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  2. Why not? Such ideas are already in the game. 3D model changes with addition of mods such as gunpods, mirrors, canopy types, rockets and so on.
  3. That was just what I was thinking.
  4. That is, perhaps, a good question. I'm sure I said I was a Neophyte. It's working well nonetheless and my stuttering is solved. I'll leave it for now.
  5. yeah, I thought that was the general assumption
  6. Well, P-38 was used as an escort fighter, so just restricting bomb loads on 'strategic' missions would solve the problem there.
  7. Why do you select „launcher.exe“ as program to tweak snd not „il2.exe“ in the nvidia settings?
  8. So I experienced this initially, I changed mirror setting down from complex which 'appeared' to help with things but I doubt it was the thing triggering it. Whatever it was, I don't have stutters anymore. At the same time, I'm running noticeably lower FPS compared to previous releases. I usually have fps hovering around 70/90 even at higher alts, before I was easily capping out at 144 when at altitude. Initially I assumed it was the MP mission, but I'm seeing this lower performance generally across different servers and maps. Is there any way to go for a complete reset on graphical settings/local files? Somewhat considering a reinstall as well. Completely unsure what is causing this atm.
  9. You can´t take the existing planes for that. They need an adapted K4 3D-Model for the G10/ G14/AS or G6/AS. The G10s and AS versions didn´t have the Bulges the G14 and G6 had.
  10. I started another thread with my settings which has my mid-level rig running really well now. Jason or Mod can you lock that thread but leave the link up please.
  11. This is the original pilot. In the mod the pilot would not have the left hand at the yoke, as it is one pilot put in all the cockpits.
  12. I just turned off Vsync in Nvidia and picked up a couple more FPS by letting the game handle it. Everything else is as noted and still running very well. I will post it there as well and maybe ask the Mods to close this thread.
  13. took Moonbeam McSwine for a spin, this is the weathered version I did a few days ago.
  14. Looks like fun. I will sign up for this next week mid-week when I get back from holidays.
  15. That is very similar to what ended up working for me, except for the horizon draw distance and having VSync on in both placed. Its weird that turning the settings for landscape up actually made things smoother! Maybe the engine having to 'think' about limiting it was causing issues. I will have to try that as well to see what happens. In the meantime you may want to post your experience to the special thread that Jason has started to gather info, it could be that this could help them find a solution for everybody.
  16. Hello, I have stutter problem (in VR and ju88) I didn't notice before. I tried to update nvidia drivers, reduce graphics options, change frequency of Pimax 5k+, get back to Pitool 144, same problem. I used frame display and found that I have "spikes" every ~10ms : The strange thing is that those spikes did not occured at start of mission but after some seconds, and I did not notice them on Bf109 (but other did): I hope it may help...
  17. Bomb load is only relevant to big targets such as depots/concentrated factories (overall strategic targets), to tactical targets such as tank column or TAW defenses it actually pays to bring smaller bombs in big quantity. On the Western front where the allied objective is strategic and the axis one is defensive/airfield raids, the P38 bomb load could render high altitude bombing useless since the P38 could do the job on its own taking away the core feeling for the campaign which is its historical authenticity.
  18. We already have two missions for the first two tanks, KV-1 and Tiger. But I don't know if there is/was more planned.
  19. Hey, I scoured the forums for fixes to the vicious stutters I was getting. There is a lot of info out there and I picked from what seemed to be the best/most logical resources. I am a total Neophyte at this stuff so I looked at Nvidia settings, game settings, and even one of the VR threads despite running TrakIR. Jason is, of course the best resource but JonRedcorn, Slap, Thad and Therion (and others) also had input in my tweaks. It's maybe not final yet but I went from heavy stuters and frame freezes every 60-90 seconds to just a few micro stutters per sortie and a very stable 60 fps online. These settings are working really well for me personally in the same two servers I was struggling mightily in just yesterday. Your mileage may vary. I'm running a 1070ti card and the rest of my specs are in my sig. This is a mid-level to mid-high level rig now-a-days. It was mid-high to high when I spec'd it a few years ago. I'm going to post my settings first for the TLDR crowd and then post my process - so far. I have a couple more things to try but so far I'm VERY PLEASED with the result. Surprisingly, Distant Landscape to x4 and Horizon to 150 works better than trying to limit them. Not sure who I picked that one off from, I think it was in the VR thread, but it totally worked for me. I've tried Vsync in two out of the three possible configurations. Nvidia ON only which didn't work for me. BOTH Nvidia and game settings ON which is my current setting and working great. I still have to try game ON and Nvidia OFF. I'll let you know how that goes later.
  20. FYI - with my Index and Reverb (I sent it back, since the Index imo is better), I have also not noticed that something is worse than before the hotfix.
  21. Hello Gambit, after finishing no6 i must say i like it. Compliments that there are almost no stutters with my old (overclocked a little) i7 920 PC, and Radeon r7 360 OC 2GB GPU. I've been trying to ' compose' a mission or two, but constantly have graphic issues when shove comes to push. And yes, sorry, i used autopilot up and down the long haul up and down, drinking coffee .... This as there were no ships, trains or other goodies underway to keep me busy, and yes, i cheated a little with unlimited amno etc at the target zone, quite necessary with all the enemy stuff you threw at me there .... Any plans for Flying Circus?
  22. That is why the idea of implementing AS mod as internal "Plane Loadout' option in both G6 and G14 is better. No new (BoN) nor old (BoBP) customers should feel gouged since the G6 is a Collector Plane anyway, independant, the G14 is in BoBP and G10 (with G10/AS mod) could be featured separately having best of both of them - DB605D engine with AS mod available.
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