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  2. The G2 is by far the best performing 109 in its timeframe, it outmatches the heavier G4 and at altitude also the F4. The acceleration and maneuverability are a mix between an F4 and G4, pretty nimble, really really fast. the engine limit means nothing, slam throttle to max for 30 minutes and forget about it. You‘ll be surprised how good the g2 is. i take the g2 over a g4 or g6 anytime if possible.
  3. but I don't care about your sources, can't you understand or you don't want to admit that your sherman is weak? it does not have the gun to face a tiger nor the adequate shielding. so the TIGER is superior to the sherman ...
  4. A Mediterranean battle like Malta, NA, Sicily, etc. IN IL-2 GBs likely will happen after they do the Pacific. Assuming the devs even want to do a Mediterranean battle at all.
  5. Nice one. Can you PM ICDP and let him know and maybe ask him if he wants the revisions so he can put it in the Official Template? It's dead easy to miss little things like this and it'll be rectified for anyone who downloads it. Good stuff! Rap
  6. I'd say only if we get a Battle of Poland, Battle for France map, mission, etc.
  7. I'm delerious for stating hard statistics? I've never once said nor implied that the sherman was invincible, or superior to the tiger. I simply pointed out the sherman had equivalent frontal armor to the tiger. I even gave you a source showing exactly this, yet you decide to insult me for it?
  8. After the new Update the "I can't shoot my guns" bug appeared again.😐 The bug was fixed a long time ago I remember and it is here again. I reported it in Technical Issues and Bug Reports in the Multiplayer thread. Would be so nice if you Devs could fix that bug again.😄
  9. I do not have PPL. But flown a lot of local club owned planes with instructors. These planes do not pull G on purpose at least with me in controls. I guess trying to do so will only get a solid wack in my head by instructor. I only had minor negative G worth mentioning. I guess you need plane buildt for that. What bother me is spotting ground targets. Normal cars are in rl easy to aim at from distances you cannot see in game. The rendering is bad, The size is bad abd I guess it is difficult to fix.
  10. you are completely delirious, go up the thread you will see what I was talking about from the start ... your shielding it can be as thick as it wants, it is demolished like nothing by a tiger, while the tiger does not suffers no damage even at close range ..
  11. Correct...using asymmetric thrust in a thrust limited airplane that is slowing down to try and sustain a turn in one direction is not gonna happen. Thinking you can use asymmetric thrust as some sort of Jedi mind trick to out turn a bandit shows an incomplete grasp of the concept. You may recall the discussion of Vmca your instructors had with you about the hazards of losing an engine below a certain airspeed (the possibility of the airplane rolling over on its back into the dead engine). The asymmetric thrust technique described by Jeffery Ethell results in a reversal, and is not for entering or sustaining a turn. The resulting reversal is a demonstration of the adverse effects of asymmetric thrust at low airspeed. It is the quintessential Vmca demonstration. Prove it to yourself. Hop into a P-38 in QMB start at 3000 meters and do these tests. On your first set, if you select idling the right engine you'll make turns to the right. Set Combat power, accelerate to whatever airspeed that gives you. I'm assuming you have a single throttle, if you have a dual throttle bit of kit, you don't have to select 1 or 2. 1) flying straight and level, select an engine (press number 1 or 2 your choice) and simply pull your throttle to idle. What happens? 2) flying straight and level with both engines at Combat power roll into a steep bank right, select the right engine, and pull your throttle to idle. What happens? 3) flying straight and level with both engines at Combat power roll into a steep bank right, select the right engine, and pull your throttle to idle and continue the turn as you slow down. What happens? 4) flying straight and level with both engines at Combat power roll into a steep bank right, select the right engine, but continue the turn as you slow down. Around 150 mph pull your throttle to idle. What happens? Let's assume you did all of those. Repeat the series, again turn right, but this time select the left engine to pull to idle.
  12. Again, i demolish your and you decide to ignore it and switch to something else huh?
  13. i dont understand why do you spend all this time coming out of numbers and arguments? however my remark at the beginning was simple, the Tiger is superior to the sherman ... there is no one else to add .. why try to say that not by what this and that? it is however simple to understand, a Tiger is superior to a sherman. we cannot even say that they are equal. it would be a lie.
  14. I'd recommend not trying to host late war stuff KOTA. CB seems to dominate that sector and honestly its boring flying only late war.
  15. I fail to see a mathematical proof showing how 30=100 🤔 As i said above since i knew this would come up as it always does with such discussions: I have no intent to over-state the qualities of US guns, nor understate the qualities of german armor. The above source does an extensive comparison of armor penetration values for all guns and explains how it all works. Since you now want to argue about Panzer IV against M4 sherman, i'll oblige. The Panzer IV Ausf. D has a 7.5 KwK 37 incapable of penetrating the frontal armor of a sherman with APCBC. Fortunately for those crews the Sherman only has 50mm of side armor which it can penetrate at up to 1000m. The Ausf. D only has 60mm of frontal armor without slope which can be penetrated at ranges over 2000m with the 75mm M3 gun and APCBC ammunition. The Ausf G with a 7.5 kwk 40 and APCBC rounds can penetrate sherman variants at a maximum range of about 750-1250m, with the APCR further extending that to 1250m and the 1800m you stated. The Ausf. G has improved frontal armor increased to 80mm without slope, which the same 75mm M3 gun firing APCBC ammunition can penetrate up to 800m away. I will leave out 76mm gun data since it's irrelevent to IL-2 at this time since no 76mm armed Shermans are in game.
  16. demo was super easy to get working and configure. Had some fun with tuning settings, sent payment for an activation code. thanks for a big addition to IL2. my rig feels alive now.
  17. Some of the best fun I have in this game is flying as low as possible and trying to follow the path of the rivers or through the mountains; and after the physiology update, cutting a "racing line" along the way to keep from blacking out.
  18. https://www.d13pfad.de/tigerfibel/
  19. don't take your case for a generality dude.. 100mm... the good dream ... a simple panzer4 can destroy your 100mm of dream at 1800 m ..
  20. And here you can see @Bremspropeller , a great multitasker... Bombing, defending, intercepting and doing psychological warfare by hunting FW-190s when feeling bored... 🤣🍻
  21. Thank you again for running the test in your new PC! The screen performance is exactly as expected. So don´t worry. The strange thing is your STMark. It is like your CPU is running at 4.8 GHz. So, please verify that your OC is really maintained constant during the run of the STMArk test. To check that you can trend the core freqs with MSI afterburner or monitor min/max with HWinfo app. Air circulation is as important as the CPU cooler, so you should review that as well. You have a top PC, so give it the air it needs. STMark is just very much correlated to CPU freq. That´s why it should be a better variable for the correlation.
  22. Yes, because 30mm=100mm huh? You're living in a fantasy land 🤣
  23. this is not very good phrased: i meant the nazis were trully bastards but i think the system wchich won is not so far away from them lucky us we are in a good position but look at afrikas map looks lie a sliced cake though i have not money to buy from them i always smile at afrikan guys selling things seriously i think theres a confusion here
  24. yes I know, a sherman is the best in the world because he is above all .... American it is well known. is not it ? at some point it must be admitted that the sherman is weak. it makes absolutely no sense to find excuses that make no sense ... at that time the panzer38 T is equal to a sherman so .. it also has a slanted armor made of paper .. watch documentaries, veterans americans they will tell you what they think of the sherman .. it comes out of their mouths, not mine. you see me unlike you and people like you, when there is something which is weak I admit it. for example the KV1 is superior to a panzer3, an M26 pershing is superior to a panzer4 and a tiger is superior to your paper sherman .. try a bit to admit the truth
  25. Before the Physiology the heavy, fast Fighters made very little Sense against more manouverable light Fighters which could pull Fw190s into Stalls at 600km/h, and do all sorts of crazy evasive Manouvers, so you always had to achieve absolute, total Surprise or Run. Now you understand why the Fw190A was considered superior to the Mk.V Spit, which now has to really fight to get the 190 off its Tail and has to slow down considerably to get it's Manouverability Advantage. Booming and Zooming suddenly works like an absolute Charm, with the attacked Aircraft no longer being able to just pull a hard 90° Turn to evade.
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