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  2. in the West is it the JG26 and in the East each Schlachtgeschwader
  3. We tried to model it like a real fire. The smoke doesn't always start for each building, and fires burn out at a different rate, so each time you destroy an objective the smoke will look different!
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  5. From MSFFB2 to the Virpil Mongoos T50 (10 cm extension ,center mount with VPC mount)- buy it is good decision. I have 3 working MSFFB2 to sell 😉 Now I even prefer Virpil in Rise Of Flight to MSFFB2
  6. Or put differently, "Get off my derned lawn, ya young whippersnapper!" I knew this would happen to you eventually, Tycoon, just not so soon. 😀
  7. Is it still being developed or is this the old 2015 build? I had good fun with Falcon for a little bit until the bugs just overwhelmed the experience and I moved on to EAW.
  8. Multi-crew planes have pretty much always come last in this project (i.e., BoS), because they require more time for completion. It's nothing to do with technical limitations.
  9. Off to the Gulags and Death camps for you. 😗
  10. Exploring the mountains on the southeastern portion of the Kuban map. Had an engine fail since I think I left the shutters all the way open and let the oil over cool. Made it back ok though.
  11. Some Time lines for the P40C and P40E in VVS service: From Here: http://lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/articles/romanenko/p-40/index.htm The 126th IAP was re-equipped with the P-40E in May 1942. Located in the deep rear after the Germans' retreat, it combined its training on the Kittyhawk with its air defense mission of Moscow and environs in the quiet situation until the end of August. At the end of August it was also tasked to provide escort to government aircraft flying along the route from Moscow to Arzamas to Kuybyshev AMERICAS HUNDRED THOUSAND Pg 239: Oct 41 The first Tomahawks in Russia into action SOVIET AIR POWER IN WORLD WAR II Yeffim Gordon Pg 438: The first P40Es (Model H-87A-3, aka Kittyhawk MK IA) with completely redesigned fuselage and uprated V-1710-39 in late 1941
  12. Salutations, I believe your suspect is one of your mods. Run each mod 'alone' and check if the game runs with it normally. If it does, add another mod and do the same. etc. etc. You should find the culprit mod. Good luck.
  13. It would really be a shame not to use it, DCS has had a VR performance improvement as well as ASW 2.0 working. It’s meant to be great!
  14. Many thanks and appreciation Thad, i will give it a run tomorrow (nearly midnight here). Thanks for sharing. Mike.
  15. Salutations Tankers. Attached below is my newest Tank Crew Single Player Mission. Please consider this a alpha version. There are still some things I desired to do with it but one has to let go sooner or later. You shall be commanding the Southern Battle Group, shown above, to take Zarbovka. Please report any problems with the mission. Please report if you find the mission too hard or too easy. (I can change that 😀) There are actually two battles taking place during this mission. I trust it won't tax your computer systems too much. Place the included Mission Files and the Audio folder in your games Missions folder. Good luck. BTL Tiger At The Gate.zip
  16. Would be cool to work this into the gameplay somehow of a campaign down the road. You can run your engines at max WEP for longer than a few minutes like we have right now, BUT it will wear your engine out for the next mission. And then between missions you can have the crew swap out/overhaul an engine...but you only get a certain amount for your squad. And depending on how you are doing in game and the front/supply lines depend on the quality of the replacement parts and engines.
  17. I agree, this should be a far better way than my mod. Did you try driver4vr ?
  18. I think it’s bad enough for people who play multiplayer too be shot down,without the added gore to make them feel worse. as a singe player mode.(not as bad but it still not make anyone’s day) conclusion no point too this at all,
  19. Skin Bare Metal for FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira) "Senta a Púa!" Template by Art by 1CGS / Prepared by ICDP / 2K resolution https://www.mediafire.com/file/8wl1abwdbem4whe/P47D28_FAB_BARE_METAL_B3.dds/file Skin Olive Drab for FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira) "Senta a Púa!" Template by Art by 1CGS / Prepared by ICDP / 2K resolution https://www.mediafire.com/file/zs98h3n3wayw4b4/P47D28_FAB_OLIVE_DRAB_B5.dds/file
  20. Granted I'm not that interested in USAAF units however I'd go for the 80th FG, the Burma Banshees, as some time ago I did some skins for them in the old game and was impressed with the skulls they used as nose art on their P-40s... all the more striking these days as it feels like most P-40s have those shark mouths on 'em. A pity the 80th didn't continue with it when they converted to the P-47. Outside of the USAAF I'm a fan of 122 Wing, 2nd TAF, specifically once the Tempests took over.
  21. I upgraded to a Virpil Mongoos T50 from a MSFFB2 last year and what a difference. It really did improve my gunnery dramatically but also my whole sim experience. Ergonomics of handgrip are amazing. It’s my favorite piece of kit. I use a monster extended desk mount and a 150 cm extension and have it center mounted at lap height. Center is better than side for me, having tried both a lot. Nothing on the hardware side was hard to install. Just don’t be a caveman with the connector plugs, they look breakable. Took month of checking tracking 27 times per day to get it. (At least it wasn’t back ordered forever like VKB.) Ceowulf<><
  22. It didn't help that some genius thought holding back the 2-seaters until last would be a good idea. Probably down to 'technical limitations' or something I guess.
  23. Kind of an old topic but I did not find an answer in this thread. I am running the latest IL2 BoM v 3.012b. I have installed JSGME, extracted mods to MODS and enabled various mods which all show up in the actual game data folder/files as having been installed but don't show up in the game. I read elsewhere that one must tick the "enable mod" box in settings so I did and restarted the game to make that effective, but the game would not load past the enter name and password loading page. I just keep getting the gear wheel icon spinning after entering my user ID and password. To get back into the game I went to task manager to close the game then I went into setup.cfg and changed modes=1 back to modes=0 and the game loads and plays just fine - but again without mods. Scratching my head on this one - any thoughts or guidance welcome on how to enable the mods. Mechanic
  24. Yes, I had the whole setup, too. Including the map which somehow got lost. I wound up selling it some years ago on E Bay for some fairly good amount. I was flying BMS for awhile and it was great.
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