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  2. Did some (rough and ready) sewing and got the cushion sorted out. I've temporarily rigged everything up to test the layout properly and start to figure out other control locations. I might extend the frame to move the pedals forward a little. Not sure yet. This is my first time using the Virpil gimbal and I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed it. I'm using the progressive AviaSim cams and they feel quite rough. The Crosswind pedal cams by comparison feel very smooth. I'm guessing the reason the stick cams feel rough is long throw, small cams and hands are more sensitive than feet. The axes are also not quite symmetrical in feel, which is annoying. I wonder why Virpil didn't go with a dual cam design to help with this. All in all the gimbal feels like a downgrade from my Cougar U2 NXT. That gimbal is perfectly smooth with very nice progression. Not as adjustable though (although it is possible to adjust the centre position) and it's not really suitable for using with an extension. I miss Foxy too 🥴.
  3. Man, Of course I wont be heading him, I hate frontal attacks, I avoid them. Im talking about those moments where, for example, Im heading 360°, 400 km/h, 1000 altitude, slightly turning left. At the same time, an enemy heading, say 220°, 550 km/h, 2000 altitude, 1km away from me... he shots, I see the tracers coming at all speed... boom, bye canopy. I usually have enough time to avoid those bullets (since the enemy shot from far away), but many times cant. Of course Im not talking about head-to-head attacks, I assume I will get shot in those situations. The AI flying skill is much better now indeed.
  5. Well now you have servers that have expert visability alternate off, and servers that have userfrendly visability alternate ON. Nothing stops you from playing on server that has option you like, why would devs change anything in expert option when they said thats what they consider most realistic option, and exactly what they wonted it to be. it cant get any clear then this that alternate off is how they planed it to be from start: I dont expect them to coming back to this issue any time sone. Ppl wonted vis ranges more then 9.5km, devs spend time to make it and we have it as alternate off option, and on top of that they made 2nd option as that bugged version that some ppl liked so they can enjoy it also. Im just being realistic here, they have other stuff to focus on, they spend time on this, and finish it how they seam correct, and to now expect any aditional fast work on it is delusional from what i can see. Play on server that have your option, or wait next few years when they get enought money from future DLCs to come back to issue. I dont like either option, they dont adress what i see as problem, but have no problem playing on either, also i expect no changes to them in near future, and if any changes to be done it will probably be done to alternate ON option.
  6. I only have an AMD A10 CPU and an AMD Radeon R9 380 4G Card and mine runs really well.........Until Norton decides it wants to run a scan or performance check in the background (Insert pee'd off emoij) Sadly the price we pay sometimes as there is no function to "Disable" Norton (Safely) whilst Games are running (Happens on State of Decay too where it looks like I am making a clip motion movie 😛 )
  7. JSGME installed and MODS file created in [C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles] IL*2 start confirms Mods been activated. = Clouds remained unchanged Added the Sky file in [C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics] = Clouds remained unchanged What isn't working for me?
  8. @Jmo @sevenless The Choo Choo has arrived in the station chaps! Just sayin'... Rap
  9. Clostermann wrote a book about his time as WW II pilot and as far as I remember he mentioned there that the name refers to Charles DeGaulle which was a leading figure for the frenchmen who fought on the allied side
  10. Lord no! I’m talking from a pilot’s perspective. 😉
  11. 👍Lots of really nice skins, but Saint-Ex' Photo Reconnaisance plane is kind of a MUST!
  12. This is a bug introduced in the latest update which affects Alonzo's efficient activation/deactivation AAA style. So far he has converted all target AAA so that it is no longer invisible, though some invisible AAA remains around player spawn airfields - we figure that shouldn't matter too much as nobody will get much of a shot at it anyway! In other news Combat Box just became the first ever stat-tracked IL-2 server to break 3,000 unique players in a single month's tour - and with two weeks left to go too! Congratulations everyone and especially you the players - we could not have done it without you all!
  13. I agree the Macchi's seem better than some.......maybe the Itie pilots are all rat arsed on Campari and are half blacked out already,cancelling out the G effect!! "The Jim Bowen Rap"..... "They say im a cult"....good old British innuendo😁
  14. That's a pity... So in my BF I have to Be Aft* for a while *Aft: probably hidden in the Fuel tank
  15. I am not a Tank guy either - I have an older Brother who is..........He builds the Plastic Model Kits Tamiya etc and keeps sending me photo's of his work............He spent 6 months building one kit .. (Yawn) ........ 😛 However, a few bottles of Beer on a Friday night and a quick blast on the Tank Missions and I am really enjoying it 😛 Got to say really impressed with them. Still prefer to get my WIngs on Love the new clouds............. But one question for the developers.............Just to be sure ............I have to ask.......... I spent £1500 on my current tower which I built just for IL2................I am not gonna have to build a new one now am I? Cuz I am already teetering on the edge of Divorce 😛
  16. You are a 'glass half empty' type of personality aren't you? 😁
  17. Since the last update I noticed that I don't hear any sound when beeing shot by bandits. I see tracers and bullets on my wings and generally it's too late. I didn't had this issue before. And as I am playing in VR this is really difficult and frustrating. I know I am not the only one in this situation, but I find strange that no info came from the devs since the last patch.
  18. Human controlled flak won't be able to hit anything without aim assist.
  19. And a boosted ‘new’ G-6 will be different from a G-14 how..? Plus historically you already have G-14s over Normandy. Which were in fact converted G-6s. And officially called G-14. Boosted G-5/AS would make some sense because of Knoke and JG 11. But then again it could be just as well be a G-14/AS which is pretty much the same thing.
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