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  2. So the randomizer just put targets in random spots on the map? In that case the fact that the missions probably sucked is why it was discontinued. Or it selected random targets in preset positions? Then people would still know where the targets were. Bomber pilots could just do their own recon while they're bombing.
  3. well for me, the dgen stuff was already there prior to BAT - but it shouldn't be an issue. All dgen campaigns that call upon stock assets should all work fine with BAT. As to only a few planes to choose for DCG - huh? there are tonnes of planes to choose. It depends upon the campaign creator, the service, and the squad you choose --or you can even get "creative" if you want and change your squad's plane into whatever you want as long as it is in the DCG files. I feel for you and understand your frustration. I have had issues with things not working as they should - and it can take a while to figure them out (often I made silly mistake) - my DCG battle of France wasn't working for example...now it is again - I don't know why???? LOL. There are many many small things that can cause a campaign to not work -- and it's actually compounded with mods (the drawbacks of mods). Idk, maybe start small - decide what are the minimums you want from the sim and campaigns and do your best to get things to that level and extend further from there afterward. For me, I just stay with DCG primarily and have learned the majority of the things that make it( or campaign) not work. And have got my essential DCG campaigns rolling on fine. But yes, it can be frustrating as heck though - sometimes more isn't more...but can be less. There is so freak'n much for the game, so many mods, mod packs, add-ons, etc, etc. This works with that, but doesn't work with this...this works only with that adjusted or added...this works if you stand on your head while singing Elmo Loves You, lol...
  4. Il2 1946 didn’t have this obvious a problem with the gunners though, therefore it’s hard to believe it is simply that difficult to program and why we have so much drama surrounding this issue. Regards
  5. Hmm, I will check it out, thank you for the bug report.
  6. The stock game is hard to look at. Yeah I can't figure out how to put those dgen campaigns into bat without breaking the install. DCG is alright, but it only has a few planes to choose from. All I know is VP mod just works and comes loaded with all the greatest hits dgens, tons of content to fly in. Just wish I could get some scripted campaigns working. Everything is broken.
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  8. A dev has stated it’s difficult to program gunners to miss. I’m thinking two things could make it more realistic. Adding dispersion to flexible mounts and changing the acceleration when pivoting the weapon - like the camera acceleration in cinematic mode. (Acceleration, though may be the wrong term. I’m on my phone and can’t look at the GUI) Add a little lag compared to the movement of the AC it is attached to. That’s more for you guys than me. I don’t have major problems with the current implementation of aiming.
  9. Thanks for that. I heard from Ismo today, and he says that he'll start building mine next week, aiming to ship it in the 2nd week of May, so he's right on schedule. "Good things come to those that wait." I'm feeling very happy.
  10. I think that Marshal mode shouldn't be expected to immediately boost MP numbers. Culture doesn't work that way. It should be expected to create a new environment, and the organization will need to slowly assemble. But without infrastructure, trying to create a culture is impossible. Good vision.
  11. Did...Did Jason just delegate authority to Bubi to enact capital punishment on rogue players on KOTA? I'm...surprisingly OK with this.
  12. All my neighbors are homeless drug addicts. I'm in the last of 2 remaining houses on my block. Needless to say I don't envy their life choices. Based and Alt-RightGroceryShoppingPilled.
  13. No robin. There was a randomiser that the server admins used for generation of targets from one mission to the next.
  14. Nice update. Lot's of fun. Liked the new messages also
  15. I mean when it comes to the main server (wings of liberty) you will probably be lucky to see more possibly even a flight worth of aircraft given the numbers already seen I'd say 262s would number in the 4-5 range It will be effective in the right hands but its something any other bomber could probably do more efficiently once on target. As for the bombload I knew it could theoretically carry 1000kg worth of bombs but I didn't know that the 2 500Kg bombs were never fitted.
  16. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/de/sortie/log/4194290/?tour=46 -No Pe2 gunner faces were hurt in the making of this video. He’s sitting on the right side not because he is dead but because the gunner is out of ammo and he’s sitting in his normal non-engaged position where he normally rests. RGDS
  17. It took more than one try, but I did win a mission. My PzIIIm suffered significant battle damage during the course of the battle. I also obtained a win with the Tiger. The Tiger is quite a ride - its gun enables it to reach further than its opponents and when it suffers a hit the effect is minimal.
  18. Or because everyone figured out where the targets were after the mission ran a few times and recon became pointless.
  19. I'm going to venture a guess that doing historical repaints always end the same way for everyone who has ever done it: 5 minutes after you are done, and it's posted for distribuition, and you can't stand to look at it for one more second, you will...and you will want to change it. So just pick a color, call it good enough, and don't torment your eyes with it any further.
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  21. I have the WMR Odyssey+ and the tracking is fine in IL-2
  22. I enjoyed MP for short while a couple of years ago when there was a server with a recon element. As the mission began, all the enemy ground targets were hidden and it was up to the players to cross the lines and explore to find them and light them up for other players. It was rewarding and fun. The end of a mission was something to look forward to, as it meant a whole new map to explore. They got got rid of that after a few months. Presumably there were complaints from the more arcade and dogfight minded players.
  23. Eh, in-game comms are always kinda crappy anyway... 😉
  24. Thanks for beating the drum for Thursday nights despite your absence @US103_Baer! Once Bloody April's done, I look forward to returning to Thursdays myself. Have a great ANZAC day! to those who served.
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