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  2. This is strange. I just mapped both trim mechanisms (button, axis) to the same coolie hat buttons and it worked ever since.
  3. πŸ˜‚@Senor_Jefe-6 stop motivating all of us at 5.0 to go up even higher πŸ˜‚ *goes into bios*
  4. I'm basically having the same issue, although mine is just with the 109, 110, and 262. No matter what buttons I use none of it works, irritated, indeed. πŸ˜•
  5. FYI, just tried Dec 6 10:30 Pacific. Spit me out again.
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  7. Hello, My first skin BOBP, an semi historic interpretation of one red of the 4/JG1. - 1skin of Alfred Fritzsche plane + 1 skin generic for plane of I/JG1. Template from ICDP .
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fate_Is_the_Hunter Fate is the hunter by Ernest. K. Gann Probably my favourite book about flying and a must read for anyone interested in the subject As a strange twist I had just finished reading it, literally turned the last page and got the phone call I had been waiting for.... My first job flying C-54 as co-pilot in Angola (civil war) and the start of a great adventure /career Fate is indeed the hunter 😎 Cheers, Dakpilot
  9. Hello, My first skin BOBP, an semi historic interpretation of one red of the 4/JG1. - 1skin of Alfred Fritzsche plane + 1 skin generic for plane of I/JG1. Link for download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u7hfgklg7hdt2qv/MPG_FW190a8_4k_Bodenplate_1-JG1.zip/file Template from ICDP . Enjoy..!!
  10. Everyone should know that drinking and flying is a prohibited activity, especially on TAW. 😬 P.S.: Server is still not functioning.
  11. When selected in Quick combat mission, starts loading and after a while IL2 freezes
  12. "you may have been opting to include the additional fuel valve in the aircraft load out menu, " I have always selected the fuel valve It still stalls very easily even with it. I don't remember it being that touchy. I would have remembered that. No big deal I just have to refrain from changing setting too quickly (which I try to never do) or just stop flying the 262
  13. Sekrit landing gear uplocks being discussed? Cheers, Dakpilot
  14. Good day, I have been flying the German career from Moscow to Kuban. Realistic speed, runway start, moderate difficulty, dense front line activity. Never had a single slow down or CTD....played some days for 6-8 hours non stop. The game runs flawlessly.... When BoB was released, I went to start a Tempest career with No3 Squadron. Within 5-10 minutes of the start of the very first mission I get a CTD. I have tried 3 separate times after restarting. When the 4.002 patch came out, I tried again. Exact same issue, 5-10 minutes into the flight I get a CTD. Has anyone else been having issues with BoB career crashing to desktop? I have turned Mods off (all I have is skin mods, nothing else). That didn't change anything. I wonder if it's only No3 Squadron or others having the same issue with allied career in BoB. Thank you.
  15. Main Menu , settings then service.
  16. First, the map of Moscow region has been improved, more evergreen trees were added. They weren't simply added to existing forests at random - forest types reflect the real forestation in the area. You can see the forest type map below: violet color for pine, red for spruce, yellow for leaf, blue and aquamarine for mixed forests.
  17. Yes, you probably got banned for killing one of our mates, right above our AF after he just took off. And he got a penalty ban for 20hrs because of you as it was his last life. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=42828&name=Julz And it was very nice of you to leave without even short or brief explanation or excuse. We wrote an official complain about you to the admin.
  18. Could someone inform me how to show the fps counter? Thanks in advance.
  19. World of Warships is making quite a few music videos lately. They collaborated with the Swedish band Sabaton to make this: And World of Tanks even produced a music video for a previous song from them:
  20. Recently sold my Gtx1080 to a buddy and bought a second hand Msi Seahawk Gtx1080ti, it benchmarks with highish results comparatively to other 1080 ti's and runs coolish at 60C. so all good. And the 'upgrade' cost me 150 US Unfortunately the pump has a slight audible rattle, further investigation says this can be normal on the Corsair h55 aio which the seahawk uses As I was trying to achieve a near silent PC this is a bit annoying. Have bought a Kraken G12 which is basically a bracket that allows the use of many iao coolers to be fitted to the graphics card and a 92mm fan for the vrm's.( It was fairly cheap and can be used on pretty much every current GPU.) Have now ordered a Thermaltake water 3 360 mm aio cooler which uses a 5th gen asetek pump and is (supposedly) much quieter than the 1st gen pump from the h55 (I bought this using promotional ebucks from my bank you get when buying petrol so I can kid myself it was "free") Armed with these parts and a screwdriver I hope to have the 1080ti running nice and cool and near silent at high loads (with little actual cash outlay) at least that's the plan 😎 Luckily my case has enough room for two 360 mm radiators, I currently use a corsair h150i for the CPU with very good results, cooling/noise even at 5.2ghz Wish me luck (cooler only arrives in a week or so) have never 'stripped down' a GPU before let alone a water cooled one Cheers, Dakpilot
  21. I just got in. Wasn't letting me either. Edit: Tried again and now I can't connect. Guys, it's just not the mission.
  22. Quite nice to see the making-of and the work that went in. Quite a massive undertaking.
  23. @Alonzo Thanks for the help setting up the Friday Night Flight. The map worked great and the server completely full. Awesome work! Thank you @[TWB]Sketch for organizing it and all those who showed up!
  24. Not to engage in a political debate (I won't), but it's possible to appreciate the technological advancements of planes and tanks from various countries and to play a combat simulator with them while also removing one's self from the realities of history, war, and politics. We do the same when playing WWII FPS or strategy games. I can love a Yak, Spit, Mustang, or FW-190 without supporting the actions of the countries they came from. But to each their own. Back to the topic, can't wait for BoN and all it will open up for this series!
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