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  2. This photograph inspired me to do a little more skinning. I have interpreted the paint scheme as being RAF colours Dark Green over Sky. This skin comes with an alternative version that lacks individual aircraft markings for use as a generic RAAF skin. You can download them here. Thanks to ICDP for the lovely template.
  3. I've had it explained to me, but "Wolololo", at least written out, still sounds like and Australian yelling, "Cry havoc and let loose the kangaroos of war!" But let's see what happens this week.
  4. The feeling of being in the cockpit is worth it. Anything on a screen or tv is a fast switching picture essentially. If you sit in front of a monitor it is 60hz or 144hz, vr is same so same effect on brain, you are tricking it the same. Radiation much smaller because much smaller screen so will it will boil your eyeballs over time...? Not sure, i would say you are getting less radiation from it then your cellphone.
  5. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    I think no brain is safe here. Nor your eye if you spend too much time in front of any type of screen. VR optimization is however a good thing for eye and brain. My time in VR has grown considerable and with it less time flying. In DCS I find myself just in the middle of using it or not. I find it hard to leave VR and walk right into a family situation. Also immersion by switches and cockpit is equal of immersion of VR depending what I fly These improvements might remove some discomphort using VR. And that is good
  6. Please petition the developers to fix at last the flickering bug.
  7. Dedicated Normal had them and I thought Berloga did but I may be remembering wrong.
  8. i dont like tags off is there anyserver with tags on?
  9. I was flying a few missions with the Duck, first in march 1943, no issues with taxing. In an attack mission on road and track facilities the trucks were not on the road, but in the terrain and my squadmates did not attack the trucks, but the anti air defense. @Murleen I was also flying in may 1943 from the airfield Gostagaevskaya, north of Anapa,.When starting to the west, the AI turns left too far and taxis into the camouflage nets in front of the building left of our parking area. The other directions worked like they should.
  10. Should we Wolololo just to be sure it will be interesting?
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  12. Sharpe43

    DCS news

    it's a funny thing...but some of the map stuff you see in the f16 video that was released Friday was the syria/ Lebanon map..
  13. Hi, can you please allow at least 4xSC50 bombs for all BF 109's? It would improve the gameplay. Edit: For BF 109 G-2, G-4 and G-6.
  14. Ja da empfehle ich gleich mal diverse discord server zb. https://discord.gg/2DKnbT
  15. Could be an interesting week.
  16. Welche Gpu, und wie sieht die performance aus?
  17. The whole topic has slowly become uncomfortable to 1C and its defense team.
  18. presente con mi avión rojo en el =gRij=Dedicado server como el berloga pero con mas categoría sin vistas esternas
  19. Dutch2

    Racing Sims

    Maybe in version 2.3 😁 But if you do have AC you could ask this to the mod maker. I did btw also read that Automobilista2 will be released in dec2019 on the Project Cars2 game engine and luckily not on the ugly rFactor2.
  20. Yes, I know some kind of strange, but it actually is that way. I use it frequently, because I don't want to have to start the game twice only to switch from "modded" to "non modded".
  21. Yep, that Startup.cfg was the first thing I was searching inn, I did saw that, but did not know that modes stands for mods. Thanks
  22. Here they are: grosfi.ch/dAwXUE4na3W I have made a composite of the two useable Achmer photos. I have added Monchengladbach but it is unfortunately at a very low scale, but good enough to make a good interpretation if you do not have anything better. It is very interesting to see the dispersal areas of Hangelar quite far from the field, at the top of the photo! Cordially JVM
  23. Is there an option to get rid of that horrible exhaust flame?
  24. keeno

    PWCG flying P40?

    Magic, thanks Yogi, I'll give that a try. Gotta love the old work horse...... that's why I want the Hurricane so much! Cheers
  25. Yep, it's flagged in your startup.cfg file in your main game directory. I don't have the file in front of me right now, but it's quite at the bottom of the entries. Its flag is should be something like "Modes = 0/1". So, set it to 1 and change the properties of this file to read-only. That's what I actually do.
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