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  2. merci bcp de contribuer à l'experience de Tank Crew Thanks for contributing to the experience of tank Crew
  3. Best way to check is to move your player plane next to them and watch. Then move it back after you tested. Next best thing is to add subtitle MCUs to the waypoints. These will only fire off if the bombers get to that waypoint. Worst option, play the mission as normal and speed up the game.
  4. It should be remembered that the Foster mount includes a return spring mechanism, which had it been tensioned correctly could have made the lowered/elevated gun effectively weightless for the purposes of supporting it by hand, at least in the absence of g forces. Regarding the suggested recoil issue, like all forces it acts in a straight line along the barrel, tangental to the curve of the Foster mount's rail. To me this suggests that whenever the recoil acted, it could jam the slide mount momentarily against the curve of its rail, thereby cancelling the expected effect of pushing the gun backwards.
  5. L'avantage d'avoir beaucoup de FPS c' est d'éliminer le flou de mouvement et de sublimer la sensation de fluidité. Comme précédemment dis il faut d'abord privilégié la stabilité, les drops de fps sont perceptibles et désagréables. Avec la config que tu montes n'oublie pas de mettre un ventirad, pas forcément quelque chose de trop gros, mais qui sera meilleur que les radiateurs d'origine du processeur, avec une bonne pâte thermique, tu vas être tranquille pendant des années avant de trouver des programmes qui vont faire surchauffer la machine. Avec la config que tu as désormais, qu'importe l'écran et sa limitation à 60 images, dans quelque mois tu auras un casque VR sur la tête ^^.
  6. Are we reading the same report? I read it and, if anything, it contradicts your conclusions. Running the engines at 66" or 70" is "very apt to result in occasional failures which may occur some time after the operation at such high horsepowers but when operating normally or even cruising with resultant loss of pilot and aircraft [] we are particularly concerned regarding the tendency of people to whom we or our service men have talked to to feel that once a certain manifold pressure has been pulled on an Allison V-1710 engine that this is satisfactory proof that it can be continued and used on any model engine. [] We consider it urgent that the Services be warned not to feel that when they can take out 66" of a certain model of V-1710 that this will be permissable on all models of V-1710 engines." They are telling exactly what you don't want to hear, that just ramming the throttle and RPM to the max does not work - you get exponentially higher power and chance of catastrophic engine failure. Especially using low quality fuel. Guess who had poor quality fuel in abundance - the Soviets. The article I linked to, sad that no one bothered to check it, specifically has pilots complaining that the B-87 (which is poor octane to begin with) was garbage and did not achieve its stated high octane level. Yaks would run a lot better on "American" high 100 octane fuel. So, where does this P-40 should be flying maxed out come from? Pilots testify that they overworked the engines and that they had to be replaced on an average of 35 hours, which is pathetically low (if this was a VK-107A everyone would be pointing that the engine is bad), and official manufacturer tests claiming engines can achieve greater output at the cost of structural damage and it is highly advised not to do it. Engine timers are very restricted, sure. I would understand if a new algorithm allowed for more randomized failures within a, somewhat, loosened time period. But I imagine many people would run it at max RPM/manifold pressure while "cruising" to the combat zone and complain why their engines suddenly detonate in flight...
  7. Just started this today, plenty of time atm. Nice little campaign so far, have just bombed the airfield hangers, had engine damage and had to land in no mans land in the middle of a barrage. This mission is one of the most atmospheric missions I've flown so far in FC. Many thanks for making this 👍
  8. Just wondering if anybody else is getting widely varied results between in-game and the stats page. For example: 1.) A few days ago I took 1 bullet from a Ju-88 which the in-game chat instantly reported as "I was destroyed" even though I was flying fine, though RTB-level damaged. Shortly after, while RTB the mission ended. Looking at the stats showed I was o.k. when the mission ended and was not destroyed. It also said that I was only hit by 1 bullet from the Ju-88 top gunner, which is interesting because it blew the flaps off of both my plane's wings. 2.) Last night, I got an in-game kill, but a team mate tagged him on the way down. The in-game message and scoring gave me the credit, but the stats gave it to the team mate. I have 35 ping to this server and am struggling to understand why stats reporting on WoL, which I have 140 ping to, is more accurate to reporting what really went on in a sortie.
  9. How would people that barely could hit anything shooting forward (where they have a gunsight for aim) ever hit anything shooting up in the blue, hosing the other guy with the tracers? Works great on the screen though. We can do a ton of things easily in the sim that is rather far fetched in real life. Like positioning the gun with a click. If they had learned to shoot (trained hundreds of times like we can) with an added upward arrangement, they surely would have liked some aspects of it. It gives you the alpha the plane can‘t give you. In sim as in real life. It would be debatable tough wheter or not in the sim there could be control restirictions for certain actions, e.g. pulling the gun down restricts control column movement. Same as changing mags. You move your stick, mag change woukd be interrupted. Then jams could be added to the misfires. Clearing the gun also would restrict control movements. Things like that could well make funny guns less practical. We have such limitations now like max trim wheel rotation and restriction due to g-force. Such could be applied to systems and weapons handling in FC planes.
  10. asch y-29 revised.zip have revised this mission now p-51 have skin moonbeam mcswine,bill whisner,also now the fw190-8 have no bombs and have the in game jg11 skins,take off and defend your airfield from attack ,the hun will come from the sun,bodenplatte mission,with as much realism as I could manage if you have downloaded this mission before overwrite the old files,do not put them together they may well clash
  11. Actually yes, yes you absolutely can. That’s literally the purpose of mathematics: to develop the tools that allow us to explain the reality we live in. This is why it is the universal language of physicists. It’s the reason agencies like NASA can land a functioning rover on Mars despite never having been there. With the correct formulas, and the correct data inserted into those formulas, you can most certainly simulate an aircraft in atmospheric flight accurately. This is why sim devs don’t give a damn about the 70 year old personal anecdotes from Hauptmann Deutschland or Captain America when adjusting aircraft FMs and instead ask for hard data based on airframe R&D documentation. So if they have something wrong, find the chart, diagram, or calculation that proves it. Or don’t, and continue to argue that it’s wrong because it feels wrong in the hope that someday the devs figure out a way to patch feelings.
  12. Presumably, the pilot felt the same need to try and attack 2 seaters from below. I can't see it being because the pilot felt short changed in the other armament department, which maybe suggests the SE5a designers weren't all that crazy afterall.
  13. Today
  14. There are photos out there of Lewis guns mounted to the top of an Albatros.
  15. https://mega.nz/#!9m5wXAgL!UpxZ7fq2o65yK0Z9hMCv6EqQNpZ--MVWNfQfORs318A
  16. I liked the washed out colors. Definitely looked like old 16mm film instead of something filmed in technicolor. Good job.
  17. This is the kind of thingSupport can deal with. Contact Support through the Il-2 site, they should be able to assist you with linking accounts if you are having a problem with the password/email combination.
  18. Yes, I'm using spawn incorrectly. The way I think it should work is that the planes should be there at the beginning of the mission and fly the waypoints. But I'm sitting inside my plane in a far airfield and I hit ctrl+f2 and can't see the enemy planes that are supposed to be there. I can see them when I get closer. Didn't know about rendering distance but makes sense. Question is: althought I can't see the planes from far away are they still flying their waypoints and doing their mission?
  19. I could be wrong but didn't Bishop claim this as well? I'll have to re-read.
  20. Because it is making the binary file. PWCG takes longer but loading in the game is much shorter. You can turn this off - then PWCG will make a mission in seconds but it will take minutes to load in game
  21. so then the Alison memo is totally fake? just made it up? some employee went to Africa and Australia and talked to the guys flying the actual combat missions and was like: "well, you know what...this ought to be be a funny prank!" I think not. now, 1800 HP is pretty nuts, but, apparently, if Allison's numbers are correct those engines were running under those conditions...so "fantasy 1800HP Allisons" might actually be a reality. here, I'll post it again: Just in case you didn't read it
  22. Ich vermute du hast den Steuerungsbefehl "Bf-109/110, Spitfire Wasserkühler: öffnen/schließen" genommen. Versuche es mal mit "Steuerung der Wasserkühlerklappen". Die Klappen werden in der 110 stufenweise gesteuert, während sie in der 109 Emil stufenlos sind. Ich glaube sie sind (vermutlich deshalb) anders zugeordnet.
  23. Netter gag, aber wenn vitale Funktionen des Flugzeugs gar nicht mehr funktionieren, dann habe ich da wenig Verständnis für...
  24. I see that you are also having issues with Pat Wilson Campaign Generator (PWCG). That changes things a little, its not a career mode issue, or at least not JUST a career morde issue, something else is going on. If it was just Career Mode it could be some kind of networking issue, since Career Mode has to talk to servers - but PWGC is just on your own machine and requires no network connection. Is this happening on career mode for all maps, or just for Bodenplatte? What settings are you using for Career and PWGC in terms of frontline density or activity? Maybe your system is having a hard time coping with high requirements, causing the crash. As far as system specs, I've laid it out below: Operating System: Windows 10 - Good CPU - Intel Core i5 7300 - not sure what 250 guz means, do you mean 2.50 gHz? If so, this is below the minimum system requirements. However, the chip (like most i5 chips) has a 'turbo boost' that lets it go up to 3.5 gHz when needed so it should be fine. Make sure your power setting in Windows is set to Performance in order to make the most of the chip, otherwise Windows will throttle the chip a little to keep power usage down. Memory - 8 GB of RAM - we can get more detailed than this if necessary but RAM is pretty much RAM. GPU (Video Card) - Nvidia Geforce - we need more details here. There should be a name for the card, something like GTX 1060. Since it is a laptop it might just have an integrated graphics card but it could have a dedicated one. An easy way to get all of your computer specs if you don't know them or have documentation is to download CPU-Z - its a utility that evaluates your system and gives you all the specs you need, and a whole bunch that you probably don't. https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html. You can just open this utility on the computer and click through each of the tabs to get your system specs for CPU, memory, graphics, etc. CPU-Z will also show what your CPU clock speed is at, so you will be able to see if it has enabled Turbo Boost. Be advised, laptops are not as good at dissipating heat and so high temperatures may be keeping your components from running at their best speeds, as they throttle down to keep heat acceptable. To compare with the minimum requirements: OS: 64-bit Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 CPU: Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.8 ГГц GPU: GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7770 with 2GB VRAM or better DirectX: Version 11 RAM: 4 Gb+ Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible Storage space: 23 Gb+ Internet connection: 256Kb/s for single-player career, 1Mb/s and faster for multi-player DirectX® compatible flight stick is recommended Your specs seem to meet minimum requirements from what I can see... as long as the processor can boost itself to the required clock speeds. These minimums are truly the bare minimum to run the game though, and to be honest for Battle of Bodenplatte I don't think they are truly adequate. When I am running the game on Balanced my system consistently uses almost all of my system RAM (8GB) and all of my video card's VRAM of 3GB. I can't imagine trying to play with 4GB of RAM or only 2 GB of VRAM. So with all that being said, here are some things I would try: -Check Windows power settings, and put the power setting to Performance to make sure it is not throttling your CPU. -Try setting your graphics settings in game to the lowest setting possible, and set the activity and density as low as possible in PWCG and Career Mode. -Update your graphics card driver to see if that helps. Conversely, if you are using the latest driver, it might be that a recent driver update is not playing nice with Il-2. -Try launching the game and using career mode and PWCG without any third party software running in the background. Turn off TrackIR, discord, anything running in your 'System Tray' to rule out any problems with that software. It's hard to say what the problem might be without an error message or something, but you can try this and report back.
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