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  2. Ok m8 no offense , I just was talking frontal attacks in general.....and to be honest I have not had what you talk about happen much, and as I said full frontal (ooh arrr missus!) attacks can be lived through fairly easily if you watch them closely. I am no super pilot but I find with practice I can nearly always beat any AI ace (2AI v me ) in most situations ,more so now with the G effect ..a poor performing plane can force a better one into mistakes more now than before. Im not being a "clever clogs" I just think the AI super gunnery claim (fighters that is) is a bit overstated.....sorry if you find otherwise but thats how I find it!
  3. I did try it but for me the lack of animation breaks the immersion rather than adding to it. I'm not criticising the mod because it does all it can currently do given the game's limitations, but it just wasn't for me. (For the record, I don't want or expect full animation of hands reaching for dials and flicking switches. All I need is a hand moving with the stick, a hand moving with the throttle, and feet moving with the rudder pedals. Basically like driving sims offer, with hands on the wheel, feet on the pedals, and gear changes.)
  4. This is not true. I saw server statistics. The Blues have more wins, but the Reds have more hours on the server and more destroyed ground targets.
  5. Rap, thanks for another classic. A really nice one! Many thanks.
  6. I found this on the Quick Mission - 4 B-25s and me in an ME262 - I went in full speed and was dead in an instant.......Pilot Killed by Gunners ........I tried 3 times in the 262 then a 109 and a 190 to follow, all ended badly no matter what tactics I used, if I wasnt killed by gunfire I was 'Unconscious' until I hit the ground wasn't flying level either, I was twisting and turning like a teenager at a Beatles concert 😛 😛 😛
  7. I don't get it. Why am I being asked to read this? Looked at the poll and it's almost exactly 50/50 split. Spotting seems fine to me even in VR. So... yeah.
  8. G'day, Cost efficiency. Military is not noted for it at all, the Clerget 9b was actually available for use in 1916 but was rejected by the establishment as to expensive additionally the BF upgrade was also available before the engine was used in combat aircraft - once again expence stopped it's use. Remember the British didn't issue parachutes because they feared the pilots would bail out even if the plane could be saved .... cost, not the human cost, but the material expence drove that decision by men who never took any risks at all. The military were not deciding what aircraft they got post WWI, at least not solely, it was the bean counters who decided especially after the loss of men and material. The modern military will always want the best but 100 plus years ago that certainly wasn't the case even today most military institutions get what the bean counters are willing to give them and at times that is not the best available. Those making the decisions and the leaders didn't actually have to share the risk of combat - it was nothing more than figures in a ledger and to them how long they could maintain or sustain minimal expence and expenditure to continue grinding away at the war for the win. As SeaWolf said the only way to really know is to test them all under the same conditions using multiple pilots flying each plane using the same testing parameters. We will never really know what these aircraft are or were capable of. Simply put when you are on a two way rifle range your more likely to take extreme risks to survive if no other choice is available. As for the constant quoting of Voss leaving behind his Pfalz's though true it doesn't prove anything at all. Quite simply the Dr.1 climbs faster and at a higher speed. The Pfalz D.III was noted for its poor slow climb rate and as such during that climb they were left behind. If it had been a level flight chase and the Dr.1 had left them behind I would lend some credibility to the argument but it wasn't. Wow the Albatros can out dive a Camel - yes it can so they could chose when to engage or not but only if they sighted the enemy first or held the tactical upper hand at the commencement of the engagement. If not then all bets are off like any engagement involving any aircraft of any type. Technical superiority isn't always an automatic win for those that hold it. Shot
  9. Korea is interesting because allow jet "guns, guns" what WWII don't allow, unless in a new... "1946". Anyway ways KTO looks more interesting than, e.g. Battle of Berlin or Normandy. Do KTO don't mean leave WWII for good and 1950's jet's can win new heart and minds, of course not from "do another Bf 109 variant" crowd.
  10. @BiBa I’ve used it for quite some time now. I fly in VR so it adds to the immersion.
  11. Si, es que también tengo un problema que dejé en otro hilo con la gráfica y el Bos que no pasa en otros juegos que hasta ahora no puedo explicar. Vamos a ver, saludos
  12. How else am I meant to keep up flight morale?!
  13. It was in the editor during beta...but they left it there in the public build so fair game now.
  14. Did some (rough and ready) sewing and got the cushion sorted out. I've temporarily rigged everything up to test the layout properly and start to figure out other control locations. I might extend the frame to move the pedals forward a little. Not sure yet. This is my first time using the Virpil gimbal and I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed it. I'm using the progressive AviaSim cams and they feel quite rough. The Crosswind pedal cams by comparison feel very smooth. I'm guessing the reason the stick cams feel rough is long throw, small cams and hands are more sensitive than feet. The axes are also not quite symmetrical in feel, which is annoying. I wonder why Virpil didn't go with a dual cam design to help with this. All in all the gimbal feels like a downgrade from my Cougar U2 NXT. That gimbal is perfectly smooth with very nice progression. Not as adjustable though (although it is possible to adjust the centre position) and it's not really suitable for using with an extension. I miss Foxy too 🥴.
  15. Man, Of course I wont be heading him, I hate frontal attacks, I avoid them. Im talking about those moments where, for example, Im heading 360°, 400 km/h, 1000 altitude, slightly turning left. At the same time, an enemy heading, say 220°, 550 km/h, 2000 altitude, 1km away from me... he shots, I see the tracers coming at all speed... boom, bye canopy. I usually have enough time to avoid those bullets (since the enemy shot from far away), but many times cant. Of course Im not talking about head-to-head attacks, I assume I will get shot in those situations. The AI flying skill is much better now indeed.
  17. Well now you have servers that have expert visability alternate off, and servers that have userfrendly visability alternate ON. Nothing stops you from playing on server that has option you like, why would devs change anything in expert option when they said thats what they consider most realistic option, and exactly what they wonted it to be. it cant get any clear then this that alternate off is how they planed it to be from start: I dont expect them to coming back to this issue any time sone. Ppl wonted vis ranges more then 9.5km, devs spend time to make it and we have it as alternate off option, and on top of that they made 2nd option as that bugged version that some ppl liked so they can enjoy it also. Im just being realistic here, they have other stuff to focus on, they spend time on this, and finish it how they seam correct, and to now expect any aditional fast work on it is delusional from what i can see. Play on server that have your option, or wait next few years when they get enought money from future DLCs to come back to issue. I dont like either option, they dont adress what i see as problem, but have no problem playing on either, also i expect no changes to them in near future, and if any changes to be done it will probably be done to alternate ON option.
  18. I only have an AMD A10 CPU and an AMD Radeon R9 380 4G Card and mine runs really well.........Until Norton decides it wants to run a scan or performance check in the background (Insert pee'd off emoij) Sadly the price we pay sometimes as there is no function to "Disable" Norton (Safely) whilst Games are running (Happens on State of Decay too where it looks like I am making a clip motion movie 😛 )
  19. JSGME installed and MODS file created in [C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles] IL*2 start confirms Mods been activated. = Clouds remained unchanged Added the Sky file in [C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics] = Clouds remained unchanged What isn't working for me?
  20. @Jmo @sevenless The Choo Choo has arrived in the station chaps! Just sayin'... Rap
  21. Clostermann wrote a book about his time as WW II pilot and as far as I remember he mentioned there that the name refers to Charles DeGaulle which was a leading figure for the frenchmen who fought on the allied side
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