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  2. Black-Hussar

    PWCG 5.0.4 Released

    ...well, this would explain a lot. Thank you so much, Pat!
  3. PatrickAWlson

    PWCG 5.0.4 Released

    Fighter contact is intentionally suppressed in ground attack/bombing/dive bombing missions. There is an advanced config that allows you to generate more fighter contact - I will look it up later when I have the opportunity.
  4. That's an accurate description. I think we have been exposes to the old DM for too long and its gonna take time to get used to the new one.
  5. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Tactical Air War

    If one of the sides have a huge advantage... the counterpart dont play. I think any what knows this fact dont wants a easy win edition In any case, actually we dont are on this situation and i think current TAW is good and last changes help. More things can be done. Al least, like i read before. I agree, the actuations of big squads are the key.
  6. 335th_GRDaedalos

    Tactical Air War

    Bail out Shot down end
  7. This is a lifesaver every single time I do not fly for a while. Cheers for this ❤️
  8. Yes, I agree with you. But , having this option will let people think German already have Glass Head Rest in autumn 1942. Not everyone know when Bf109 begin to equip glass headrest. This option will mislead people.
  9. SAS_Storebror

    The Groups Sharing Corner

    Thanks for the explanation coconut! Following your report here... ...and the corresponding confirmation from my side, I've put together a "quick & dirty" replacement group for those who need to use counters as gateway in the described manner (i.e. use them to apply an arbitrary delay to a "gateway" built using a counter with threshold "1"). The usage should be self explaining, you have an input and output ("IN" and "OUT") like you did with your counter, and you have two inputs "Activate" and "Deactivate" in order to activate/deactivate this replacement group. You can find the group attached to this post, or alternatively here: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,60165.0.html Mike Counter as Gateway.zip
  10. thank you..... was right there in front of me and could not find it... opps...there are 4 head_1 files there.....does it matter which one I edit, or do I have to edit all of them??
  11. EAF19_Marsh

    DD today?

    Not me, dude; I live in Italy 😎
  12. PatCartier

    P-47 D Skins

    Hi, I think it will be better if you edit the alpha channel: - open the alpha.psd provided by ICDP. - turn off US markings - copy your paint work - paste it over the alpha.psd - turn it black/grey. - copy this over the alpha channel of your P-47D28_5.psd file ++
  13. Luger1969

    szelljr skindeposit ® ™ ©

    Thanks Szelljr
  14. I finally found it ...and I agree I didn't really notice much of a difference with it off either ...I thought I would.
  15. Talon_

    Spitfire Mk.IX vs Bf109-k4

    FWIW the Spitfire IX is on 1943 engine settings while a DC-engined K4 is on 1945 engine settings. For a direct comparison of early Spits you compare the IX we have to a G6, and for a late Spit we are currently missing the correct amount of boost for a 1945 plane.
  16. CptSiddy

    How do you dogfight the P47?

    This, if true, shows me even more that the carb mechanics is just a gimmick and not a real simulation of how the engine loop works. They can replace the carb temp gauge with banana and the result will be the same. Now, i know its a computer game, and by definition you cannot have bla bla bla, i am Descartes from the press. The point is, when carb temps go up, this means the air that is in there is hotter, less dense volume to volume, and squeezing it in mechanical supercharger yield less of total air and hotter air at the same time. This contribute to lower power and or knock. So in theory, carb temp and cylinder head temp's are your real variable in manifold pressure you can run, assuming fuel octane and engine mechanical limits remain constant and working nominally. This also set the limit to WEP, and not the manul.
  17. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Tactical Air War

    Xjammer. U remember what happens on ADW last maps?? .
  18. -[HRAF]BubiHUN

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hi! No, not at the moment. There is another server for a campaign. Thanks for joining!
  19. Today
  20. Not sure about the i7-8700K having integrated graphics but thanks for the info, I'll look into it and see what can be done - if anything. Cheers
  21. Randoz

    Tactical Air War

    Quorum is the ability to not play cards without resistance. Players can destroy everything, but if there is no quorum, then this will not affect the situation at the front. Of course, I remember cases with an artificial quorum, but here it will not work. If a player wants to play, he will play; if not, then he will not. It always has been.
  22. I./JG1_Baron

    Model Pilot

    WIP Elefant 1:35
  23. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Can’t get more than 24fps!

    It must be something else. Sadly I don't know what, but you can be sure that you should easily run High with your rig with much higher FPS. You should try Balanced for the sake of testing of course. I don't know if the i7-8700K has integrated graphics, but if yes, have you check if you are not running that instead of the dedicated graphics card?
  24. xJammer

    Tactical Air War

    @666GIAP_Chimango The attempt to discredit my concerns with so called "balancing" that red side is whining for right now is laughable. The mission editor "trick" is what I became aware from speaking with some people on the red side and discovering that they use it. However I did not use it myself. If we continue in this direction though - reds join the blue side for a bit to grab the locations of the drop zones and then switch back to go and patrol them... Please understand the concept of asymmetrical balance. One side has an order of magnitude better CAS. The other side gets a bit better fighters (with new nerfed lineups) and bombers that aren't even able to defend themselves. I had a lagg sit on my 6 in ju88 until he ran out of ammo (because he really sucked at aiming). He landed with a radiator leak back home which was 60km away. All things considered right now the mission leans towards blue side not because of 23mm or gunpods. But simply because one side coordinated and decided to win. You can do the same!. And you did the same. 19FAB guys in larger group simply obliterate the blue side. Like they did both times the reds won. @LG I think the picture is clear. Reds demand a red-easy win campaign for the next round. I guess it would be fair.
  25. LuseKofte

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

  26. I agree, there should definitely be a good mix of randomness in the damage dealt and I think that there is a good mix already, though there can always be improvement.
  27. Tuesday

    DCS news

    I don't think the label system works, but the dot system is in place and works well for spotting at large distances. The damage modelling is still bogus, particularly for warbirds, but it is still enjoyable if you are able to avoid dwelling too much on that for the time being. I look forward to seeing how the dedicated server handles with complex missions and eventually jets.
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