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  2. For me they were, and yesterday evening we were online at the same time. Are you sure you didn't see them? Edit: perhaps you hadn't chosen a side. The icons are not shown to neutrals. I'll change that. The convoys are moving, so they won't have icons on the map. Too much hassle to place waypoints and have them toggle icons.
  3. Shamrock - check your PM for codes - message seems to have gone through this time.
  4. I think it would be best if you unlock the fuel setting or give each aircraft the same amount of fuel in liter. German aircraft sometimes have about half the fuel tank of the Entente aircraft. 30 liters is still almost half a tank of a Dr.I
  5. Actually the glare from the rear glass is quite visible to me
  6. Some more videos shot on Combat Box. From Manu: And from 77th_FlyingBull:
  7. Yeah, it's a really neat thing. In the past few days I've found a number of ancestors on both sides of the family who fought in the Revolution, both sides of the Civil War, and the War of 1812. There's probably some descendants in there who fought in the 30 Year's War.
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  9. Alright folks. 24-hours has expired and no further names will be considered. I'm going to run the random number generator (and hopefully get those additional codes from @TG-55Panthercules) and we'll take it from there. I'll try and get everything out tomorrow morning (EST time) if I can!
  10. I'm wondering about the "zoom" capabilities comparative to the 109 and 190. IIRC it did quite well in these types of engagements in "46" when both aircraft were at a similar energy state on the outset. Can someone elaborate/speculate?
  11. I have odd experience in game P-47. 1/4 CH rudder deflection to counteract adverser yaw is causing P-47 to do a snap roll followed by a stall. I hope this model is in "work in progress" stage.
  12. @Arfsix also has advice from IL*2 Support regarding failure to launch after update.
  13. If your game is failing to update. Go to your IL-2 folder and delete all the files in the 'UPDATE' folder. Relaunch IL-2 and it will update.
  14. VR performance: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=243521&fbclid=IwAR3CweFdv_tpTlgu8YS9DgRAybT5NViQGTYh6by1Wy8m3X3f7Rm39UIT03M
  15. Turns out I was at 102% of my allotment. Obviously I went over! That's for offering those up. If you want to PM me with them I will add them to the pot. That means there can now be 8 winners!
  16. Thanks for your contribution of the Pilot Notes Jade_Monkey. I always have them open on my iPad whenever I fly. Also, thanks to everyone whose content I linked to and everyone who helps guide the community in their own way.
  17. The Jug should reach terminal velocity well before parts start flying off. Maybe Yaks and Laags lose ailerons in a dive, I cant' say...but not the Jug.
  18. Just purchased this a few days ago. Looks pretty interesting, though I haven't played it much yet. Why are there Tigers in Stalingrad?
  19. Thanks for putting this together! This should be the equivalent to the sidebar in Reddit. The go-to place for every noob adn anyone trying to read on on areas where they are a bit rusty.
  20. Yep, everything that I used to wish that I could accomplish 46 I can now do and then some.
  21. Hey Shamrock - just saw your thread and realized I also have a couple of those code cards (so, two 25% and two 50% codes). I didn't want to horn in on your thread, but if you wind up with more "winners" than you have codes, maybe you could go ahead and give out these extra codes to the extra winners ? Tried to PM you with the codes but got weird message that you cannot receive messages (maybe your mailbox is full?) so I figured I would have to post here after all. Let me know how I can get the codes to you (or who the extra winners are and I can send the codes directly to them). Was great meeting and chatting with you at the Expo. Thanks for all you do to support the team. Cheers, Panther
  22. The way I interpret those statements is that you will be able to use the Mission Editor in it’s current form in Flying Circus and Tank Crew, with objects for the maps that apply to those particular conflicts. That means we will be able to build missions and scripted campaigns with both of those titles. The MCU malarkey and timer triggers is oddly enough exactly what everyone was yelling for on the IL2 1946 forums back in the day. Now that we have them, I guess we just have to figure it out. No one said it would be easy, and the devs have warned us all along that they aren’t going to hold our hands while we learn it. i can assure you we can do more now with the available tools than we could in FB/1946. I agree it’s more tedious, but I don’t think it is any harder. It’s just different.
  23. Oh that'd make sense. I should see about disabling it.
  24. Specify here the nicknames of the players that surpass planes from another area to another, with evidence (tracks, screen, video). These will ruthlessly ban permanent. In the area of the flying circuses view with fuel. I have no such aircraft, so I can not compare the weight of the fuel.
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