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  2. Skinpack for 331 Sqn end 1944 Available below
  3. A BRRRRRTTTT! is both a unit and a philosophy, in the same way that a photon can be particle and a wave. And as stated by Heisenbrrrrrttttt!: if you know how many PEWS are in a BRRRRTTT!, you cannot know how many DAKKAS stem from the PEW.
  4. Same driver. I suppose a third party mfg could issue a specialized driver, can't say I have seen that myself before. I always get my driver from Nvidia.
  5. Brrrrt's are great fun only when one has a lock and a shoot cue. Using that dang funnel is a PITB.
  6. There are a few pews in a dakka and dakkas are always less than a BRRRRRRTTTTT!
  7. Feierabend und Wochenend BUMP Kann man den hier nicht mal in die Liste mit aufnehmen?
  8. It is not a bug. The flag is an animated element that will float to a given angle according to windspeed set in the atmospheric conditions. The flag is on a ring and will turn according to the wind direction (as set in atmospheric parameters) and not the orientation of the pole. I use it in my missions and I was also surprised at the beginning but it works very well in fact once we understand how it works.
  9. You guys are overthinking it. The Italian Flag isn't round with stripes
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  11. Can you tell me, how many pews are in a dakka and how many dakkas are in a brrt? Seems to the, those are some kind of messed up imperial units.
  12. I have just got a new soundcard 2080 to a 3090 .... Not same company MSI to Gigabite But ............ They are both a Nvida card ...... But same driver ???? There are coming a hotfix to gigabite , but it's not coming automatic in my Nvida geforce experience So ..... Imported to uninstall my Nvida for install Nvidia ????? 🤔
  13. I did a training mission or two first, then I just used Chuck's Guide for the Hornet and the cold start mission off the carrier in the Persian Gulf. And did it over and over many times. I used this for learning the cold start, takeoff, navigation using waypoints and tacan, along with the ILCS for carrier traps. Now I am using his guide for weapons, and the single qualification missions. I will also review Wags videos on each weapon. I created a custom kneeboard with Kneeboard Builder and broke his guides down into segments and display them on the image in my VR Headset. Toggle it on and off as required. I will probably reference a training mission here and there. Great something else now I need to learn lol.
  14. Hello tankes, For a meaningful use of the tanks in the communication between the commander and the gunner, it would be desirable if there were a keyboard command to turn the cannon to 12 o'clock - even when using the external camera. Furthermore, it would be nice to be able to rotate the armored turret using the keyboard, joystick or mouse while using the external camera and also to be able to show the position of the target with a small crosshair (or a triangle). These possibilities are available in the game "Iron Front - Liberation 1944" and offer the player the possibility of realizing the good interplay between commander and gunner without significant delays and facilitates, for example, a change of position in difficult terrain and the immediate start of the fire fight. Good luck Guenther
  15. Flag is missing in the menu, pilot belt and hat isn't historical, this bolt and rivet is not where it supposed to be....etc. That is what is ruining games these days, ppl complain about irrelevant cosmetic things drifting away devs from actual gameplay feature development!
  16. That's an understandable assumption based off a perfect through and through. But aircraft aren't balloons. If you fire 15 rounds into this from 6 o'clock: I'd wager you aren't going to get that many perfect entry and exit holes. That in itself creates huge complexities in terms of modelling. It does seem currently we have a set damage amount based off of the ballistics model (which is excellent) that doesn't take into account the possibility of a bullet transferring significant amounts of its KE into skin damage. This gets said a lot, but it seems we have a best case HE hit every time and a worst case AP hit every time. If they have to be singular, bringing more balance to those cases might help create a better environment.
  17. hi ! thank you! yes I know, it's planned for the next update
  18. 216th_Cat

    Night Bombers

    For those who have Amazon Prime in the UK, this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/video/detail/B07PPYF53H/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r is available free to watch. The only colour film of a WW2 RAF Lancaster bombing mission, from briefing to returning home. Absolutely fascinating, even if you've seen it before. 🍻
  19. I really love the new WACO: I mean, it is not perfect and has some bugs, such as somehow wildly off CG that prevents spinning and some weird groundhandling, but overall it is really good looking, sounding and flying.
  20. Great flying! It's so nice that they created U-2 for this sim! I've bought that plane at least 5 times and gifted away.
  21. Big thank for this Youtube series, finally one with english subtitles. I know its only very light based on ltd Lydia Litvyak, but it do gives me a more clear impression on the pilots lives.
  22. So, this is a clear tactic I apply as much as possible or useful!!!....of course, I know that bridges respawn after some times but it can help my side to organize a defense when too much Panzer are attacking!!! I found same tactic from some german palyers and never complained..... ...TOTAL WAR , means TOTAL WAR....except vulching I don't forbid myself anything!!! You just have to know, if I bomb a bridge (except if it is a target in the game), My camp is not gaining advantage (except the one above) and my avatar do not gain points!!!😉 ........................................................... Question to @Temuri regarding bridges (not targets) I noticed that when destroyed, they respawn or they do not respawn .......what is the matter ? Thanks by advance
  23. https://www.mediafire.com/file/bnz0y3dwd2yt4t2/PzIII-M_Skirts_painted_done.dds/file Here's the painted PzIII-M Skirts_template @Tomi_099.
  24. The "open hatch" keybind should open any hatch when you're occupying the corresponding station. So go to the commander position and use the open hatch command. To use the commander .50 Cal you use the same keybinds you use to man plane turrets.
  25. Somewhere on this boards I red that IL2 is alot of CPU hungry (spec in MP) and every Ghz counts as well as speed of RAM. Anyways since Im buying a good 490 mobo and unlocked CPU I would go with good cooler to and I think its better to raise the base clock than to leave it stock and to let the turbo deal with it (turbo can be problematic, vene more so it is not stable always and rasies the cores unevenly).
  26. I have solved this doing a backup every quarter of an hour max of work and a second backup at the end of a work session. All the groups of a mission are also saved in that missions group library. And I have a Common Campaign Library where I save the groups which can be of general use for any mission. When I leave a session I have three copies in separate folders. I know it obsessive. But once I have lost many years ago a full mission and discovered no backup you learn and you can only afford once this kind of thing. I had nevertheless my groups library, so I could much faster rebuild a mission, the problem is that you have to rebuild all the links between groups. I have about 30 main groups But gee how much time is lost with all these saves and multiple copy backups. Productivity is a real issue here. An if we have those issues then the Developers have also the same issues. Jason you are throwing money out of the window. Your devs loose a lot of time. Investing a little to make the editor stable would spare a lot of time and money. This spared money means developing more campaigns and making the game more attractive. Sound nice isn't it. So please: JUST DO IT Someone out there..... do you hear me...just do it.....Someone out there..... Someone out there..... just do it....do you hear me.....do you hear me.....Someone out there..... Just the vast black emptiness of cyberspace, filled with electromagnetic echoes.😪 Until Jason gets convinced and fixes it here is the recipe I have to minimize crashes. And it works for me. I get now very little crashes, maybe one per session of many hours and sometimes a full evening without any. And if I relax this way of doing immediately the number of crashes increase. So here is my advice how to work when you are in 4K display: (1a) Set the preference of the ME so that it opens the last mission you worked on. (2a) Open the ME and immediately do a ctrl-s or a save action just first. (1b) If you have loaded a new mission in an opened ME then save it and close the ME. (2b) Reopen the ME (it will open with your new map) and do a save ctrl-s. (3) Start working but first wait 10 seconds or so, it will take some time for the ME to load all what has to be displayed. This is true if you have heavy maps like Kuban and Rheinland, and heavy missions. It takes time to load, and if you too quickly start to pan & zoom then you get crashes. (4) Avoid to Pan and Zoom a too cluttered map. Use the object filter to have only what you need displayed. There is less crash when less stuff is displayed on the map. Pan causes more crashes than zoom, so when you need to jump to large distances on your map (I work mainly on Kuban) use the various possibilities to jump directly. (5) You can do a lot of work directly on the mission tree and the property windows of all entities. You should favor it if you can. I never had a crash when working on the mission tree elements, only when working on the map. (6) Try always to have some visible ICON separation. Avoid Icons perfectly on top of one each other. In certain cases this will cause crashes. (7) I will not go into details about designing the mission but you have two type of groups. You have mission level groups that you can select directly in the mission tree. These are the top level groups you see when opening the mission tree of your group. Then you have all the other groups which are sub-groups and are hierarchically structured under these top groups. When you do modify something in your mission when done save specifically the top groups where a modification has occurred inside. (8) Always a ctrl-s after three or four small and simple actions max. (9) A ctrl-s after every major action like deleting a group, or importing a group, let's say an action that has a big impact like creating a large set of links, duplicating groups etc. etc. (10) A backup save after ctrl-s as in (8), or a backup save at least once every quarter of an hour max. Time flows very quickly when working so beware! As a conclusion all this is time consuming, but at least my work is now secure and as I said I have very little crashes.. Just a small reminder just in case Jason tuned in 😃 Jason you are throwing money out of the window. Your devs loose a lot of time. Investing a little to make the editor stable would spare a lot of time and money. This spared money means developing more campaigns and making the game more attractive. Sound nice isn't it. So please: JUST DO IT Someone out there..... do you hear me...just do it.....Someone out there..... Someone out there..... just do it....do you hear me.....do you hear me.....Someone out there..... No he did not tune in. Again I remain alone in the vast black emptiness of cyberspace, filled with electromagnetic echoes.😪
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