thanks. Leaving for work sunday and you just made saturday a lot more interesting
  10. The new machines. Skin links below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqbpkra6da4g8sd/AlbatrosD5_vA factory Mve %26 Grn.dds?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0xgyubclg0v544/AlbatrosD5_vA factory.dds?dl=0
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  12. Just to clarify, the point I was agreeing with actually qualified "get a better monitor" as a fundamental requirement. As it is right now even the best VR is not close to the clarity of a good monitor. So it is possible to get a better monitor (4K clarity and 32" or above for size) and be so amazed that you can indeed forget about VR. On my 4K 32" monitor I can see details that are not visible in VR. Stenciling can be read at normal distance, targets are defined and can be far more easily distinguished etc. These points alone can make me marvel at the clarity a VR HMD just cannot get close to.
  13. It's be neet to have the bomb 'screamers' too, the little miniature organ pipes that made the bombs whistle on the way down. You can see them in the pic attached to the tail fins of some of the bombs. I still love flying the Stuka, just wish it had all these extra cool features.
  14. Our experience today... Several could spawn and 2 or 3 managed to take off. I had to wait 9 or so minutes though I'm not sure why. Others had various times between 7 and 8 minutes. My last flight (on Tuesday) was a Steam VR problem disconnect after 3min but I have no idea if that is connected to this. On reflection the flight before that I had to disco after landing as I had the escape key bug so you can't get to finish mission. I cannot find anything that correlates negative points with spawning delays - maybe someone could point me in the right direction. After spawning I had a message saying the Axis side was full and I was in slot 3, then after a while I got kicked. I spawned back in twice to get the same message, and was kicked twice. Several others had slots 8 and 9 etc. They also got kicked We ended up not flying a sortie because most of us couldn't get in the air, so we all went elsewhere. It is a great server when it works, but the barriers to enjoyment seem very high. von Tom
  15. Yeah, but if you do that, why not do it to pilots too? It would be asymetric otherwise, with our virtual avatars flying fearless right into a wall of AA fire while the gunners would be suppressed quite easily.
  16. Flew 1,5 hours in vr first time in slmost 10 month. And it went dandy. Very nice. Mouce worked but could not choose plane in base for second run. Guess that was gamerelated. But I must have done something wrong in configuring the rift. Because In DCS I am sitting on a angle to the right have to look to the left and sit to the right of controls in the pit. Where can I fix that? In GB I feel I sit a tad too low but everything else is perfect
  17. Both @LukeFF and I have made suggestions about cruise speeds for (I think) every airplane based on Lead cruising at a speed less than Max Continuous power. And in the case of fighter bombers, whilst carrying a typical load, which may not be the "draggiest" configuration. This current really slow cruise speed is an aberration of some sort. The Devs are aware. Bugger, I see Luke already posted this...sorry for the repetition.
  18. thanks! Im trying to open the dds file, but my system doesnt have anything that is working. may you suggest a program to do this with?
  19. I've done quite a few mods over the last 15 years. I have a large one on the go for the career too. However I find the turning AI, radio calls and vanishing smoke to be very demotivating. I'm sure you can understand.
  20. Sorry Guys had to leave in a hurry. Emergency call in family. But 1,5 hours in vr first time in many month was also pushing it.
  21. A lot of action again this week, and a lot of luck. Some good, some bad. But i really hope there's no Winter Cappy in FC. Was good to have 3rd flight at full strength again, and they were quickly into the action. Parsons and I then got 1st flight on the board with a low CL2 and a blue-tailed Albatross above the clouds. But then the trouble started - a 2 seater hit me from below, just after takeoff and I was lucky to ditch. Then we found JG1 had massed 3 Halberstadt CL2s on a raid on the North. 5 Spads attacked, we prevailed but only 4 survived. Suddenly we were hit by a J30 Roland, 2 Albs and a CL2! To be honest, they cut us up. I ended up with an Alb and a Roland on my tail and actually thought I'd outrun them ok, but Mein hit my left wing bad and it started to break away when I was still 100m up. I resigned myself to another damn KIA. But it wasn't to be. Out of nowhere a frozen river materialised and I splashed down into it. The Miracle of the River! Salute to everyone who came out. Great to see those JG1 CL2s in formation and again J30 proving to be deadly with the mixed flights. Stream replay is here. I should get timestamps finished fairly soon. https://youtu.be/6Z1L4nqxAQA There's also a short stream of our flying circus hit out with jg1. Seriously need to work on gunnery in that. https://youtu.be/NpS-0n7kUFo
  22. Download your chosen skin Unzip it to C>Program Files (x86)>1C Gane Studios>Il-2 Sturmovik Great Battles>data>graphics>skins>Plane of your choice. If it comes with a 4K .n File then unzip it to C>Program Files (x86)>1C Gane Studios>Il-2 Sturmovik Great Battles>data>graphics>Planes>il2m41 (in your case)>Textures but rename the file that's already in there before you do, in your case IL2M41_B.dds. Just rename it IL2M41.dds. Job done, fun to be had!!
  23. are you guys using the mission commands like "return to mission?" The attack commands seem to work, not sure about the others, i.e. formation.
  24. Put the skin (except 4k skins) for each plane under the appropriate folder in \data\graphics\skins. For 4k skins, see the next post.
  25. I am barefoot so I appreciate that 😁 No problem a little help is always welcome.
  26. Crikey Cathaoir, your sky is green! What settings are you using?
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