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  2. pff itz z P-47, shooting that thing is not worth the mention, i tought it was proper airplane yu got 😄 Playstation controller for the win 😄
  3. Thanks for the info. I am not sure I have the time and necessary knowledge to start decoding those files. Maybe if one day during long winter nights when wolves and wind are howling outside in the freezing cold, and all connections to the internet are gone, I will start digging into this
  4. This, pretty much, though hopefully not quite so dramatic. The gist of it however is that the Me262 was not a game changer for the LW because the allies had pretty much attained air superiority by the time the 262s could show up in any meaningful numbers, allowing the allies to roam the skies freely, and even more importantly simply absorb the losses they took from it. In a setting where the allies do not have full air superiority, the superior LW hardware will have a major impact. The irony, of course, is the very quest for maximum performance and super weapons (As it were) was spurred specifically by this superiority on the side of the allies, who themselves did not suffer such a pressure. The Spit IX, for example, is thouroughly outclassed by the later LW hardware, but remained the main Spit in operation because there wasn't really a need to pump out the best of the best, not when you could outproduce the enemies 10 to 1 AND fielded much higher quality pilots. In short, BoX will never replicate the dynamics of the late air war, because all these were the byproduct of the Allies thoroughly dominating the skies, something which obviously we wouldn't want to be replicated (it simply wouldn't be fun for the blue pilots to be constantly massively outnumbered, with limited fuel, and of course lack of pilot skills can't be replicated at all). he end result is generally speaking the LW will have an edge that it never had in RL, because the logistics of the late war can't be replicated. The only proper counter to that will be to include the things the allies DID have to redress the balance but never really pushed very hard because it never was under any pressure to redress any urgent setback in the air (Spit XIV, 150 octane, and so on.)
  5. This series suffers from not enough content for the price to draw a good MP crowd. The way it is marketed piecemeal fractures the MP community as well. If they would release FOR ONLINE ONLY all maps with at least one plane per side per map free (with the purchase of one module) we would have tons people more online and they'd get more sales/income overall.
  6. Phatetic² It's enough for today.
  7. Slightly :OT- how does one tell( on any aircraft not just the Spitfire,) which are the 4K skins offered as choices?
  8. !adm Erwin, u are fanboy of miaw.scharfi?
  9. There aren't nobody defending Scharfi. There aren't fanboy here. There are some crazy BR showing yourselves and how crazy you are!
  10. yeap, this video only to this, dont to rage, or other things
  11. Nice job @ICDP ! About the Spitfire skins, maybe we could have something similar to how it is done with the Yak-1B and La-5FN, one earlier late 44 stock skin, and then one 1945 stock skin (without squadron markings etc), then maybe a full 1945 skin from a particular pilot. If you ever get the chance to update the Bf 109 G-14 skins I would love if you could include one of the late camouflages which used brown or darker grey with green like in the 109 K-4 and Fw 190 A-8
  12. I get wounded often in the Pe-2 (never been Pk'd, but then I rarely get Pk'd in fighters at all either, unless my aircraft is already in pieces). I have NEVER made it home in a Pe-2 after encountering enemy fighters. Not once. The best I've managed is to crash land in friendly territory. The last time I was shot down a single pass set my engine on fire. At that point, I was dead, but the guy who attacked me kept shooting me up from my 6, essentially beating a dead horse and hanging around for my gunners to shoot him (spoiler alert: they missed, so much for OP gunners). Here's a tip for axis pilots: get one solid burst into one engine on a Pe-2 and he is toast. The Pe-2 can't easily stay aloft on one engine. Let him wander off to die. Unless you're really devoted to making sure he's actually dead-dead there's no point risking the gunner's vengeance in continuing your attack once the engine is streaming coolant or black smoke. The engine WILL seize eventually, he'll crash, and you'll get the kill. I guess people really want to see a catastrophic kill but dead is dead IMO.
  13. meow.scharfi dead and fanboys defending.... but scharfi is a good pilot!! Its a Ace! Dont panic guys, relax... its dont post to rages.. we friends! see u
  14. I have no idea what's going on here
  15. Seriously speaking now to everyone she or he does not know, is an excellent pilot for sure! S!
  16. kestrel79

    DCS news

    Picked up the Nevada and Persian Gulf map during the sale yesterday. What's the easiest way to fly a plane for fun with no enemies on these new maps? I wish DCS had as easy of a setup for quick missions as IL2 does. Also bought the Flaming Cliffs 3 planes...does anyone know if they come with training missions? I could of swore years ago in either LOMAC or an earlier version of DCS the Flaming Cliffs planes all had really good training missions. I don't see any in the Training area of DCS which makes me sad. I need to remember how to fly these things
  17. I want to thank @ICDP @Talon_ and everybody who is helping to make the Spitfire more accurate. A true work of love, thanks guys. I am sure many will enjoy this. It's all about the details!
  18. miauwwwwwwwwwwww Hum football? I am penta and you? I was penta champion over germany 2x0 .. kkkkkkkkk see u, kiss! 51/5000 I'll analyze it on the tacview, see if it's pure?
  19. Salutations Tankers. Attached Below is a update to my BTL Tiger At The Gate mission. Also there is a version of the mission with you manning the PzIII-m. This one may prove more difficult. Let me know. BTL Tiger At The Gate.zip BTL PzIII-m At The Gate.zip
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