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  2. Juri, thanks, just reinstalled it, as with Kalinin ...
  3. I'm specifically talking about the invisible things. Why is the player penalized for failing to avoid the invisible? Usually, as far as I can tell, its invisible trees. One will also have to explain to me what kind of injuries we're talking about that can have such a dramatic effect on vision while otherwise leaving the combatant able to function. I've had a lot of injuries in my time and only once was my vision effected for more than five minutes, and that case only involved one eye. But I understand it's a good game mechanic so I should give it a rest.
  4. Thanks for the answer! Thats awesome. Do you have plans to make a GA/CA yoke now that MSFS is out? I guess I should ask about GA grips too, like in the Icon A5 etc... I saw that you had a price point in mind for the sticks, what about the yoke? Your grips aren't going to be TM compatible, thats fine, it seems like you are making your own Hornet and Warthog grips anyway right?
  5. Hi @ZeroCrack01, your screenshot was selected incorrectly in the perspective view: please, look carefully at your original image:
  6. I need help with the mission "head of the snake".
  7. @Gambit21 I've heard solid arguments that for nVidia, the 3080 is the real sweet spot right now, due to the massive bandwidth improvement that GDDR6X brings to the table. On the 2.5 Ghz RDNA2 rumor, it would not surprise me. We already know that the PS5 RDNA2 chip runs at 2.23 Ghz, and I recall that Cearny as Sony had mentioned that it was because they started seeing logic problems above that, not because of the silicon itself being unable. If AMD has gotten the timing problems resolved, then a 2.5 Ghz chip would be reasonable. At the moment, given there are new CPUs coming out, and no GPUs available to buy (and it turns out you don't want to buy most of the launch cards anywas), I'm going to be waiting to see what the RDNA2 reviews show. I think I'll probably end up going for a 3080 10Gb, largely because I'm expecting the nVidia drivers to play nicer with my multi-monitor setup, but a significant price/performance difference could easily push me either way.
  8. Of course they would explode sometimes. Ever seen a rapid depressurization of an oxygen tank? Imagine that inside an aluminium tube. You can do a lot of damage with an oxygen tank and a hammer. A bullet strike will be sudden and catastrophic. I've also seen a lot of footage of .50 strikes all over that don't disintegrate aircraft. The damage model is simple. There is no "if". In Cliffs of Dover you can have your cowling blown off. That creates a lot of drag. There is no "patch" to fix the weak DM. It's a complete overhaul. You are asking for an oil change when we need a complete engine rebuild. Tranny is trashed too. I could see it happening. A tumbling bullet shock loads the rivets and pop, there goes a panel. I wonder what slowed the bullet down enough to do that? Neat. Edit/// The wheel hub. Shredded tire..... Bullet hit the wheel hub tumbled and slowed down enough to be able to shock load the rivets instead of punching a hole in the skin. Freaking cool!
  9. If everyone who experiences this gives system and specs and settings, it might be possible to find a common link.
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  11. I think I actually did that ony laptop. It was a i7-9750H. I recall it being very marginal, but if you turn enough stuff down it could be playable on an interim basis, but it wasn't pretty.
  12. The under the hood mechanics that have to do with applying tail numbers/decals etc has nothing to do with the 3D model itself, the "break away" zones or panels of the 3D model, LOD's etc etc.
  13. Happens a lot on all maps besides Prohorovka map. Trees,stumps,wagons,bushes,wells,fences.....
  14. Had some fun today setting up bomber intercept missions over the Rheinland!
  15. @BlackSix, Alex, I have the 352nd squadron history, (from the squadron itself) and thus have all of the aircraft, tail numbers, losses, dates, pilots etc etc. Let me know if I need to type up a full list of losses for you.
  16. @JimTM and anyone else. I'm looking to leverage the "spawn at me" logic heavily in my next project in order to minimize the number of inactive aircraft on the map. The idea is, say with a single 110 and multiple possible (highly randomized) spawners, I can create 1 enemy aircraft, or 5 when needed for the cost of the single inactive aircraft on the map when not in use. Is there any downside/problem that you've run into with this logic? If I have multiple instances/clones, is there any issue with the player getting credit for kills if he say kills 2 of the clones? In other words, aside from how the aircraft are spawned into the world, is everything else normal? I tested with AAA guns and it seems they act a bit 'off' (5 guns spawned from 1) so I gave up on using it for them. The plan is using this logic for trains, aircraft and some vehicles.
  17. Some of the training maps that people host have respawning balloons like that. Think no.20 has a setup like that.
  18. I have to admit, the carrier ops with the F-18 are pretty sweet. And ya gotta have carrier ops. Cinematically speaking, though, the F-14 is about as good as it gets. I tried the demo during that great free trial period and the Tomcat is maybe the best looking plane I've ever seen. I'm not crazy about the cockpit layout, just doesn't sing to me. But the graphics are the best. The Harrier, though, is just plain fun. VSTOL, carrier ops, excellent ground pounding, fast enough to cool, and a pretty sweet looking cockpit. So far it's my favorite.
  19. This makes no sense. It's when you can consistently pull them off that they become rewarding and fun.
  20. Interesting. This has recently started to happen to me. Lose all FFB. No problems before. I just quit the game, pretend to fiddle with the MSFFB2 settings in windows and then it works. It's pretty annoying. But the thing is it also happens in RoF so I thought my stick was losing its mojo.
  21. Messing around with filters on some old screenshots
  22. The current DM has reinterpreted 'durability'. If you're flying multiplayer you'd be crazy to get in an Albatros if you want to survive. The D7s, Pfalz, and Dr1 are tanks compared to anything else in the game. Just don't let a bullet hit a control cable. For SP, I'm not sure it matters.
  23. Thanks RedKestrel. I figure while the dust settles on the GPU world and I pull the trigger on something , I'll run the game from the integrated. Probably will be better than running with a 2 gig HD 6950 as I'm doing right now....I wonder if I can throw that card in just for giggles.
  24. Today I worked on this wonderful ..Eagle from Dick Bong... which is a real Eagle Dynamic Plein.
  25. @-DED-Rapidus Is the team at all aware of this issue? Is there any way we can provide information to try to help you guys find what's causing this? This is still happening to me intermittently in VR. Always in MP and always when a lot of action is happening.
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