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  2. Too bad ... it would be more simulated.
  3. Try to copy the 01.rus file and rename to 01.eng (or to the language file of your version of the game). Do this for subsequent missions The english translation was saved in the .rus file. (This makes sense since he probably has the russian language version) Thanks for the campaign Diman_Ivan_san!
  4. Eldur

    Endlich IV

    Ich dachte, der Feierabend Bump geht auch ohne Game Booster...
  5. No thanks. The current system works fine.
  6. From something simple like this would be nice... To something like this would great too....
  7. It's not the same dive entry. If you go with your simulation and give the Spitfire a 1 s head start (or whatever time necessary so that it is at 5km while the P-47 is still 100+ meters higher), you'll find the P-47 does not start to catch up until the Spitfire reaches terminal velocity either. The pitch of the Spitfire for most of the dive entry phase is about 5° lower than that of the P-47, even though in the steady parts it looks as if the P-47 requires only about 1°-1.5° higher pitch at the same speed for the same flightpath. Effectively, the Spitfire pulls ahead due to a) a slightly better initial acceleration and b) due to entering the dive slightly quicker / steeper. But if you convert a couple of extra % altitude, it is a tremendeous initial advantage and it will take ages to compensate.
  8. So I had the chance to speak to support about this and they were able to fix the issue! I provided them with my 17-digit SteamID number and they were able to link that up with my IL2 account manually, which seems to be the process that was going awry. Once they'd linked the account, I signed into the game using my steam id and it went straight in. Seems it may have been a case of misleading error message, making it look like a connectivity issue. Might be worth noting on a troubleshooting sticky somewhere for users getting this message on first-time use; as I mostly just found posts of people getting this message due to the server being down etc. Anyway, cheers for the tip!
  9. it would be very interesting and immersive, the oxygen to be connected manually against the 4 thousand meters, with the pilot suffering vision loss, if he did not open the valve.
  10. I also upgraded my PC recently especially for BOS. Until know I thought the game itself is terribly optimized. But I just realized that the terrible performance I get is only on wings of liberty server. What is up with that server? If I spin up quick match with fur ball of 16 AI + me it's no problem. But when I spawn to WOL it stutters like crazy.
  11. Tell that to any infantryman in WWI or any Infantryman other then US in WWII - but I get your point. If they had a choice they would have propably picked other guns for Urban or Trench Warfare
  12. DD_Arthur, Thanks for your reply. Between 2013 and 2017 or 18, I bought everything from the RoF Store. I, also, stupidly never bothered to save my purchase orders. Incidentally, I've been trying to figure a way to underline my text since 2000 or earlier. And I don't know how I got this, nor how to how to turn it off.
  13. Good evening all, I'm putting my digital copy of WOTTR for sale. PM me if you're interested.
  14. When exactly and what exactly and where exactly did you buy this content for RoF? It seems unlikely you have bought anything on May 2nd. 2019 as according to my calender thats still over a week away.
  15. Thanks for the help. But still no success..... Anyone else here with an idea what´s going wrong?
  16. Well I could have done without a day chasing diagnostic work but... After wasting a lot of time addressing a corrupted windows update that failed to apply (second one in almost as many months) and getting that sorted the problem still remained and so I spent time focussing on various memory checks. Not a single ap or memory check utility reported any fault, every one reported 8GB of RAM working faultlessly... however my machine has 16GB installed, except windows and Bios can only find 8GB to test. For a PC the age of mine 8GB is probably all that most would expect it to have and it seems fine for running most regular activities, but it seems likely there has been some sort of hardware failure on one of my 8GB sticks of Corsair DDR3. Quite why (or even if?) this is the cause of the strange way that the FPS would drop with subsequent re-loads of the same mission in IL2 I don't know, but for the relatively modest costs involved I'm going to order and replace all the RAM in my PC and use it as a chance to upgrade to the fastest DDR3 the motherboard will take. Then I'll start again with new tests to see how my PC behaves and if replacing the RAM has cured the issue? In the mean time is anybody aware of a utility that can actually detect faulty/failed RAM to conclusively prove it is a hardware fault with the RAM, and not some setting somewhere that has "disabled" part of it. I've switched the chips around in the various slots on the motherboard and which ever of the four slots I plug the two 8GB sticks into it sill only detects a maximum of 8GB so I'm fairly confident it s a hardware failure, but it would be peeving to replace the RAM and find my PC will still only detect 8GB despite having a maximum capacity on the motherboard for 4x8GB, and when until recently it ran fine with 16GB. HH
  17. Today
  18. Your Question is not easy. At the original maps you dont find the airfields as marked as an airfield. This could be the airfield of Krefeld Bockum? (1945) Some airfields were used since many years Dortmund Brake (1920) Köln Butzweiler Hof (1937) and some airfields are not like you located the airfields Paderborn - Mönkeloh I think the best way will be to ask Jürgen Zapf https://www.flugplaetze-der-luftwaffe.de/?page_id=6 to support your work. He knows everything about the german airfields and i think you will get a lot of detailed informations about the airfields you are searching for.
  19. Strange, here is the picture I have. I don't know what to say about it!!! I really wanted to hear the opinion of other pilots who installed this campaign... Вот еще! Delete files: \data\mtreecache \data\ctreecache They will then appear again If you have already installed a campaign with this name, these folders store information about them. It helps me! Not know, as other!!!
  20. I mean, if it is really there, you can uncheck the read only box on the file properties, launch the game, then disable sound and close the game again. Then before launching the game again, check the startup.cfg if all your graphics are still correct. If not, adjust accordingly, save the file. And do not forget: set to read only again EDIT: It actually is in the Startup.cfg, here's my settings: [KEY = sound] count = 32 debug_radio = 0 interface = 1 interface_music = 0 quality = 1 speedenable = true volume = 0.20000
  21. Small world I guess!
  22. Haha. I'm dead serious though, I see him at my local grocery store every once in a while.
  23. Yeah, too many missions, online and off, have nearly perfect weather. Bad weather adds to the fun! I like the low cloud and turbulence on this server.
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