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  2. Hello TIP, great to se you back!! Please may SCG reserve 4 D9s Thank you
  3. I am getting bored of fighter sweeps and have been flying the excellent 'Achtung Jabos' campaign recently so put me down for a P-47 please.
  4. WMR support in IL 2 is okay. It's not perfect nor unusable. It comes with false IPD settings making the world too small by about 0.9* of what it should be, but this is IL 2's fault. The mod by lefuneste has a global shift variable X6 in it, which can be used to fix the world scale. I use x6 = 0.005 or 0.006. You can check my thread in the signature to find the mod and settings for WMR too.
  5. true but I thought you had enough speed to get pass ok 😀😀
  6. @blitze Vulkan is another framework, and the Devs have used DirectX so far. A switch in frameworks doesn't just require rewriting a lot but also throw away experience in coding. This leads to a lot of manhours put into relearning,a loss in effectivity/speed in the workflow, probably some bugs in the process, and is thus something a monetary mountain that 777 with its tight budget and tight schedule to integrate and release their new expansions cannot afford. DirectX 12 however is in the realms of possibility and also open to both Nvidia and AMD. Even if Vulkan may be better as the framework from the technical point of view.
  7. I quoted myself from the first page. And exactly THIS problem is back now. Thats why I ask for a fix.
  8. I'm not so sure. If they are staying out of MP because real pilots are too skilled then they won't want the AI kicking their butts. They will just turn it down to 'Slight challenge but guaranteed kill' mode and stay in SP forever. It can't hurt to have the option for those that want to progress but if they do genuinely want to progress they can just do what every other MP player did and jump in and die a lot until they get better. All it costs is a little ego as they make that transition from 'I think I am an ace' to 'I am actually crap but I will learn' 🙂
  9. I suggest to have ability to link escorting fighter player with bomber player online, and then some % of points that linked bomber player colects in that sortie can be added to linked fighters sortie also. Encuriging bomber players escorts online. How it would work is you could have aditional icon option in ingame stats page to click next to player name, who you wont to escort ( like you have frend or ban icon option now), and bomber player could accept it or denay it ( depending on how good escort you provided before for example ). So lets say each bomber player can accept up to 4 escort requests, and each fighter can ask to eascort up to 4 bomber players. As of now you get no points for providing escort of bombers so not many users do it on fast food servers where everything is mostly about points, so then if you can earn points by eascorting, and amount of thouse points depend on that bomber hitting target and returning safe home ( as he gets more points then and you get more points then also as escort) probably more users would make sure that bomber guy gets back from objective as then he can get % of points bomber guy earned (bomber players points dont get reduced ) That would also maybe help in preventing kamikazi bombing as who would escort bomber guy who wont get any points back as hell just crash after destroying targets, and also bomber players can opt to not be escorted by fighter guys who just leve them and so on... If this is not neccesary or to mutch for to be in game i guess this could also be done just by for example vaal stats system, with bombers and escorts doing linking/requests on web stats.
  10. Meybe it's not about guns much accurate dispersion (Devs said they researched it when they worked on BOS ballistic - historical data ) but prop hanging is to much effective. Spray and pray with shotgun like dispersion is dangerous too because chance of hit by one bullet is greater than with smaller, and one bullet was enough to do significant damage (leaks or engine).
  11. I know there's a point of pride in being able to inspire as many as one can to learn about the history and reasons you put so much work and passion into this project. Sometimes having to 'convert' new players from other similar games (like warthunder) is a factor in keeping funding and grow interest. That said, devs, please, please, please, reject the arcade as much as possible.
  12. I played acg events in clod when it was free event and i know you guys provide best posible expiriance for users searching for historical behavior in online gameplay, i dont think i putt you guys in DF server basket, i said only events can provide what you have in SP in online enviroment. You guys have mission once a week so thats not df server for me thats event, and only way to have some organised and historical looking behavior in online.
  13. Today
  14. @ICDP, great job on the updated Spitfire skins. One little thing I did notice is that the "D" in "Inboard" is missing from the left-hand wing:
  15. Hello, just noticed this topic. I have a Sidewinder FFB and while I like the feedback strength at 100% for sensitive WWII control surfaces I bring it down to 50% when playing FC. It seems like there is either more resistance or you are constantly using bigger inputs in FC. EDIT: 30% seems about golden in the Spad with further experimentation. It's much easier to shoot accurately at high speeds when holding the nose down isn't a wrestling match.
  16. SCG_klobuk

    Guncam No. V

    Yep, but pretty standard for close passes like this one.
  17. Thanks for that. The complaint at the time came from people who were upset because action was happening all over the map and not being funneled into confined areas for the instant action that they wanted. Another group complained that they were getting lost and wanted targets closer to the front. Whatever the reason and despite the complaints, it was fun and rewarding to load up a bomber or jabo and go hunting for targets deep behind the lines. Sometimes you would find a supply area. Other times it might be a large industrial complex. The urge to keep exploring was very great and even after expending all your bombs you’d stay out there just to see what else turned up. It was common to come back with fuel tanks almost empty. Sometimes you’d be running for home at very low level and suddenly find yourself charging straight through the middle of a highly defended area that wasn’t marked on your map. Pandemonium. It was like charging through somebody’s wedding.
  18. I really wish they would just make this an option in the game.
  19. unlucky to get hit at 0:28
  20. I rarely play MP for 2 main reasons: Time, both having it, and having it at the same time as other online players Ping, being in Australia our ping for some of the more popular servers is like 340.... which wasn't as noticeable in the old il2 1946, but very noticeable in this il2 series. I don't play SP campaign because at the moment I don't find it interesting (again atm) For me shooting down an AI is just not as satisfying as shooting down a human player, and atm I'm a Jager not a ground pounder (though I did enjoy flying the Ju 88 like it was an A6 Intruder in il2 1946, coming in low with long time delay on the bombs ).
  21. With all the hard work and dedication that goes into AI ground vehicles. Why not give those vehicles to everyone in the game by default to drive and enjoy like the original tanks. They do not need to be perfect and I believe players would be understanding of that. Giving players the ability to use the AI vehicles would add an entirely new element for the playerbase to enjoy and immerse themselves with. I cannot express how many times I looked at an AI vehicle and thought to myself, I want to drive that. It would be a great additional bonus future for the game. In fact, that is exactly why we have Tank crew now. Because people could drive a couple basic AI tanks and people loved it. So many people enjoyed that aspect of the game and now it has become its own feature. Why not extend that same kindness by allowing players to use all the other AI vehicles as well. Surely, everyone would like and agree to this suggestion?
  22. Another reason they did it, the cream of the crop would have the best rations and living conditions, boosting their success even further. Just plain old common sense, the practical in action. Every side did it in one form or another, except maybe Japan, doesn't have to be monetary.
  23. Don't know about how everyone else feels, but don't like the chat system in this incarnation of Il-2. Too much of it, and to many distracted by it, they're there to chat, not fly. I'd love for the option for a server to shut that garbage off, or disconnect it from the mechanical tips so the individual can. That sort of stuff can be intimidating to new blood, death by publicly flashing news of their humiliating demise for all to snicker. Push toward co-op and extended tactical strategy is good news, Bodenplatte has great potential for success with it. Who really wants to endlessly fly into flak traps and infested sky for nothing? Without any team or an objective it gets to be painfully annoying after a while, and you move on. Old Il-2's strong suit was a huge variety of usable objects with an open easy mission builder, and easy access, slowly moving the right direction. Think your tank move will prove to be brilliant in the end big J.
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