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  2. Let me loosely quote the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Do I see an announcement about the new game version in a section called "Announcements"? This one for instance? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/7-announcements/ I mean there should be a reason for calling that section "Announcements", shouldn't it? And if a new game update isn't worth announcing, what on earth is the Game Updates thread for then? And if they managed to announce 3.010b and c, why is there no announcement for 3.012b and c? But I understand... they did tell. I just needed to go down the old broken stairs, into the dark cellar, across the tons of gravel, break through the locked steel gate, pass the lion, open the toilet and grab the announcement out of the flushing. The local planning department in Alpha Centauri aka "dig through some random discussion threads", that's understood. Mike
  3. Guten Morgen! Wenn man sich die Bewertungen anschaut.... es wurde auch nicht am ersten April veröffentlicht.... Für den Preis werde ich es mir definitiv anschauen, als VR-Flieger kann man sowas immer brauchen! Vielen Dank für den Tipp!
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  5. Nice skins. If only you could put that Mark 9 pilot in the Mark 5. They really should do that.
  6. They did. There is an announcement in the update discussions thread.
  7. To the OP: try using Oculus Tray Tool in game to see the performance numbers. You’re looking for app render timing. CPU and GPU both need to be under 11ms for 90fps. Get into some action and see what’s slow. If it’s the GPU, decrease your supersample. If it’s the CPU, decrease to Balanced settings or overclock your 8700 (you should be able to get 3% out of it with a BCLK overclock).
  8. Nice but... devs, please accept a little rant from my side here: Why on earth can't you - at least - say a word here about such updates in the official announcements section or, even better additionally, give server operators a clue in the server console? Does it really always have to be like this that Server Operators just stumble upon those updates either by pure chance or by people reporting massive issues (ghost sounds, graphics glitches, sortie results not matching actual sortie events) like we did just now? Come on guys, can't be that hard, really. Just a single line post "3.012c has been released" in an announcement thread would do and another single line "3.012c has been released" after each "Mission loaded successfully" on the server console would be the cherry on the cake. That's really a no-brainer. Mike
  9. I just purchased a new CH Pro Throttle, and need some help getting started learning how to program it. Does anyone have a good tutorial on this, or a profile? I have already seen some problems with this CM software, as the mapped mode button is grayed out, and after the second night of it being installed, now the program crashes when I go to calibrate the throttle (using Windows 10 Pro, btw). It is a bit overwhelming trying to learn this. Was using X52 throttle, so you can see why. Edit: I read where you need to make sure that the USB device is not being turned off. I unchecked the box in the CH portion of the Device manager for "turn off this device...", and rebooted. All the buttons came up including the mapped button. When I loaded a profile to test it. all the buttons are now grayed out, and can't get them to come back up. Not sure why.
  10. Taken from Lavochkin Fighters of the Second World War by Jason Moore:
  11. S! Dude & All, I live in Toronto, Canada and in 2009 visited the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI). They have MvR items (a port fuselage Balkankreuze, seat and wing section) on display and I took the photos below (apologies for the quality of the photos - it was 10 years ago!) Their display and cabinet have since been redesigned. I also copied their descriptive text about the display and have pasted it below. It includes their analysis of the actual colour. At the end, I've also included a personal comment about the wing section. Regards, JG1_Dudley Manfred von Richthofen's Fokker Triplane Seat, 21st April 1918. Seat of Germany's "Red Devil." The curved aluminum/plywood seat had a red linen covering. Only fabric scraps around the seat edges remain today. Bullet holes in the seat? The holes in the seat's center are not bullet holes, but are mounting holes which joined the seat to the aircraft's internal frame. "The Red Air Fighter" died in this seat. Around 1045 hours on 21st April 1918, near Corbie village, Somme River Valley, France, Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, the 80 victory German "ace" fighter pilot, died in this seat. Manfred von Richthofen's Fokker Triplane Wingtip, 21st April 1918. A lifting surface of the Fokker Triplane. This is the middle or lower starboard wingtip of von Richthofen's Fokker Triplane. Wingtip reveals Fokker Triplane construction. Fokker Triplane wings were built around light, strong plywood/spruce box spars. Plywood leading edges, ribs, and stiff wire trailing edges gave the wings their shape. Manfred von Richthofen's Fokker Triplane Fuselage Fabric, 21st April 1918. Fabric "skin" of the Fokker Triplane. The aircraft had a linen fabric "skin" strengthened, tightened, and waterproofed with layers of applied aircraft dope. How red is red? The "skin" was then painted a distinctive red colour. Military aviation historians and artists are interested in the fabric because it shows through visual and microscopic study, the exact shade of red: "Lake Red Methuen 9 (C-D) 8." Germany's military aircraft markings. From early 1918, smaller, straight-sided black/white crosses identified German military aircraft. This cross is from the port side of von Richthofen's aircraft. Provenance of von Richthofen seat, fuselage fabric, wingtip in Museum collection. In 1920, Captain Arthur Roy Brown, D.S.C.* presented the seat and fabric to the Canadian Military Institute. (After Brown obtained the fabric from the Fokker Triplane, his squadron mates ripped out the the cross center, signed their names to a white linen panel, and fixed it to the cross center. The names are still visible today). Brown also had the wingtip, and gave it to his friend, then-Lieutenant-Colonel William "Billy" Bishop, V.C., D.S.O.*, M.C., D.F.C. In 1968, Bishop's son Arthur presented the wingtip to the Royal Canadian Military Institute. Generations of Institute members, their guests, and professional researchers have studied the von Richthofen seat, fabric, and wingtip. K. Ellis - Personal comment on the wingtip: The wingtip is described as being from the middle or bottom wing. I find it curious that the trailing edge of the wingtip is concave. This suggests to me that the section might really be from the top wing with the concave edge being for the aileron. The Fokker Triplane only had ailerons on its top wing. However, I am an amateur. Perhaps others more knowledgeable can correct me.
  12. https://youtu.be/x6hpw4rbBrA
  13. I have the button to select ammo mapped. When I use it, I hear a sound in the tank. The issue that I am having is that when I try to switch to HE is does not seem to want to fire HE rounds for say armored cars, AT guns etc etc. Has anyone noticed that HE rounds work at all ?
  14. It really needs Java 8. Update/reinstall Java on your system.
  15. We offer a flight along the ALSIB in honor of Victory day More details you can find HERE. JOIN US!
  16. Wow nice shooting. I wish my aim was as good as yours but I don't have a joystick either. You make using a mouse and keyboard look easy.
  17. I agree with most of what you are saying here. I am certain these aircraft are a labour of love in addition to being a business. There is no need to call my thread a shit post. It is far from being that. As far as the performance on each aircraft, I have not commented on that ever in these forums for one simple reason. As a licensed commercial pilot with multiengine and instrument ratings,, I can only comment on the perfromance of planes that are in my logbook! Having said that, I do have the ability (as many other virtual pilots) to read and study from actual pilots who flew these birds and describe it’s performance strengths and limitations, and from that evaluate if the behaviour of one plane vs another is remotely accurate in IL2. There are some very astute and well educated virtual pilots in my squadron who do not pass on their comments in these forums, but amongst ourselves have practiced flying axis and allied planes. I will just leave that topic alone. It will never be perfect, All I asked is to make the game more interesting by adding more US bombers and by releasing a more even approach to axis and allied planes. If you think my opinion does not matter, it does because one of my friends who bought bodenplatte in August when I encouraged him to buy has stepped back and will wait until it is finished before flying it. Another friend is waiting for the P-51 before buying it, etc. They are not interested in flying the previous titles. There maybe many more who simply don’t voice their opinion. On that note, this will be my last post on this topic. At this point, the highlight of flying online is only the camaraderie with my squad mates, or else I would also wait until it is finished to see if that satisfies my interest. I mainly fly X-Plane 11 to keep my flight chops The future of the game and is in the hands of the developers. Cheers Cheers I see your point 👍 Cheers
  18. Yep like engine and pilot... but in case of Pe-2, engines and cockpit seems heavily armored which i understand for an Il-2 but not for a Pe-2
  19. I hate to attack Peshka but I will try to focus on tail! Thank you!
  20. I don’t think you understand my point. A lot of people see that Erich Hartmann had 352 victories, and don’t take into account overcrediting, the lack of leave for German pilots, or the fact that a few German pilots had loads of Russian aircraft to shoot down while loads of Allied pilots had a few German aircraft to shoot down, they assume that the Bf-109 was the best plane ever, and so they fly it in MP. It’s not something the devs can really control.
  21. Long story short.... The tail parts - especially the elevators, are the most exposed, weakest , yet most vital part of any plane.
  22. It's good to see that you've finally figured it out. Maybe see if you can also do something about that terrible case of butthurt.
  23. You can move it around anywhere you want - useful for people making movies, mostly, or just exploring the map.
  24. One possible, and also feasible, explanation for the order planes are being put out is the amount of documentation these planes have. The late-war American stuff surely has development, testing and in-action reports that's a lot more than an over-stuffed manila folder. The 262 was a world-changing technology achievement. Whatever documents about it that were recovered from Germany + the fact that the U.S., U.K., and Russia all studied the hell out of the plane when they captured working models adds to the pile. The devs have probably weighed out which items they should focus on to put forward the fastest output vs. which types of players need to be kept interested in order to keep income flow. Keep in mind, this isn't a FTP model nor is it a "live service", and development is being funded by current and on-going sales. That said, the 262, P-51, and P-38 are all planes that need to be done as well as possible because even if they are spot-on, the forum will still be set afire by every easychair ace that thinks they have an expertise that demands the changes they dictate. My opinion is to leave the devs to decide how best to deliver the product they promised and get off their back with shitposts like this. Who cares what order it comes? It's already proven that they do their best to deliver high quality models and whether or not said models are subject to tweaking after delivery is an entirely different topic. And most assuredly, if the opposition was flying planes on-par with the Luftwaffe right from the start (and the Spanish civil war didn't happen), Mr. Hartmann and other high-number German aces would have more likely been "5 kills = Ace = entire war career" pilots.
  25. Obvious to few but not to the majority therefore i'm sharing this tip on how to down a Pe-2... The weak point of those two planes is THE TAIL. This plane as everyone knows is a hell to shoot down. Strong and very fast combined with hum... AI gunners I consider myself that everytime, a russian side player takes a Pe-2, you can delete one german fighter because it takes more than one fighter on average to down the Peshka. FEW HITS in the red part is needed and if you succeed, you will know it immediately because the Pe-2 will start a 45° degree dive straight to the ground. If you don't manage to down the Pe-2 in one pass, keep trying as this part get weaker every time As everyone knows, this plane can sustain huge damage if you hit a bit everywhere therefore it is essential to focus on something especially with few guys in comms I tried to hit on one engine, then cockpit but the best results were achieved when focusing on tail Note that you won't hit the tail part from straight behind as needed because you need some angle to clearly see the stabilizer surface when firing. The more angle you have, the better it is For this reason, you may not be able sometime to hit this part if the Pe-2 is flying too low as you can't go under him Also, the best moment to attack a Pe-2 already bombing is right after his drop when it turns for a second pass and show itself his tail to you. On this moment, the AI gunner isn't efficient as usual but for very few seconds. While slower and somewhat easier to down, it works as well with the Il-2 and is essential to use if you have only one cannon (like the 15mm on 109 F2) For training, i suggest to practice with Il-2 model 1941 or 1942 without gunner but without shooting from right behind as you won't be able to do so when there will be a rear gunner
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