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#385578 Announcing Battle of Kuban and Development Plan!

Posted by Jason_Williams on 08 September 2016 - 14:14

Dear Friends,


It is my honor and pleasure to announce our current and future plans for the modern IL-2 Sturmovik Series. As you know we have released Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow and now we are ready to announce - THE BATTLE OF KUBAN! In addition to creating the Battle of Kuban we will be adding several new technologies, gameplay modes and community centered features to the Sturmovik series that will setup future titles based in the Pacific theater. We see the further development of the Sturmovik series as a marathon and not a sprint. We hope you will continue to support us and cheer us on the entire way as we make, what we consider to be, our shared vision a reality. More on our bigger vision further below.


To produce Battle of Kuban we have adopted a sixteen (16) month development plan that will culminate with its final release in December 2017. The plan is packed with new features, improvements, changes and new content. Battle of Kuban (BOK) will be available for Pre-Order in the coming weeks with a discounted price for early purchasers. An early-access program will also be available for pre-order purchasers as we have done in the past. You will not have to wait long to start experiencing new content and further improvements to the Sturmovik universe.


The Battle of Kuban provides a unique opportunity for us as a development team and for you as a customer. The Kuban theater offers some beautiful and varied scenery and interesting aircraft including Western Lend-Lease designs that played an important role not only the Kuban area, but all across the Eastern Front. The Kuban also helps the development team by providing an ocean environment for larger ships and other watercraft to do battle which will help prepare us for our eventual move to the Pacific theater.




Planned to be Included in Battle of Kuban:


Flyable Aircraft and Content:

- Bf-109 G-4

- Fw-190 A-5

- Bf-110 G-2

- He-111 H-16

- Yak-7b

- P-39L-1

- IL-2 mod.43 UBT

- A-20B

- Hs-129 B-2 (Collector)

- Spitfire Mk.VВ (Collector)

- Kuban map 300x400km (Seaport, Towns, Mountains, Sea, Prairies, Large Forests, Part of Crimea)

- Warships (Destroyer, Cargo ships, Submarines, Torpedo boats, Landing Barge)

- Some New Ground Units


Technology and Features:

- DX11

- VR (with existing GUI)

- New Career for Kuban, Moscow, Stalingrad (ROF-like)

- Scripted Campaign game mode with first Campaign of 15 missions. Community can add their own scripted Campaigns later.

- CO-OP Multiplayer Game Mode (ROF-like to start)

- Air Marshall and Field Marshall modes for MP. (i.e. HQ-ATC-GCI type screen to manage a battle with realistic limited info)

- In-Game Model-Viewer (tool for skin makers)

- Mods On/Off Mode (As open as possible including sounds and textures)

- Support for Tacview

- Rear View Mirrors

- Re-vamped Triple Monitor Support

- External Gauges API for app makers

- Ability for Players to Import Vehicles and Objects (Like ROF)

- SDK for Vehicles, Buildings, Boats and other Objects

- Custom Graphics Settings Options


Other Improvements:

- As much of Daniel’s DD120 (As time and budgets allow)

- Adjustable Cloud Heights

- Flight Model Optimization for AI planes (More AI planes in missions)

- Planes with larger wheels are less stuck in rough terrain

- Support for Larger Textures (Assuming tests prove possible)

- Sound/Graphics FX (Object linked hits and sounds)

- Sharper Shadows

- Haze Improvements (Possibly if research results are good)

- New Tracers (Possibly if research results are good)

- Oil Leak Texture Layer (Possibly if research results are good)

- Liquid effects on Canopies (Possibly if research results are good)

- Torpedoes

- Key/Axis Mapping Dialog Re-design

- PWCG custom button in GUI (Similar to ROF)

- Crew Position Hotkeys

- HEAT projectile

- Multiple Bomblets

- Cavity bursting charge AP projectile

- TrackIR seen as separate device by game

- Misfires when gun overheated

- Blown engine if something going wrong with it

- Trimmers on axis

- Cargo Drops and Paratroopers for Ju-52


… and other small improvements, changes and fixes we can fit in to the schedule.


Note: Items above not listed in any particular order or priority and any item listed is tentative provided development goals are reached as planned.


Larger Picture:


Over the next few years we plan to meet four major goals with our engine, technology and products.


1.       Build the technology and features the community wants to see in our products and try to re-capture some of the magic that made the original Sturmovik so much fun. We call it the “Spirit of ‘46”.

2.       Continue to use the Eastern Front as the proving ground for our engine, technology and game design for a little while longer. By making Kuban next, we will leave the Eastern Front a well-appointed theater that fans of the Eastern Front can enjoy it for a long time.

3.       Move to the Pacific Theater and build a first-class simulation of Carrier Warfare which dominated that theater.

4.       Develop features, methods and opportunities to increase community involvement in the creation of interesting content and increasing social interactions between players to build a stronger community.


If our plan is successful, our engine and product line will evolve into one of the biggest and best combat sim series ever.


Our long-term vision includes the following battles, but not necessarily in this order and final selection is not concrete.


Battle of Kuban

Battle of Midway

Battle of Okinawa

Battle of ??????


Additional improvements and features are planned for later products. We simply could not fit all possible features, content and changes into one product. And some features and changes have to come before we can build others. It is necessary to take a methodical, responsible approach to how we develop the engine and product further to ensure long-term success. No one wants us to release an unfinished or broken product. To do so would be the end of our team.


We have conducted much internal and external research on where we should go next and thought about the future vison of what you, the combat flight-simmer, wants us to make. It’s not easy to balance the wants and needs of the entire yet diverse combat-sim community with our budgets, deadlines and available resources. However, Battle of Kuban along with its new tech and features is a strong, aggressive step in the direction the community has requested we go. Please remember, the original Sturmovik as well as our earlier title Rise of Flight, was not built in a day, but over several years. However, with your continued help and encouragement we can make this vision a reality and keep the Spirit of ’46 alive!


You can discuss this announcement in this thread and read further comments from Jason that address this plan in even more detail.


See you in the skies and thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support! 


The IL-2 Sturmovik Team

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#185032 We proudly present to you...

Posted by =FB=LOFT on 22 October 2014 - 11:44

Dear pilots,


We present you a new game in the IL-2 Sturmovik series. It was both hard and enjoyable to work on it. It’s a pleasure to be creating a continuation of the game that once won the world’s recognition in the genre - yes, it’s no easy to make something worth everyone’s attention. We’ve been persistent on our way to the dream, we started as players and turned into makers. The very game release proves that tenacious dreamers can accomplish their goals.


And the goal was to create the game withing minimum time because the IL-2 series had lived through some hard times and significant gaps between releases. We worried that players might forget the genre in the wreckless rithm of modern entertainment industry, and that we might release a game too complicated and slow for players. But we never lost our focus on the very core of flight simulation. Physics, aerodynamics, ballistics, and precise recreation of military vehicles. We wanted you not only know but also - feel like you’re flying. Feel yourselves surrounded by the clean ice-cold air, feel the power of a combat machine in your hands. The game remains on the base of persistent and continuos wish to improve your skills. And we, keeping this base gameplay untouched, added the best features of other genres to create one of the most hardcore and honest games on the market.

We enjoyed making the IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, that was so cool, and we hope you’ll enjoy playing it as well. We’re sure that the game will work correctly on your PCs but we are ready to make all necessary corrections if something goes wrong. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please, submit a ticket to our customer support, or tell us about your issue on the forum or on our social network pages - we’ll read it. Well, we’ve taken off, all parameters are ok. We’ll see what’s next later, when we climb a little higher. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your trust.


Thanks for your support,

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Team

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#76216 Air Combat Tutorials, TIR Profile, G940 controls, & SweetFX - Updated 28...

Posted by SYN_Requiem on 12 January 2014 - 15:29

Hi everyone,

My new channel is live and can be found at The Air Combat Tutorial Library


Channel Trailer:



Releasing these videos would be a lot harder if I didn't have a few helpers who have been reviewing what I've been making so far for fixes and improvements, so thanks to Bill, Eric, Pete, and Robey for volunteering your time and expertise to help make these videos better! These new videos have annotations, which are buttons I've added to the video that you can click on. They are pretty obvious, so if you wanted to watch a certain section, replay a section, or skip something altogether, just click on it and you will be taken where you need to go.  Also, just for your info: Subscribers get emails as soon as the videos are made public and I update these sorts of posts later on, so if you like them please subscribe because it gives me an idea of people's interest. I enjoy the process of making them and knowing people benefit from them is very satisfying.


Anyway, I hope you like them and feedback is very much encouraged on inaccuracies/improvements/suggestions etc. I have a long list to make, but if there is anything in particular you want to see let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Latest Video Release 29 Dec 2016:


Ju 52 Familiarisation



Bf 110 E-2 Familiarisation



Ju88 A-4 Familiarisation



Six Degrees of Freedom TrackIR Profile 19 June 2014:Attached File  Requiem Jun 2014.zip   1.06KB   3489 downloads

This is a new TIR profile from me which I've tested in in BoS, CloD, and RoF, and I'm happy that with how it performs in all three sims. The big thing I've done is the implementation of slight deadzones towards the end of head movement to avoid you moving your head far enough to get the view stuck in position at the end of its range. It's hard to describe what I mean, but it's basically a hard deadzone mixed in with a soft deadzone to make looking around feel more natural. This is basically a whole new profile across all six axes, but I'll list the changes to three of the most important axes below:


Yaw - You will notice a change in the 'yaw' axis when you look left and right. It won't take you to the full 180 degree position in-game but will actually stop at about 150 degrees, so for example when you look left to check your six oclock the view won't let you see completely out the other side, and yet it doesn't hinder your ability to check six at all. This means that the axes are limited in their range a little bit, but to me looking around in-game actually feels like it is a head instead of pivoting around a point in the cockpit. I always disliked how looking to my six would inevitably show the entire back of the cockpit which made it look flat, so I really like these changes.


Pitch - Added the little deadzones, but I've made it easier to look up and down without the issue of getting stuck at the ends of TIR's range. Looking up is faster initially, but slower towards the end to make it better to check above you and as part of a high six oclock check. Looking down is easier so you can check the instruments you need.


X axis - Added the little deadzones and made it easier to slide left and right in the cockpit, but the deadzone on this axis is slightly larger to prevent the out of body experience you can have with the canopy open.


I use a speed of 1 and smoothness of 35 with this profile. Edit the profile as you please.



  • Center - Mouse button 5 (thumb mouse button)
  • Pause - CTRL+F9
  • Precision - CTRL+F7
  • Profile - CTRL+F12 (not enabled)
  • All axes - Enabled
  • Trueview - Off

Logitech G940 Controls Package 28 Nov 2015: Attached File  G940 28 Nov 2015.zip   359.07KB   246 downloads

It has a readme, a picture of the in-game control assignments below, the input map, and a Logitech profiler file which will let you use the modifier switch on the joystick so you get double the functionality from your buttons.

Attached File  g940 24Oct15.jpg   388.73KB   100 downloads


Aircraft Guides by Chuck:

Nice guides which cover different aspects of each aircraft in BoS.



Cockpit Reference Cards by =RkSq=Lodebeard

Good guides to use on a second screen, tablet, or just printed off while familiarising yourself with the aircraft in BoS.




SweetFX/FlightFX is a neat utility used by many people to improve how the game looks without incurring a FPS drop. SweetFX is the stuff that implements the changes, but FlightFX is an external program which manages the usage of SweetFX much better. I prefer FlightFX because you just use a checkbox to turn SweetFX on and off rather than SweetFX where you need to add/remove the files manually. There are presets available so you don't even need to mess with the process of creating settings yourself, and many people recommend preset made by =Fifi= as being the best one out there.


=Fifi= SweetFX preset: Attached File  SweetFX_Il2_Fifi_settings.txt   1.83KB   1821 downloads

Here is an example of how BoS looks with Fifi's preset on and off.

Attached File  FX1.jpg   868.38KB   202 downloadsAttached File  FX2.jpg   1.12MB   161 downloads


For detailed instructions on how to use this utility go to: SweetFX and FlightFX to download it and get it up and running depending on your preference of how you want to use it (Manual = SweetFX, Auto = FlightFX)

If you are using FlightFX and experiencing crashing when the BoS launcher starts, disable SweetFX, re-start the BoS launcher, then enable SweetFX and you should be fine.

Attached Files

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#121227 Cockpit At-A-Glance Reference Cards

Posted by =RkSq=Lodebeard on 22 May 2014 - 04:09

These started out being just for myself and my pals, but I think maybe others might find them useful.  They are not as detailed as some others out there, but my purpose was to show all of the cockpit controls using only one picture for each aircraft.  This way people can put them on their second monitor, laptop, tablet, or phone until they are familiar with each plane's cockpit.


The aircraft notes are largely drawn from these excellent cockpit familiarization tutorials by SYN_Requiem, which many of you have probably seen.  Many thanks to both him and his friend pilotpierre, who generated very helpful notes on complex engine management.  Awesome work, guys!   :cool:


If you find any problems, please let me know so I can address them.  I hope someone out there finds them helpful! 




Added units for fuel pressure and oil pressure gauges in all planes (and nitrogen pressure in Pe-2)



Added La-5 (Series 8)

(engine management notes not quite finished yet)


















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#441481 Developer Diary

Posted by Han on 10 February 2017 - 12:39

Hello everybody,
While engineer and artist teams work on Battle of Kuban aircraft, our dedicated map department is making the landscape of the new theater of war. As we mentioned earlier, we use Rise of Flight tech as a start, but we spent a lot of resources to make it up to the task. We improved the mountains rendering in the first place, since mountains and foothills occupy 22 thousands square km of the total 120 thousands square km and the mountain coast is 350 km long. Theoretically we could create this landscape using existing technologies, but it would take unrealistic amount of time and we didn't have so many resources to do it the old-fashioned way. Therefore, we spent some time creating the procedural texturing system for mountaneous terrain. Surely, the modern tech requires not only applying the textures, but also choosing correct materials to make the landscape as natural looking as possible, getting rid of unnaturaly straight lines and borders. Here are several screenshots of our first attempts at this tech, which show promising results:
Attached File  11.jpg   1015.92KB   18 downloadsAttached File  12.jpg   634.57KB   17 downloads
Attached File  13.jpg   738.51KB   15 downloadsAttached File  14.jpg   940.32KB   14 downloads
Attached File  15.jpg   484.92KB   12 downloadsAttached File  16.jpg   874.67KB   16 downloads
Attached File  17.jpg   538.65KB   13 downloadsAttached File  18.jpg   769.9KB   13 downloads
The main data source for this landscape is the height map. Its analysis and processing gives us the slope steepness data that can be used to determine the surface type at any given coordinates - is this a rocky slope, or a patch of soil covered with low grass, or a forested area. The orientation of a slope relative to cardinal directions and a bit of randomness are also taken into account. The snow line (above which snow covers the ground) is also determined using the height map data, but of course it is not a simple height slice - it depends on slope steepness, its orientation (which affects insolation), etc.
We almost finished creating special objects for sea ports. This task wasn't trivial either - their layout changed since 1943 very much and it took a full blown historical research to determine how they looked back then. Kuban towns will include the famous landmarks, they are already modeled as well.
Our map department is progressing according to schedule and soon we'll be able to show you the early screenshots of Battle of Kuban landscapes and towns that will be close to their final look.
Attached File  01.jpg   652.87KB   16 downloadsAttached File  02.jpg   397.67KB   15 downloads
Attached File  03.jpg   505.69KB   10 downloadsAttached File  04.jpg   395.72KB   15 downloads
Attached File  05.jpg   345.73KB   15 downloadsAttached File  06.jpg   429.28KB   14 downloads

You can discuss the news in this thread

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#157599 Chuck's Aircraft Guide

Posted by Chuck_Owl on 03 September 2014 - 11:45





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#180011 Jason's Comments on Today

Posted by Jason_Williams on 14 October 2014 - 23:20



First, let me state that the comments posted earlier today did not come through me or have my approval. Loft is not the only board member or owner in this company. The english speaking forum is my area of responsibility and I don't appreciate such controversial comments from anyone on the team being posted while I am sleeping with no idea of what is being posted or having a chance to respond.


Second, I don't know what Loft had for lunch yesterday, but he clearly was in a bad mood and normally does not speak like that in our meetings. Clearly he was frustrated and I know how that feels cause I have been there many times. What he does is not an easy job, but he is a great producer and the quality of our products speak for themselves. However, he is not the best communicator, at least not in english. Also, there are deep cultural differences between Russians and Westerners. This has affected me at my job many, many times and we have had to find ways to overcome it. Usually we do and our products have been the better for it. Loft's blunt comments should not have left the office. 


Our official policy about user reviews is posted here. Nothing has changed since the ROF days. We do feel that due to the "wild west" nature of the internet it is important for us to ask users to post well-reasoned, polite reviews of our products. There are people on the net who do go out of their way to hurt companies for no legitimate reason. We have been the victims of this several times since we began 5 years ago and whenever we see this kind of activity we try to push back a little. As has been seen in the media lately the gaming press can be corrupted aka "gamergate" and their public areas can be manipulated by folks with agendas. We also know how hard it is to get coverage in mainstream publications and websites without large marketing teams. So, I think Loft's frustration probably comes from that perspective. I know I feel frustrated that way too sometimes. I can't totally speak for Loft, but that is my guess. Further comments on the forum about what was said will be deleted. There is nothing more to say about it. Neither Loft's comments nor critiques of it further the health of this hobby.


We have tried to be very communicative about this product and we have over 80 blog posts as a testament to that commitment, several live streams and hundreds of posts from the team in the forums answering questions and engaging with users both on the western side and eastern side. However, the last few blog posts have drawn the ire of a size-able chunk of the community and there have been many comments about the design decisions that have been made. We see it and we hear you. There is no need to continue to blast us over and over again. This only leads to fights and personal insults on the forums which we do not like. When that happens we need to moderate and that also drives negativity, but the key is held by our forum users. Keep it polite and civil and everything will be fine. Calling the team names and launching ad hominem attacks only causes threads and comments to be locked or deleted. That won't change unless the mood changes to a more reasoned one.


Also, I still do not understand to this day the craziness this genre generates. I have been a simmer for over 20 years and worked in this industry on the hardware, distribution and development sides of things for over a decade. The passion, anger, rawness and sensitivity of the market and the developers is beyond anything I have ever seen. I used to think I had a handle on what users wanted and how they would react to things, but I am at a loss now. I have made many friends in this genre over the years, but I have also lost friends because of this hobby and it's maddening and I'm tired it. We are supposed to be adults in the genre, not angry kids. I'm guilty of not always being my best either, but for everyone's sake the bickering, attacking and constant melodramatic nonsense needs to stop or this genre will definitely die.  


Finally, I understand there are those who legitimately want to voice their opinion on things they like and don't like. That is perfectly fine and we have always made changes to our products based on customer feedback. We can't make every change or suggestion someone wants, but we do listen. To help facilitate that I have opened a NEW thread in the Poll section where you can speak on the Campaign system etc. This is where all discussion about the like or dislike of the Campaign will go for now. Comments on this topic in other sections will be moved here, We need one place so we can see everyone's opinion. Please participate in the poll and leave a polite comment if you wish. The same rules will apply as far as forum rules and civility goes, but if you keep it civil your comments will remain. 


I know there is a previous poll on this topic, but the poll question was not setup in a way that we can use so I have started a new one. I will lock the old poll thread, but leave it visible.


Thank you to all that are participating in our Early Access period and let's try to get past these last couple weeks and find enjoyment in this hobby we all love.



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#422861 1C Game Studios to Cooperate with Team Fusion on IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

Posted by Jason_Williams on 21 December 2016 - 14:30

1C Game Studios to Cooperate with Team Fusion on IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover


1C Game Studios is excited to announce that we have reached an agreement in principle to cooperate with Team Fusion on future commercial development of IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover. This includes giving Team Fusion access to the Cliffs of Dover source code so they may continue their work to fix and improve Cliffs of Dover and build commercial add-ons for the base title. Such cooperation was made possible only recently as full ownership rights to Cliffs of Dover was returned to 1C Company after many years.  We can now allow Team Fusion to continue their work more comfortably and help turn Cliffs of Dover into the product is was intended to be. 1C Game Studios recognizes the hard work and passion that Team Fusion has exhibited in improving Cliffs of Dover and we welcome their continued dedication to the product. We also welcome them to the 1C Game Studios family of developers who help make the combat flight-sim genre and IL-2 Sturmovik series so compelling.


In the coming weeks and months, Team Fusion’s work will be offered as an official content update and patch for Cliffs of Dover on Steam. This update will merge all the current changes and fixes into one update. The update will initially be optional. Not long thereafter, the update will be codified by Team Fusion and officially entered into the source code and file system for the product itself. The title will then be permanently updated through Steam negating the need for a separate patch.


Later in 2017, the first commercial add-on for Cliffs of Dover will be released. The add-on will be focused on the North Africa theater and will update the engine to DirectX 11 and include new airplanes, a new map and other content and improvements. There is a possibility that other theaters will be developed in the future pending the outcome of this first add-on.  More information about the North Africa add-on will be made public in the coming weeks.


The Cliffs of Dover product line will be distinct and separate from the IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad line produced by 1C Game Studios. Both game engines will be developed separately by each team with the announced IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban development schedule unchanged and unaffected by this announcement.


Cliffs of Dover and its add-ons will be sold on the official IL-2 website (www.il2sturmovik.com) and through Steam. There are no current plans to incorporate Cliffs of Dover into the existing 1C Game Studios user account system. Players will continue to manage their Cliffs of Dover install through Steam just as it is done now.


We hope you find this announcement to be exciting and re-assuring that your favorite hobby will continue to grow and flourish. 1C Game Studios and Team Fusion ask for your support as this new era of cooperation and development begins!


The 1C Game Studios Team


You can discuss this announcement in this new section of our forum: Cliffs of Dover by Team Fusion

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#432034 Developer Diary

Posted by Han on 13 January 2017 - 11:59


Hello everybody,
the holidays here have ended and we continue working on Battle of Kuban. Soon we'll start beta testing the next plane in its planeset, twin engine strike aircraft Bf 110 G-2, and now we can show you its screenshots:
Attached File  01.jpg   502.97KB   86 downloadsAttached File  02.jpg   463.88KB   52 downloads
Attached File  03.jpg   673.74KB   49 downloadsAttached File  04.jpg   735.97KB   58 downloads
Our artists are finishing German bomber He 111 H-16 3D model. We must say that its development turned out to be somewhat harder than we expected. Its rear cabin was created anew and there are significant changes in the pilots cabin. But as it is always so, what is harder for us to make is more interesting for you to fly :) Here's one screenshot of its almost finished cockpit:
Attached File  He111H16.jpg   835.11KB   98 downloads
Other good news came from AMD and NVidia, they responded to our questions regarding some of their video card models. NVidia confirmed that NVidia 780 driver restarts while using 37x.xxx or newer drivers will be fixed. AMD is investigating the particle issue on newer AMD video cards (which we temprorarily fixed by removing one of the optimization techniques), hopefully it will also be fixed soon.
We also want to tell you that we almost finished the physics and AI systems optimization. We succeeded in increasing these AI aircraft flight calculations performance slightly more than two times. Since we already have upped AI aircraft physics performance while on the ground by 3 times earlier, we and you will be able to create scenarios containing twice the amount of aircraft as before. Currently this optimization is planned to be added to the public version in February or March, in update after the next one.
We still have almost a year to go, but considering we have met all the milestones in time last year makes us confident that all Battle of Kuban will be released on time as well.

You can discuss the news in this thread

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#419175 Please Read - A Heads Up on Update 2.006

Posted by Jason_Williams on 14 December 2016 - 03:25



We are in the final stages of preparing our version 2.006 update. This particular update has been a very tough one for our small team. It includes several big ticket features and content. We're talking about DirectX 11, Scripted Campaign, Ju-52 and Bf-109 G-4 plus lots of other small enhancements and new technology like German Paratroopers to support all this wonderful new stuff. We had planned to release it on the 15th, but it may get pushed back a few days. Regardless, please understand that THERE WILL BE BUGS in this release. They are simply inevitable with an update this size. We are already planning for a Hotfix afterwards so don't panic. So, if you see a bug, report it in a civil polite manner. The team has been putting in long hours and weekends to get this update ready for you so please be kind.  


This update is one of the most important this entire development cycle so we need your patience and understanding as we work out the kinks. We hope you enjoy the new features and content over the Holidays.


Now is a great time to pre-order Battle of Kuban because the first of it's planes are starting to roll off the assembly line as part of our Early Access program! 




Attached File  Ju-52_1.jpg   495.22KB   75 downloads Attached File  Ju-52_2.jpg   685.79KB   64 downloads




Attached File  Ju-52_3.jpg   571.87KB   80 downloads Attached File  Ju-52_4.jpg   196.48KB   65 downloads




Attached File  109-G4_1.jpg   789.58KB   104 downloads Attached File  109-G4_2.jpg   891.66KB   78 downloads



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#436564 Developer Diary

Posted by Han on 27 January 2017 - 18:35

Hello everybody,
another hard working week has passed. Since we finished physics optimizations for AI controlled aircraft, AI revision for all the planes in the game was mandatory. During this revision, their piloting and attack maneuvers were improved in many ways. As the direct result of this, update 2.007 will bring not only the double performance level of AI controlled aircraft (meaning that the same number of AI planes will require twice less CPU time), but also the improved quality of AIs - there will be a lot less jerky movements, AI handling will be more fluid.
Fw 190 A-3 physics revision is finished and will be included in 2.007 update as well.
Our artists have finished He 111 H-16 3D model and its weaponry is already recreated in the sim, including the German 13mm MG 131 machine gun which is new for our project. You can see the accuracy of its bullet flight modeling on the following graphs:
Attached File  AP.jpg   340.33KB   54 downloadsAttached File  HE.jpg   364.14KB   47 downloads
The new He 111 H-16 looks even more interesting and deadly than its predecessor. The main advantage of its defensive weaponry is the fact that all its machine guns (excluding the nose gun) are belt fed. 13 mm belt fed machine gun firing both armor piercing and high explosive rounds is very dangerous for enemy fighters. The bottom fire pit with twin barreled MG-81Z machine gun provides a good defence in the lower hemisphere. Two bomb bay doors allow for a very large payload of small and medium sized bombs. Pilot cabin instrument panel alignment was also changed for a better view of the front hemisphere.
Attached File  01.jpg   404.04KB   77 downloadsAttached File  02.jpg   395.97KB   50 downloads
Attached File  03.jpg   574.89KB   69 downloads
Attached File  04.jpg   624.18KB   63 downloads
Attached File  05.jpg   498.3KB   74 downloads
In addition, we finished the Bf 110 G-2 development and start its beta testing today. This means that 2.007 update will bring this plane and other announced additions to your PCs prety soon.

You can discuss the news in this thread

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#412855 Developer Diary

Posted by Gavrick on 24 November 2016 - 08:53



Hello Everybody,
My name is Roman and I'm one of the Aerodynamics/Software Engineers for the IL-2 Sturmovik project. I create aircraft flight models together with my colleagues. I worked on the Yak-1b series 127 which was just released and now I work on the Bf-109 G-4, but I'd like to tell you about our plans in the medium term regarding the Fw-190. We'll begin working on the Fw-190 A-5 relatively soon, at the end of winter, and when we do that we’ll have a chance to also correct the existing Fw-190 A-3 flight model, taking all the data we have recently acquired into account. 
The aircraft we recreate in our sim flew more than 70 years ago and this is a long time. Aviation historians have written many books on this aircraft in general. However, many original documents were either lost or there is no way to access them in government archives where they are kept. That's why such documents are interesting for us and sometimes are found only after the work on a plane in question is already finished. Such documents are needed to correct flight model after release and sometimes when we use data from those documents they introduce significant changes.
When we were working on Fw-190 A-3 we didn't have data that could allow us to pinpoint its stall speed and maximum lift coefficient, two directly linked values. We didn't have its wind tunnel data and the maximum lift coefficient calculated from the wing profile somewhat differs from its value on the real aircraft. Also, its stall speed wasn't clearly given in the reports we had. For example, the flight manual mentioned the landing speed with flaps and a rough estimate of its landing speed increase without flaps, but these values can give only an approximate stall speed. The stall speed was mentioned in the British report on captured aircraft flight tests - but the mass of the aircraft, an important parameter for calculating the maximum lift coefficient using the stall speed, was omitted from that report. 
Last year some new data appeared on the Internet - excerpts from the Fw-190 Chalai-Meudon wind tunnel data report. We used this data directly and reduced the maximum lift coefficient to 1.17 as it was given in this report. This turned out to be a mistake as some people on our forums suggested. The mistake was verified by the full report, kindly submitted by the community member II/JG17_ SchwarzeDreizehn. The summary graphs of this report did not take into account the flow disturbances and the relatively low flow speed in the tunnel, which lowered the maximum lift coefficient results.
At the moment, we continue to analyze the data we have in hand. Our estimate of the Fw-190 maximum lift coefficient is now 1.3-1.4. Increasing the maximum lift coefficient will also increase the maximum angle of attack. Pitch range of the flight stick till stall will be widened, making the aircraft easier to handle.
The Fw-190 had an unusual wing warp as proven by documents which were found thanks to the community’s help, however, these documents have slight discrepancies. Changing this warp will result in different stall behavior, it's likely to become 'softer', but only after flying the corrected plane in the game can this be tested.
The main performance characteristics - speed and climb rate - should remain the same.
We would like to thank all the people who helped us in the search for additional documents. II/JG17_SchwarzeDreizehn, JtD, II/JG11ATLAN, JG13_opcode and all others who kept the discussion polite and constructive - it's a pleasure to communicate with you and recreate the aviation history in our sim together!
To finish the today's Dev Diary, we'll show you the corrected and newly added Fw-190 A-3 skins made by paintjob devotee I./ZG1_Panzerbar who we continue to work with:
Attached File  00.jpg   1.05MB   89 downloads
Attached File  01.jpg   875.57KB   81 downloadsAttached File  02.jpg   1.02MB   79 downloads
Attached File  03.jpg   1.25MB   81 downloadsAttached File  04.jpg   1.36MB   71 downloads
Attached File  05.jpg   841.49KB   84 downloadsAttached File  06.jpg   1.16MB   79 downloads
Attached File  07.jpg   893.84KB   103 downloadsAttached File  08.jpg   1.08MB   77 downloads
Attached File  09.jpg   929.66KB   83 downloadsAttached File  10.jpg   984.79KB   86 downloads
Attached File  11.jpg   1.3MB   100 downloadsAttached File  12.jpg   1.14MB   89 downloads
Attached File  13.jpg   636.45KB   79 downloadsAttached File  14.jpg   790.99KB   75 downloads

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#443482 Developer Diary

Posted by Han on 16 February 2017 - 08:42

Hello Everybody,
Another productive week has passed. We achieved a good progress in implementing VR devices support via Open VR API - HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Both devices work in our sim already - visuals work, their parameters are being adjusted and possible performance optimizations are being researched. We used a certain approach to interact with existing user interface in VR environment conveniently. We'll start beta testing of the VR sub-system in the nearest future and it's planned to make Open VR support available to public in March.
At the same time, He-111 H-16 and Fw 190 A-5 development is almost finished and we'll start their beta testing this weekend (they will be released in 2-3 weeks). As we mentioned in our previous Dev Diaries, these planes turned out to be quite interesting. Meanwhile, the next Battle of Kuban planes are entering the development phase - today we can show you our first  WIP screenshots of the A-20B bomber. This aircraft is going to be the most expensive in production for us, but it should also be among the most interesting planes.
Attached File  pic01.jpg   325.88KB   22 downloadsAttached File  pic02.jpg   290.83KB   25 downloads
Attached File  pic03.jpg   483.76KB   14 downloadsAttached File  pic04.jpg   325.46KB   14 downloads
There is some progress in developing the new Career mode that we announced together with Battle of Kuban. Jason has formed a team of community enthusiasts to help him to prepare text and graphics for this new game-play mode. Alexander 'BlackSix' has finished research on squadrons which participated in the battles of Moscow, Stalingrad and Kuban and now he prepares their short histories. We hope to show you the first visible results of this work in the coming months.

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#383394 Developer Diary

Posted by Han on 02 September 2016 - 11:07



Hello Everybody!
At this moment the Battle of Moscow project is finished and the Yak-1b and Ju-52 are in the works. Thanks to our community we have plenty of skins to choose nine (9) official ones from. We have also started a preliminary work on the next project and its theatre of war - we're systematically collecting historical and engineering data on new aircraft, ground vehicles and the landscape. We'll be able to tell you about the new project soon.
But today we'd like to summarize for you what work has been done during this very summer. In the beginning of 2016, in January, we published a list of physics model changes and improvements we wanted to complete during this year. The list was long, but most of it is already done and many additional improvements were introduced. Take a look. We think the list is impressive and worthy to note that we continue to strive to make a great simulation product.
Physical Model and systems fine Tuning
1. MC.202 series VIII flaps are now forced back by air stream at high speeds, which should prevent their damage;
2. Engines with glow plugs stop faster when turned off;
3. Pe-2 brakes effectiveness corrected (reduced), this should make landings easier;
4. Bf 109 F-2 radiator functioning in manual mode was corrected: it opens fully, but slower.
5. Engine thermal model and thermostat corrected for all Bf-109 planes. Engine temperature maintained by thermostat and radiator effectiveness in relation to a degree of its opening and air conditions correspond to reference data better.
6. MiG-3 cooling system has been corrected: now it requires opening its radiator to degrees similar to other Soviet aircraft, but at higher altitudes (since its power output maxes out at higher altitudes);
7. Flaps release kinematic link calculations corrected on Yak-1, both IL-2 variants and MiG-3 (they are more stable when fully retracted);
8. Yak-1 tail wheel rotation limited to +- 90 degrees when unlocked;
9. Fw-190 A-3 aerodynamic characteristics corrected to meet the now available data (in short, its fineness ratio was reduced a little while its climb rate at high altitudes increased somewhat);
10. Fineness ratios of all planes were re-checked with their flaps extended. Fineness ratio was decreased for LaGG-3 series 29, La-5 series 8, Yak-1 series 69, IL-2 (both) and P-40E-1. Other planes fineness ratios were found to be correct;
11. Critical speed (when rudder and ailerons start to shake) decreased for all Bf-109 modifications (based on German test report and several pilot memoirs);
12. Additional armor plates and armored windshield mass is correctly added to Bf 109 E-7;
13. MG FF mass is correctly added to He-111 H-6;
14. Air drag caused by MC.202 bombs corrected (decreased);
15. Air drag caused by Bf 110 E-2 bomb holder corrected (increased);
16. He-111 H-6 elevator trimmer handle now stops at the same time when techno chat shows 100%;
17. He-111 H-6 elevator trimmer handle animation corrected (it was inverted);
18. Ju-87 engine RPM won't 'stutter' at maximum throttle;
19. A glitch that caused Pe-2 to move with retracted landing gear removed;
Aircraft Effects Changes
20. Smoke, tracers and exhausts are now affected by wind;
21. Cockpit camera shake effect corrected, it is influenced by engine RPM;
22. FFB effects corrected for MiG-3;
23. Different flight speed won't affect FFB gunfire effects power on P-40;
24. Missing left wheel brake sound added to Pe-2 and He-111 planes.
25. Impact sound can be heard during emergency landing;
26. You won't hear the wheels rolling sound during emergency landing on water or ground anymore;
27. An issue of asynchronous power during engine start fixed for twin engine aircraft;
Aircraft Equipment Changes
28.  IL-2 sight can be moved back and forth using LAlt-F command;
29. Rocket launch button added to both Pe-2 planes;
30. He-111 bombsight has gyroscopic stabilization effective at small roll angles as it should.
31. You can turn the bombsight left and right in View mode;
32. Bomb sight mode won't reset after leaving and re-enabling it anymore;
33. Back view angle increased for Pe-2 bomb sight in View mode;
34. Bomb sight view won't 'wave' while passing the zero mark;
35. I-16 PAK-1 gunsight corrected (outer ring changed to 0.140 of distance);
36. MC.202 gunsight corrected (dots position);
37. MC.202 gunsight damage corrected;
38. AN-4 compass on Pe-2 bombers is now illuminated;
39. Breathing systems corrected on all Soviet aircraft (altitude indicator);
40. Coolant indicator 3D model corrected for all Bf 109 planes;
41. Fuel switches animation corrected;
42. 'Inverted' canopy opening sound corrected on LaGG-3, La-5 and IL-2;
43. Radiator control buttons corrected on Ju-87, both Pe-2 and MC.202;
Aircraft Armament Changes
44. It is impossible to fire guns when powered off on aircraft equipped with electric triggers;
45. All non-blowback action turret weapons can be reloaded even if there is no misfire and magazine isn't empty;
46. Twin turret machine guns are now reloaded one after another (not simultaneously);
47. German bomb detonators now function correctly when dropped from extremely low (5-10 m) altitudes;
48. Tracer rounds removed from ShVAK autocannons for Battle of Moscow timeframe planes because they were produced later in 1942;
49. Turret weapons cooling rate during flight corrected;
50. Armor penetration of German 7,92 rounds corrected (slightly reduced at closer distances);
51. Chance of ricochet of aircraft HE rounds removed;
52. An error in automatic bombsight mode that caused He-111 and Ju-88 to drop bombs a bit later that needed has been fixed;
Damage Model Changes
53. Chance of ammo detonation after ammo racks hit increased for all aircraft;
54. Instrument light can be damaged;
55. Broken instruments in a cockpit show the last value instead of 0;
56. Armored pilot seats now protect from explosion fragments in addition to projectiles;
57. Drifting on rough ground is likely to break the landing gear;
58. Cockpit canopy moves according to physics laws (it can close during dive on IL-2 or La-5 and LaGG-3, it may be impossible to open it at high speeds, etc.);
59. Fuel tank rear armor increased by 1.5 mm for both IL-2;
60. La-5 engine damage time at high temperature corrected;
61. Flaps can be jammed at high speeds on Fw-190;
62. Armor protection on Fw-190 is removed correctly after ditching the canopy;
63. A lost canopy won't erroneously block the ability to bail out;
64. Bf-109 E-7, He 111 H-6, Pе-2 ser.35 and ser.87 damage models corrected (wrong parts were flying off when damaged);
65. MiG-3 elevator trimmer won't work if the right side of the elevator is lost (where trim tab is located).
66. AI pilots will be more careful not to break their engines;
Flight Assist Changes
67. RPM limiter (helper) on MiG-3 won't wrongly set the throttle to low values at low air temperature anymore;
68.  RPM limiter assist corrected; it reduces RPM if engine can be damaged by a high temperature;
69. Overheat warning message appearance corrected for all aircraft;
70. You don't need to issue manual radiator mode command twice for automatic radiators (radiator assist turns off simultaneously with turning manual radiators mode on);
71. P-40 engine assistant fixed (it won't break the engine at high altitudes);
72. P-40 engine assistant changed, now it allows to reach the maximum allowed power;
73. Pe-2 engine throttle levers won't shake when engine assist is engaged;
74. Engine start procedure updated - control axes remain in correct position after it;
Other changes and additions
75. Rudder/pedals reset command added (key D by default);
76. Cockpit canopy moves according to physics laws (it can close during dive on IL-2 or La-5 and LaGG-3, it may be impossible to open it at high speeds, etc.);
77. A rare problem that caused the plane to be invisible in multiplayer fixed;
78. A rare problem that caused the bombs or turrets to float next to their aircraft fixed;
79. A turret won't be left in the air after aircraft explosion in multiplayer (a rare issue);
Changes we're testing now (they are likely to be included in 2.004 update)
80. REVI-12 display reticle corrected (its angular size increased by 12%);
81. Lift force loss and drag increase of a remaining wing after fragmentation of a wing corrected;
82. First optimization task completed: AI controlled aircraft on the ground can be doubled;
83. 'Jumpy landing gear' issue fixed thanks to improved shock strut model;
84. Bumpiness of concrete runways and taxiways reduced;
85. He-111 won't rotate after an emergency landing;
86. Powered temperature gauges won't work when engine is off;
87. Engine heat model corrected for Ju-87;
88. Oxygen deprivation model corrected (its effects are felt at higher altitudes than before);
89. German breathing devices are engaged at higher altitudes (by German flight manuals);
90. Pe-2 fuel gauge is backlit now;
91. La-5 cylinder head temperature gauge is backlit as well;
92. Pe-2 trimmer neutral position indicators work now;
93. Bf 109 E-7 mass correctly decreases with ammo spending;
94. New technochat message added telling pilot that an engine is deselected.
In the meantime, the work continues. One of our main goals at this stage of development is a significant increase in an amount of AI controlled aircraft acting simultaneously without a noticeable decrease in modeling quality, keeping realistic aircraft characteristics. The idea is to keep the physics modeling accuracy of an AI controlled plane the same as player controlled plane has and optimize only those modules which impact is only noticeable when you pilot a plane yourself. A significant chunk of time of our lead flight physics specialist and the author of our flight model, Andrey Solomykin, is dedicated to this task. We're optimistic since the early results are good.
It is known that one of the physics bottlenecks in terms of the required CPU power was an aircraft behavior on the ground so this was a natural first stop of Andrey's journey to improved performance. And he passed it with flying colors - at this moment we're able to double the amount of AI planes on the ground keeping the same level of performance - simply staying on the ground, taxiing, performing a takeoff or landing. This change will be included in 2.004 update. In addition, as it always happens with a large scale research, this task yielded unforeseen results. By completing it we were able to solve the 'jumpy landing gear' issue.
Earlier we stated that implementing additional landing gear dampening is not possible within the confines of the current landing gear model which was already at its computational stability limit. Increasing the sampling rate even more to raise this limit made the performance impact in the 'aircraft on the ground' case unacceptable. But now, with this optimization completed, the landing gear modeling was improved and it gives more accurate results which are comparable to real landing gear testbed data even at a reduced sampling rate compared to the old one. So the 'jumpy planes' issue will be addressed in 2.004 as well. Aircraft behavior on the ground, which was already the most accurate among ALL existing flight simulators, will become even more true to life. It should be noted that thorough research of documentation revealed that Soviet shock struts were designed for much greater load. This is why Soviet aircraft were much more 'jumpy' than German ones in reality. We even found an interesting phrase in Soviet documentation from 1948 mentioning that some pre-war and war landing gear designs, in which shock struts of a stationary aircraft should have been completely extended, were wrong. You'll be able to feel the difference between Soviet and German landing gear designs in the 2.004 update. Some of the effects are visible in this short video:
To summarize today’s dev diary, as you can see, we don't simply add new content (theatres of war, aircraft, ground objects, etc.) but we're always working to improve the project’s core, be it simulation, rendering or other key components. We hope that all this hard work will allow us to keep the title of the best, most realistic WWII combat flight-sim.
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#397552 Developer Diary

Posted by Han on 06 October 2016 - 14:40

Hello Everybody,
As we mentioned in our previous developer diaries, Battle of Kuban is in full scale development. In particular, the map of the new thereat of war is in the works.
The Career mode time-frame of the Battle of Kuban will begin April 17 and end October 9, 1943, so the map will include three seasons - Spring, Summer and Autumn. Making a Spring map is a new experience for us and we'll see how it goes. We're confident that its quality will be good, but the difference in color palette should be significant compared to other seasons and we're hoping it will add a nice visual variety to the project.
Map borders are already set, as you can see on the attached picture - 416.2 km х 288.4 km fly zone which is 120,032 square kilometers total. Its borders, where you can't fly, ranges from 9.5 to 35 km thick (they are needed so you won't see the map edges). If we count these borders, the total visible area of the new map increases to whopping 165,000 square kilometers. The flyable area of the Kuban map is 32% larger than our Stalingrad map and 20% larger than our Western Front map in Rise of Flight. This is a significant increase in size with many more terrain features. You are going to enjoy it!
Attached File  _134_kuban_2.jpg   363.13KB   84 downloads
There are three major cities - Krasnodar, Novorossiysk and Kerch, several sea ports, some of them including unique infrastructure objects, more than thirty airfields. What is important, is that the map contains very diverse landscape types with the ocean, mountains, steppe, forested foothills, estuaries, salt-marshes, the Kerch channel, rocky and sandy coasts. Therefore, you'll see a diverse and interesting environment during three different seasons.
At this moment, initial research, map borders and the height map are completed and we can show you a very early WIP screenshot of the new map. There are no land textures at all yet, but it's a start  :)
Attached File  _134_kuban_1.jpg   178.47KB   96 downloads
In addition, today we can tell you that our work on the next update 2.004 reached its final stage. The new update is in beta testing and we plan to release it in 2-3 weeks. It already contains more than 45 changes, including changes to physics, aircraft systems, damage models, 3D models, AI, user interface, mission system and ship improvements. The most important ones come from our work on the Battle of Kuban  which is the first tier of physics and AI optimizations, resulting in double the number of AI aircraft on the ground at the same level of performance and 20% physics performance increase of AI aircraft in the air.
We'd also like to let you know that while our work on DirectX 11 implementation is not finished yet and the new render isn't ready to be included in 2.004 update, at the moment it grants a huge graphics performance boost, almost a 2x increase or more in FPS depending on the scene. We're hoping to release the new renderer to the public this year and we'll start its beta testing immediately after 2.004 release.
Update 2.004 will also bring some early features we're preparing for the new Air Marshal multiplayer mode - the ability to have recon planes in the multiplayer server (the server host will be able to give some aircraft the spotter ability). Joystick ID storing system is improved again, hopefully this would resolve the remaining issues with multiple control devices caused by Windows changing device IDs for those who encountered them. You can see the testing of this system on the picture below  :)
Attached File  _134_joy.jpg   458.91KB   76 downloads
And finally we have begun to work on collecting information and content for the new Career mode. Please check the forum for a section called Career Assistance. If you can help us create and gather the needed materials it would be a great help to the team!
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#437657 Game Updates

Posted by Han on 31 January 2017 - 13:43

Dear pilots, 
We reached another Battle of Kuban milestone and present you 2.007 update. The main addition is Bf 110 G-2 that can carry a variety of strike weaponry. The result of the long work of our engineer department is also in: AI aircraft physics optimizations that allow to create more intense missions containing more AI planes. In addition, this update includes Fw 190 A-3 flight model corrections that were announced earlier (the result of additional available data analysis and historical references comparison). The full list of changes follows:
1. Twin engine strike aircraft Bf 110 G-2 is available to all Battle of Kuban owners;
2. AI controlled planes physics calculations were optimized. There can be more than twice the number of AI planes in a mission with the same level of physics performance (compared to August 2016 when we started this optimization work);
3. Fw 190 A-3 flight model was reworked according to additional reference data. Now its stall speed is closer to historical instructions;
4. 4 variants of a simple tank mission were added to Missions menu, they are available to all owners of the sim;
5. AI won't sometimes wobble the plane along the yaw axis in a level flight;
6. AI dogfight and ground attack maneuvers became much more fluid;
7. The last remnant in unrealistic AI control behavior - cheating alignment to a target - has been changed to realistic control method from mouse controls;
8. AI aircraft aim rockets at ground targets better;
9. AI aircraft take off correctly in QMB missions;
10. A rare issue when La-5 or Bf 110 E-2 failed to appear on mission start (this could also result in black screen) has been fixed;
11. Aiming help while using joystick can be enabled again;
12. Rockets aiming help accuracy has been increased;
13. Greenish smoke effects caused by disabling HDR are fixed now;
14. Grey artifacts on airfields that were visible from high above were fixed;
15. Pz38t and MG34 AA are correctly counted in statistics;
16. Fw 190 A-3 engine cowling armor restored;
17. Ju 52 pilot can't be damaged by fire in wing engines;
18. Mission Editor won't randomly crash while deleting a large number of objects at once;
19. MiG-3 oil on canopy effect made less severe;
20. Ju 52 middle engine nacelle corrected (shortened);
21. P-40E-1 fuel gauges show the amount of fuel left in imperial gallons;
22. All found places where wells, fences and other objects were blocking the roads were fixed;
23. Mission Editor correctly applies a weather preset depending on a selected season;
24. Ju 52 info panel now displays the number of paratroopers left on board;
25. Yak-1 Series 69 engine RPM control wheel rotation direction corrected;
26. Aircraft bump textures can be edited by users;
27. Viewer tool now supports 4K aircraft skins.
Attached File  01.jpg   406.25KB   50 downloadsAttached File  02.jpg   404.55KB   52 downloads
Attached File  03.jpg   477.41KB   47 downloadsAttached File  04.jpg   391.18KB   57 downloads
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#385573 Discussion of Battle of Kuban Announcement

Posted by Jason_Williams on 08 September 2016 - 14:04


Dear Friends,


It is my honor and pleasure to announce our current and future plans for the modern IL-2 Sturmovik Series. As you know we have released Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow and now we are ready to announce - THE BATTLE OF KUBAN! In addition to creating the Battle of Kuban we will be adding several new technologies, gameplay modes and community centered features to the Sturmovik series that will setup future titles based in the Pacific theater. We see the further development of the Sturmovik series as a marathon and not a sprint. We hope you will continue to support us and cheer us on the entire way as we make, what we consider to be, our shared vision a reality. More on our bigger vision further below.


To produce Battle of Kuban we have adopted a sixteen (16) month development plan that will culminate with its final release in December 2017. The plan is packed with new features, improvements, changes and new content. Battle of Kuban (BOK) will be available for Pre-Order in the coming weeks with a discounted price for early purchasers. An early-access program will also be available for pre-order purchasers as we have done in the past. You will not have to wait long to start experiencing new content and further improvements to the Sturmovik universe.


The Battle of Kuban provides a unique opportunity for us as a development team and for you as a customer. The Kuban theater offers some beautiful and varied scenery and interesting aircraft including Western Lend-Lease designs that played an important role not only the Kuban area, but all across the Eastern Front. The Kuban also helps the development team by providing an ocean environment for larger ships and other watercraft to do battle which will help prepare us for our eventual move to the Pacific theater.





Announcing Battle of Kuban and Development Plan!


Now that the announcement is out I will try to comment on different areas of concern or make other general comments to give context to our plan.


Decision Context:


First, let me just say that we gave this decision to make Kuban a lot of thought and you must remember that our team does not have the resources to do parallel development. We have to make one product at a time. This is sad, but true. So, we were forced to develop a plan that can:


1. Improve the core product (engine, technology) and add in new, missing or wanted features.


2. Develop content that can bridge the gap between East and West and push us towards a future Pacific title.


We think this plan accomplished that and puts our IL-2 back into the domain of the original IL-2 which so many still love.


This plan can take us outward for almost 5 years. Then we can make more content to take us out to 10 years. The original IL-2 is still relevant in the genre so we hope to also make our IL-2 relevant for a long time as well. Assuming the man-machine singularity hasn't happened by that point.




We also still love ROF and I hope at some point we can bring ROF to the new engine and re-release it as a new title with some more planes. I just don't have a way to do that yet and can't make any sort of promise. ROF players will probably be mad at me, but ROF is still an AMAZING sim and in some ways is still better than the current IL-2. I'll keep trying.


Market Support:


I feel like I am back in 2010 trying to keep Rise of Flight alive. It's 2016 and the same damn challenges remain before us as a team. The same question still haunts me - Can the market support a hardcore flight-sim? Yes it can, but it's not easy. I know the market for this kind of simulation is still big enough to ensure future titles, but we need everyone who is even remotely interested to buy in. If everyone who initially bought into BOS bought into BOK direct from on our website over the next couple months we'd be fine and guarantee another product will come. But there has been some decline in customers willing to make a purchase or they wait for Steam sales. I'm sure I know why, but now with our new plan we hope that interest will pick up and more direct purchases will come. A direct purchase from us now, helps us much more than a Steam purchase later. Steam takes a huge chunk of the money and the net revenue is no where near as much if you buy direct from us. Steam is great for pumping up numbers of players, but direct purchases has the most immediate impact and sustains us. 

Bottom line is that we need your continued business and financial support for us to make our entire plan or more become a reality. If I sound desperate or like a beggar I don't care. A big part of your hobby is at risk and will continue to be at risk for a long time without your support. We can't change the past. All we can do now is try to give you a combat-sim product you asked for and will love. Please help spread the word and if you can afford to buy in please do so.


And we appreciate ALL our past, current and future customers and we will continue to fight on as we always do.


Stuff we'd like to make eventually but not in plan maybe future products:


There are several things we'd like to make that are not in the plan as of now. We always have to make tough choices, but if we can be more successful we can maybe find a way. Some examples.


1. Female Soviet Pilot Model.

2. Re-vamp of GUI t0 be more thematic.

3. Hyperlobby-like interface for COOP Mode.

4. Italian Radio Chatter. (possible with sound mod)

5. Deep dive into AI decision making.


Some answers to questions we've received:


1. Do you plan to do external jettisonable fuel tanks?

We hope to, but we do not know when and this is part of engineers domain. Right now they focus on more urgent matters.
2. Do you plan to do new Collector planes in the process of BOK development?
No, the plan is full, but after BOK work is done, I hope to add a couple more before we go to tropical Pacific paradise. But only possible if we finish work early and can squeeze in.
3. Can you explain in more detail about the Re-vamped Triple Monitor Support?
Just can say hope to make it proper instead of crop screen like we do now. This could be hard hit on framerate, but Lead Programmer has this task in his schedule. Maybe DX11 gives a performance boost to manage 3 renderers at once to draw environment.
4. When do you open the pre-order?
Soon, within next couple weeks, maybe sooner.
5. Can you explain in more detail about Air Marshall and Field Marshall modes for MP? Will it be available only in multiplayer?
It is indeed an MP only feature. It is so the battles can be more closely managed and have some organization which I think will boost MP participation. Part of the problem of current MP is too many lone wolves, not enough squad action and too hard to find targets without labels on. Also, there is no human air traffic control, no human GCI, no new vectors given to players once in air, no recon reports to paint a picture of the battle like in real life. There are some really talented community members with real life military comms experience that could make MP battles much more fun by giving orders to squads of planes or tanks. The information given to the Marshall will be based on real-life limitations like visual ranges etc. This will not be a screen with massive amounts of information. For instance, if recon unit destroyed, Marshall loses that info. Having a good Marshall on your team is another factor that can lead to victory. And the Marshall screen will be optional for server operators. I think it will be popular though. I'll try to explain it in better detail a little later on.
6. When you can show us new BOK map?
Not for a few months I am sure. WIP.
7. Do you plan to do hydroplanes?
Not right now, but obviously Kuban and Pacific are great places to use them. I have to discuss with Han on any possibilities that could make it a reality before the Pacific. It was a lot of work to do it in ROF and I'm sure a lot of work for BOS/M/K.
8. When you make DX11 do you plan to support Oculus Rift?
Yes we need DX11 before we can support VR properly (Rift, Vive). Won't probably be ready for a few months more though. DX11 tech new for us so we are just now learning about the possibilities.
9. Do you plan to do lighting bombs?
You mean flash bombs or flares? No sure I understand completely.
10. Do you plan to do new player controlled tanks?
No new player controlled tanks in the plan. Maybe we will add a commander position to existing tanks. Tank experiment not hugely popular feature. Maybe with more tanks it would be, but no money or time to build more tanks.


More comments to come...

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#264888 IL-2:BOS User Manual Released (First Edition) (English)

Posted by Jason_Williams on 09 June 2015 - 16:40

Attention Pilots!


The First Edition of the BOS User Manual has been released. Click on the image below to download. This document will evolve over time and sections will be amended and added as further development warrants. We will eventually translate it into several languages.







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#450431 Developer Diary

Posted by Han on 10 March 2017 - 18:15

Hello everybody,
we have new results for you after another development week. Today Dev Diary won't have much text because, as a popular saying goes, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Mountain valleys and rivers technology is almost finished and the result it gives is on par with some pure tech demos out there. This is what happens when the technology (represented by our graphics programmer) and art (our mapping department) meet. Such harmony between different teams or individuals is something any development studio tries to achieve.
Attached File  01.jpg   1.38MB   28 downloadsAttached File  02.jpg   925.69KB   26 downloadsAttached File  03.jpg   752.24KB   29 downloads
In other news, we have finished the first Battle of Kuban ship - type 7 destroyer. We still need to develop new tech for it: torpedoes and torpedo launchers and AI capable of controlling such a fast (up to 72 kph) and a big ship (110 meters long and weights 1600 tonnes), but it looks good already.
Attached File  04.jpg   574.08KB   22 downloadsAttached File  05.jpg   611.5KB   28 downloadsAttached File  06.jpg   658.17KB   25 downloads

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#434343 Developer Diary

Posted by Gavrick on 20 January 2017 - 18:22


Hello everyone,
Fw 190 A-3 flight model revision that we promised long time ago is nearly finished.
As we pointed earlier, flight model tuning in a sim is always a task of aircraft reconstruction with many unknown variables. Part of the data is missing and some values are just plain wrong, sometimes directly contradicting each other. And sometimes the missing data appears when an aircraft is released, that's why we need to correct FM sometimes. So, what will be changed in Fw 190 A-3 soon:
- Wing twist has been changed. The wing root had 2 degrees angle of incidence that was steadily reduced to 0 degrees at two thirds of the wing span. Because of this, stall at high angles of attack will begin near the wing root and not on the entire wing surface at once, resulting in 'softer stalling';
- Aircraft center of mass position has been corrected (it was shifted forward by several centimeters);
- Critical angle of attack and maximum lift coefficient increased. Stall speed of the aircraft decreased to 175 km/h;
- Drag at high angles of attack decreased thanks to lift/drag curve data of a trophy aircraft tests in VVS Research Institute;
- Propeller thrust decreased somewhat. Takeoff run of the aircraft with standard loadout is roughly 500 meters and takes 18 seconds, which corresponds to historical data.
Because of these changes, aircraft handling changed slightly. It stalls differently. Spending fuel affects its center-of-gravity position more. A pilot would need to use the entire range of the adjustable stabilizer depending on the flight mode for comfort handling. In the same time, aircraft speed and climb rate remained almost the same.
Meanwhile, we continue work on Fw 190 A-5. While being very similar to Fw 190 А-3 visually, it will have significantly different features and pecularities in loadouts and handling.
Attached File  190.jpg   449.56KB   34 downloads

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