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  2. Aaaarrrgh... those last minutes of the sale... You promised yourself you were OK with your last purchase, no need to come back. But... Those last minutes...
  3. Is it possible to have planes cover ships? I would like some aerial cover for an invasion fleet. What if the ships are individual objects, that is not a formation? (quit using that a while back as it seems to help behavior). Command Cover > Target Link to each ship or would just one ship be sufficient as they are tightly grouped? If that ship were sunk, (there will be ground artillery at the beachhead defending), would that break the Cover Command? Once beachhead defenses began shooting at incoming ships would the cover planes attack the ground artillery or would separate logic be needed for that? Command Cover > Object Link to Plane formation Leader TIA
  4. Aircraft ID is on my "to do" list as I was taught an easy technique to identify airplanes with the acronym WETFUS years and years ago (Wings, Engine, Tail, Fuselage, Undercarriage, Special Features). Like everything though I wish I had more than 24hrs in a day. It may not come out next week or the next but it will at some point.
  5. the turn would be tighter and it would have a save oversteer when you take a corner too fast are then engineer sheeple like, the blind man following another blind man for centuries
  6. Yes, very excited about this as well. They were so firm about no infantry before and must have changed their minds. A good sign that the Devs are indeed flexible. Bring on the goodies!
  7. 150 octane impacts all engine modes though. Continous power in the 47 with 150 octane is up around 50 inches of manifold which gives it much higher cruise speeds and climb rate. Combat power (15 mintes) with 150 octane is 65 inches of manifold so you can maintain higher speeds for a significant period of time. And then you have the Wep at 70 inches MP which gives you an extra 200hp as compared to wep with 100/130 grade fuel further boosting performance. I find that the P-47 with 150 is a great preformer and i will confidently take on any german prop plane with 150 octane (especially in the D-22 that thing is a beast). And im having no issues with the guns. I run it at 340 meters convergence and usually a short burst is enough to secure a kill. And yes the way the timers work are not perfect but that is true across the board and not something unique for the P-47 (Though i do wish you could regen WEP time with time spent in combat mode like in the German fighters) So i find the P-47 (D-22 especially) is highly competitive with 150 octane.
  8. There is no problem. All of these sights work the same way. The gunner, and this was part of his skill, needed to keep in mind two things. He needed to know the scale of each small triangles side. This gives him an object of a known size at a know distance. Lets say in this case the size of a 1 meter object being viewed at 1000 meters. Then the gunner has to have an idea of the dimensions of the thing he is targeting. Lets say in the case of a KV-1 3.3 meters wide, or a T-34 3 meters. Now he compares the size of both objects to estimate distance. If the thing being targeted is bigger, then its distance is less. If the thing being targeted is smaller, then it is further away. The Sfl.ZF.1a had 5x magnification with an 8 degree field of view. So the tank in the image above is further away then it actually appears in the image. A T-34 at 1000 meters should occupy the distance between two triangles which includes the space between them if the scale is 1 at 1000. In the image above, we can see that it occupies a little more than 4 (meaning two triangles and the two spaces before and after them + a small part of the third triangle). Its distance is estimated to be about 750 meters. It was well known in the day that the gunners probability of hitting the target went up after the first salvo, or when the commander helped with target identification and range finding with his scissors periscope. In my second QM run in the Ferdinand I selected tanks, and had no problems knocking out all of the 8 KV tanks shooting at me. I really like the job they did with the Ferdinand. Beautifully modeled.
  9. Evolving weather is really amazing. I have just played 4 missions but I am loving it. I didn't expect an il2 destroying ju-52, and mission routes are better than longer ones in Sea Dragons.
  10. That 262 pilot was a little high ...
  11. What did you guys call this function back in the day then? May be with some key words I can try to search for those threads myself.😄 Thanks for helping.
  12. Guess this got lost in all the VR questions? Can TFS possibly shed light on the answer? Thanks in advance.
  13. Schon. Aber ich bin es jetzt leid zu warten und gegenüber meiner ollen Lenovo, die zum Einstieg aber perfekt gewesen ist, verbesser ich mich ohnehin enorm. Und 500 war eigentlich meine Schmerzgrenze. Die G2 liegt dann beim regulären Märchensteuersatz bei 600. Und ich werde nicht bis 2022 warten, daß die G2 dann für 500 zu haben ist.
  14. After latest update game installed fine and is running thanks for all your help folks.
  15. Yes, you and "f410" did a great Job with the SimShaking for both sims. Without shaking I don´t want to fly anymore 😉
  16. Hab sie mir bestellt. Ich vermute jedoch, dass meine RTX 2070 Super damit deutlich Mühe haben wird, passable FPS-Werte zu erreichen. Da hoffe ich auf sinkende Preise für eine RTX 2080 TI zum Jahresende.
  17. I used to have some script snippets on ATAG, although have no idea if they're still there which showed how to do this.
  18. did it get 20mm insted usless.50 ? no did it get rid of arcade time limits for engines ? no so yes its same as before just now you can get few kmh more if you have 150oct fuel. Not worth taking when you have Spitfire IX, Tempest V with 1h combat timers and real guns, even P-38 with its timers atleast have 1 real gun... and only differance now is you cant turn like zero before update when drop flaps and you get out of dives mutch harder, so thats good. So americans build engine that have 5min timer, but 7min supply of water for it, they could not build engine that can last full 7min ? lol so real engine just brakes if you use it for 6 min looking how its in game kkkk and on top bug with techchat messages that tell you when timers expired or recharged dont showing up when techchat realisam setting is turn on is still not fixed.
  19. Thank you for the feedback. I wasn't sure that somebody would appreciate it I mean, when I added it in SimShaker for DCS World, even before DCS Spitfire was released. Thanks f4l0 for adding it to the Spitfire module.
  20. Today
  21. Me too and I'm glad the other 'discussion' has been moved elsewhere so I don't have to read any of it . Thanks Buzzsaw!
  22. No such mood exists. It would be somewhere between difficult and impossible to mod in.
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